Are you looking for birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend? You want to show him the sincerity of your feelings and, at the same time, make him an unforgettable surprise.

Below you will find the perfect ideas, tips and additional examples of gifts for your boyfriend!

Considering what you can give to a man on his birthday, it is important to choose the gift that suits the age and hobbies of the homage.

Original ideas for your friend’s birthday

  • Fitness-bracelet or smart watch;
  • Sports helmets;
  • Office chair;
  • Coffee machine;
  • Mass sitting;
  • Unusual alarm clock;
  • Tickets for a movie premiere or a concert of your favorite band;
  • Favorite game: monopoly, poker, table football, mini golf, etc .;
  • Hookah;
  • Cane-terms;
  • Oscar trophy with the inscription “The most beloved man in the world”;
  • T-shirt with interesting print;
  • Whiskey stones, which can quickly cool the drink and keep the liquid temperature low;
  • Leather wallet or leather bag;
  • Personalized bottle with exclusive drink, in a personalized box;
  • Master class in a field he enjoys: acting, archery or crossbow, horse riding, extreme driving, etc .;
  • Parfum;
  • Electric shaver;
  • Custom gown;
  • Wristwatch, if you are not superstitious;
  • Original watch case;
  • Clothing: scarf, briefcase, gloves, leather belt, sports suit, etc .;
  • Photo-puzzle or pencil portrait;
  • Suitcase;
  • Electric toothbrush;
  • Dinner on the roof or by a lake.

Top 3 special gifts for your boyfriend at the birthday of 15-18 years

To give a 15, 16, 17 or 18 year old boy an interesting gift, it is enough to know that young people of this age are very energetic and keep up with the times.
Special gifts for boyfriend:

  • Stylish speakers. If you think that your lover will enjoy such a device, be guided, first of all, by the power of sound and the originality of the design. Before going to the store, try to ask the young man very subtly what model he would like. Also read reviews on the internet. As for the sales consultant’s recommendations, it’s definitely worth listening to, but in the end you should be guided by the financial possibilities;
  • Strength training set. Most young people between the ages of 15 and 18 are very concerned about their physical appearance and dream of a prominent body. If your boyfriend visits the gym regularly and follows a protein diet, this gift will definitely be appreciated, because with this set he will be able to keep fit even at home. The components of such a set can be different: dumbbells and dumbbells, Olympic bar, weights, etc.
  • Drone. One of the hobbies of modern young people aged 15-18 is blogging. The drone will be useful for your creative lover, who is passionate about shooting and video filming. The images captured with the drone are excellent.

Top 9 unusual gifts for your boyfriend’s birthday at 19-23

Original gifts for a boyfriend of 19, 20, 21, 22 or 23 years old will be the one that will be based on his personality and basic occupations.
During this period of life, young people become more responsible and have a more conscious attitude towards their future. It is the period of the student, the period of gaining experience, some already starting to build a career.
Emphasize the necessary and, at the same time, original things. We advise you to select one of the following personalized gifts for your boyfriend:

  • Sports food complex. At this age, young people continue to be concerned about their bodies. Such an original gift would be a real necessity for your lover. However, you should keep in mind that these products are quite expensive;
  • Popcorn maker. If your friend prefers to spend his evenings at home and watch a new movie, then give him a chance to feel like in a real movie theater, enjoying a box of fresh popcorn;
  • Car navigator or DVR. If your boyfriend is driving a car, consider buying a useful gadget. The navigator will help him to move more easily on the streets, and the DVR will ensure him against controversial incidents and conflicts on the road;
  • Visiting a tattoo parlor. Because she is the age when she is no longer afraid of her parents’ prohibitions and can manage her own life, including her body, you can enjoy your boyfriend with a tattoo he had long dreamed of. Today, body tattooing is more popular than ever, so such a gift will be very relevant;
  • Clock with compass and tent. The ideal gift for young people who have an active lifestyle and love travel;
  • Pusculita. You can choose one in the shape of a barrel, safe or your lover’s favorite animal;
  • Quality backpack;
  • Electronic book, if you are passionate about reading;
  • Beautiful lamp or night projector that mimics the starry sky.

Top 9 gift ideas for your 24, 25, 26, 27 or 28 year old boyfriend

When choosing an original gift for your boyfriend between the ages of 24 and 28, keep in mind that he is no longer a kid and the gifts must be appropriate.
In this case, we advise you to pay attention to the usefulness of gifts, for example:

  • Mini computer vacuum cleaner. This device can be considered a real “must-have” for computer owners, because the keyboard, processor and printer are real magnets for dust accumulation. Thanks to the vacuum cleaner, the life of the gadget and its components will increase significantly;
  • Laptop cooling stand. This device allows you to avoid overheating the gadget, thus preventing its damage;
  • Annual gym membership;
  • Personalized agenda;
  • Punching bag for home sports;
  • Grill set;
  • Zippo bricheta;
  • Tool set (hammer, drill, screwdriver, etc.);
  • Model of car or ship being assembled.

Top 9 good gifts for your friend between the ages of 29 and 35

Usually, at this age, men are already married, have children and have a successful career.
Keep in mind the practical things you would like to buy, but there is always something going on.
Here are some examples of birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend:

  • External hard disk. Choose a device with the largest possible memory capacity, because at this age it has certainly managed to accumulate a lot of photos, music and other important information, which requires a lot of storage space. In addition, having a hard drive at hand will prevent you from losing significant files;
  • Set of cosmetics for beard or mustache. If your friend owns an elegant mustache or wears a long beard, then such a set will definitely suit him. With the help of cosmetics in the form of oil, wax, special comb and others, the mustache or beard will get a well-groomed appearance, full of brutality and determination;
  • Beautiful painting, for the decoration of the house;
  • Pocket knife;
  • Fishing set;
  • Mini-bar in the shape of a globe. It is used for storing alcoholic beverages, but also for decorating the interior, because it looks very solid and expensive;
  • Milling machine;
  • Silver chain;
  • Photobook – is a book with printed photos that will perfectly preserve the memories.

3 cheap gifts you can give your boyfriend on his birthday

Material abilities do not always allow you to buy the gift you want.
However, you dreamed a lot to pleasantly catch your half. In this case, you can select one of the following options:

  • Homemade cookies with foresight. The gift given will certainly not go unnoticed, because it is made with your own hands, which speaks to your feelings and sincere attention. Of course, on such a day, biscuits should contain only positive predictions;
  • “Superman” kitchen apron. If your boyfriend likes to cook, buy him a funny apron and complete it with a letter of praise.
  • Engraved beer mug.

How to choose the right gift for your boyfriend’s birthday

The multitude of gifts offered today by the mass market sometimes plays a part: not only does it not help to find the right options, but it even significantly complicates the choice process.
So, even on the most beautiful birthday of your boyfriend, you can expect the disappointment in his eyes. The following recommendations will help you overcome such situations:

  1. You have a sense of limit. Inappropriate or ironic gifts can be seen as a personal insult.
  2. Always consider the age, lifestyle, and hobbies of the homagee, the need for certain things, and especially your relationship. The appropriate answers to these questions will allow you to choose the best option.
  3. Don’t ask your boyfriend directly about his preferences. Better talk to him about abstract topics, during which you can discreetly ask about his needs and dreams. A good solution would be to communicate with his family – maybe in a conversation with them he mentioned something that might be useful in your choice.
  4. Make sure the gift is presented correctly. It is important to think in advance about what the gift will look like on your boyfriend’s birthday and to prepare the greeting text, as well as the elegant gift wrap.


  1. Do not give your loved one standard and trivial things, such as hygiene products (shower gel, shampoo, etc.), socks, soft toys, your frame photo, etc.
  2. Things for everyday life (towels, underwear, etc.). Buying them does not require a special opportunity.
  3. Unnecessary accessories (for example, cufflinks, while the man is not wearing a shirt) are also not welcome on his birthday.
  4. Do not give money to your boyfriend, because this gesture could affect his self-esteem.
  5. Gifts in the category “are more necessary than what you want” (for example, a warm sweater instead of the elegant shirt you want).

When choosing a birthday present for your boyfriend, it is important to understand that the gift can also be cheap, because its main purpose is to offer positive emotions.

Do not shy away from unusual choices and listen to your partner – this is the only way you will be able to make your boyfriend an unforgettable holiday.