You look at each other, slowly tilting your head and almost united in a kiss – and all of a sudden you realize you don’t know how to kiss! Sure, you need help, but don’t worry!

We will teach you everything you need to know about how to kiss well – when, where, why and how. Let’s move on to the lesson!

How to start a kiss – 5 Methods

Method 1

Let the person know that you are interested. You can carefully suggest that you would like to kiss him / her, but do not say it directly. Try the following:

  • Look at his lips more often;
  • Don’t tighten your lips. Keep them slightly open, but not too wide;
  • Make your lips look as appetizing as possible. If you are looking for a way to kiss a boy, you can use pink lip gloss. Don’t forget to breathe fresh air – for this you can eat mint candies or use a special spray. Do not use chewing gum, otherwise you will have to spit it out quickly before kissing, and this will look pretty weird!

Method 2

Overcome the barrier of shyness and kiss her on the cheek, for example. If he liked the kiss, then you can put it on his lips.
To get an idea of ​​how to kiss a girl, take her hand and kiss her lightly, pressing your lips to the outside of your palm for 2-3 seconds. If you want to learn to kiss a boy: bend over and kiss him on the cheek, holding your lips to his cheek for 2-3 seconds.
Keep your lips relaxed, but you don’t have to squeeze them, as if you were kissing your grandmother. If you want to let him know that you are ready for a real kiss, kiss him on the cheek very close to your lips.

Method 3

Start by creating a romantic atmosphere and compliment her. It should be a very good and sincere compliment. If you do everything right – maybe you’ll find out what the first kiss is like.
He says the compliments not very loudly, with a deep voice, looking straight into his eyes. Then it will be clear that you have feelings for this person, and they will have to lean closer to you to hear what you are saying.
Try to captivate the other person. Even if you really think he’s the best basketball player in school, you don’t have to tell him about it now! The compliment should be romantic. Here are some examples of good compliments:

  • “You are incredibly beautiful!”
  • “Your eyes are driving me crazy.”
  • “I like your smile so much.”
  • “I can’t believe you’re really here with me now! I’m the happiest person in the world. “

Method 4

If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to acknowledge your intention to kiss French. If he / she did not understand the allusion, but you still want to kiss, just ask your permission.
Don’t worry – even in this case, you can be romantic. Say something like:

  • “I’d like to kiss you now.”
  • “I’m sorry to say this so bluntly – but I want to kiss you.”
  • “I want to kiss you so much, I can’t wait another minute!”

Method 5

Bend down for the kiss. Don’t waste your time. Just close your eyes, lean your head forward and kiss!

11 Types of kissing

Mode 1

Relax your lips. You can squeeze your lips when you kiss family members, when you have no choice – you want to, you don’t want to – you have to kiss your grandparents!
But when you learn how to kiss a girl or a boy you like, your lips should be soft and slightly relaxed, and your mouth should be half-parted.

Way 2

Kissing correctly means starting with a soft kiss. Kissing should be gentle – no need to stick your tongue or teeth together. If your partner likes such a kiss, you can later kiss in French.
Try not to make any sounds. These will distract your partner and spoil the impression of the kiss. To kiss without sound, you do not have to tighten your lips, but keep them slightly open.
Always continue with soft and gentle kisses. You don’t have to “bite” your partner’s lips – leave that for later, when you have more experience in how to kiss better. You need to kiss slowly, to give the girl / boy a chance to stop at any moment, if such a desire arises.

Mode 3

Try to keep your saliva. You just don’t want your partner to feel like he’s been licked by a puppy! Don’t forget to swallow the saliva in your mouth in time. If you notice that your lips are too wet, squeeze them to get rid of excess moisture.

Mode 4

Close your partner’s lip with your lips. If you already understand how to kiss and the first attempts went well, try to “squeeze” the lip of the adored person between the lips, so that the kiss is stronger and experience how to kiss passionately.
Then you can switch from regular kissing to neck or tongue kissing methods. The steps are as follows:

  • your lower lip;
  • partner’s lower lip;
  • your upper lip;
  • the upper lip of the partner.

For starters, you can kiss your partner’s lower lip between your lips. Most people use the lower lip – it’s easier to “grab”.

Mode 5

Don’t forget to breathe. Ideally, you should breathe through your nose while kissing. If it doesn’t work, take a break for a second and take a deep breath.
You don’t have to constantly think about how you breathe and when to take a break. If you breathe hard – that’s fine. Your partner will take this as a compliment.

Mode 6

Use your hands. Don’t hold your hands on the sides – let them go! Put your hands on your partner’s shoulders or around his waist.
It is common in the following way: women put their hands on the man’s shoulders, and men – on the woman’s waist. You can use your hands to bring your half closer.
Put your hands on your partner’s cheek or head. You can also lift her chin as you kiss. It’s a good idea to put your hands in your partner’s hair, patting him / her lightly on the head and pulling him / her closer.

Mode 7

Learn how to kiss with your tongue. While your lips are closed on your partner’s lower lip, charge to “pass easily” with the tip of your tongue. Look at his reaction.
If he liked it, then he will do the same or approach you. If the kiss has been removed or stopped, you will need to limit yourself to regular kissing.

Mode 8

Using your tongue during a kiss is called a French kiss. Exactly why French
is not known! But here’s how:
To find out what the French kiss is like, slide your tongue inside your partner’s lower lip. Start with gentle, slow movements, continue only if he has responded positively to your attempt. Look for the girl’s or boy’s tongue and touch it. Move your tongue slowly and slowly and don’t leave your tongue in your partner’s mouth in complete inaction – it will be quite strange and not very comfortable.
Try safer movements now, if everything went well so far.

Mode 9

Don’t get carried away. Learn how to kiss a girl or a boy little by little. Let the kiss be dynamic – from tender and soft kisses you can switch to French, then back. Such a dynamic technique will no doubt be to your partner’s liking – he / she will never know what to expect in the next minute.

Mode 10

You can also gently bite the lips of the person you are kissing. This is not necessary, but the test is not to blame. You might both like it! Here are some suggestions for this:

  • Don’t bite your lips hard – be gentle.
  • Do it slowly. Then you will not clash your teeth constantly and you will not cause pain or discomfort to each other.
  • When your lips compress your partner’s lower lip, try to bite her lightly with your teeth and pull her slightly, then continue kissing, as if nothing had happened.
  • No need to bite too often. Let this be the culmination of your kisses.
  • Be prepared for the fact that your partner will not like it. Not everyone likes to be bitten during a kiss. In that case, don’t get upset. Tastes are not discussed.

Mode 11

Take short breaks from time to time. Stop kissing, look into each other’s eyes and say something nice. Or just shut up, then kiss again. Such small details make the kiss more interesting and intimate. This tells your partner that you are thinking about him / her during the kiss and that you like him / her – and not just the kiss itself.

The first kiss in 5 passes

Step 1

To experience the perfect kiss, choose a good partner you trust. If you know this person well, you will be much less nervous. If your partner knows that this is your first kiss, he will be more tolerant and understanding.
Remember that a bad first kiss is not the end of the world, and it is certainly not the end of a relationship. Find the strength to laugh at failure together and try again.
Everyone once had their first kiss. Most people get nervous during it and not all of them get it on the first try. So, don’t worry, just follow these tips as you learn to kiss.

Step 2

You don’t have to hurry. You will have one first kiss! Let it all go naturally – kiss only when you can’t wait!

Step 3

Allow your partner to take the lead (optional). If you are very nervous – wait until it starts first. Then just repeat what he does during the kiss.

Step 4

Take your risk. In time, you will be able to initiate the kiss and you will develop your own technique.

    Step 5

    Don’t think too much while kissing about what your partner might think: if you look good, if you kiss correctly, and so on. No need to worry too much. Focus on the sensations of the kiss.

    How to kiss after a date

    Option 1

    Tilt closer. Kissing after the date may or may not happen, so if you want to kiss the girl or the boy, be closer to him (her). When it’s time to say goodbye, you’ll be close enough to kiss and you won’t have to make unnecessary moves.
    Boys, in such moments, usually panic and kiss the girl on the cheek, which basically means: “You remind me of my sister.” So, when you spend the day at the car or at the door of the house, put your hand on her shoulder. The barrier is almost gone! Now the girl is already imagining your intentions and you can get closer to her.

    Option 2

    Follow the girl’s reaction. If she strays or moves away from you or tries to distance herself from you, then you shouldn’t kiss her. Don’t get upset and don’t make a fuss about it – smile at them, thank them for a wonderful evening and say goodbye. Maybe the girl isn’t ready for a kiss yet.