The best way to speed up your metabolism as well as improve your cardiovascular system is to lose weight through weight loss exercise, whether it’s weight loss yoga, weight loss or weight training. intervals, specially designed to start the fat burning process and maintain the general tone during the day.

In this article we will consider 16 weight loss exercises at home, as well as whole complexes of weight loss exercises, achievable at home. Ready-made programs and training complexes will help you not only lose weight in a week, but also restore your health – checked!

All the examples below are effective ways to quickly lose weight not only your abdomen and sides, but also your buttocks, thighs or hands.

General rules

  • Give up your low-calorie diet and start eating foods that have a special effect, that is, products that contain dietary fiber and plenty of protein. The ideal “feminine” food for weight loss is not protein bars and cocktails, but a portion of poultry or fish with buckwheat porridge, plus salad, for example.
  • Keep in mind that 10 minutes of daily weight loss exercises will have a positive result, but it is ideal to find at least half an hour a day for physical training.
  • During training, you need to maintain the correct position – straighten your shoulders and back every time you bend over. This is more complicated than it seems at first glance, but instead a significant part of the abdomen and sides will leave immediately.

The most effective weight loss exercises at home

By using the right exercises for weight loss, you can tone up your body and lose a few pounds in a week. Fitness trainers highlight the best weight loss exercises that will burn fat in no time:

  1. Shuttle running – run 20 meters forward, turn around, relax for a minute, walking. Repeat 5-6 times;
  2. Going up the hill – you can do it on the treadmill or on an ordinary hill, the walking pace being about 4 km per hour. The main thing is not to stop and do it for 20 minutes;
  3. Going up and down stairs – is an ideal exercise for all those who do not want to spend money on a cardio fitness machine or waste time at the gym. It is enough to walk up and down the stairs for 20 minutes;
  4. Walking in the water – in a natural reservoir you dive to the middle of your thigh and walk. Due to the increased water resistance, 15 minutes is enough;
  5. Jumping rope – 1 hour of jumping rope will lose 1000 calories, involving most muscle groups. In addition, this extraordinary exercise forces the body to stay in a correct position;
  6. Knee bends – it is very important to be done correctly: keep your feet “glued” to the ground, imitate sitting on a chair, keep your back straight and your head and shoulders up, inhale as you descend and exhale as you ascend. For maximum results, perform 4-6 sets of 4-12 knee bends each.
  7. Jumping – While jumping, raise your hands, spread your legs, then bring them closer, joining your palms above your head. Initially, do this exercise for 1 minute, then increase the duration to 5 minutes.
  8. Weightlifting – is the most accessible and effective metabolic exercise. With interval training consisting of swings and rest periods, you can strengthen your back muscles, biceps hip and buttocks. The technique is relatively simple. The weight is located between the slightly bent legs. Get up, holding it forward, then bend your knees again, getting the opposite motion. Exercise is widespread in women’s training because it creates the volume and weight of the buttocks without using heavy weights;
  9. Swinging weight with hand change – has the same advantages as in the case of the classic swing, only it acts less on the back muscles;
  10. Lifting dumbbells off the floor with an incline – this is a little known exercise that allows you to train endurance. You should perform a full incline forward until your spine is parallel to the floor, then grab the handle of the dumbbell and bring it to your waist, changing your hands during the exercise;
  11. Crying – is the queen of weight loss exercises for the abdomen, visually reducing the volume and making a slimmer figure. You need to take the usual lateral position of the board, focusing on the forearms and toes. Fix the position, then alternately raise your legs so that the movement is dynamic, without “twisting” in one direction or another;
  12. Dumbbell Bends – This exercise combines sit-ups and weights. You should take the dumbbells in your hands, fix your body so that your back does not bend and sit completely, lifting the dumbbells up behind your head, while straightening your legs, then return to the starting position;
  13. Fast running – helps you burn calories much faster than regular cardio and even creates the effect of “delayed fat burning”, allowing for rapid weight loss;
  14. Floats with different hand positions – you can push yourself off the floor with your legs straight or you can do the same movement, leaning on a sofa. The exercise is simple – you need to bend your arms up to your elbow joint, keeping your body straight;
  15. Kneeling with jumps – you have to go down completely in one knee, with your back straight and your buttocks below your knees, and jump up, pushing yourself as far as you can from the floor. Then land lightly on the first part of the sole;
  16. Lifting the torso – is part of the exercises to lose weight. It is done as follows: lie on your back, put your hands on the back of your neck or hold them in front, bend your legs or leave them straight and lift your torso vertically.

Training programs

If you think that only weight loss exercises for girls can be effective, you should know that this is not the case. As long as the sets of exercises are done correctly, it is real to burn fat even at home. There are several excellent resorts that will help you in this regard.

Fat burning training (no equipment, no jumping)

This workout is suitable if you have knee problems or for some reason you can’t jump. In addition, such exercises at home are quite easy. The maximum rest time between exercises is 30 seconds.

  1. Hand rocking with added steps – 10 steps in one direction, 10 steps in the other direction. This is a warm-up exercise that will prepare your body for the rest of your workout. Lift your arms up vigorously and place your foot to one side. Take a step forward and lower your hands just as vigorously. If you have no contraindications, try to do a few knee bends during the steps, so as to warm not only your chest, shoulders and back, but also your legs. It is an excellent exercise for beginners.
  2. Floats – 10 reps. Depending on your training, you can do the floats as standard from a lying position, or with your knees bent. If you opt for the second option, try to make them as dynamic as possible. When you can do 10-12 push-ups with your knees bent, try to do 2-3 classic push-ups. Among other things, this is an excellent option for weakening hands.
  3. Straighten your legs while standing – 10 reps. Starting position: sit on the floor, support your hands, bring your knees to your chest. Stretch your legs forward so that they do not touch the floor, return to the starting position. This exercise requires tension in the abdominal muscles, so you should not try to keep your back straight, otherwise the load will move towards the thigh muscles. Do not put your feet on the floor, try to fully extend your legs in the final position and straighten your soles forward, so you will get a maximum result.
  4. Climber -10 reps. This is a more complicated board, with dynamic elements, but, unlike floats, the lower part works here, but not the upper one. After lying on the floor, your task is to gradually bring your knees to your chest. The climber can stand on his palms or elbows, the second example being more difficult, but in any case, make sure that your feet are as far away from your arms as possible, so that you do not turn into a bridge, when the weight on the side the middle of the body becomes minimal and the partial exercise does not make sense.
  5. Cross – 10 repetitions. Lie on the floor and take the position of the letter T, stretch your arms and legs. At the same time, neither the arms nor the legs should be glued to the ground, but you should keep them at a distance of 5-10 cm from the floor. Without touching the ground, pull your feet toward your body, bring your hands together and try to touch your feet, then return to the starting position. At this stage, the abdomen should already begin to “burn”, which means that the coveted process of melting body fat has begun.
  6. Side plate with twists or “needle eye” – 10 times on each side. Take the position of the sideboard, raise your free hand upwards. Twist the body and place the hand under the body, as if you were putting the thread in the needle (hence the name).

If you did everything right and did not rest for more than the prescribed 30 seconds between each exercise, then you did a great job.
If for some reason you did not have enough load, you can perform another set, starting with the second exercise.
The main thing is not to stop, your goal is to reach and maintain a certain heart rate. These belly and hip slimming exercises can be done safely at both age 20 and 40.

Fat Burning Training (Jumping)

By training hard, you will give yourself enough load to start the accelerated metabolism, which will allow you to burn excess calories.

  1. Dynamic board with elbow lift – 10 repetitions. Take the position of the board, sitting on your elbows, and stand up completely in the supine position, straightening first one hand, then the other. Then lower your elbows, placing one hand, then the other. Don’t forget to breathe!
  2. Burpee – 10 reps. Stand up. Sit down, then get up and jump up with your hands on your head. The intensity of the exercise can be adjusted: if you are a beginner, you can get up as you are comfortable, it is important to do the exercise more or less energetically. The higher your level, the closer your performance should be to the classic technique. Clapping is such a checkpoint, as it is impossible to hit without “spreading” your hands, which ensures lively movement. These are great exercises for women who want to lose weight.
  3. Lifting the hips in the sideboard – 10 times on each side. Take the position of the sideboard and touch the floor with your thigh, then return to the starting position. Such exercises are perfect for women over 50 who want to lose weight.
  4. Spider Man floats – 10 reps. Usually, these exercises are understood as crawling movements combined with push-ups, but for the beginner level you can do them standing up: do push-ups and, at the same time, bring the knee to the elbow. If it is difficult for you, do the same without floating, so the load will fall on the bottom, but at the same time, you will load the whole body isometrically.
  5. Butterfly – 10 reps. Sit down, rest your hands on the floor. Stretch your legs and perform vigorous foot movements with one foot up and the other down, while the abdomen should be tense and the legs should not touch the floor. A repetition is considered when both feet were in the lower and upper position, but not when one foot went up and the other went down. You can also do these excellent exercises for women with an elastic band, putting it on its feet – this will create an extra load.
  6. Boat – hold for 20 seconds. It is an isometric yoga exercise. Sit on the floor, stretch your legs so that they do not touch the floor, and for balance stretch your arms forward. You should present the extended letter V. It is an exercise suitable for everyone, even as a weight loss exercise for older women.

Tips and motivation

  • It is best to do these exercises to lose weight in the morning, on an empty stomach, immediately after getting out of bed.
  • These resorts will help you lose weight fast for a holiday or a photo shoot. The most important tip is not to stop here. If you have been able to train for a week, then think that maybe it is time to change your life, monitor your diet and schedule regular training.
  • Try to see the positive in everything, especially in regular training, because this will improve not only your appearance, but also your quality of life. Those who exercise are less prone to depression and brain dysfunction and stay young longer.
  • Doing nothing, eating high-calorie foods or skipping workouts from time to time does not mean destroying everything that was done earlier. After such a “rest”, you just have to go back to the regime, not “punish yourself”.
  • Even if you don’t like weight training or cardio, this is not a reason to give up your dream figure. Yes, it will be harder to find something right, but there is yoga, pilates, ballet, dance, cycling and jogging.
  • Psychological attitude is important. You have to believe in victory. Millions of women have managed to rebuild their lives, including a place for fitness and proper nutrition. And you can.
  • Weigh yourself regularly, because the results will motivate you to make an extra effort. It would be good to take a photo at the beginning of the week – front, back and side.
  • Relax completely and eat right. Do not starve at all, as this will lead to exhaustion and the body will begin to actively store fat.

How many kg can I lose

An experienced coach will honestly answer this question: a maximum of five kilograms per week with intensive training. In general, the weight loss rate depends on how much you initially weighed: the heavier the weight, the faster you will lose weight. It also depends a lot on the age: after 45 years, you will have to try harder.
Burning calories, healthy eating, fast metabolism and regular physical activity to maintain muscle mass – these are four components of effective weight loss for women, which also bring health, vitality and good mood.