If you are in a bad mood, then things are going badly. It is said that as you meet in the morning, so you will spend the whole day. You’ve probably noticed that when you wake up in the morning in a good mood, things go well, people around you are friendly and successful everywhere. 

So, in order for your loved ones, loved one and friends to wake up according to the first scenario, we suggest you pay attention to this selection of funny and serious good morning wishes. From here you can choose a good morning to your boyfriend or girlfriend, who will cheer her up for the whole day, but also texts for friends, to give them an energy boost.

Good morning romantic wishes

Many times, we do not have enough time for the simplest things. But no career ambition can replace the smiles of loved ones. In addition, it is so easy to do using modern means of communication. Choose the best wishes for my girlfriend / boyfriend and send them in any convenient way.

↩️ Hello, I’m a funny SMS! The one who wrote and sent me convincingly, asked me to tell you that he loves you very much, he misses you and is looking forward to meeting you! He also asked me to cheer you up and wish you a good day!
↩️ I wish you a good and clear morning! May my burning love bring you the most pleasant emotions, and may the freshly brewed cup of coffee give you vigor and energy for the whole day!
↩️ Wake up and open your eyes quietly. Remember that there is a heart in the world that needs you so much!
↩️ You see that the sun shines brighter and the birds sing more melodious
↩️ Good morning! My love flies to you, dear, on the wings of the sun’s rays, to protect you from the shadow of everyday life and to warm you with the warmth of tenderness!
↩️ The morning sun will enter your room. With a gentle touch, he will wake you up and whisper my words to you: (name), wake up, I LOVE YOU!
↩️ Let the morning wake you up with a tender kiss, and the aromatic coffee, prepared with love, fill you with vigor and give you strength for a day full of brilliant impressions and harmonious joy.
↩️ Honey, it’s early in the morning! It’s time to get out of bed and decorate this world with you!
↩️ Good morning, my gentle angel! My heart is full of you! I hope that yesterday’s surprise did not go unnoticed. Just tell me you love me! Don’t joke with me, take me seriously!
↩️ My sun, get up, your rays will light my way to you.
↩️ If I were the wind, I would lightly pull your hair and throw rain on your lips. I’m glad I have you! Good morning princess!
↩️ After I wake up, I immediately remember what is best in my life, and the best moment for me is your existence in my life! Good morning my dear!
↩️ Appearing in the sky, the sun gives joy to the world. But my sun is you! Let the morning be the gentlest, truly kind, give you energy, inspire you to new things!
↩️ Let the sun kiss you on the cheek in my place, and let your awakening be pleasant.
↩️ Good morning, my love! Tell me how you slept
↩️ The sun has risen and brightened your sweet face after sleep! Neata!
↩️ My little one! You are everything to me: light, air and water! I love you! Good morning!
↩️ The night has passed and the sun has illuminated the earth, lightly touching your face with the bright ray. This is my kiss for you, the messenger of my love. Catch it fast, enjoy the new day and expect surprises from me!
↩️ I kiss you, hug you and look forward to seeing you. You are my greatest joy! I adore you good morning too!

Good morning messages and wishes for coffee

Give good mood to others! Start your day smiling, feeling good and sending good morning messages and wishes for coffee. After receiving a warm message, the loved one will smile and want to share the positive emotions with others.

✅️ I wish you to start the morning with a smile and a lot of mood. Let the body be full of strength and energy, and let the soul sing of happiness.
✅️ Morning freshness to bring you many new impressions and ideas! Have a nice wake-up call!
✅️ Good morning, a good start to the day! Let the sun give you a load of joy and energy, and the fresh wind – hope and inspiration, so that you can be all day with a smile, without stopping to dream, create and love!
✅️ Have a pleasant and kind morning, bright and clear, inspired and carefree!
✅️ Wake up, enjoy the sun and the new day. In the morning be kind and affectionate, during the day – successful and bright, and in the evening – romantic and calm. May the energy of the dawn be enough to fulfill all your desires!
✅️ Wake up, sleepyhead! Good morning! Let the new day inspire you to new things. Have a nice day!
✅️ Good morning! Wake up fast and go for your dream!
✅️ A nice start to the day! I wish you a carefree morning, a cheerful mood, an endless supply of strength, and a smile that is incendiary and radiant!
✅️ I wish you a good and wonderful morning! Let the morning dew give freshness to your ideas, and the gentle singing of the birds may fill your soul with inspiration and joy.
✅️ Good morning! Have a nice wake-up call and a wonderful, sunny mood for the whole day!
✅️ Good morning! Smile and you will have a wonderful day, full of events!
✅️ Good morning! Let the day enjoy you with real achievements, to envelop you with a childish enthusiasm and to offer you a cheerful, bright and optimistic mood!
✅️ Still sleeping
✅️ The morning must be good and pleasant, so that the whole day goes well and all the problems are solved successfully.
✅️ Wake up, look around, smile at the new day and it will definitely become one of the best for you!
✅️ Let the sunlight from dawn look intently at your window and convey to you, along with its brilliance, an excellent mood and a source of liveliness for new things!
✅️ Smile, it’s already morning! I’d like you to start with your favorite coffee. I wish you a successful, bright and memorable day!
✅️ Good morning! I want you to shine bright like the first rays of the sun. Good luck and happy moments for today!
✅️ The darkness of the night has disappeared in the radiance of the sun’s rays! So may your worries disappear into the ocean of joy and fun, harmony and happiness that will surely surround you today with its gentle waves! Good morning!
✅️ Let the morning bloom like a wonderful flower, from which each petal will give you inspiration, joy, fun and delight. I wish you this fabulous flower to continue until the evening and even in your dreams to give you a feeling of near happiness.
✅️ Wake up this morning with your favorite song and delicious coffee, and all your plans come true. Good luck in all!
✅️ I wish you a delicious morning! Let it start with good, funny news, interesting offers and pleasant events that will inspire you to achieve success and increase happiness.
✅️ I hasten to wish you good morning, cheerful mood, vitality of body, joy of soul, great inspiration and good luck for the whole day.
✅️ Let your mood improve every hour, and the day be productive and bright! Good morning!
✅️ Let your morning start imperceptibly, bringing with it a piece of sun and warmth!
✅️ Neata! Lots of strength, vigor and optimism. May everything work for you today, and may luck be with you from morning till night.
✅️ Good morning! Let the strength, energy, optimism, enthusiasm and passion not leave you until the evening!
✅️ Good morning! Let the cheerful and playful rays of the sun wake you up warmly, to be reflected in your eyes with a bright light, full of happiness. Let the joy charge your body with energy, and let the power of the spirit lead you to new discoveries.

Happy Morning

Your loved ones will be grateful if you greet them with a good day. These funny good morning messages can ensure a positive start to the day for both the recipient and the sender of the message.

⭐ Shake the sweet dream off your eyelashes as soon as possible! Morning promises us the most beautiful day. I wish you to live it like in a fairy tale!
⭐ May this wonderful morning offer you a sea of ​​pleasant moments, an ocean of joy and a river of energy for the whole day!
⭐ Wake up, feel the vigor of the morning and do not fall asleep on the way to the new day!
⭐ May this day seem a continuation of the dream, be it as bright, light, welcoming and cheerful, and in it, as in a dream, everything be possible! Good morning!
Wake up! In the morning he fought at night, he recaptured his territory and he will wake you up anyway. You have one more minute to wake up on your own initiative!
⭐ I want to wake you up because it is harmful for the body to sleep so much! If you don’t want to get out of bed, I’ll pour water on you! PS: don’t be scared, it’s a joke. I will get you out of bed with a good and tasty coffee!
⭐ I wish you every moment of your morning to be kind and fabulous. Use your talent and enjoy the wonders of life carefully! May the day be productive and end with new magical dreams and wonderful plans for tomorrow.
⭐ To have a good morning, like in a children’s fairy tale, remember about joy, about love, about affection. Remember the sun and me!
⭐ To make your morning better, drink an unusual coffee: pour a little happiness into the drink and pour a little joy. Have a nice life!
⭐ Start the morning by opening the fate book on the page of a new day. Complete it with paragraphs of joy, lines of happiness and words of love. Write carefully and with inspiration. Good morning!
⭐ I wish your mood to be colorful, because every day we are offered a range of colors to enjoy this beautiful life!
⭐ Good morning! May your day be successful and productive! Take a shower of positive emotions, put on your successful suit, drink a cup of good humor and perfume yourself with faith in your strength.
⭐ I want you to play the music of happiness in your internal player this morning. Let this song accompany you all day without stopping for a minute. Enjoy listening and good morning!
Sleepy! The sun is already threatening you to wake up faster! Stop sleeping like that! Everything is good in moderation!
⭐ The roosters sang Good Morning, so it’s time to wake up and feed them!
⭐ Let the mood be excellent this morning, the breakfast – incredibly tasty, and the people around – smiling and kind! Start this day with positive and enjoyable events!
⭐ The bear wakes up angry and hungry and rushes to the fridge. I wish the bear could find a delicious breakfast there and become happier. Good morning!
⭐ The sun has long since woken up and is waiting for our smiles! Let’s catch him!
“Wake up, sleepyhead!” Open your eyes wider, drive away laziness and turn a new page in your life!
⭐ Good morning! I want the sun to shine brighter than ever, the birds to sing louder than usual, and life to charm you and make you smile.
⭐ Millions of things are waiting for you today! Wake up as soon as possible, lazy man! If you failed to do something yesterday, try to finish at least today! Have a wonderful day!

Best wishes for a good morning

Good mood in the morning will give you a wonderful mood for the whole day, which means good luck in all business. Have a nice day with family and friends, load them with positivity. For inspiration, discover the most beautiful good morning wishes, easy to send on any Messenger.
These good morning wishes for your boyfriend / girlfriend, friends and relatives will help you when we are in a hurry in the morning and look for a simple solution to give a smile to your loved one.

🌞 Good morning! I wish you a wonderful mood, a delicious breakfast, incredible inspiration, confident vigor, high aspiration and indispensable luck not only in the morning, but also all day! May the world belong to you today!
🌞 I wish you the most beautiful and good morning, with bright emotions and moments of inspiration in your soul. Let this wonderful time give you a lot of ideas and set a perfect pace for the whole day.
🌞 I wish you the best morning, vigorous, sweet and wonderful!
🌞 I wish all your plans today, your hopes and desires come true!
🌞 Good morning! Let the day enjoy you with successes, pleasant surprises and happy meetings, wonderful mood. I want all your plans to be fulfilled one hundred percent!
🌞 Good morning! I would like you to get out of bed happily, so that all things can be completed successfully, the day will be full of smiles and laughter, kindness, love, happiness and success!
🌞 Good morning! It’s time to get out of bed, reach your goals and enjoy life. May the morning begin cheerful, happy and inspired.
🌞 I wish you good morning and a wonderful mood for the whole day to come!
🌞 Good morning and have a nice awakening! I wish you a wonderful and sunny mood for the whole day, strength, a feeling of joy and optimism. Succeed in everything today.
🌞 The first rays of the sun shyly climb into your house through the window and slip along the windowsill… Nature, with me, wishes you good morning and calls you to go to a new day!
🌞 I woke up early in the morning, in a good mood and I want to share this positivism with you and inspire you to new achievements! Good morning dear!
🌞 Good morning! Luck loves optimists. Therefore, I wish you courage, good mood and a lot of optimism!
🌞 Let the dawn and their magical colors fill your morning with joy, freshness, liveliness, good mood. May the whole day be successful and fun. Good morning!
🌞 To start today’s journey with confidence, to reach the goal and enjoy life to the fullest.
🌞 Good morning! Let her start with something cheerful and beautiful for you. I wish you a lot of optimism and happiness for the whole day!
It’s time to get out of bed and make your life more beautiful! Good morning! I wish you a fantastic mood today and incredible luck!
🌞 Good morning! Wake up, have fun and start working! Hot sun outside, flavored coffee and a delicious breakfast in the kitchen!
🌞 Good morning! I want to wish you an easy day, excellent mood and the courage to move forward.
🌞 Wake up this morning with good news, your favorite song and delicious coffee. I wish you incredible inspiration and good luck!
🌞 Good morning! Be really kind and beautiful! Wake up from the bright light of the gentle sun!
🌞 Good morning! May the sun be good, the wind gentle and the smile bright.
🌞 The new day is already ready to surprise you with events, to offer you interesting meetings and to present you with surprises. All you have to do is open your eyes and smile. Good morning!
🌞 Have a nice morning! With her, let the inspiration come! Let the sun give you a good mood and confidence that everything will be wonderful. Good luck, success, harmony and happiness!
🌞 Wake up and smile faster. Let the new day give you bright moments and have only positive and good impressions.
🌞 Good morning! I wish you a sweet awakening and a beautiful smile. Believe in yourself and start this day with enthusiasm!
🌞 Good morning! Be really good and beautiful!
🌞 I wish you good morning and good mood! Let the sun’s rays always knock on your window!
🌞 Have a nice morning! Let it start with inspiration and lay the foundations for a successful and fruitful day, to be the beginning for achieving goals and conquering new heights.
🌞 May this morning bring you luck, happiness and a positive charge for the whole day!
🌞 I wish you to wake up from the chirping of birds, and the next day will bring something new in your life and be full of positive discoveries!