Creed 3’s Ending Explained: All You Need to Know

The journey of Adonis Creed through the Rocky series of movies has been both a triumphant and heartbreaking one. From his struggle with his past and his newfound success, to the painful losses along the way, the franchise has featured it all. Creed 3, which released in 2020, served as the climax of Adonis’ story. With a shocking plot twist and tear-jerking ending, it left fans wanting more. But just what happened at the end of Creed 3? Let’s go through it all and explain the ending of Creed 3.

Adonis’ Destiny Revealed

At the end of Creed 3, it is finally revealed what Adonis’ destiny is. After delivering the knockout punch in the fight against Viktor Drago, Adonis is surrounded by cheering crowds and soaks in the adoration of those he had earned success with. He is then visited by his father’s old trainer, Tony “Little Duke” Evers, who was there to give him his father’s iconic American flag-printed boxing trunks that were worn in Rocky IV. Tony spoke to Adonis through the trunks, revealing he had been proud of Adonis and was proud to be a part of his journey. With this, it is finally revealed to Adonis what Rocky had been trying to tell him all along: that his destiny was to become the champion his father was.

The Apollon Legacies Unite

After Adonis had received the trunks, he visits Rocky and his nieces to further uncover what his fate means. Apollon, Adonis and Rocky’s legendary father, was a powerful boxer. It was revealed that both Adonis and his father have the same legacy, which is why it was so important for Adonis to reach the same heights Apollon once did.

At the end of Creed 3, Rocky has found the courage to tell Adonis that he is the new Apollo Creed. With this, the legacies of both Rocky and Apollo unite, as Adonis is striving to become the champion both men had become. With the connections connecting the two fathers, there is a spiritual peace they had never known before.

New Beginnings

Creed 3 had an emotionally charged finale. After Rocky and Adonis unite their legacies, Adonis returns home to find his girlfriend, Bianca, had given birth to their daughter, Amara. Adonis has always wanted to name his daughter in honor of the family, which is why he settled on Amara. Now, the future of the Creed family has changed forever. This powerful ending not only represents the closure of Adonis’ personal journey, but also the beginning of a new family adventure.

Adonis’ journey has been one of ups and downs. After experiencing the tragedies of Apollo’s death, Ivan Drago’s downfall, and Rocky’s cancer, it appeared that Adonis was ready to move on. As he united Apollo and Rocky’s legacies, he found his true destiny, knowing that the future of the Creed family was in his hands. With the birth of his daughter, Amara, Adonis set out to continue his journey in Creed 3, with the future of the Creed family brighter than ever.