Many people believe that eternal love does not exist and that sooner or later, high feelings pass. But the reality is that love can be constantly cultivated so that it can grow and stay “alive.”

Therefore, you need to take care of your partner and promote love by all means, for example through declarations of love and longing.
No matter how long your relationship lasts, it is always a pleasure for your loved one to receive the most beautiful declarations of love, short or long, with phrases of love, longing and emotional care.

This can be two lovers, married couples or newlyweds, who can associate the examples below with short declarations of love for the bride or groom.

Short declarations of love

Choose a short declaration of love that you liked the most, and enjoy your half with pleasant words about love. You may not bring her to tears, instead you will raise her mood to the maximum.
Square-square You are my happiness! You taught me not to be afraid to open my soul to another person. And I am grateful that the Lord sent you to me. I would not have accepted anyone else!
Square-square I want to do something to surprise you, but you told me that as long as you have me, you don’t need anything else. So I’ll just tell you I love you.
Square-square I feel that we are close, even if we are far from each other. And I know you feel the same way. Honey, I’m so happy you came into my life!
Square-square You are the man I can always count on. I just don’t like you, I love you so much!
🐱-square You know what my most beautiful dream is
To fall asleep and wake up next to you, to feel your strength, courage and affection. You are the man who changed my life, but me too – I never knew I could be so gentle and loving. And that’s so beautiful!
Square-square You know, I’ve been wanting to tell you for a long time… I’ve been wanting to tell you… This has been bothering me for a long time… A long time ago thank you for every happy minute… I want to tell you that I am alarmingly in love with you!
Square-square In my dreams it’s just you! I would love to keep our love for each other wonderful and boundless. I want to tell the whole world how happy I am, I want to shout about my happiness and that you are the most precious woman!
Square-square You are mine and that is the most important thing! I have become dreamy, romantic, my eyes are shining, and my smile betrays my emotions. I am very much in love and I want to embrace you every night and morning!
Square-square You’re my second half! Let our spark of feelings turn into a huge campfire!

Emotional declarations of love

You want your loved one to constantly think of you and feel your complete love.
Remind them that he is a special person to you by making a beautiful statement.
🐱 You know, we’re so different. We have different tastes, different habits, and different attitudes toward life. We’ve always been different – from the first day we’ve known each other. But that did not stop our love: you still remember how a spark arose between us
I remember. I also remember how we went to the city together in the evening, I admired the sunset at the sea, how you gave me flowers and you tried to recite my own poems. Such a pleasant surprise! We are together now, but we have not stopped being different – maybe that has united us. We find in each other something we need like air. And you know, I finally understood what love is. It was always a love that, like a magnet, attracted us, taught us to find compromises and today I want to tell you again – I love you. You are the man who painted my life in vivid colors and made it more interesting. You made love to me and turned me into the happiest woman. Thank you for this.
🐱 I believe in marriages signed in heaven and you know why
Because ours is exactly like that. We didn’t meet by accident – you told me that several times. Thank you for your destiny for every minute spent with you. You are the man I dreamed of. Your voice, your touch, your eye color – everything is driving me crazy. Every encounter makes my heart beat faster and experience the strongest feelings. I love you very much!
🐱 The feeling of happiness does not leave me from the moment I met you and it multiplies more and more. I want to embrace you and throw ourselves into the infinite world of love, where reciprocity is the trunk of the tree, trust is its leaves, where our hearts burn with the fire of passion.
I will tell you about a great feeling that can inspire or devastate, that can give absolute happiness or unbearable pain, a feeling that can give birth to life or bring death. I’m talking about love! I love you!
🐱 How many people talked about love, how many musicians sang about these feelings, how many philosophers meditated on these thoughts. But she, always young and dominant, conquers our weak hearts again and again. And there is no sweeter and more desirable captivity in the world, in which my heart beats so fast, hoping for your reciprocity.
My soul has been transformed into a flowery garden, full of the wonderful aroma of joy. An unusual light appeared in my eyes. These changes happened because I love you and this love works wonders!
🐱 I want to be with you always, to hold your hand, to look at you. I fill my soul with happiness and my life with meaning. I feel a new magical feeling that multiplies in my heart, making me better, gentler, more affectionate. This is only due to you! I love you very much!
🐱 I hope that a place for me will be found in your heart, because I love you with love and sincerity and I want to share with you all the happy days and comfortable nights, the little worries and the big joys! I want to protect you, give you tenderness and always stay close!
🐱 I once loved you. You know how
Fate, like Morphius in The Matrix, gave me a pill called Love. I, like Neo curiously, did not refuse. I saw the world in bright colors and with positive emotions. Then, everything is on stage: I woke up and saw the real world…
🐱 I love you – my soul sings, I love you – my heart trembles and my whole life is subject to this feeling – both thoughts and deeds. The source of love is your pleasant smile, your glamorous appearance, our sincere discussions. I want this magical feeling to fly as high as possible and never end, to let happiness be eternal!

Funny declarations of love

How can a man in love express his feelings in words so that his partner’s heart melts
? or with sad notes. Convince yourself!
❤️ Your eyes shine like diamonds, your heart burns like a ruby ​​and every word spins like a pearl. I love you, my treasure. I will protect you from envious strangers and catchy eyes! I will never give up such a fabulous and delicate wealth as you!
❤️ You know how I love you
How a singer loves the microphone, the driver – the steering wheel and the teacher – the holidays, how the sunflower loves the sun, the birds – freedom and the ships – the ocean. You are my air, my spiritual joy, my physical pleasure, you are my beautiful and happy life. And it will always be so!
❤️ I want to tell you so much, but I will be brief: I want you to always be with me, to feel your shoulder of confidence every minute, to feel like a real woman – weak, delicate, passionate!
❤️ I understand what happened to me! I realized why I don’t sleep at night. And why all the thoughts are on you. I became blind and deaf, I became obsessed with meeting you! Your smile kills me, wherever I hear your voice! I was proposed to disappear from your life because I am no longer just a man. I’m a man in love! You heard: I love you!

❤️ For your sake, without hesitation, I would parachute, jump from an incredible depth into the Bermuda Triangle area and taste the culinary masterpieces of the leader of an African tribe. And even if my heart could stop in the air or in the water, I want you to know that my love knows no bounds and sees no obstacles!
❤️ I woke up today due to a terrible pain in my shoulder blades! It immediately occurred to me that it was an unknown disease! But going to the mirror, I saw that wings grew behind me. They grew out of love for you! Oh, you are the most beautiful of all women!
❤️ Do you think I’m glad I met you
No! I’m just happy! You think you’re the most beautiful in town
Not! You are the most beautiful in the whole universe! Do you want to have dinner together
? We just share a life together! You’re sure I love you
You’re wrong! I adore you! I’m an ordinary person
No! I am an irreversible madman, because I am mad from my love for you!
❤️ I’m ready to become your magician at home to convince you that the world was invented just to meet us and multiply us.
Rest assured that these confessions of love and warm words addressed to your loved one will resonate in loving hearts!