The beginning of spring has a beneficial effect on the mood, health and psychological state of any woman. First of all, this is due to the hot days, the revival of nature and, of course, the approach of International Women’s Day.

On this holiday, the stronger sex prepares greeting cards and gifts for women: for girlfriends, teachers, mothers, wives, bosses and colleagues.
Gifts can be both romantic and practical, both expensive and budget-related, related to the woman’s profession or very extravagant. Among the gift options for March 8 presented below, everyone will find something that will make the recipient happy.

March 8 gift ideas

Think of the gifts for women on March 8, pay attention to the options below. We have compiled a list of the best gifts for March 8th.

  1. Gold or silver jewelry;
  2. Lunch box with heating function;
  3. Coffee machine;
  4. Florarium;
  5. Starry sky laser projector;
  6. Set de scrapbooking;
  7. Sandwich maker / waffle maker;
  8. Hair dryer;
  9. Laptop bag;
  10. Rucsac urban;
  11. Potted orchids;
  12. Mouse wireless;
  13. Portable smartphone printer;
  14. Ventilator USB;
  15. Hair clip;
  16. Toaster;
  17. Elite Korean cosmetics set;
  18. Beach bag;
  19. Bag keychain;
  20. Notepad with stickers;
  21. LED candle set;
  22. Pajamas;
  23. Warm plaid robe or velor sleeves. Can be customized;
  24. Dry massage brush;
  25. Encyclopedia of examples of culinary recipes, winter preparations, sauces or meat preparations;
  26. Diffuser for essential oils (oils included);
  27. Swarovski crystal watch or brooch;
  28. Exotic plant or tree in a clay pot;
  29. Cosmetic bag with several sections;
  30. Anatomical pillow with memory effect;
  31. Wireless portable speakers;
  32. Elegant leather case for phone or tablet;
  33. Leather wallet with space for business cards and bank cards;
  34. Manual coffee grinder and a natural coffee;
  35. Office calendar;
  36. E-book for reading literature in your free time;
  37. Personalized natural soap set;
  38. Barrels with exotic jam (mint, walnuts, rhubarb, pine cones, dates, rose petals) or bee products (honey, pollen);
  39. Magnetic board for kitchen;
  40. Waterproof portable radio;
  41. Robot vacuum cleaner;
  42. Agenda – if you are looking for personalized gifts or simple March 8 gifts for colleagues;
  43. Sweet set that includes cakes, chocolate coffee, macarons, gingerbread – it’s a perfect March 8 sweet gift idea for the teacher or kindergarten teacher;
  44. Salt lamp;
  45. Ceramic bottom set;
  46. 3 in 1 humidifier, ionizer and air purifier;
  47. Wall image with sea stones, sand and shells;
  48. Set for making sushi at home;
  49. Sewing machine;
  50. Decorative fountain with lighting in the form of natural waterfall;
  51. USB cup warmer – the device is powered by USB and therefore consumes a minimum of electricity, but at the same time is able to quickly heat the cooled drink. It’s a good idea to give March 8 to women who work as a team;
  52. Pocket or makeup mirror with LED lighting;
  53. Small aquarium with goldfish;
  54. Fitness bracelet for monitoring health indicators;
  55. Drinking fitness bottle;
  56. Custom thermos;
  57. Set of magnetic signs for those who like to read;
  58. Moon or amber bracelet, ring and earrings set;
  59. Birch or vine bark bread basket;
  60. Electric toothbrush;
  61. Professional pedicure or manicure set;
  62. Certificate for the services of a massage parlor, beauty salon, make-up artist or cosmetologist;
  63. Painted box for jewelry and personal accessories;
  64. Multi-level metal support / shelf for indoor plants;
  65. Sauna set (pumice stone, brush, towel, hat, broom, aromatic oils);
  66. Satin or leather strap;
  67. Pareo for relaxing by the sea;
  68. Microphone with the ability to connect a radio and play karaoke at home;
  69. Stick-selfie with stabilizer;
  70. Muslin handkerchiefs in beautiful colors;
  71. Fitball;
  72. Personalized or engraved silver spoon;
  73. Portrait on canvas from a photograph;
  74. Silicone baking molds of different diameters and shapes;
  75. Set for home sports such as yoga, dancing, stretching (eg mattress, belt, dumbbells, ball);
  76. Printed photo cake;
  77. Multifunctional lamp;
  78. Sleeve blanket;
  79. Personalized cupcake box;
  80. Bouquet of soft toys;
  81. Organic fireplace – this fireplace runs on a special fuel. It does not heat up, but creates the visual effect of burning. And, as you know, fire has an excellent calming effect;
  82. Fluffy bedroom rug;
  83. Hair straightener;
  84. Kettle;
  85. Sfesnic vintage;
  86. Elegant coin box;
  87. Virtual reality glasses;
  88. Hard Disk extern;
  89. Clutch in neutral colors;
  90. Pandora bracelet with several accessories;
  91. Compact umbrella;
  92. Gift basket with different types of chocolate, coffee or gourmet tea;
  93. Set of crystal glasses;
  94. Silk or velvet bathrobe;
  95. Ravas cakes;
  96. Vase;
  97. Hot pot holder;
  98. Warm gloves;
  99. Photo shoot with a professional photographer in a photo studio;
  100. Painting on numbers;
  101. Zodiac Pendant;
  102. Silk scarf;
  103. Double fur scarf;
  104. Extravagant buttons for a women’s shirt;
  105. Gothic or contemporary choker necklace;
  106. Small travel suitcase;
  107. Warm sleeveless jacket with fur or leather inserts;
  108. Live, cryogenic rose – would be one of the most appreciated gifts for your March 8 girlfriend. It is a rose in a light bulb that does not wither for a long time, similar to the one in the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast”;
  109. Tourist trip to the nearest town for a weekend;
  110. Slippers;
  111. Anti-stress pillow in positive colors or in the form of an emoji;
  112. Set for making satin bracelets, beads and satin ribbons;
  113. Flavored envelope for clothes;
  114. Car accessories: perfume or mini vacuum cleaner;
  115. Wireless headphones;
  116. Live butterfly collection patterns;
  117. Custom kitchen apron;
  118. Photo album with magnetic sheets and stickers;
  119. Personalized sports bag – will be useful for girls who regularly visit the gym or pool. Displaying the name will make the item unique.

Practical gifts for March 8

Everyone knows that a good gift should be useful. Souvenirs that will be forgotten as a result in a drawer are unlikely to qualify for the title of good gifts.
When looking for a practical gift, consider the following options:

  1. Fur headphones. This is not only an elegant accessory that will emphasize the individuality of the woman, but also an analogue of a hat that will keep you warm in bad weather.
  2. Key ring. It is one of the best gifts for mothers on March 8 or for an elderly woman. Choose a keychain that reacts to any loud sound and starts to shine. Using it, it will simply be impossible to lose the keys.
  3. Outdoor furniture: chair, table, rocking chair, suspended hammock. There will be another reason to take a break in the garden, enjoying the suburban life. It can also be a March 8 gift idea for moms or grandparents.
  4. Wooden barrel for preserving cabbage, tomatoes, etc. For a true amateur, she will certainly not be left naked.
  5. Alarm clock . If a woman likes to sleep and is often late for work, then such a gift will be very useful. Choose a model where deactivation is not so easy. And to stop the beep, the woman will have to get out of bed. If you want to offer something cheap, pleasant and original, then this is the perfect case.
  6. Lace lingerie set. If the gift is for your half, then you can buy a set of lace underwear. The main thing is to choose the right size.
  7. Certified at a SPA salon. I will certainly thank you for this. In the conditions of modern life, it is simply problematic to free yourself and dedicate your personal time.
  8. Foldable wardrobe – a great idea for organizing clothes.
  9. Set of fluffy bath towels. You should not buy Chinese synthetic materials that wear out over time. Look for quality cotton in neutral colors and beautiful patterns.

Original gifts from March 8

Any gift for women should not just be a formality, but should bring a positive mood and be an unexpected surprise.
Only in this way, the original gift will guarantee the joy of the celebration of Women’s Day and will be useful in the future.
If you want to please your dear woman with something unusual, unpredictable, and surprising, pay attention to the following ideas:

  1. Traveler’s wall map. Apparently, it doesn’t differ much from the usual one. In reality, all areas of this map are covered with a removable layer. After visiting one of the countries, the traveler simply deletes the layer from the map, marking it in his personal achievements. It’s a good gift for a co-worker.
  2. Red / black caviar. Refined foods will become a feature on any table. Ladies, and not only, are delighted with such food.
  3. Cool print sleep mask. You can choose the option with the words: “Don’t bother”, “Shhh” etc.
  4. Potted herbs. You can buy a ready-made kit that includes a self-blowing system, the necessary soil, the seeds. Thus, the woman will be able to grow a wide variety of herbs and spices at home: dill, salad, mint, thyme, sage, oregano, basil. They not only create the interior of the apartment, but are also rich in vitamins and trace elements. You can also buy ready-made pots with green onions, basil, parsley, etc.
  5. Creativity set. These can be paints, pencils or embroidery kits.
  6. Aquatic farm. It is an original combination of flora and underwater world. At the bottom of the aquatic farm there is a water tank where the fish live. Green shoots grow at the top. A feature of aquatic farms is the closed ecosystem. Fish waste is processed by bacteria and becomes fertilizer for plants. At the same time, the plants filter the water from the aquarium. Thus, the water farm requires a minimum of maintenance.
  7. Concert ticket with the theme of Women’s Day. Or any other family outings. You can plan a picnic, go to amusement parks, shopping malls, watch movies together, participate in a theater show and much more, depending on what you love celebrated and the degree of closeness.

Cheap March 8 gifts

Very often you need to make a modest gift, which involves a small amount, but also to be tasteful.
For example, when there are many women at work and not so many men. Cheap March 8 gift options could be:

  1. Personalized tea set. Every woman will not give up a pleasant pastime with relatives, friends or acquaintances, so a set of teas, decorated in a symbolic or personalized style, is perfect for a gift. The set may include green, black, white or red teas, or combinations of herbs and citrus fruits.
  2. Shopping bag with an interesting metal or plastic support. There are often situations in which the woman has to go to the store alone after working hours and hang the food bags in the transport. This gift would be very useful in such situations, not to mention that it is also cheap. In addition, because the bags are environmentally friendly, the environment will be respected.
  3. Storage boxes. The problem of organizing personal belongings, in one way or another, is very common among women; these things will help her put everything in separate compartments.
  4. Leather case cover with company logo. If it is the employees of a bank or other credit institution – then you can engrave the euro / dollar sign; if it is about the food industry – product images, etc.
  5. Fridge magnets. You can choose a spring theme or you can order a photomagnet for your loved ones.
  6. Indoor flower in a pot. It is worth choosing a product without thorns, which does not require exclusive care and blooms well, without unnecessary big headaches. You can also give this gift with delivery, for a more romantic note.
  7. Scented candle set. Usually, such small things create the feeling of comfort of a romantic evening and an emotional atmosphere. In any case, the candles will be useful for the host, sooner or later.
  8. Makeup brushes. It is worth checking the quality of the brush; To do this, pay attention to hair loss, coloration and softness.
  9. Set of squishies me. An excellent option to cope with stress in a hectic environment and to restore calm and mind.
  10. Travel organizer for small items. Especially the gift will delight travelers who are often on the road.
  11. Inner statuette. Some ladies consider this type of work useless, and others attach great importance to it. In any case, creating comfort in the house is guaranteed.
  12. Amulets for happiness and luck. Many girls carefully keep their happiness and believe in all sorts of amulets that instill faith in them all their lives.
  13. Soft toy. Women’s romantic hair is very passionate about receiving sentimental gifts, even in old age. The soft toy creates a feeling of childhood and security and is also cheap.
  14. Hairpins. An excellent option for a girl with long hair. It will also be cheap.
  15. Thermal glass for drinks. It will attract the active ladies who are constantly on the move.

Expensive March 8 gifts

If the budget allows, then the woman should be happy with an expensive gift. There are several options that will surely delight the recipient:
Many women dream of becoming the owners of an iPhone, and others prefer smartphones on the Android system. Therefore, before buying such a gift, you need to make sure that the woman wants to receive it.

Branded mana bag. Such a gift will surely please a real fashionista. But before giving a handbag from a well-known brand, it will not be superfluous to ask the woman about her preferences. When you try to surprise, you may be wrong about the gift.

Shopping voucher at your favorite clothing store. Women are often very busy with family work and work. Therefore, their free time is very short, especially for shopping. You can buy her a beautiful dress or a shirt on her own, but it would be best to give her a voucher with an impressive amount, in order to buy what she likes.

March 8 gifts, categorized according to the woman’s interests

Given the woman’s interests, her hobby may suggest a very reasonable and good quality gift.
If, for example, the woman is engaged in sewing and knitting, then you can give her:

  • Magazines with models and techniques;
  • Wicker basket for yarns (a common problem is scattered yarns that get confused and become unusable over time);
  • Professional sewing scissors (regular scissors wear out much earlier, while special scissors last longer);
  • Organizer for knitting needles and accessories (a convenient place to store all sorts of small things; thus, order is guaranteed);
  • Needle magnetic bar (allows you to easily solve the problem of finding a needle and protect yourself from stinging);
  • Iron for small parts of the product (very often when sewing, it becomes necessary to iron small items; an ordinary iron cannot cope with this purpose);
  • Tweezers with magnifying glass and LED lighting (unfortunately, over the years, the vision gets worse, so the magnifying glass will help solve the problems related to incorrect and crooked stitches).

If a girl likes to cook all kinds of goodies, then you can give a March 8 gift from the list below:

  • Set of measuring cups or spoons (iron or silicone products should be preferred, because the plastic breaks over time);
  • Notebook for recording interesting recipes;
  • Set of glass jars for spices (for herbs, confectionery powders, etc .; the more correctly the space in the kitchen is delimited, the more opportunities the host has);
  • Electronic measuring spoon (it is convenient for the display to be clear and large);
  • Kitchen set of holders and gloves;
  • Kitchen scales;
  • Vegetable cutters;
  • Stamps for marzipan and fondant (there are a lot of shapes, sizes and themes; better to choose sets).

If the woman loves thrills and loves tourism, then these examples of what you can give from March 8 will be very useful:

  • Picnic set for two or four people (cups, spoons, plates, teapot must be included);
  • Sleeping bag or tent (it is best to choose from two layers);
  • Ergonomic backpack with many departments (after all, even in nature, the woman remains a woman, with her own needs to maintain her appearance);
  • Woolen set: snood, scarf and gloves. Given that the air cools significantly at night, warm clothes will be useful.

For drivers, useful and successful gifts would be:

  • Car pillow;
  • Organizer pocket for chair;
  • Covorase;
  • Car recorder.

If the woman loves to read, you can bring her a gift from March 8:

  • Original bookshelf;
  • A limited edition book;
  • Card holder.

March 8 gifts for a woman who has everything

There are situations in which the gift must be presented in an unusual and presentable way and the question of what to offer from March 8 to a woman who has everything will disappear by itself. The options could be:

  1. Handmade jewelry. They will certainly never be useless, because made to order will look expensive and eccentric, surprising everyone around. Jewelry can be made of polymer clay, natural stones, beads or sequins.
  2. Vintage or antiques : such as a box of mother-of-pearl, a tea set from past centuries, an antique ivory brooch, an English porcelain teapot.
  3. Oil painting by a famous author . He will decorate any room and give it chic. It is an original gift for art lovers.
  4. It is an intelligent pot that independently grows the living plant, without systematic watering and other worries. Growth and development are monitored by special sensors, processor and software. Unlike a typical bouquet of flowers or a potted cactus, such a plant will delight the host for a long time (with flowers or fruits) without causing much trouble.

Handmade March 8 gifts

From childhood, we all know that the best gift is the one made by hand. And if you don’t have enough money for a serious gift, you can make a handmade one. This option is suitable not only for children who have limited amounts and want to enjoy their mother and grandmother, but also for an adult who can make a pleasant surprise with his own hands.

Compliment box

One of the simplest but most effective presentations is the compliment box. Such a gift will surely excite the woman, guaranteeing her high spirit for the whole day. Men can put a piece of jewelry on the bottom of such a box, which will become an extra surprise for the other half of them.
To make the gift, you will need:

  • small box or carton box;
  • lace braid;
  • ordinary braid;
  • colored paper;
  • scrapbooking paper;
  • a pen;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

Manufacturing steps :
First, you need to prepare the box. To do this, stick it with scrapbooking paper. Decorate the top with lace ribbon. You can also use beads, artificial flowers that are glued to the lid.
When the box is ready, cut sheets of colored paper into many identical pieces. Write warm words on each of them. These can be compliments, declarations of love, etc. Cut the monochrome ribbon into 7-9 cm pieces. Roll each of the wishes in a tube and tie it with a ribbon. Put the sheets in the box. Close it and tie it with ribbon.

Greeting Card

You can make a greeting card from absolutely any material; this is the best gift made with your own hands besides the main one.
For this, you will need :

  • felt of different colors;
  • needle threads;
  • glue gun;
  • beads;
  • satin ribbon.

Manufacturing steps :
Make a green felt base to create an imitation flower bouquet. Tie it with a satin ribbon at the base. Cut the shapes of the flowers, for example, daisies, of different sizes, from small pieces of felt. Using a soldering gun, place the flower halves on top of each other, in descending order, and glue them together. Glue the beads together to create the middle of the flowers. Instead of beads, you can use sequins or pebbles. Place the multicolored daisies on the base and secure them with the gun. The card can be sprinkled with sequins or colored sand.

Festive champagne

A bottle of champagne decorated in a spring theme is perfect as a gift for colleagues, teachers, mother-in-law.
To create it, you need :

  • smooth champagne bottle;
  • paper with the desired print;
  • acrylic paint;
  • solvent;
  • PVA glue;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • scissors;
  • sponge;
  • brush;

Manufacturing steps :
The glass is cleaned of glue and labels. Degrease the surface with a solvent. Apply a neutral acrylic paint to the glass with a sponge. Cut the image out of the paper, then glue it to the glass and secure it. Level the surface. Cover with acrylic varnish. Decorate the glass as you wish. You can use ribbons, sequins and beads.

Puff pastry souvenir

Children can give their mother or grandma a puff pastry souvenir, used as a candle holder.
To do this, take :

  • 1 cane of flour;
  • half a glass of salt;
  • 120 ml of what;
  • paints.

Manufacturing steps :
Knead the dough from the above ingredients. He should not cling to his hands. Form a ball with a recess for the candle. Carve flowers and attach them along the edges of the stand. They are then painted with paints. Leave for a day until it solidifies.


Handmade candles can be a wonderful gift.
To do this, you will need :

  • candlestick (old dishes, interesting jars, glass or plastic containers);
  • wax or paraffin;
  • wick thread (give preference to natural threads);
  • wax melting bowls (paraffin);
  • ingredients for decorating candles.

Manufacturing steps :
The wax must be melted in a water bath. Prepare the wick wires in advance. As soon as the wax is ready, we take the pre-greased form with oil and start pouring it gradually. We will stop approximately in the middle and insert the wick into the candle. To give the candle a refined and unique look, you can use coffee beans, dried citrus fruits, paints, cereals, cinnamon, shells, etc. While the wax has not cooled, decorate the candle with the chosen theme. After completing the procedure, allow the candle to cool. In a few hours, the gift is ready.


Bombs Bath bombs can be an amazing gift; the relaxation procedures after a working day have not bothered anyone yet!
To make them, you need to prepare :

  • lemon acid;
  • chiffon;
  • sare;
  • base oil (olives, sunflower, sea buckthorn);
  • natural fillings (herbs, essential oils, oatmeal, etc.).

Manufacturing steps :
To make the bombs, take one part soda and two parts citric acid. Pre-grind all the constituent fillings in a coffee grinder. Choose the ones that have a beneficial effect on the well-being and condition of the skin.
Mix all the dry ingredients: baking soda, salt, acid and prepare the molds for drying the bombs (silicone or sand molds are suitable). Add the base oil to the dry mixed mixture and form bombs, adding the crushed ingredients. They are put to dry. Do not dry them excessively so that the bombs do not come off the mold easily and do not break.
Also, from handmade works, you can make a fragrant bag with a beautiful scent (for the bedroom), so that the woman always feels comfortable and relaxed; a bouquet of paper flowers or a family photo frame.


Every woman, no matter what her level of prosperity, always wants to be in the center of attention and receive only positive emotions from March 8th.
You must not stop choosing expensive things, let them be made with your own hands, but be from the heart.
Give the woman warmth and attention on this spring holiday.

  • If you are organizing a gift for your colleagues, then it is better to give preference to a nature outing, a group trip to an ice rink, bowling or billiards. Nothing brings the team together like common incursions outside the workplace.
  • The March 8 holiday is a spring holiday, warmth, fragrance, that’s why flowers are indispensable. Whether it’s a standard bouquet of roses, a potted flower, potted flowers, floral arrangements – these should be present on Women’s Day! However, they are preferred: tulips, mimosas, hyacinths, roses, chrysanthemums, daffodils, orchids, lilies.
  • Make sure you consider the woman’s temperament, occupation and hobbies to guess the right gift, which will only give positive emotions and joy to the celebrant.
  • When you buy items from an online store, determine the delivery time to be able to receive the gift.
  • Make sure you wrap the gift nicely.
  • Instead of a gift, you can opt for surprises: bring breakfast in bed, organize a romantic dinner / family meal or take a walk in the city.
  • Consider the age of the celebrant. So, it is unlikely that a 6-year-old girl will need a cosmetic kit, and a 30-year-old lady will not appreciate the gift in the form of rollers or skateboards.
  • Remember that storage items are not empty. Therefore, make sure you put money in your wallet.

Examples of unsuccessful gifts

There is nothing worse than a bad taste. An inappropriate gift can ruin a woman’s mood, and the most offensive thing is if this gift was chosen carefully and bought with love.
Before selecting a March 8 gift, remember these gifts that you should not make. They include:

  • Cheap analogues of well-known brands. It is unlikely that a woman will be satisfied with a Dolce & Gabbana handbag bought on the market. When choosing a gift, you must follow the rule: either buy an original or refuse the branded gift.
  • Gifts without imagination. If you give the woman the same thing from year to year (for example, perfume), then, as a result, the next repetition of the gift may upset her. Show originality and surprise her.
  • Double meaning gifts. Remedies for acne, weight loss, skin aging, etc. I can offend the woman. Therefore, you should refuse to buy them.
  • Gifts that impose your opinion. In this case, gift suggestions are not the best solution.
  • Pets. Even if the woman loves all kinds of animals, you should refrain from such gifts. A pet is always a responsibility that not everyone is prepared to take on. An exception could be the fish aquarium.
  • Tights and socks. These gifts are unacceptable if they are intended to be presented to an unknown woman.
  • Useless souvenir. It is unlikely that a woman will be delighted with a souvenir that will gather dust on the shelf.
  • They certainly can’t be considered a gift and can offend women.
  • Things that will continue to be used for general needs. For a girl or a woman to feel appreciated, gifts must be personal.
  • There is a possibility of not guessing with the choice and of putting the person in an awkward situation.
  • Alcohol. They will put the woman in an extremely awkward position, so you should not stop your choice of drinks.
  • Certificate at the gym or a scale. A similar sign acts as an indication that it is time for the lady to lose the extra pounds. If the face is weak, it can be seen as an indication of imperfection. The gift in the form of a certificate for the gym is only suitable if the woman herself has requested it.
  • An unequivocal “NO” should be said to all types of gels, shampoos, anti-cellulite creams. Gifts will not cause anything but negative emotions and will only emphasize the woman’s shortcomings.

March 8 is a wonderful opportunity to give a woman something colorful, bright and impressive.
At a time when the smell of freshness is in the air, you can feel the true aroma of tenderness, care and affection, but also the desire to delight your dear women with the most significant gifts.
So, any of these March 8 gift ideas would be enough and suitable to make the women in your life happy!