The Possibilities for a Dexter Prequel

Since the end of Dexter’s eight-year run on Showtime in 2013, fans have been eager to get more of their favorite vigilante serial-killer. Whether it’s a feature film or possibly a prequel exploring Dexter’s early days, there’s a huge appetite for new stories with the iconic character. With reports of a limited series returning to Showtime in the near future, let’s explore all the exciting possibilities of a Dexter Prequel.

Setting the Stage: The Time Period of a Dexter Prequel

One key question that needs to be answered is when a Dexter prequel would take place. It could explore the character’s turbulent youth, just prior to his adoption by Harry and Debra Morgan, or possibly go back further to his formative years as a pre-teen or even a toddler.

Regardless of when exactly the prequel would take place, it’s a chance to explore Dexter’s relationships with his biological mother and father. Harry’s presence is expected since he plays such a memorable role in the original series, but it would be an intriguing twist if we found out that Dexter’s parents were actually alive and well. We could also gain a new perspective on the circumstances that surrounded the death of Dexter’s biological mother, something readers of Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter series know a bit about.

Fascinating Characters From Dexter’s Early Life

The characters around Dexter in any prequel could make for some interesting viewing. This is because of a whole new crop of people who have never been explored in the world of Dexter before. These characters could include:

• Dexter’s biological parents: Given their involvement in his upbringing, assuming they are alive, this would be a great opportunity to learn more about Dexter’s family and possibly introduce new villains.

• Dexter’s foster parents: Before he was adopted by the Morgan’s, Dexter had a long list of fosters. A prequel would give us the chance to see them in action, trying to make a difference for the troubled young boy.

• A psychologist or mental health professional: As Dexter’s condition is so closely related to mental health and psychology, the team behind the prequel could explore how someone in the mental health field tried to tackle the young boy’s issues.

• Dexter’s schoolmates and teachers: It would be great to see some of the schools classes and teachers that Dexter interacted with as a young boy. It would be interesting to see what kind of effect they had on him and his psychopathic tendencies.

• Other people in Dexter’s life that may have influenced his development: Like Harry, there could be a number of people in his young life that have influenced his view of the world and eventual transformation into a killer.

Exploring Dexter’s Transgressive Psychology

A key element of Dexter is the exploration of transgressive psychology. The way we see Dexter interact with the world as a child would tell us a lot about his inner workings and in some ways it could be a more intriguing prospect than following him as an adult. We could see the roots of Dexter’s “Dark Passenger” and the consequences of his actions as he begins to embrace the “Code of Harry” which guides him through his later years.

Additionally, the prequel could explore some interesting moral questions, such as should we intervene in this child’s behavior, who is at fault for his condition, and can we change his choices in the future? It could delve into a more psychological and realistic portrayal of what it might be like to live with a psychopathic disorder, as Dexters’ transgressive desires and psychosis wrestle with his conscience.

A Different Approach to Violence

As viewers of the show know, violence plays a central role in Dexter’s life. The way Dexter channels his psychological impulses allows him to view violence in a different light than those around him, while also providing a great opportunity for contrasting moral takes on the same action.

A prequel to Dexter would explore the effects of violence on a young person, as Dexter struggles to distinguish between evil and immoral acts throughout his childhood. The controversial “Code of Harry” would be explored in a lot more detail and it would be interesting to see if Dexter could stick to his own internal code in the face of external pressures, such as the foster homes he resides in.

More Surprising Plot Twists

Finally, the prequel could provide opportunities for some unexpected, jaw-dropping plot twists. We know that Dexter’s life was troubled and this could mean that another even more profound trauma awaits us in the early stages of his life. Were Dexter’s parents involved in some way with the Miami underworld and perhaps in the death of his biological mother? Did he have a part to play in the death of Harry Morgan’s wife? Whatever secrets have been kept in the shadow by Dexter, the prequel could be the time to explore them.

A Dexter prequel would be an exciting opportunity to explore the early life of one of TV’s most beloved characters. It could delve further into the unique psychology of this troubled killer, while also introducing a host of exciting new characters and a setting which the fans have not seen before. With the possibility of a Dexter prequel on the horizon, it’s exciting to ponder the possibilities and see what other secrets, revelations, and surprises await.