Every year you have headaches what unique gifts to give to the important men in your life for their birthday. Husband, father, boyfriend, brother, colleague, friend, boss or lover.

In this article we have selected the best gift ideas for men that you can give to onomastics, but also personalized gifts for men that will not leave indifferent any representative of the stronger sex.

Gift ideas for men

Choosing a gift is a complex process that requires a thorough approach. Here is the ideal list of gift ideas for men in their 30s, 40s, 50s and even 60s.
We are sure that the best option for your birthday is among them:

  1. Photo printer – a useful gift for a professional photographer or an amateur photographer.
  2. Wall clock with thermometer and hygrometer.
  3. Classic leather notebook – for a business person. Even though we are in the digital age, this element offers a special status and is always relevant.
  4. Universal knife sharpener.
  5. Desktop cooler.
  6. Table with umbrellas for backgammon or chess.
  7. Engraved champagne bucket.
  8. Badminton.
  9. Shoe dryer.
  10. So LED.
  11. Soft chair or rocking chair.
  12. Electric brush.
  13. Electric grill.
  14. Computer chair.
  15. Steering wheel for games or virtual reality glasses.
  16. Robotic vacuum cleaner or vertical vacuum cleaner.
  17. Electric scooter.
  18. Portable speakers: speakers and subwoofer.
  19. Air Purifier – The multifunctional climate device effectively cleans, hydrates and disinfects the air.
  20. Model of airplane, yacht, ship, sailing boat – collectors will appreciate.
  21. Ice maker – this is a small device for making ice cubes. It’s a great gift for the boss.
  22. Wine and cigars – a good gift for the 60th anniversary.
  23. Board games (monopoly, mafia cards, puzzles).
  24. Collectible chess (silver, glass, bronze, with figures from The Lord of the Rings or Pirates of the Caribbean).
  25. Snake skin bag.
  26. Self-rotating globe – the original and elegant product will become a real decoration of the room. You can give it to your boss or colleague.
  27. Bronze caviar.
  28. Universal key.
  29. Men’s gift set for cheese and wine – the set includes several knives for different types of cheese, a corkscrew and a wine stopper.
  30. Ball (football, basketball, volleyball), skates or any other high quality sports equipment.
  31. Hard disk.
  32. Motion picture set – includes a manual stabilizer, a telescopic control stroller, ball mounts, a smartphone stand and a three-position (3D) level to facilitate visual monitoring of the camera’s position. A valuable gift for an amateur or professional photographer.
  33. Thermos – wonderful gift for a coach.
  34. Set of accessories and beard products.
  35. Leather apron.
  36. Massage devices: foot or neck massage, compact vibrating massage. Choose the devices, focusing on the type of activity of the man.
  37. Orthopedic pillow – a perfect gift for an elderly man – father or grandfather.
  38. Digital roulette – a necessary thing for repairing or assembling furniture.
  39. Watch.
  40. T-shirt or personalized shirt with initials.
  41. Swiss Army knife.
  42. Parfum.
  43. Elegant umbrella.
  44. Leather briefcase.
  45. Hookah.
  46. Suitcase.
  47. Navigator.
  48. Mini vacuum cleaner for cleaning the inside of the car.
  49. Screwdriver set.
  50. Set with several types of coffee or tea.
  51. Custom mug.
  52. Quality alcohol.
  53. Engraving ring.
  54. Picnic set.
  55. Coffee machine.
  56. Mini dumbbells.
  57. Universal travel knife.
  58. Personalized pen in a beautiful box.
  59. Smartphone.
  60. Smart watch.
  61. Heated slippers.
  62. Constructor β€žLego”.
  63. Keyboard vacuum cleaner.
  64. Family tree in a gift box.
  65. Leather bracelet.
  66. Personalized leather wallet.
  67. Engraved glasses.
  68. Binoculars.
  69. Bathroom accessories set.
  70. Original lamp.
  71. Thermal underwear.
  72. Wireless keyboard or mouse.
  73. Electric fireplace.
  74. quadrocopter.
  75. Transformer backpack.
  76. Foldable grill.
  77. Globe-shaped minibar.
  78. Gardening tool set – 0 shovel, a rake, a watering cup, a hammer and a saw. Now working in the garden will bring you even more pleasure.
  79. Portable radio – another gift that will brighten the daily life of an elderly person. It can be listened to anywhere.
  80. Voucher for a gastronomic master class, etc.
  81. Rare copy.

Birthday gifts for men by age

At the age of 30 , men, as a rule, are aware of all the technological innovations and will be able to appreciate the gift in the form of a smartphone, tablet, smart watch or wireless headphones.
For the 35th anniversary , it is important to present gifts that do not focus on age and are even a little funny. For example, you can give him money in an original way, such as a bouquet of flowers.
40 is a respectable age. For such a date, it is best to give elegant gifts: a pocket watch or a chain. They will symbolize the value of time and the importance of the person.
45 years oldis the age when a man is still actively engaged in business, but is already beginning to value especially family moments. A good gift for such a name day would be: a purse, a gift pen, a Zippo lighter, souvenir weapons.
At the age of 50 , you can give a man a fireplace. At this age men begin to appreciate the comfort of home.

Interesting gifts for young people

Young men will surely appreciate something unusual and with a sense of humor. Here are some funny gift options for men:

  1. Japanese cookies with good predictions – it would be nice to know what the homage dreamer of, so you can put such a prophecy in the desert.
  2. Cartoon – if the homage is not without a sense of humor, you can give him a cool portrait or a figurine made in a humorous style.
  3. Voucher for watching movies at the cinema for 1 month.

Interesting gifts for older men

If you are looking for a gift for an elderly man, you should pay attention to those that symbolize care:

  1. Digital weather station – no longer have to watch the weather forecast or go outside to appreciate the weather. The weather station will display not only the temperature but also the atmospheric pressure.
  2. Salt lamp – this is not only an original accessory for the interior, but also a very useful thing. Heated by the light of a light bulb, the salt releases useful substances into the air.
  3. Wool blanket – a warm and comfortable gift will surely satisfy the homage. Pay attention not only to the classic models, but also to the original ones with sleeves.

Luxury gift ideas

What to offer to a wealthy person or a businessman is not an easy question. It is especially important to choose not only luxury gifts, but also memorable gifts that will be of practical importance. Therefore, if you are in a situation where you have to decide what to give to a rich man, do not hesitate to choose an option from the given list:

  1. Exclusive board games.
  2. Expensive watch.
  3. Leather products: briefcase, bag.
  4. Radio antic.
  5. Retro typewriter – wealthy people love all kinds of old and antique things. The typewriter will become a worthy office setting.
  6. A planted tree – although it is not the most expensive gift, it is more valuable to watch a tree grow and bear fruit

Cheap gifts for men

And with a limited budget it is very easy to choose a memorable gift worthy. Here are some cheap but good gift options for men:

  1. Embroidered towel.
  2. Album photo the family.
  3. Diary in a leather case.
  4. Smartphone case.

Gifts for traveling men

If the man in charge is passionate about travel, then his birthday would be a great opportunity to make his life a little more comfortable.
The love for travel is not only romance and vivid impressions, but also various surprises and difficulties: flight delays, tiring flights, weather surprises.
Useful gifts for men from our list will solve many problems and will bring a lot of pleasure to any traveler:

  1. Camping chair.
  2. Sleeping bag.
  3. A traveler’s diary – will help you keep your holiday memories – brochures, tickets, maps and photos.
  4. GoPro Camera – Underwater or flexible video camera.
  5. Glasses with a video camera.
  6. Foldable selfie stick – has a maximum battery life.
  7. Survival Kit – combines a knife with interchangeable blade attachments, a fork, a can opener, a fish scaler, a fish extractor and many other useful options.
  8. Metal detector – for those obsessed with finding treasures.
  9. Picnic blanket with waterproof lining and shoulder strap.
  10. Camping lantern.
  11. 10 in 1 camping set – a good idea for motorists, gardeners, tourists, camping lovers and travelers. In the kit is a shovel, a saw, a hoe, a flint, a screwdriver, a knife for cutting fish and much more.
  12. Unusual shell.
  13. Self-inflating tourist carpet.
  14. Portable shower.
  15. Rubber boat.
  16. Fishing rod with a video camera – this gift will surprise even an experienced fisherman.

Great gift ideas for gardeners and villagers

An inexhaustible source of special gift ideas are those for suburban life. “Village” gifts can be divided into two categories: useful devices that facilitate physical work and “comfortable” gifts for the rest of the time.
Find out in advance about the needs of the homage:

  1. Outdoor fireplace or gas heater.
  2. Ultrasonic pest removal device.
  3. Armchair, hammock or garden umbrella.
  4. Inflatable pool.
  5. Electric dryer for vegetables and fruits.
  6. Trampoline.
  7. Watering gun.
  8. Lantern LED.
  9. Garden solar lamp.
  10. Brass bell.
  11. Garden figurine.
  12. They swing from the garden.
  13. Mini brewery at home.
  14. Satellite antenna.
  15. Alcohol meters.
  16. Hanging feeders for birds.
  17. Folding chair with all the facilities for a gardener – compact and light chair, with pockets in which you can store several necessary tools.

Gifts for fishermen

The safest approach to choosing a gift for an adult man is to rely on the hobbies of the homage. If the question is the choice of a gift for the fisherman, then the answer comes naturally.
Here are some useful gifts for a man who enjoys fishing:

  1. Spinning.
  2. Thermos that opens with one hand.
  3. Box for appliances and instruments that can also replace the chair.
  4. Waterproof phone case.
  5. Waterproof case for documents on the boat.
  6. Electronic pocket scales – allows on-site production weighing.

Gifts for athletes

What gifts for men on their birthday can be offered if they are passionate about sports
Here are some options:

  1. Sneakers. For jogging, long walks or mountain trips.
  2. Wireless sports headphones – these will allow you to play sports with your favorite music.
  3. Fitness bracelet – such a thing will be useful for any athlete, because the bracelet allows you to read calories burned, steps taken and sleep time.
  4. High quality sports bag or backpack – it will be a good gift for a young person.

Gifts for motorists

What to offer a man on his birthday is a question that you certainly ask yourself every year. If the homagee is passionate about cars, then you can give him:

  1. DVR.
  2. Thermal seat covers.

Gifts for men photographers

W. Walcot’s wise words say, “Every gift, even the smallest, becomes a wonderful gift if you present it with love.” Here are some gift ideas for photographers:

  1. Camera lens – it’s a universal gift. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.
  2. Camera. Even if the homage already has a good camera, all the charm is that for a photographer there are not many cameras.
  3. Camera case.
  4. Trepied.

Unique gifts, suitable to be given at different ages

Unique masculine gifts must be necessary and useful, with practical value, but they can also be sentimental: reminiscent of relationships, important dates, childhood and dreams. In addition, the unusual gifts are meant to be unexpected, that is, the homage is unlikely and he would have bought it for himself.

  1. Relaxation tool that simulates the noise of wind, waves, leaves.
  2. Rotating crystal glass.
  3. Hypnotic spirals.
  4. Didgeridoo musical instrument – the oldest Australian instrument is offered to people who love everything unusual.
  5. The list of 100 things to do in life.
  6. Caine-robot.
  7. Home planetarium – an original gift for a Star Wars fan.

Personalized gifts for men

The gifts you make are doubly pleasing. Therefore, if you are somewhat familiar with handmade works, you can make a personalized gift with your own hands:

  1. Knitted sweater – such a gift will be useful and practical. The main thing is not to hit the bar with the size.
  2. Blanket with embroidered wishes – the blanket can be bought ready-made or you can sew it yourself, for example, from small pieces. Embroider everything your heart desires – from greeting cards to wishes and inscriptions in the style of “Best father / husband / husband”. An embroidered blanket will quickly find its purpose, because in every house there is a bed or a sofa.
  3. Wall clock – it’s not complicated: buy a clock with a light surface on which inscriptions can be applied and paint it. Optionally, you can paste photos of the homage and family members on it.
  4. Cake – you can use the cream to write the name and age of the celebrated man.

What flowers are offered to a man for his birthday

Many mistakenly believe that flowers should only be given to the fairer sex. However, this is not the case, only the choice of flowers for men requires a more detailed approach than for women.
For the anniversary, it is best to choose a large bouquet of orchids. These flowers symbolize the luxury, richness and prosperity of the birthday. You can also give the white sex strong roses, gladioli, irises.

Handing over the money as a gift

Money is the most common gift option for men. Hand them over:

  • in a box;
  • in a wallet;
  • cake made of money;
  • umbrella made of money;
  • in a bag;
  • in a glass jar;
  • bouquet of money;
  • inside the balloon.

Useful advice

Choosing a gift that will attract your attention and be useful to men is, without a doubt, a very difficult task. Here are some things to look for when choosing a gift:

  • Ask directly.
  • Consider marital status. You should not give too personal gifts (such as bath towels or pajamas) to a married man, so as not to put him in an awkward situation.
  • Consult the horoscope. Representatives of different zodiac signs have different characters and inclinations. This can be a clue as to what to give a man Gemini for his birthday, Taurus, Aries and so on.
  • Try to put more emphasis on vivid impressions.
  • Remember that simplicity always wins over complexity.

Examples of unsuccessful gifts

We believe that everyone already knows how trivial gifts in the form of shower gel and shampoo are. Here are some more examples of bad gift ideas:
πŸ›‘ Ashtray is a durable item, and a man who smokes definitely has it already. Exceptions are expensive luxury ashtrays.
πŸ›‘ Socks are common and cheap. However, there is an exception. If these are socks knitted by you, then they will be a wonderful gift. But it is better to refuse gifts in the form of regular purchases.
πŸ›‘ Extra toys will never be suitable for an adult man’s birthday.
πŸ›‘ Fakes of some famous brands. If your budget does not include the amount for the purchase of original branded accessories, avoid things with the well-known logos of famous companies. This is a sign of bad taste.
πŸ›‘ House flowers – let’s face it, there are few flower growers among men.
πŸ›‘ Accessories made in bright colors, especially pink. It is better to respect the pastel colors, even if the homagee prefers something unusual.
πŸ›‘ β€œCool” disposable things.
πŸ›‘ Technique that you do not understand or do not know the exact data, model, type, changes. Better ask for the description and the concrete name.
πŸ›‘ Candles, even the most beautiful.
πŸ›‘ Warm scarves are also confusing.
πŸ›‘ Voucher at a store where the homage has never been paid.
At the end we will remember the Japanese wisdom: “If you liked the gift, then you gave a part of your soul.” Do not forget that a successful gift brings, first of all, pleasure, it is original and necessary. Men love practical gifts.
The more useful the gift, the more enjoyable it is, because they live from work, business, social activities, physical exertion, hobbies, sports, collections, vacations and free time.