2020 Skin Care Trends That Will Take Over The Beauty Industry

As skin care continues to be one of the fasting growing aspects of the beauty industry, the trends are ever-evolving. In 2020, there are several exciting trends that we should be looking out for. Whether you are searching for your next go-to beauty item or just exploring the industry, there’s plenty that the year has in store for skin care lovers. Here, we take a look at the top trends that could potentially dominate the beauty industry this year.

Demand for Clean and Eco-Friendly Formulas

Consumers are placing more emphasis than ever on the ingredients used to formulate their beauty products. The demand for natural and organic skin care has grown significantly in recent years, with cleaner formulations and fewer synthetic ingredients becoming sought-after. We can expect to see more natural, vegan and ethical products in 2020 to meet the higher standards of clean beauty. Many skin care ranges are already creating their own sustainable packaging, partner with ethical companies and use natural ingredients in order to please their customers and drive company sustainability.

Growth of Anti-Pollution Skin Care

The ever-increasing level of air pollution has led to a spike in anti-pollution skin care products. High levels of pollution can have dramatic effects on the skin, including premature ageing, discolouration and rashes. To combat the damaging effects of pollution, some skin care brands are now offering protective serum and moisturisers, designed to counteract a variety of environmental aggressors.

Hydration and Barrier Repair

Dry skin is a common problem and many of us are turning to barrier-restoring skin care products in an effort to hydrate and repair the complexion. Barrier repair skin care is designed to boost and lock in moisture, helping to keep skin hydrated for longer. This trend has seen a big uptake in 2020, with more consumers looking for skin care that not only hydrates, but repairs the natural skin barrier to ensure a healthy complexion.

Plant-Based Power

Plant-based skin care continues to be a powerful trend and with more and more of us turning to natural ingredients to nourish our skin, this trend is set to continue in 2020. Plant-based skin care products are packed full of natural ingredients, offering numerous skincare benefits, such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and healing properties. In 2020, we can expect to see an abundance of skin care brands and products that feature 100% vegan and plant-based formulas.

Tech-Infused Skin Care

Nowadays, technology plays a huge part in the beauty industry, with the use of LED therapy and skin care products that are designed to work in synergy with one another. In 2020, we are likely to see even more tech-infused skin care products, with new and innovative gadgets becoming available. From Bluetooth activated masks to voice activated treatments, tech-infused skin care is becoming ever more popular thanks to its convenience.

The Return of Prebiotics

Prebiotic skin care is a trend that we are set to see even more of in 2020. Prebiotics are known to be beneficial for both the gut and skin and we can expect to see more and more prebiotic-based products this year. Prebiotics are able to nourish and protect skin, as well as helping to keep skin younger for longer.

With the beauty industry continuing to elevate, 2020 is set to be an exciting year for skin care lovers. We can expect to see an influx of clean formulations, sustainable packaging and anti-pollution treatments, as well as the rise of prebiotic and tech-infused skin care products. Plant-based beauty has also seen a huge uptick this year, with the return of barrier-restoring treatments also up in demand. So, whatever your skin care needs, 2020 is sure to offer some innovative, healthy and effective alternatives.