The Indian diet is one of the most effective and has a positive effect on the body. This will allow you not only to burn fat, but also to cleanse the body of toxins.

It will also add a lot of energy and a positive mood. Andreea Raicu , Andra and Carmen Bruma are among the local celebrities who have expressed their positive opinions regarding the results of the 7-day Indian diet . However, you should consult your doctor before taking it.

Why the Indian Vegetarian Diet Appeared

First of all, it came about because of the healthy lifestyle of the Indians. In addition, the basic products of the diet – rice, curry, black tea and milk – are the usual daily diet for seventy percent of the Indian population.
It should be noted that the Indians do not miss any of these products. Despite significant poverty, tea, rice and milk are naturally produced foods, so hunger is not terrible even for the lower classes of society.
Due to this primitive diet, most of the Indian population keeps their slim and proportionate figure, without calling it “diet” or starving for 4 weeks.
By the way, India has a very low rate of cancer, obesity and other diseases resulting from excessive amounts of cholesterol, trans fats and other poisons in our body.

The principles of the Indian diet

Indian teachings have long gained recognition from celebrities as they provide practical advice on healthy lifestyles from the traditions of yoga and the ancient Indian medical system – Ayurveda .
The Indian diet has its roots in this teaching. The mission of Ayurveda is to regulate human nutrition so as to achieve harmony between physiological and spiritual needs.
One of the principles of the Indian diet is to eat when you feel hungry and not wait for breakfast or lunch. This means that each person should listen to their own body in order to capture their individual biological rhythms.
Such a nutrition system is much more productive than “violence” on the body and appetite, both for women and men.
The diet also suggests eating mostly simple but freshly prepared foods. In traditional food there are no semi-finished products, reheated food and other tricks that are common for us.
For the proper assimilation of food by the body, an appropriate attitude is needed both during cooking and during eating.
Ayurveda advises treating cooking and eating as a kind of ritual action, during which it is advisable to focus on the process itself, banishing all foreign thoughts from you. With this approach, the food is better chewed and digested.

Products allowed in the Indian diet

During this diet, it is necessary to give up meat, fish, all cereals except rice. Of course, sweets, buns – all this is forbidden. Only the following products should be present in the diet:

  • rice;
  • milk;
  • nuts;
  • fruit;
  • legume;
  • cinnamon;
  • curry;
  • what do you have.

That is, the diet involves the use of plant foods and the rejection of animal products. Alcohol is completely excluded!

Permitted product properties

Without much comment, it is known that rice normalizes the digestive system, is responsible for the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, as well as for the normal activity of the thyroid gland, rejuvenates the body. This cereal absorbs and removes everything that is bad and harmful from the body.
In addition, rice contains many minerals and vitamins, including vitamin B, vitamin E, PP, carotene, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, iron, iodine and selenium.
Cinnamon reduces appetite and removes toxins from the body. This spice also regulates fat metabolism. Therefore, it is also very useful for weight loss.
As for the other spices – curry, it consists of 70% turmeric, which stops the growth of adipose tissue. In addition, curry improves metabolism and also suppresses appetite.
Fruits, vegetables and nuts saturate the body with a large amount of nutrients. Moreover, each fruit and vegetable has its own unique composition, which positively affects the body. Walnuts also satisfy hunger and provide the body with energy for mental and physical work.
Black tea contains a high proportion of tannins, bioflavonoids and flavanoids, which removes heavy metals, salts, excess fluid from the body and significantly reduces fat deposits. In addition, tea reduces appetite and invigorates. Undoubtedly, it is preferable to use Indian tea in your diet.
However, any tea produced in another country is also acceptable: Sri Lanka, China, etc.
And milk is a unique product that increases the effectiveness of the diet process and the rate of fat breakdown several times. Other dairy products do not have similar properties.

The benefits of the Indian diet

Those who have lost weight with the Indian diet have only words of praise. It really helps to lose extra pounds and reduce volume. Moreover, this happens in a short time. If you add physical activity to your diet, the result will be more visible.
Another advantage of this diet is the use of such products that easily cleanse the intestines without causing harm to health. In general, the Indian diet is safe for health (if you are not allergic to the main foods that should be consumed in the weight loss process). On the contrary, it improves health, speeds up metabolism, and all organs begin to function better.
In the Indian diet you will find a source of easily digestible carbohydrates, due to which you will not feel tired while following it. This diet does not starve, because nuts and rice saturate the body, and spices reduce appetite. Also, the mood improves, because the body is cleansed, and milk and nuts contain serotonin, which adds vigor and joy.
Another advantage of the Indian diet is its convenience. All the products allowed in the menu are easily accessible for the Romanian population.
In addition, you do not have to spend a lot of money to buy products from overseas or to spend a lot of time preparing complex dishes.

Disadvantages of the Indian diet

First of all, not everyone can follow such a diet. This diet is not recommended for severe digestive problems and those with lactose intolerance.
In addition, there is little animal protein in the diet, so there is often a desire to eat a piece of meat. And, of course, it is forbidden for people allergic to any product on the menu.

Indian diet – menu

The menu can be created independently, based on the allowed products. You can eat boiled and raw vegetables, you can combine them in various vegetable soups. Curry and cinnamon should be on the menu every day. It is advisable to add cinnamon to tea and curry to rice, but you can also add vegetables.
You are allowed to use both brown and white rice. Among the permitted fruits and vegetables we can list the traditional ones for this country: bananas, grapefruit, tomatoes, pineapple, bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, green beans or asparagus, potatoes, classic blue eggplants.

In other words, these are the usual vegetables and fruits for our country, which we can easily buy in almost every store.
You can follow such a diet for a week. During this period, you can lose 8-9 extra pounds. If you feel good and like this dish, you can extend the diet by another week.

First day

  • Breakfast : a glass of milk, a banana.
  • Lunch : three tablespoons of boiled rice with salt, a third of the Indian food “Bhujia” – vegetable stew with curry. A cup of black tea.

Bhujia vegetable recipe

Cut three peeled tomatoes and two peppers into slices. Cut a carrot into strips. Grind two cloves of garlic. Fry the carrots and eggplant in vegetable oil until golden brown (olive oil is preferred).
Put the chopped tomatoes and peppers in the pan. Simmer on low heat for fifteen minutes. Then add a tablespoon of curry powder, then, depending on taste, salt and garlic. Cook for another ten minutes.
Divide Bhujia into two parts. One-third should be consumed at lunch, and two-thirds should already be at dinner.

  • Dinner : a cup of black tea. Two-thirds of Bhujia.

The next day

  • Breakfast : ½ part of grapefruit, a cup of black tea.
  • Lunch : six tablespoons of boiled rice and a teaspoon of curry and salt spice. A glass of milk.
  • Dinner : six tablespoons of boiled rice with a tablespoon of curry powder and salt. A cup of black tea.

The third day

  • Breakfast : two tangerines, a glass of milk.
  • Lunch : five tablespoons of boiled rice with a tablespoon of curry powder and salt to taste. A cup of black tea with a cinnamon tip.
  • Dinner : five tablespoons of boiled rice with salt to taste. Two tangerines.

The fourth day

  • Breakfast : two cucumbers, grated, with a bunch of finely chopped parsley and a teaspoon of olive oil. A cup of black tea.
  • Lunch : two boiled potatoes with salt to taste, a glass of milk.
  • Cina : Haadi.

Miss Indian Haadi

A salad made of 1 carrot and 1 apple. In the form of strips, cut the products, add a teaspoon of honey and two or three drops of lime or lemon. Interfere.

Fifth day

  • Breakfast : a glass of milk, two boiled eggs.
  • Lunch : 100 grams of boiled green beans (plain or asparagus), a cup of black tea.
  • Dinner : five tablespoons of boiled rice with salt to taste. A cup of black tea with a cinnamon tip.

The sixth day

  • Breakfast : one orange, ten almonds.
  • Lunch : six tablespoons of boiled rice with a tablespoon of curry powder and salt.
  • Dinner : creamy rice soup. A portion.

Creamy soup recipe

Ingredients : 40 grams of rice, 150 ml of water, 350 ml of milk. Put the rice in boiled water, cook for five to ten minutes. Pour in the milk and cook the rice until it boils.
Add salt to taste. Instead of milk it is allowed to add sour cream.

The seventh day

  • Breakfast : Tomato salad, two peppers, dill. Add a little salt and add a teaspoon of vegetable oil.
  • Lunch : seven tablespoons of boiled rice with a tablespoon of curry tea and salt to taste. A glass of milk.
  • China : or banana, a grapefruit.

In this diet, black tea should be drunk without sugar! Add the curry to the rice for ten minutes before it is ready! And you could also use sea salt. Enjoy delicious rice with spices and Indian salads for beautiful silhouettes! If anyone has an Indian diet, we are waiting for reviews!