Deep Questions to Ask a Guy or Girl

Asking deep questions is an essential part of getting to know someone on an intimate level. Whether it’s your first date with a new partner or catching up with a close friend, deep questions usually reveal more about someone’s thoughts and feelings, creating meaningful conversations and sometimes relationships. Asking deep questions to a guy or a girl can sometimes be intimidating, but it’s important to be brave and be willing to go beyond the insignificant surface level conversations.

Below, find an extensive list of deep questions to ask a guy or a girl.

Superficial Bonding Questions

Before diving into the deeper questions, it’s always a good idea to start off with some light, surface level conversations to help create a comfortable atmosphere and ensure that everyone feels at ease.

Below are a few conversation starters to help jumpstart that initial conversation.

• What is something you’re really passionate about?
• What’s your favorite hobby?
• What kind of music do you like?
• What is something you are proud of achieving?
• What do you like most about yourself?
• Do you have any hidden talents?

Intellectual Questions

Once the layers of the superficial conversations are peeled away, it’s time to dive into the deeper conversations that really reveal who your partner is. Learning more about someone’s intellectual depth helps add clarity to how important certain topics are to them and how they tackle life’s biggest questions.

Some of the questions below can help uncover a person’s decisions during difficult situations and can provide ongoing dialogue for future conversations.

• What is the most important lesson life has taught you?
• What do you think is the most important invention to help shape the world’s future?
• Would you rather be logical or emotional?
• What are your thoughts on the meaning of life?
• Does believing in something bring more meaning to your life?
• How do you evaluate the truth in an argument?

Emotional Questions

Truly understanding someone means getting to know the depths of their emotions and the power emotions can have on their decisions. At times, these questions may seem overly sensitive, but depending on the connection between the two, they’re perfect for getting real insight into that person’s emotional depths.

• What kind of feelings do you think are essential to human happiness?
• What makes you feel scared?
• Do you think relationships can survive without trust?
• How do you think your relationships are affected by your emotions?
• What do you think is the best way to handle sadness?
• How have you changed since your first experience with love?

Philosophical Questions

These questions delves deeper into someone’s thought process and their views on the world. Though they may sometimes be uncomfortable to talk about, they are useful in truly understanding someone’s beliefs and can also show if there is an actual connection between the two of you.

• If there were no consequences, what’s the craziest thing you would do?
• Do you think that being in control is more important than being able to show your emotions?
• Is it essential to be open-minded or should one stand firm in their moral beliefs?
• If you could change one thing from your past, what would it be and why?
• What would make you feel fulfilled or purposeful in life?
• Is it easier for you to give or receive love?

Questions about Friendships and Loved Ones

Questions about someone’s friends and family often reveal a lot about how that person takes relationships in their own life. They can show what kind of person they are and how they value people in their life.

• What was your best friendship experience growing up?
• How do you handle conflict in relationships?
• Did you have a close connection with someone in your family growing up?
• How do you view relationships in life?
• What have you learned from your closest friendships?
• Do you think it’s important to have a support system outside of your own family?

Real-World Existential Questions

These questions dive really deep and can help uncover a person’s greater stance on life and death. Sometimes, they can also be useful in showing how a person deals with fear and mental obstacles.

• What do you think the point of life is?
• Do you think that life has any true purpose?
• How do you think our choices in life can shape its outcome?
• Do you think that death is a release of life’s pains or an undermining of its joys?
• Is it possible to find meaning in life if death comes to us all?
• Do you believe that life itself is beautiful?

Asking deep questions can be daunting, but it’s essential to getting to know someone on a meaningful level. Sometimes, these conversations may take a while to unfold, but they can provide invaluable insight into someone’s thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. With the right questions and patient dialogue, you can get to know someone on a incredibly deep level.