Godparents are considered the closest people of the newlywed couple or the newlyweds. , because they are burdened both morally and financially that day.

Even a symbolic gift, as a sign of gratitude, will please your godparents, appreciating your beautiful gesture.

Gifts for grooms from godparents or gifts to godparents from grooms

On the wedding day, the godparents become the spiritual parents of the newlyweds, so they must be treated with special care and gratitude because they accepted the invitation of the bride and groom to be with them on the path they set out on together.
Gifts for godparents can have a symbolic meaning, they can carry certain specific meanings or they can be memorable. Here are some examples suitable for groom’s godparents, and vice versa:

  1. Perne decorative;
  2. Bread oven;
  3. Multifierbator;
  4. Set of pans or pans;
  5. Toaster;
  6. Carpet;
  7. Embroidered towels:
  8. Voucher for later printing of photographs on canvas;
  9. Vacuum cleaner;
  10. Warm blanket;
  11. Digital or rotating album – this is placed on a special support, capable of rotating. Its capacity is 480 photos, with a size of 10 × 15 cm.

Thanksgiving gifts for godparents

Baptism is a unique event for both the child’s parents and godparents. On this day, the child receives the key to the amazing door called “life”. In fact, baptism is equated with the second birth, and the main role in this sacred event is played by the godparents.
They become, to some extent, responsible for the child’s education, participating in his spiritual development and in joining the church. Thus, the family acquires new relatives.
On this occasion, a small christening gift for godparents will always remind them of the actual event, full of joy. It is not necessary to choose something expensive.
It is enough to offer something thematically associated with the light event. It can also be something small, symbolic, important to be given from the heart.

  1. Kitchen towels;
  2. Bath towels;
  3. Bed linen or blanket set in pastel colors;
  4. Barbeque;
  5. High-performance kitchen robot;
  6. Tablecloth with orthodox embroidery;
  7. Child photo frame;
  8. Church literature with personalized book sign;
  9. Cutlery set;
  10. Set of glasses;
  11. Fruit or candy basket;
  12. Photo album, in which the pictures from the happiest events in life will be kept, so it will be a wonderful gift for godparents;
  13. Bible;
  14. Icon – this is a spiritual gift that will always remind your godparents of the solemn event. A good option would be the icons with saints whose names bear the godparents;
  15. Angel figures.

Personalized gifts for godparents, baptism or wedding

It will be especially nice for godparents to receive a personalized gift.
In this way, the groom or the child’s parents will prove that they really tried to make the godparents happy and hung on to the choice of the gift more than seriously.

For both

  1. Set of handmade soaps in the shape of angels;
  2. Gingerbread in the form of a cross, heart, dove or angel;
  3. Champagne set with 2 crystal glasses, painted with the names of the two and the date of the wedding or baptism;
  4. Tie leaks;
  5. Fruit platter (painted);
  6. Wooden box for tea or wine, engraved;
  7. Custom gowns;
  8. Medal and diploma framed “For the best godparents” or “Holy Baptism” – these can be packed in gift boxes, tied with a satin ribbon;
  9. Custom wall clock;
  10. Wooden plaque with a message for godparents;
  11. Custom wood shredder;
  12. Genealogical book, placed in a wooden box. In this book you can put any information about your godparents and information about their ancestors, including adding printed photos;
  13. If you know why your godparents are interested, give them something that suits their hobby. Such a gift will always be doubly pleasurable.

For the godmother

  1. Silk scarf with embroidery – will be useful in the future when visiting the church. It is preferable to be light-colored, universal, to fit at any time;
  2. Elegant hat;
  3. Silver pendant in the shape of an angel figurine – it will become a truly valuable and unforgettable gift;
  4. Jewelry box with message for godmother;
  5. Custom kitchen apron.

For the nose

  1. Silver chain with a cross;
  2. Silver themed ring, which can also be found in church stores. Such a gift will always be in sight, reminding of the bright event;
  3. Personalized wine bottle;
  4. Gloves.

Luxury gifts for godparents

If your financial situation allows you to give special gifts for godparents as a gift, then these ideas will suit you:

  1. TV;
  2. Refrigerator;
  3. Sofa bed or comfortable bedroom;
  4. Sea / mountain stay;
  5. Gold jewelry with the theme of the event.

In general, there is no standard gift that can be given to godparents. You can give any gift that conveys joy, will be useful in everyday life, will be a reminder of the honorable status and responsibility that people have assumed.
The gift means that you will perceive your godparents as new family members and that they will always be welcome in your home.
So, a small gift at the baptism or at the wedding is an excellent opportunity to emphasize once again your close relationship with your godparents and to thank them for the role they play in your life.
Of course you can use these ideas in the future, when you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for godparents or New Year, for the godparents’ wedding anniversary or their birthdays. Get inspired!