“The less we love a woman, the more we like her” – some men actively use this formula, including those that are really interesting to them.

This is one of the reasons, but not the only reason, that the strange behavior of the stronger sex. Below we have described the most common reasons why a man avoids a woman, but also what you do when your loved one ignores you.

Reason no. “You’re not his wife.”

Like men, women often confuse politeness with flirting, this is where all the problems start when a man no longer knows how to get rid of the uninteresting person.
It can be difficult for that person to admit directly to you that they are not interested in you, so choose the tactic of a slow retreat, and this is where all the insinuations start, like that man X likes you, but avoids you.
What to do: In this case, nothing can be done because you can’t control your heart. But especially someone else’s.

Reason no. 2 – Don’t look for a serious relationship

It is the case when at the beginning of your romance everything was fine, but suddenly the relationship changed dramatically and you realize that you have reached the point when a man no longer wants you.
Most likely, you made it clear that you need more than just a few meetings and walks a few times a week. It happens that the man is not ready to build a serious relationship, and the reason may not be in you – this is simply his life.
What to do: Of course, it is natural for a person to change their opinions and preferences, but here it is quite difficult to change something and even more so to force a person to take serious steps. Blackmail has never been good.

Reason no. 3 – Fear of rejection

For various reasons, some men are reluctant to admit their feelings. Most often, this is due to a bad past experience, when an ex-girlfriend may have rejected or ridiculed her feelings. Now bring this experience into your relationship.
You may notice that he is visibly lost in your presence, he doesn’t know where to put his hands, you notice his absent gaze. Many times, when a man avoids you, it means that he is afraid to confess his feelings.
What to do: Try to take the first step yourself, just don’t force it and be careful not to scare the man even more.

Reason no. 4 – He made a mistake

Unfortunately, we are often carried by one person, but after a while we realize that building the future with this partner is a path to nowhere.
And even if you are beautiful on the outside, educated, you have something to talk about, the feeling of falling in love is either it or not – and that does not depend on your qualities.
What to do: If this is your choice, then the man simply does not see any other point in continuing his relationship with you, but it is not easy for him to tell you about it. Take the initiative in your own hands and try to speak openly.

Reason no. 5 – You’re too insistent

Yes, I have already said that a woman can and should take the initiative, but often women go too far. When you love someone, it doesn’t mean you have to hold the bull by the horns!
The man is a conqueror by nature and will not tolerate another leader in the relationship – only if you are not specifically looking for a passive man – therefore, your excessive initiative can greatly affect him and therefore his interest in you as an “object of conquest ”begins to fade, resulting in total or partial ignorance.
What to do: If you continue in this direction, the man can move on to a more malleable woman; so consider whether your desire to lead your loved one and the relationship itself is worthwhile. Sometimes, indifference brings him back, and insistence makes him run away as far as possible.

Reason no. 6 – Doubts

Maybe what’s going on in his head
? Maybe he doubts that it doesn’t suit you, he’s afraid it’s not interesting. All this makes the man more attentive.
This can be annoying, because no one will like this slowness, but agree that such a thoroughness is a good sign.
The only question is a certain balance of both sides, how long he will take care of himself and his intentions. Everything is fine, not
what to do: Let him carefully weigh the pros and cons, make a decision. And if it turns out not to be in your favor, you certainly shouldn’t worry – there are many people around who really want to get to know you.

Reason no. 7 – It’s just a game

Why a man ignores a girl if he really likes her
He just wants to provoke her feelings and teasing.

What to do: Even if this will make you curious, do not have high expectations in developing a serious relationship and do not cling to this relationship.
Yes, there is a fine line between trying to get what you want and trying to change the essence of things. But if the move to you doesn’t happen in a serious way, forget it.

Reason no. 8 – It’s about a relationship

Another reason for his slowness and total indifference to you is trivial and simple. It is likely that the handsome man will already have a relationship or be happily married.
What to do: Don’t be tempted to “have a girlfriend, but she wants me.” Go to bachelors for free!

Reason no. 9 – The rule from childhood

At school, most boys harass girls, pull their muzzles and hit them with their backpacks. Psychologists believe that in childhood, boys do not know how to express their sympathy for a girl. However, girls can easily cope with this task.
I smile, get embarrassed and give toys. Boys grow up and become men. Then shy men avoid beautiful women and don’t even pay attention to them. Most often, such men are afraid of being rejected.
What to do: Here is the opportunity to take the initiative in your own hands!

Reason no. 10 – Fear of losing freedom

Most men do not want to lose their freedom. If a man ignores you, it does not mean that you are doing something wrong, but just defending his interests and his usual way of life.
What to do: Therefore, at the first acquaintance and meeting, it is not recommended to press on the man. Don’t force your choice.

Reason no. 11 – Too independent women

Another reason for ignorance may be your behavior, which shows too much independence. The young man, in this case, is already ready to start a family, and the girl does not agree in any way, although she knows that she cannot find a better one.
If a woman postpones the answer about marriage, the man will not allow himself to be humiliated for long. In this case, he will be disappointed and will look for a new love. First, it will start ignoring you and then it will completely erase you from memory and life.
What to do: Try to be the neck of the relationship, not the head and not make the man feel humiliated in any way. Decide for yourself from the start if you are ready for a serious relationship. Maybe the problem is far from man

Reason no. 12 – He values ​​himself too much

Like women, men can keep their distance and keep the person they love away. Thus, he raises his own value, knowing that the girl is already in love with him. This behavior often affects the young woman in love.
What to do: To protect your nerves, do not allow the development of such a relationship, which always needs to be spiced.

Reason no. 13 – Uneven relationship

Ignoring an unequal relationship usually leads to a breakup. The reason for the separation may be social affiliation.
For example, a guy from a simple family will feel uncomfortable with a girl from a rich family. And so the man will start ignoring her and will soon offer to break up.
What to do: Form a couple with a partner from the same social affiliation. If it’s already “late”, do your best to make the man feel comfortable in your family’s entourage.

Other methods to do when a man ignores you

Analyze Your Behavior

Your boyfriend may want to take a break from communicating with you and want more personal space. Maybe you call him a hundred times a day!

Look at the situation from his point of view.

There are a number of reasons why your boyfriend might ignore you, but most likely not because he doesn’t want to talk to you.

  • He might actually be busy. Maybe you are used to communicating with him 24 hours a day and when, for any reason, he cannot contact you, you may feel that the young man is ignoring you.
  • Maybe he was sick. Your boyfriend may have a cold, a sore shoulder or a stomach ache. He may not answer you because he doesn’t want to burden you with his health problems. They may feel so bad that they don’t have time to communicate with you.
  • He is tired. Maybe the young man is very tired. He just wants to be alone to recover and restore the energy consumed.
  • Maybe he’s having family difficulties. He may not be able to discuss this issue with you because the issue is with his family. Maybe he doesn’t want to interfere in his family’s business. Ignoring this can be a defensive reaction.
  • He has problems at work. He may not be able to finish the job on time and is worried that he might lose his job.

Don’t let this situation take over your thoughts

. Being sad will make you less attractive. Be happy and smile more. Your days should not be dark just because your boyfriend ignores you. The happier you are, the more you will want to share his joy with him.