International Women’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to decide what gift to give your girlfriend on March 8. Sometimes it’s really hard to buy a gift for your girlfriend or wife: the latest smartphone model is expensive; flowers and cake – commonplace; cosmetics – risky; pan – completely inappropriate!

If you don’t have any good ideas, use our list of the most beautiful gifts for your March 8 girlfriend.

Gift ideas for your March 8 girlfriend

  1. Cosmetic bag;
  2. Illuminated mirror (table);
  3. mic terms;
  4. Original jewelry, in the style of your girlfriend (natural stone, gold, silver) – can be a bracelet, ring, earrings, pendant or set;
  5. Fitness bracelet;
  6. Telephone accessories (case, protective glass);
  7. Headphones – plain or fur;
  8. Manicure or pedicure set;
  9. Digital photo frames;
  10. Heart-shaped pendant, inside is your common picture;
  11. Hair straightener;
  12. Electric comb;
  13. Thermal curlers;
  14. Strong hair dryer, latest model;
  15. Table lamp, with built-in humidification option;
  16. Satin pajamas;
  17. Fitball;
  18. Coffee maker;
  19. Electronic book;
  20. The zodiac sign made of Swarovski crystals;
  21. Personalized tea mug;
  22. Book about love;
  23. Muffin and ice cream molds;
  24. Fondue set;
  25. Leather gloves;
  26. Juice juicer;
  27. Fluffy slippers;
  28. Set of jams with unusual flavors (cinnamon, dates, mint, mulled wine, etc.);
  29. Original cookbook with printed pages;
  30. Bath essential oil set;
  31. Pandora’s bracelet;
  32. Photoepilator;
  33. Coffee collection;
  34. Soft and comfortable robe with your girlfriend’s name on it. It is very pleasant to wrap yourself in such a robe after the bath and to feel special;
  35. Decorative smartphone stand;
  36. Belgian waffle maker;
  37. Herbs and essences for the manufacture of cosmetics at home;
  38. Table lamp;
  39. Same set of covers for gadgets;
  40. Leather wallet with an old banknote;
  41. Robot vacuum cleaner;
  42. Portable sewing machine;
  43. Decorative candlestick;
  44. Wax heater;
  45. Original heart or flower pocket mirror;
  46. Smoothie shaker;
  47. Sleeve blanket;
  48. Home soap making set;
  49. Toaster;
  50. Orchid;
  51. Stylish glasses and a cover for them;
  52. Coffee and Coconut Body Scrub;
  53. Elegant strap;
  54. Freezer;
  55. Wall clock with your picture printed;
  56. Diffuser for essential oils and incense sticks;
  57. Watch;
  58. Wall organizer;
  59. Elegant umbrella;
  60. Travel organizer for small items;
  61. Picnic set;
  62. Set of chocolate figurines;
  63. Spacious suitcase on wheels;
  64. Sports suit for morning jogging;
  65. Set of natural cosmetics, such as Korean ones;
  66. Soft scarf in her favorite color;
  67. Original lunch box;
  68. Smart watch;
  69. Handmade jewelry box;
  70. Sandwich maker;
  71. Painted gingerbread set;
  72. Elegant set of colorful eco-bags for different outfits;
  73. Salt lamp;
  74. Smartphone projector;
  75. Your common photo, printed on canvas;
  76. Photo album with your pictures.

Other March 8 gift ideas for girlfriend

If you have not found the perfect March 8 gift for your girlfriend above, we will present you some more options worthy of your attention.
An original March 8 gift for your loved one can be:

  1. Set of natural dyes and flavors. It is an ideal set for a professional pastry chef and a lover of baking goodies at home. With such a gift, the process of preparing cakes and pastries will turn into an interesting business, with a delicious and fragrant result.
  2. Festive set of colorful lanterns. It’s the best way to make your March 8th bright and memorable.
  3. Sweatshirts for couples . If your relationship lasts long enough (6 months +), do not hesitate to offer your girlfriend a set of two identical sweaters / sweatshirts. Paired clothes are a popular trend, and girls like to follow fashion trends.
  4. Handmade jewelry . Such handmade jewelry has become very popular. Natural materials (flowers, leaves, pebbles, etc.) are often used to make them, so the finished products look unusual and unique.
  5. Turkish copper kettle for making coffee. It is difficult to find a girl who can refuse a cup of black or delicate coffee flavored with milk. Give yourself a kettle, especially if each new day of your girlfriend’s day starts with a sip of espresso or latte.
  6. Elegant leather backpack. It is an ideal gift for a girl who leads an active lifestyle in a noisy urban environment. From the abundance of styles, sizes and shades, you will surely find the most suitable one for the lady of your heart.
  7. Kigurumi soft. Warm pajamas will warm you perfectly in the autumn-spring cold.
  8. Florarium with succulents. Decorative micro-garden is a unique addition to any interior. In addition, the succulents grow on their own and do not require any special care. This means that they will not cause any problems for the owner.
  9. Pendant flash drive – fill it with a record number of romantic songs or compositions by his favorite band.
  10. Voucher at a beauty salon – to change the image and good mood.
  11. T-shirt with your picture or just a great inscription .

Classic gifts for your girlfriend on March 8

Lovers of surprises and experiments will always be happy to receive unusual and extraordinary congratulations.
But if your choice is conservative, choose a March 8 gift for your more classic girlfriend. E.g:

  1. Floral arrangement in box + cosmetic set. An ideal gift for a 16 year old teenager.
  2. Box with chocolate figurines + quality perfume. The best gift for a conservative young lady of 20-30 years.
  3. Delicious cake + soft robe with embroidered inscription. It is one of the most excellent March 8 gifts for your girlfriend over 30 years old.
  4. They are always relevant. At any time, for any age and for any reason. There is no more universal and at the same time individual gift. And the recipient will definitely be touched by the feelings with which you chose the bouquet for her. After all, of all the variety of colors, you found the best ones just for her! You can also opt for a box with red roses. With their help, you can confess your love.

March 8 handmade gifts for girlfriend

In order to give a gift to your girlfriend on March 8, it is not necessary to cross the thresholds of all the stores on the eve of the holiday.
You can make a unique gift with your own hands. Even without a special talent, you can easily create one of the examples suggested below.

Box “100 reasons why I love you”

Wash and peel off the label from a small transparent jar. Decorate the container with ribbons, beads and lace, stick the label with the name.
For example: “Your best features”, “All the delights of your nature”, “Reasons why I will adore you all my life”. Put the maximum number of small sheets with compliments inside. On each occasion, your girlfriend will be able to take out and read these sheets to remember why you love her.

Bouquet of sweets

To make a cool handmade gift, buy the goodies that your girlfriend prefers (marshmallows, chocolate, waffles, dried fruit, etc.).
Carefully place everything on wooden chopsticks and assemble them into a colorful bouquet. If the sweets are packed in separate packages, stick them on the stick with a gun or double tape.
Complete the finished composition with ribbons, beads, any stones or rhinestones and an elegant wrapping film for gifts. Alternatively, you can pack the resulting product in a decorative cardboard box.

Edible text on small sheets

If you are mega creative, compose a short text about your girlfriend, but replace the individual words in it with the appropriate sweets. Write everything on the sheets, fix them in the right places. Don’t forget the colorful title.
For example: “March 8 sweethearts”, “You are my miracle!”, “March 8 congratulations, dear!”. Sweet lyrics will be a pleasant surprise for the heroine of the occasion.

Video greeting card

You need a few short declarations of love with the actual greeting cards, filmed in different places.

Kinder surprise

Buy a Kinder surprise, unwrap it very carefully, divide it in half and put a small gift there, then put it together as it was. The girl will be very surprised when she opens such a gift.

Photo frame

Make a wooden photo frame; you can even make a collage that can contain many different images. You can use different decorative ornaments to create a unique pattern.

Something sweet

If you like to cook, you can bake a cake or muffins; the girl will definitely be delighted, the main thing is to do everything according to the recipe.

Confetti Balloons

Inflate many confetti balloons inside and let some of them come as little surprises for your girlfriend. In addition, you can make notes with the actions you are ready to take for her.

Romantic evening at home

If you don’t know how to cook, then you can order food in a restaurant, such as sushi or pizza. Organize a warm bath and decorate it with rose petals and candles to create a relaxing environment.

Expensive gifts for your March 8 girlfriend

Wealthy men can afford to offer their girlfriend more expensive things, such as:

  • Fur;
  • Month;
  • Travel to an island;
  • Branded clothing and accessories;
  • Smarthone the ultimate generation;
  • Laptop.

Cheap gifts for your girlfriend on March 8

We also present a list of cheap gifts for your girlfriend, suitable for March 8:

  1. Starry sky projector;
  2. Custom keychain;
  3. Magnetic board for chalk writing;
  4. Voluminous and elegant elastic bands for hair;
  5. Pocket mini umbrella in a bright spring color;
  6. Aromatic candle;
  7. Refrigerator magnets;
  8. Mini table fan;
  9. “Miss Universe” humorous style kitchen apron;
  10. Basket of sweets.

Emotion gifts for your March 8 girlfriend

Every girl expects special attention on a day as beautiful as March 8, and the absence of a gift can become not only a reason for a bad mood, but also the beginning of a crack in your relationship.
Therefore, do your best to spend at least one bright day together.

  1. Romantic dinner. Besides the restaurant, there are many ideas for an interesting and unusual romantic dinner. You can arrange not a short meeting, but a longer trip together. Rent a house in the woods or a room at a recreation center for a few days.
  2. You can also organize a small trip to an unknown city and walk with your girlfriend along the quiet streets, admiring the beautiful and historical places. Such moments are remembered for a lifetime, strengthen relationships and become legends of the family in the future.
  3. Photo session in a thematically arranged studio.
  4. Common shopping. For the holidays, shopping is the most pleasant and desired gift. It is important to be patient and you will be able to please your girlfriend!
  5. Excursion to the mountains or to the sea.
  6. Master class on topics of interest to your girlfriend.
  7. Organize a shop with a stylist.
  8. Training courses on self-realization or personal growth.
  9. Tickets to cinema, theater, ballet, opera or philharmonic .
  10. Double parachute jump.
  11. Hot air balloon flight.
  12. Rafting on a mountain river in the company of an experienced instructor.
  13. Rest in a SPA salon – for the two of you or just for her.

Gifts to his girlfriend on March 8, according to his interests

If you can’t find “that gift” yet, use a long-proven method – it’s cheap and guaranteed – to enjoy half of it – give him what he spends his free time on:

  • She is a sportswoman – the necessary equipment;
  • And food photography – lightbox;
  • He’s a blogger – the latest model of wireless headphones;
  • She is an artist – set of makeup brushes with natural hair, etc.
  • She is a driver – she will be happy to receive a fur cover for her chair.

Unusual gifts for your March 8 girlfriend

She is cunning, sensual, a little crazy, smart and beautiful.
Only you know the superpowers (and weaknesses) of your girlfriend.
And if she prefers extravagant things or surprise gifts, here are some ideas:

  1. A stack of books. It’s important to be completely different, from science fiction to planting flowers. Let your girlfriend choose her own literature.
  2. Elite Chinese tea set in elegant glass pots and a colorful wooden tea box . They are a premium gift for those who know how to enjoy life. Each tea has a different effect on the mind and body: one is good for meditation, the other is pre-workout.
  3. Exotic fruits in a decorative box. Girls love fruit. They are also crazy about interesting gifts from loved ones! If you want to surprise her simply and tastefully, present her with a box of exotic fruits. You can also order them by courier delivery, for example, at her office. There will be no limit to the surprise!
  4. 3D ” Portrait ” lamp. A new fashion trend among gifts is bright photography. It’s a surprise even for those who have it all! Such a beautiful piece of furniture will fill not only the room with light, but also the soul of your girlfriend. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy it!
  5. Painting on numbers. An original gift that the delicate and creative nature will gladly appreciate. Painting on numbers will allow you to fully reveal the full creative potential of your loved one. As a result, the image turns into an exclusive piece of furniture, which will always capture the admiring eyes of the guests of the house.
  6. Map of the stars. It is a gift for a romantic nature – the star map is created according to the real position of the celestial bodies. A star map can be drawn up after the date of your first date or birthday. It will also be a visible decoration in your girlfriend’s house and a pleasant memory of you.
  7. Honey with gold flakes. Scientists have learned that the secret of Cleopatra’s beauty and youth is in gold and honey! Both components will help the beautiful lady to put her body in order quickly and with pleasure. It is such an unexpected and rare gift that it will attract the attention of any royal person!
  8. Handmade glasses. Girls like to surround themselves with beautiful things: they help to create comfort and positive energy in the house. They can be combined in one gift, for example an engraved glass or a cute handmade porcelain cup.
  9. Set of different types of honey. The girlfriend will definitely be delighted with a gift that will help her become beautiful and healthy. This means that a set of different types of honey is an ideal gift! They will captivate you with their taste and a huge number of useful properties.
  10. Bookshelf. Beige or brown wall shelves with a simple or original design – such a gift will be appreciated by a reading lover. We advise you to make the choice in favor of wood, not plastic.
  11. Bath salt. Bath salt is a great gift for anyone who wants to normalize their body. English salt, for example, is enriched with magnesium, which is incredibly beneficial for strengthening bones and brain function.
  12. Wooden PowerBank. A practical gift whose body is made of natural wood. The capacity of such a battery is enough for 4 full phone charges!
  13. Embroidery kits. You can opt for embroidery based on illustrations by contemporary artists.
  14. Cat-shaped pillow. Pillows symbolize wealth and prosperity in the home, and cats symbolize warmth and comfort. If you combine them, you will get such a nice pillow! Made of ecological materials, it will become not only an interior decoration, but also the main favorite of your choice.
  15. Printed photo pillow. The photos keep the memory of the happiest moments of our life. And sometimes it’s so nice to remember all the happy events that ever happened before bed. You can combine this into a perfect gift. A pillow with your photos will give him a good rest and pleasant dreams.
  16. Portrait of your girlfriend painted in oil. Important to find a talented painter!
  17. Engraved paired bracelets. You can choose your unique style to suit you. The girl will be delighted to receive such a sincere and original March 8 gift from her beloved man.
  18. 3D figurine . It can be based on his image or you can make a version associated with you two. But it is better to order them in advance, because the creation takes a while. You can order it in crystal or porcelain.
  19. Tilt doll after your girlfriend’s model.
  20. Glitter painting. Made from your shared photo. Such a surprise will suit a girl who loves manual labor.


The closer International Women’s Day is, the more you should look at the behavior of the other half.
Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect gift:

  • Usually, girls, accidentally or deliberately, tell the boys what they dream about. An indication could be the advertising brochure opened on the desired page and thrown in the most prominent place. Or an accidentally uttered phrase like “My girlfriend has it, but I don’t.” Maybe even too much phone conversation with a friend about a certain new cosmetic product. Even damage to the newly purchased hair dryer or the heel of the suede boots may signal that these are the perfect gifts.
  • Nowadays, it can be difficult to pay attention to a loved one. Therefore, it is important to make your loved one feel that you are always with them, especially during the holidays, especially on March 8th. And keep in mind that in addition to the basic gift, an excellent solution is to present a bouquet of flowers. Your girlfriend’s smile will be guaranteed!
  • One of the important points is the age of the recipient, so that, for example, the choice of a gift for a teenager will differ significantly from the gift for an adult woman.
  • It is advisable to set certain limits from a financial point of view, because in the store your eyes will most likely start to spread in different directions and you can simply choose something much more expensive than you planned and remain completely without funds for the rest of the month. .
  • Think about the way you congratulate your soul mate, because it is much more pleasant when the man comes with an interesting speech.
  • Make sure you pack the prepared gift. You can put it in a beautiful bag or you can wrap it in paper for gifts. Many now prefer to use special boxes, being chosen according to the size of the surprise, and the gap is filled with corrugated paper and thin cut or other similar filling material.

Examples of unsuccessful gifts

Not all gifts have positive feedback. Sometimes a small thing, carefully chosen and given from the heart, gives the recipient more pain instead of the long-awaited joy.
Indeed, among the thousands of ideal gifts, there are a few… unsuccessful ones. E.g:

  • Dishes and typical kitchen utensils. A woman’s life is always connected to the mundane everyday. Laundry, cleaning, cooking are regularly present in the daily routine of a girl, a student and a housewife. You do not have to present household items as March 8 gifts.
  • Scales, food supplements, anti-aging creams and exercise equipment. You can’t offer your girlfriend things that suggest flaws in appearance: excess weight, wrinkles, stretch marks, etc. The result can be a long-term scandal or resentment.
  • Whimsical animals and plants. From such gifts, as a rule, there are more worries than joys.
  • They are not at all an expression of love, care or affection. Rather, they are considered a kind of redemption for lack of feelings, spending time together, and so on.
  • Figurines and soft toys. All these old-fashioned things are stored and dusted for years. Soft toys can be given to a 10-year-old daughter, but not to a girlfriend.
  • Knives and scissors. If you believe in superstitions, then you know that a gift in the form of a weapon or sharp tools involves quarrels and interruptions.
  • Cosmetics. It is difficult for men to choose. If you want to make your girlfriend happy with this special gift, then buy her a certificate or take her best friend, who can suggest a useful idea.
  • We advise you to select the perfume not at random, because each girl loves her special notes of aromas that suit her best and, when you buy, you should be sure of your choice.
  • Other things in the superstitious group. Namely pearls, handkerchiefs and other similar items from old stories that bring trouble to the gifted. But for girls who do not believe in such horror stories, you can choose all of the above.

In this article, we have gathered a large number of ideas on what March 8 gifts you can give your girlfriend and what things are best to pay attention to.
We hope that among the many options offered, you were able to find that perfect gift for the second half, which will make International Women’s Day the happiest.