The Most Iconic Hairstyles Of All Time

Everyone has their own style when it comes to their hair, whether it’s short and sweet, long and flowy, or something totally wild and unexpected. But some looks have become timeless classics over the years, influencing generations of hairstyles. From Elvis’ signature quiff to the modern ‘Rachel’, here’s a look at some of the most iconic hairstyles of all time.

Classic Quiff

Popularized in the 1950s by rock ‘n’ roll icon Elvis Presley, the classic quiff is still one of the most recognizable hairstyles around. It involves leaving the sides somewhat short, styling the top into a pompadour, and then taking the length and brushing it backwards or to the side.

The Mullet

The mullet rose to iconic status in the 1980s and is still remembered with a not-so-fond nostalgia. The classic look involved leaving the hair on top somewhat long and tousled, while keeping the sides and back close cropped. It’s not for everyone, but the mullet can be a surprisingly stylish look.

The Rachel

Jennifer Aniston’s character on “Friends” sported one of the most copied hairstyles of the ‘90s. The “Rachel” look was characterized by a full, feathered style with flipped ends and a side-swept bang.

The Pixie Cut

The pixie cut was popularized in the 1950s by actress Audrey Hepburn, who rocked her pixie cut with grace and elegance. To get this look, the hair is cut short, sometimes with a fringe or bangs, that can be worn slicked down or tousled into a stylish ‘do.

The Shag

The shag made a triumphant return with 70s icons such as Farrah Fawcett and Paul McCartney and still remains a favourite to this day. This style typically involves choppy layers, often with bangs, that can be slick and styled or left naturally tousled.

The Bob

The bob is one of the most iconic and timeless looks in hairstyling, having been popular in the 1920s and enjoyed various lives over the years. To get this look, the hair is typically cut short and straight, either just at the chin or above the shoulders.

The Undercut

The undercut has been popularized by celebrities such as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Scarlett Johansson, who rock the ‘do with a cool confidence. To get this look, the sides and back are shaved or faded, and the top is styled with a lift and volume.

The Dreadlock

Dreadlocks are an incredibly versatile style option for a variety of hair textures. This look is characterized by matted strands of hair that are either twisted together or left alone.

The Afro

The afro is an iconic look that has grown to become a powerful symbol of racial pride and liberation. This style is characterized by poufy, voluminous curls, and can be left natural or accessorized with clips and headbands.

The Mohawk

The Mohawk is one of the most daring haircuts around – and also one of the most iconic. This style involves shaving the sides of the head or braiding them, while leaving the top part of the hair longer.

From Elvis’ classic quiff to Rihanna’s modern undercut, some hairstyles have stood the test of time. These iconic looks have inspired generations of hairstylists and will undoubtedly continue to inspire for many years to come.