A positive and humorous note in the early morning can put a smile on the face of loved ones and brighten their day. These funny good morning messages will remind them that you are thinking about them early in the morning and you want the best for them.

Are you a person who wakes up early in the morning? If not, you probably won’t appreciate these messages. Not. These funny Good Morning messages are for those who wake up early in the morning and want to start their day with positive thoughts. And the funny messages of good morning: there is no doubt that those you love will feel special if you let them know how much it means to you, especially early in the morning. Morning is a great opportunity to show your loved ones how much they love you or how important they are.

In this article, we have prepared for you 350+ funny good morning messages! They are full of humor.

New Good Morning Messages

Starting the day with a positive mind is one of the key traits to face the day with determination and serenity. A message that wishes you a good day, full of success and satisfaction, makes you happy and proactive, just as a sweet dedication makes you feel loved and important to someone special from the first light of dawn. He woke you up and you want to send a message to your loved one in the morning in a simple, fast, but original way

Read below the new good morning messages that will make your day better not only for you but also for the person to whom you will send the message.

🤗Look how beautiful the world is, how beautiful the trees are, how the birds sing and the sky is high and clear! Let your heart be filled with the song of the universe – good and full of love!
Have a good and happy morning! Let this day begin successfully and bring you a series of good news, happy events, pleasant meetings, warm smiles, good ideas, bold plans, correct decisions and worthy successes.
🤗Good morning! Let this wonderful new day bring you only happiness and positivism, luck and enthusiasm, interesting meetings and pleasant surprises.
IeLet’s wake up this morning with good news, your favorite song and delicious coffee. Your plans come to life today. I wish you incredible inspiration and good luck.
🤗Have a beautiful, good and sunny morning. I wish you joy and happiness, a wonderful mood and a great inspiration, a crazy desire to stay on the wave of happiness and a confident desire to achieve dreams!
🤗The world woke up, the sun woke up, nature washes itself with cool dew. Wake up as soon as possible and smile at the new day. Rest assured that this day will be good and happy. Let it bring you joy, beautiful weather and pleasant communication.
I wish you the brightest, sunniest, happiest, mildest morning with the aroma of your favorite coffee, with a note of happiness and inspiration. Good mood and love of the family to accompany you until the evening!
🤗This morning start the journey called luck!
I wish you a good and vigorous morning. To give you a cheerful mood, sincere emotions and a positive charge for the whole day. Fruitful work, happy moments and happy feelings!
🤗Good morning! May your heart be full of inspiration from the first minutes of awakening, may the day be kept under the motto of luck. I wish you to dream boldly, to act and to look for your own path. And don’t forget to smile while drinking your favorite cup of coffee.
I wish you good morning and, at the same time, a wonderful mood for the whole day to come.
🤗I wish you merriment, flavored coffee and a hot breakfast. A positive morning and good luck for the whole day!
🤗Open your eyes and see the long-awaited morning. I wish you to start your day with a smile and a good mood. To be interesting and, most importantly, to bring you happiness. May everything go well for you today and succeed. Good morning!
🤗A clear sky, a happy smile and a pleasant awakening for you! May this morning be one of the thousands of the best and happiest!
🤗Neata! Let health boil in the body, harmony be poured into the soul and music resound in the heart!
I wish you a wonderful mood, vitality and energy for new achievements, new discoveries and warmth. Get inspired this morning!
Morning is the best time of the day when it is laid. Be kind, affectionate and pleasant! Every action, even a minor one, should bring you great joy! Only good thoughts!
With the first ray of sunshine, the morning knocks on our window every day. Good morning to you and have a beautiful, positive day!
“Good morning.” Let it start cheerfully and energetically, the gentle rays of the sun beating on your window from the first minutes of the morning and the inspiration bursting into your heart. I wish you a productive and positive day, good and successful!
I wish you the best morning, vigorous, happy, beautiful, gentle, sweet and wonderful. To start today’s journey with confidence, to reach the goal and enjoy life to the fullest.

The funniest Good Morning messages

The warmth of the bed, the comfort of the pajamas, the softness of the pillow under our head: how beautiful it is to sleep. And, on the other hand, how unpleasant it is to have to wake up early, especially during the week. And no matter how many times you delay the alarm, at some point you will have to wake up and have your life in your hands. Try to do it with a smile, and with the help of these funny good morning messages. Below we have collected the funniest messages for you or to share with all your friends and loved ones!

My soul, I have two news for you – one good and one not very good. The bad news is that you have to leave the bed soft and warm and respond immediately to my message! And the good news is that I still love you, my dear, and I wish you to meet this wonderful morning with a smile! An upbeat message of encouragement can change a loved one’s day, so make sure you put a smile on someone’s face.
“It’s time to wake up!” How can you sleep
! That’s how you can sleep your whole life! Now is the time to start a new day! Let it be filled with luck, optimism and excellent mood!
😄If for some reason it didn’t look good in the morning, but on the contrary, it turned out to be unsuccessful, quickly go to bed and start again. Then stand up with your right foot and not your left. Take a quick shower. Make yourself a huge sandwich. That’s how it will turn out in the morning. Greetings from me.
😄After yesterday’s fun, today it is especially difficult to get out of bed, but you, my love, can do it! You are strong and vigorous. Wake up, there are many things to do!
😄Good morning! I understand perfectly well that you slept sweetly and didn’t feel like getting up, but it’s time to start a new day! Luck is already waiting for you! So wake up!
“Even the sun shines sadly when you’re not with me!” So wake up as soon as possible, I’m waiting for you, my sun!
😄Have a good morning! I wish your alarm clock a strong battery and steel nerves!
😄If you woke up and made me feel light and warm, then you are my Sun!
You want to see the beautiful dawn, to breathe the fresh air, to admire the clear blue of the sky
Well, wake up!
😄Good morning, love! You’re probably still asleep… I just wanted to be the sun for you today, and my SMS is my first ray and it’s just for you.
The day is just beginning. I wish you many pleasant surprises during it. Let the tasty and healthy breakfast bring you liveliness and mood. May the sun fill you with happiness. Just have nice emotions!
😄Good morning and good mood for the whole day. To shine like the sun, get up, baby, don’t be lazy!
😄Good morning is when work is not waiting for you, but adventures! I just want that!
I will touch your beautiful eyelashes with a light and warm breeze, I will run gently with my hand on your delicate silk skin and I will whisper in your ear: “wake up”. I will call on all the forces I have in nature, so that, together with them, I can get you out of the fog of dreams and wish you a very happy and good morning.
😄It has arrived good morning, bright, tender, wonderful, which carries the mystery of new achievements! I want this magnificent day to offer you as many happy moments as possible, as many beautiful moments as possible. And each new moment to be happier and better than the previous one.
😄Take a virtual, invigorating shower of joy and good mood! Throw the blanket together with your dreams and the desire to spend another half hour in bed. Don’t waste time on a nap, but hurry up!
“Good morning, sleepyhead!” Wake up! I’m the personal alarm clock. The sun has long since risen. Get out of bed quickly. A good day starts with a delicious breakfast and news from you!
UnaHello! Wake up and wake up your conscience, and it will remind you of my number! Call me.
You ordered a pleasant wake
-up call. Sincerely, delivery service.
“My bed is not well today, so I decided to stay home and take care of him.”
“But the one who said good morning starts in the morning, what time he got up.”
“They say you have extra equipment in the morning, but mine doesn’t fit.” Good morning!
“I have to get up, my coffee needs me.”
The first five days after the weekend are the hardest to solve.

Beautiful Good Morning Messages

Laughter is free and is good for both body and mind. So, how much better it is to face the many daily activities that await us during the day if not with a positive mind in the morning.

So, below are beautiful and funny Good Morning messages that you will not forget for the rest of the day. You can also post them on Facebook, Instagram, or send them to your loved ones.

🌞Good morning! May your day be as beautiful as its beginning. Let at least one of your little wishes come true today. A sunny and productive day, which will leave you with a good memory!
🌞Good morning! I wish you a wonderful mood, a delicious breakfast, incredible inspiration, confident vigor, high aspiration and good luck. Let the whole world be at your feet today!
I wish you a good morning, mood and inspiration, excellent weather outside, well-being, a sea of ​​ideas and aspirations. Good luck to accompany you everywhere, to want to sing, dance and smile!
Smile, a wonderful day is waiting for you, full of beautiful events and pleasant things! May the freshness of the morning bring you many new impressions and ideas!
“Smile, it’s already morning.” I want you to start it with something cheerful and pleasant. Let the coffee cheer you up, let your loved ones enjoy warm words, let the outdoor weather be sunny.
🌞Good morning everyone! May this morning begin with positive thoughts and thanks for all you have. Get the momentum of liveliness and good mood for the whole day. Good luck with all the efforts planned for this day!
Good morning, wonderful man! I hope that this new day will start with something pleasant, that this morning will give you a confident and cheerful mood, so that today you can translate all the plans into reality.
🌞Good morning and enjoy waking up. I wish you a wonderful and sunny mood for the whole day, strength, a sense of vitality and optimism.
🌞Good morning! Have a wonderful day, a good mood! Let the morning sun recharge you with positive energy for the whole day!
🌞I wish you a successful and productive day, bright and diverse, special and memorable!
I wish you a successful and good start to the day, positive meetings, good news, health, smiles and joy!
🌞Good morning! Be really good and beautiful! I want you to wake up from the chirping of birds and the bright light of the gentle sun! May the day bring you something new in life and be full of positive discoveries!
🌞Let the day come with great ideas and wonderful events happen! Smile!
🌞Good morning! Let the day enjoy good deeds and success, pleasant surprises and happy meetings. Let your mood be wonderful. I wish all your plans come true 100%!
I wish you the best and most beautiful morning, a wonderful mood and a smile for the whole day!
🌞Good morning! I wish you a delicious breakfast and strong health. Let things go wonderfully, and let others make you smile sincerely. Have a productive and happy day!
🌞To succeed in everything today, to be lucky from morning to evening.
🌞Good morning! Let it start with good news and a cheerful mood, with a warm smile and a delicious breakfast, with a special goal and absolute confidence in your success. Good luck from the first minutes from morning until evening!
🌞Good morning! Have a wonderful day and feel great!
Have a nice morning. Let the inspiration come, let the sun give you a good mood and confidence that everything will be wonderful. Good luck, harmony and happiness!
🌞Let this morning start easy and happy, happy and successful. May the beginning of the day be lucky and the day itself bring you many fruits of your work, inspiration and perseverance!
May luck follow you in the morning and this day be rich in joy, delight and fun!
I receive hundreds of good mornings every day from people I don’t care about, but there is a beautiful and irreplaceable one and that’s what you want with your smile.
SuficientIt is enough for me to know that I will find you when I wake up to already know that I will have a wonderful morning!
🌞If the sun had your smile, it would be a good morning worthy of Heaven! Good day my love!
When I wake up, my first thought and my first words are always for you! Good morning
my love!
Good morning my love, I fell asleep thinking of you and when I woke up you were still close to my thoughts.
And, as it happens every morning, you are the only one who always manages to give me the most beautiful and desired good morning!
IAnd even for today, they always remain my most beautiful and pleasant project, my love. Good morning!
🌞In the morning I wake up with the thought of loving you and giving myself to you, and the day immediately makes sense! Good morning my love!
Even today, despite the passing of time, I always like to wake up first so I can look at myself while you are still sleeping! Good morning my love!

The nicest Good Morning messages

What better than a nice good morning message to start the day in the best possible way. Nothing at all! Therefore, we have selected this collection of cute messages to share on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and all other social networks to wish a good day to friends and relatives. Sending nice good morning messages is a quick and easy gesture that can mean a lot. Besides, don’t hesitate to send a declaration of love to the person you like. In the morning, with a clear mind, you can have more courage than you imagine. Send a nice message along with a declaration of love and not only your day can change but your whole life.

🍀Good morning! Let the sunlight look at your window, warm you with its warmth, invigorate you, inspire you.
BunaGood morning! Have a nice day! I would like you to have a wonderful time, a fruitful day and an efficient work. Let all plans be made, and good luck with you everywhere!
🍀I wish everyone a sun, a rainbow, peace and good morning. May it be just like this every morning of your life!
🍀I wish you the sunniest, most sincere, light and warm morning! I embrace you tenderly!
Have a nice morning. Let her start with good news, flavored coffee, a strong hug. Achieve goals quickly and easily. Let your loved ones be close to you. I wish you good luck!
I wish you a clear, quiet and sunny morning, to feel the splendor of nature. Let the fresh air wake you up and light up your face with a gentle smile!
🍀Good morning! Let the sun give you a radiant mood and inspire you for a wonderful day! May
all the meetings be productive and all things be completed successfully!
🍀Good morning! Wake up, cheer up and work! Warm sun at your window, aromatic coffee and a delicious breakfast in the kitchen.
🍀Good morning! Let the song of nature wake you up, the refreshing dew to invigorate you and make your hearty breakfast enjoyable!
🍀Good morning! I hope that the strength and energy accumulated overnight will successfully overcome the difficulties of this day and you will achieve a brilliant victory.
🍀Good morning! Let the cheerful and playful rays of the sun wake you up warmly, reflecting in your eyes a bright light full of happiness. Let the joy charge your soul and lead you to new discoveries.
Good morning and a bright day! Let the mood be the best, and the inspiration and energy to help you turn the mountains upside down!
Let’s start this morning with pleasant words, warm hugs and sunny smiles, with a feeling of happiness and love. May this day surely become the beginning of something great and beautiful. Good morning again!
🍀Good morning and have a nice day! I would like you to start by breathing in the fresh air and the aromas of flowers and strong coffee.
🍀Good morning! It’s time to save the world! Wash your face, drink coffee and think about the fact that in the world there is a man who sends you rays with the best wishes! I embrace you! How wonderful it is that you exist!
🍀Good morning! May the first rays of the sun bring you joy, happiness and success. Breakfast is waiting for you on the table and good mood!
Greet the bright sun that rises before us to illuminate this wonderful world and make it better and warmer!
“I want to wish you a great day.” Today can be the most wonderful and joyful day, it can bring you the most positive and warmest meetings, and the next 24 hours will be full only of smiles and joy!
🍀A lot of mood for the whole day. Drink a strong and aromatic coffee and you will be guaranteed success!

Beautiful and motivational messages in the morning

Waking up in the morning is one of the hardest things, maybe not for everyone, but certainly for many. The best way to get rid of such a habit is to find out about things you can do in the morning that may interest or inspire you. In addition, waking up early is good for your health. So, the first step you need to take is to discover your inspirational trigger for your morning.

Let the morning bring you success, reaching all goals and conquering heights.
“Good morning.” Let it start with the pleasant aroma of your favorite coffee, with the verse of your favorite song, with the radiant smiles of your loved ones.
👍Start in the morning with a smile and the day will definitely answer you back with a smile! I wish you good luck, a lot of joy and new achievements!
“My happiness, wake up as soon as possible and enjoy this wonderful morning!” Let every moment bring you only a positive and excellent mood! Make your plans easy, because I believe in you and I love you!
I wish you to start this day with a tasty and healthy breakfast, which will charge you with energy for the whole day! Be sure that all the objectives set will become a reality! The main thing is to smile radiantly and just go ahead!
👍Let this good morning bring you only positivism, good luck and be really good!
👍Good morning! I wish you to get out of bed with joy, all things to end successfully, the day to be full of smiles and laughter, kindness, love, happiness and success!
I wish you the blessing of the morning, in which there is no rush, boredom or worries. May this morning inspire you to great success.
👍I wish you vitality this morning, a feeling of happiness and love, great plans for the whole day and their successful implementation.
“I’m in a hurry to say good morning.” May your day begin with a smile and a liveliness, let there be no doubt and disappointment in it. May the inner strength, confidence and dream of the heart lead you to the path of luck and happiness. Remember that the morning of “today” is the beginning of the next victories.
“Good morning.” I want you to get rid of laziness and boredom, I want you to smile immediately and believe that everything will be fine today, that this morning a funny and fascinating story will begin. I wish you joy and strength, inspiration and good mood, sincere smiles and pleasant emotions.
I wish you to start this wonderful day with a fragrant cup of coffee that will bring you luck, happiness, joy and success!
Have a nice morning. Let her start with a good mood and vigorous inspiration, with a great load of positive energy and fulfilled dreams.
👍Good morning, my sunbeam! It’s time to get up and light up this world with your smile. I wish you a happy mood and absolute confidence that everything will work for sure.
I wish you a good and wonderful morning, full of the bright rays of the sun and sincere smiles!
👍Good morning! May it begin with a light blessing and a sweet anticipation of a beautiful day. Good mood and well-being, smart ideas and plans. Meet the right people, solve important problems. Smile, you have a wonderful day ahead!
👍A good morning, a strong force, a good mood, a new hope, a great joy! I wish you to meet this day with confidence and fun and to spend it successfully and beautifully!
“I’m in a hurry to wish you the best mornings.” Let them start with a wonderful smile and a great mood, a great idea and a bright inspiration.
A good and wonderful morning! I want you to open your eyes and see how wonderful this world is! I wish you incredible strength and inspiration, awakened in you this morning!
This morning be a good start to your bright and successful day!
👍Open your eyes and enjoy a beautiful morning! Be good, bright and colorful!
👍Let this day begin easily, the morning dewdrop to add freshness to your ideas, and the gentle song of the birds to fill your soul with inspiration and joy.
I wish you the best and wonderful morning. A sweet awakening and great goals, a magical mood and a lively morning! I wish you incredible health and gallant inspiration, amazing energy and great power!

The most positive messages in the morning

There are days when a good word can make a difference. Progress is not always easy and sometimes we need to be motivated or – why not – motivate others. This is why a simple positive message, of love or hope, can inspire you and make you start the day with a different mood. Below you will find positive messages that will improve your morning and that, in turn, you can send to your loved ones. A positive message, a funny quote, a status about friendship posted on social networks can have an impact on your loved one more than you think.

I wish this morning was really good for you! May your well-rested body be filled with vivacity and positive emotions. Let the good mood appear in the morning and last all this wonderful day!
I wish you a good morning and a good mood. Let it start in the morning like in a good Disney fairy tale, where the birds chirp, where the spring murmurs, where the flowers bloom.
A good morning and vigorous! Quickly open your eyes and breathe in the air of happiness. Recharge yourself with positive energy and move on, doing noble and good deeds.
I wish you the most beautiful and good morning, with bright emotions and moments of inspiration in your soul. Let this wonderful time give you a lot of ideas and set a good pace for the whole day.
🌞Good morning! A new day will soon begin. Let her be an exceptional success for you and give you a happy mood!
I wish you a good morning and a happy awakening. Let the dawn give you a lot of victories and optimism, let the day pass successfully and easily, let your mood be splendid and make you feel good, and let the evening enjoy you with fun and relaxation!
I wish you a wonderful day, with cool ideas, bright emotions, bold decisions and high results. We are the creators of our lives. And I want you to make this day incredibly good for you.
Good morning, happy mood! Let the day become excellent! Even the smallest action can bring brilliant results! Successes, victories, inspiration!
“Good morning.” Wake up as soon as possible and go fulfill your dream.
I want you to start the morning with a smile and good mood, high goals and incredible inspiration. Let the body be full of strength and energy, and let the soul sing beautifully according to the notes of happiness.
Let the sun’s rays bring a cheerful smile to your face, and let the new day bring a charming mood and give you warmth! Good morning!
🌞Have a good and magical morning. Let the inspiration and power awaken in you with the first rays of the sun, with a beautiful dream and the invigorating aroma of coffee, which will turn this day into an amazing celebration of vivid feelings and emotions. Good luck and more happy coincidences in the beautiful day of “today”.
I wish you a successful start to the journey on this day, so that at the finish line you will certainly expect high results and an incredible sense of joy.
I wish you success for the whole day, fun, good mood and a lot of well-being.
This wonderful morning, I hasten to wish you a good mood and a great inspiration, with which you will conquer all the peaks. To cope easily with all difficult situations, to be on time everywhere and to be left with a feeling of absolute pleasure in the evening.
🌞Incredible, pleasant and positive events can happen today! So, wake up faster and don’t miss them!
I wish you the best and most wonderful morning, which will give you a playful mood, a desire to return to the mountains and reach your goal, tireless strength, excellent health and wonderful weather outside the window.
🌞Good morning! May the day be warm and bright, may it bring you satisfaction and joy, all that is planned to be done. I wish you positive emotions and good mood!
I wish you good morning and good mood. Let the sun’s rays beat on your window, the freshness of the morning will inspire you, and the smile will help you choose the path of success for the whole day.
I want to wish you the best and brightest morning! To wake you up with a cup of hot, aromatic coffee, brought to bed!
“Set a goal that will make you want to get out of bed in the morning.”
“Some days you just have to create the sun
.” Prayer is the key to the morning and the screw of the evening. ”
“Every day may not be good, BUT there is GOOD every day.”
A great attitude is like a perfect cup of coffee – don’t start your day without it. Good morning. ”
You’re the first thing that comes to mind in the morning and the last thing that leaves my heart at night.”
🌞Old friends pass by, new friends appear. It’s the same as the days. An old day passes, a new day comes. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day.
AndWhen you start each day with a grateful heart. ..
“If you’re going to do something tonight that makes you feel sorry for tomorrow morning, go to bed late.”
🌞A smile to start the day. .. A prayer to bless your path. .. A song to lighten your burden. .. A message to wish you a good day. .. Good morning!
“Be pleasant until ten in the morning and the rest of the day will take care of itself.”
“Your journey will be much easier and easier if you don’t bring your past with you.”
🌞Good thoughts precede great deeds. Great deeds precede success. A good day.