During these holidays, but especially on Christmas Eve, families stay together, share their memories and talk about what is happening in their lives. But not always your loved ones can be with you, so wish your loved ones, but who may not be with you, happy holidays with these Christmas cards.

The winter holidays are the perfect occasion to show your loved ones how much it means to you. What better way to say goodbye than to use a Christmas card.

Best wishes for Christmas

Many people may say that there is no better time than this. From the carols that are heard in shops or on the street, to the lights that adorn almost every home, the joy of Christmas is everywhere. And when this joy comes bundled with the smell of fir and hot chocolate, there seems to be no reason to be upset. That’s why below you will find the most beautiful Christmas cards to enhance your loved ones.

1. Have the happiest holidays of your life! I hug you and I send you with all my love my most beautiful Christmas thoughts! Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday!
2. May troubles and troubles melt like a snowflake when it touches you. May this Christmas catch you in its spell and enlighten your soul. Happy celebrations!
3. I wish you the happiest Christmas and the most beautiful holidays so far. Let the snow cleanse your soul with its purity! Merry Christmas!
4. This year I wish your Christmas tree to be full of ornaments, and next year to look like it, full of success! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
5. On the occasion of Christmas and New Year, in tune with the carols that are heard on the streets, I wish you good health and happiness. May your loved ones be close to you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
6. A cup of hot chocolate, a comfortable sweater and lots and lots of happiness! That’s what I wish you on the occasion of these beautiful holidays. Merry Christmas and lots of joy!
7. Every man tries to be better, but you are the best of all! I wish you with all my heart a merry Christmas and good health to you and all your loved ones!
8. Bring warmth wherever you go, and for us you are the light without which Christmas would not be the same! I hope you have happiness and enjoy these holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
9. Even if you work today, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holidays! We are thinking of you and we want to wish you happy holidays from the bottom of our souls! Merry Christmas!
10. Warmest Christmas wishes, to receive from Santa everything you want! Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday!

Inspired Christmas cards

Every wish is different in its own way, as there are rarely two people who look alike. You can use these Christmas wishes as messages, SMS or even texts to copy on a physical greeting card. Small gestures are worth more than you think, and for this reason we have prepared a complete list of Christmas messages to use!

11. The most beautiful moments are spent with your loved ones, and the holidays are the perfect time to tell those close to you how important they are to you! So I will not miss this chance and I will wish you much happiness, peace of mind and health! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
12. Christmas is coming and all the Christmas bells are ringing to sing your magic carols. Enjoy those close to you, but also those who are far from you. It’s a magical time of year and I want to wish you with all my heart: Merry Christmas and good health!
13. May every light we encounter warm our souls and guide us to be better people, to love more, and to forgive when someone wrongs us. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday!
14. How long have I been waiting for this holiday? On the occasion of Christmas, I want to wish you only happiness, hope and strength! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
15. The bells you hear want to wish you happy holidays, and I want to make sure they are! Merry Christmas and lots of love!

Merry Christmas Messages

Are you looking for the perfect message to match with the gifts for your loved ones? Well, Postmodern has prepared a special gift for you! Wish your loved ones a happy holiday with these Christmas cards, specially customized for your needs.

16. As a gift, under your arm, I wish you to always have Happiness, joy, Everything you want, Love. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Only the light in your house, our dear friend, friend!
17. Every moment spent with you makes a thousand gifts. I hope you have the warmest holidays and a Christmas full of lights and very happy! Happy Birthday!
18. I hope you receive the most beautiful gifts and enjoy every moment of these winter holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
19. Receive in your heart hope, in your soul forgiveness and love, in your lips love, in your eyes goodness and you will find the happiness of the Nativity of the Lord! Merry Christmas to all your loved ones!
20. A white angel on a snowflake will pass by your house today, to say to you gently, in a whisper: Merry Christmas and happy! Happy Birthday!
21. I wish you and your family good health, happiness and good luck in the future! I hope that this holiday will only bring you happiness in the house!
22. We look forward to seeing you now, around the holidays. We wish you with all our hearts a happy holiday, all your wishes come true!
23. The greatest gifts that Christmas can bring us are a happy family and dear friends close to our soul. Merry Christmas!
24. Faith, hope, a new beginning, love, gifts, true friends. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use for Christmas.
25. May the aroma of fir, orange, carols, warm cozonac and the smell of winter fill your hearts with joy and your souls with peace. Merry Christmas!
26. On the occasion of the winter holidays, I wish you a holiday full of peace, rest, peace of mind and fulfillment. May all your wishes be fulfilled at Christmas, and may the new year surprise you with those you love.
27. At Christmas you are my guest: we fight with Bulgarians, we make a snowman to get over your anger… you will definitely lose. We make wishes as we look up at the sky and snowflakes melt easily on our faces. Merry Christmas!
28. On the eve of the winter holidays, have wealth, well-being, peace of mind and health in your home. Merry Christmas!
29. The coming year will bring you the hope of a new beginning, the energy needed to accomplish all your goals, the wisdom to appreciate each day through the little joys it offers you and that someone to make you smile.

Christmas greetings

Enjoy this list of Christmas wishes that can put a smile on the face of any friend. Wish them happy holidays in your own way and thank them for the phenomenal gift that is their friendship! With a wish you can change a person’s whole day, don’t miss the opportunity to tell your friends how much you love them.

30. At Christmas I want to wish you a lot of peace, peace of mind, light in your eyes and a lot of happiness! Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday!
31. Only good thoughts during the winter holidays! Merry Christmas!
32. A Merry Christmas, Peace be to your soul, Peace be at home too, just plenty on your table! Happy birthday, immeasurable joys!
33. May the joys and beautiful thoughts of the present become the beautiful memories of the future. Merry Christmas!
34. First of all, I want to wish you good health. Secondly, I wish you peace, and lastly, all the happiness! May everything you wanted come true! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
35. Light, peace, joy, snow, life, dedication, forgiveness, smile, celebration, bring us Christmas every year. Open your soul and let the warmth of the winter holidays envelop you like a beautiful dream. Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday!
36. One of the joys of Christmas is to think of the special people in life and you are one of those wonderful people! Have a Merry Christmas!
37. Some people around the corner say that there is Santa Claus. That you wrote to him and that he will come, to bring you light in his fists! By the fir tree and by the fire, good luck!
38. My dear child, it’s a holiday! Enjoy peace, light and warmth with your loved ones. Give wholeheartedly and open your soul to receive love and happiness. Let your soul be reborn and live every day as an invaluable gift.

Christian Christmas cards

Christmas is a very important holy holiday. These holidays bring light and peace to our souls, and these Christmas cards capture the essence of these mysterious moments so that you can wish your relatives and acquaintances a very Merry Christmas!

39. May the Nativity of the Lord enlighten your souls and your home, may you have health, abundance, and happiness!
40. May the spirit of the holy holidays of Christmas fill your houses with light, warmth and goodness. Happy birthday and Merry Christmas!
41. May the joy of the Nativity penetrate your soul, bring you peace and love, wisdom, hope and much good will! Merry Christmas with your loved ones!
42. May the holy winter holidays bring in the soul the light, in the hopeful thought, in the house abundance and the joy of always being with the loved ones! Merry Christmas with your loved ones and lots of love in your hearts!
43. Dear Father, help us to remember the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas and to announce to others, with the help of carols. Let’s close the door of feelings of hatred and open the door of love. Have a peaceful holiday and a Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday!

Christmas greetings

We wish you could use these Christmas cards in any situation and wish everyone a happy holiday and a happy new year. On this occasion, we have prepared the Christmas greetings category in English!

44. This Christmas, you’re the best gift I could ask for.
45. Merry Christmas! May your happiness be large and your be bills small.
46. Wishing you nothing but the best this holiday season.
47. May your holidays sparkle with joy and laughter!
48. Merry Christmas! I hope you receive one blessing after another this coming year.
49. We clap hands and welcome the peace of Christmas. We beckon this good season to wait a while with us. – Maya Angelou
50. May the true spirit of Christmas shine in your heart and light your path.
51. Wishing you a season that’s merry and bright!
52. For you at Christmas time: A wish for happiness, warmth, and love.
53. May this season be full of light and laughter for you and your family.
54. My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: Loving others. – Bob Hope
55. Merry Christmas, and may your Christmas be white!
56. Wishing you peace, joy, and unconditional love at Christmas and always.
57. It’s people like you that make Christmas so special and meaningful. Thank you!
58. Please note: Christmas is canceled. Apparently you told Santa you’ve been good this year and he died of laughter.
59. It’s not what’s under the tree that matters most, it’s who’s around it. Every year, I’m so grateful to have you.
60. Thinking of you this season and wishing you a joyful holiday.
61. Cheers to eggnog by the fire, warm holiday memories, and you.
62. My love for you shines brighter than the lights on the tree.
63. May this season find you among those you love, sharing in the twin glories of generosity and gratitude. – Oprah Winfrey
64. Have a magical holiday season!
65. Christmas is magical because we’re together.
66. Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing, but of reflection. – Winston Churchill
67. Every Christmas is merrier because you’re a part of it, my friend.

Moments with loved ones are the most beautiful gifts you can receive. For this reason we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a bright holiday and hope that you have found Christmas cards to send to your friends and relatives.