The sadness that overwhelms you in certain periods of your life can play a key role in the love story, but also in everyday life. In such moments, various phrases come to mind that can instantly melt the heart of the loved one or destroy it.

Below you will find an impressive collection of messages of sad love, for him and her, but also for life, when you have difficult moments. Each creepy word is carefully selected, the expressions being either gathered in sad parting messages for him, for example, or in texts where you declare your love. Choose those messages whose content fits your specific situation and your relationship with your loved ones.

Sad love messages for him

There is no man who will remain indifferent after reading these sad messages of love for him. Even if he does not cry, you will be able to “break” the walls of his fortress or push him to decisive actions. Here are some examples:

  • You would give me air. And during our relationship, my body got so used to it that during the breakup I couldn’t breathe and started coughing. This is the first sign of inattention and boredom.
  • I miss your hands caressing me! I miss the eyes that look at me with tenderness and care! I miss your body radiating heat! I miss your heart that loves me! I miss you!
  • I feel an incredible pain. But it is not an organ or part of the body that hurts, but a soul. And the worst part is that I can’t drink painkillers or inject anesthesia to look at you.
  • I can no longer bear the tears on the pillow, the darkness in my eyes and the lack of sun!
  • I have no master and I am not under your control
  • I’m so alone, I miss you so much. I can not live without you. I love you!
  • I can’t think, breathe, work and exist, because I miss you. And I have only one dream: to see you and kiss you.
  • I look in the mirror and see an empty soul. It’s your fault!
  • The light went out in my heart. And the batteries are completely cold. My soul flows with tears of cold, separation, and the gray color fills my daily life…
  • I don’t want us to be separated, our souls to stand at different angles and endure these sharp pains. This loneliness is much more painful than the sting of a steel knife.
  • I know that I will miss you more tomorrow than today, because today I miss you more than yesterday!
  • I look at the blue sky and see that there is only lead and emptiness. My heart doesn’t dance the waltz like it used to. It seems that the music of my soul has drowned in the depths of our separation.
  • Sad love messages that make you cry

    If you feel a nostalgia for the past relationship, all you have to do is look for the saddest message of loneliness and send it to the person you once loved good night. Thus, you will express your feelings and you will reach the most hidden emotions of the recipient. Here are some examples of sad love messages that make you cry:

    💬 For true love, there are no boundaries and no great distances. With love at a distance you can measure the depth and authenticity of feelings: weak – disappears, strong – ignites with a greater fire.
    💬 You should never be sad that you have lost your love: first of all, it has given you experience; secondly, it teaches you to value relationships; third, it opens the door to a new future.
    💬 The reasoning and understanding of love is special only for those who have not developed a relationship and have the opportunity to reconsider the unexplored in the hope of a happy outcome.
    💬 The worst thing in human relationships is unrequited love. It lasts a long time, hurts and therefore causes the strongest negative emotions that can even kill a person.
    💬 Love at a distance rarely becomes a real love, for life, because people do not know how to properly evaluate their loyalty, strength of feeling and patience.
    💬 True love will overcome everything: time, distance and long separation. But if the relationship didn’t last, then I overdo it.
    💬 It happens that love hurts. This condition is like a deep cut: sooner or later, the pain will subside, the wound will heal, but the scar will remain.
    💬 There are days when everything goes wrong and falls out of your hands. Tears are running down my cheeks and there seems to be no way out. In such moments, only a loving person is able to correct everything with his kind look and smile.
    💬 Love can be different: passionate, tender, destructive, creative. But when one of the lovers has already left, she is no longer omnipotent.
    The poor man is rich if he feels love. The rich man is poor if he does not know love and has never needed it. Everything that this unfortunate has simply loses its meaning!
    💬 At the beginning of a love affair, everything is so easy and pleasant: shy looks, sweet smiles, tender kisses. But at the end of love – tears, mutual reproaches and destroyed souls.
    💬 Unrequited love is insidious and cruel. And we often sigh for those who are indifferent to us, instead of looking back at those who look at us full of love and admiration.
    💬 If life seems to be over forever, and love will never appear in your heart, you better surrender to life and not think about it. The miracle comes suddenly!
    💬 It happens that the roads diverge. And no matter how hard it is to open your fingers, open your lips, break your heart – you have to let go of love. Being able to fly, she will definitely return.
    💬 Love is not killed by separation, neither by distance nor by time, but by the reluctance to solve common problems. If that happened then it wasn’t a big deal.
    💬 When love dies, it is always sad. But we must remember that the feeling itself will never die in person, but will only stop in relation to someone in particular.
    Love is like a door with two sides. On the one hand, you enter and receive pleasure and happiness, and on the other hand, you enter and receive suffering and sorrow.
    💬 Separation from the loved one only strengthens the souls, calms the nerves, makes you think of your lover all the time, to love him more strongly. But, ah, how rare that is! Basically, everything is the other way around…

    Sad messages of suffering for your loved one

    Experiencing tender feelings for a person is sometimes difficult to express correctly in words, especially when sadness overwhelms you. Many times, you feel the need to share this state of mind by sending sad messages of suffering to your loved one.

    ↩️ Beat me and bite me, cut me with a sharp blade, if you want – leave me. But in every cell of mine, in the corner of my heart, I will leave you the address.
    ↩️ Our love bush has started to bear fruit, but the frostbite of parting has come and I am very afraid that they will freeze… I miss you very much, I am waiting for you to kiss your pink nose.
    ↩️ I’ve never met so much happiness with you. But I didn’t even know about the deception, the pain, the resentment! Thanks, I experienced everything!
    ↩️ If you want to love, then always love. If you want to forget, then please forget forever!
    ↩️ It’s impossible to understand you, it’s impossible to look at you, it’s very difficult to love you, because you are so dear to me!
    ↩️ I want to tickle your sole and drink orange juice from your glass, which I ordered in our favorite cafe. I want to look out the window and see your smile there at the entrance. Please return all this to me. I can no longer bear the leaden sky, the cold in my soul and the love shed in the form of tears.
    ↩️ If you want to go – go. If you want to look at me – look at me. But know that at the end of the road you will have no way back.
    ↩️ Let’s go back and break this ladder, which gave us the opportunity to climb it with tears, parting and boredom of the soul. Excuse me. Come back.
    ↩️ In our relationship, the next step is – never!
    ↩️ The chess of my soul was defeated. I want to cry. I will cry until a puddle forms or there is a wet pillow on both sides.
    ↩️ My soul cries like music of sadness. Even an ordinary passer-by is ready to give me everything, down to the last penny, just not to share this sadness with me.
    ↩️ The wind blows in the book of our destinies, turns the pages one after the other and I’m afraid it won’t close them back. I miss you.
    ↩️ It hurts, and the tears are salty, bitter…
    ↩️ You entered my life so easily and left, causing a lot of pain!
    ↩️ Among the gray shores, I found with you the island of love. But the bad waves from time to time throw our souls on the cold shores of parting and to sharp rocks.
    ↩️ I don’t cry, only my heart hurts. It is very difficult for me to relieve this pain because he did not understand anything, although he had to understand…
    ↩️ My plan was to break your heart, but it happened so I gather my pieces…
    ↩️ Fate slammed the door of happiness. I’m afraid I’ll lose you… Let’s finish this artificial separation!
    ↩️ Too bad there is no button in the DELETE heart.
    ↩️ I will bite my lips and hold my breath in my lungs, but I will not ask for your love as the beggar asks for alms!
    ↩️ The soul crouched like a kitten, waiting for the cold. Why are you
    insulting me ↩️ I will not return! Don’t come into my cold world. Please forget about our future, you are the former… only the former…
    The soul walks along the promenade. I feel the drops of a sea salty, blue, but beautiful. I am sinking into the deep boredom of deep gray…
    ↩️ I am very angry with you, my heart is crying because my girlfriend is able to hurt me and make me suffer.
    ↩️ The worst way to miss a person is to be with them and understand that they will never be yours.
    ↩️ It has always been and will always be, and that is why we are born – when we are loved, we do not love. When they don’t love us, we love each other.
    ↩️ That’s how I want you to have flowers donated by me on your table, in a crystal vase. And every morning to admire them and remember me.
    ↩️ The price of our love is so low that it makes sense to betray it for the sake of another
    ↩️ Why did you wait so long

    Super sad and long messages of love and longing

    Do not spare sincere words and feelings, even if they are sad! Let these super sad and long messages, full of love and longing, touch the chosen one and lift his / her mood. More courage and determination and everything will be fine!

    🔖 Life can separate people, but it cannot separate memories and feelings. I miss you like before. Or even stronger, because nothing unites loving hearts as much as separation. I live waiting for our meeting. Count the days and minutes. More and more often, I see you in dreams. You know, the most painful, but also the safest test of feelings, is separation. No, my heart beats without you, of course. But life takes on completely different colors, it loses its deep meaning. I just miss your warmth.
    🔖 Who invented separation
    🔖 I am sad that we are separated, I am bored to wake up without you, but I believe that our separation will be strengthened and will ignite more our mutual and strong love. I miss you, I’m like a man torn from reality, because my world is you! And nothing makes sense without you. Come back as soon as possible!
    🔖 Even if it is said that separation strengthens feelings, I miss you very much and I am ready to fly to you on the wings of love, just to see you, darling! S
    🔖 I miss you. I look at the sky and it seems that the stars, the sun, the moon have left me with you. Without you, I have no joy, just waiting for you. How soon will you be back, my sun?
    🔖 Somewhere now you are. I don’t feel your breath and your heartbeat, I don’t look you in the beautiful eyes, I don’t feel the warmth of your strong hands. I really miss you. Indeed, even a day of solitude is a century for me. Our separation takes so long! I can’t put into words how much I miss you. I want to look you in the eye and hug you tightly. Hurry to me!
    Time behaves more and more strangely. When we are together, he flies like a proud vulture, and when we are separated – he longs for pain and torment. Honey, make it fly again.
    It’s so cruel to separate people in love! I suffer deeply because of the separation from you and I miss the warmth of our meetings. Come back as soon as possible! I am sad far from you, my love, we share too much distance! But I will pass this test of separation, and the reward will be your tender smile and words of love.

    The saddest messages of love for him

    When you miss your ex-boyfriend and realize that nothing can be done to return what he was, all you have to do is send him the saddest messages of love for him.

    🕫 No need to waste time with insults, life is too short. Let’s try to resolve the conflict and live happily ever after!
    🕫 How hard it is in the world to pretend. How hard it is to seek love. And how disgusting it is to smile when you want to cry.
    It was hard for me to believe that now I will be on your list of exes and you will be on my list of losses.
    🕫 How scary it is to be alone, how hard it is to believe in people! Painful wounds, unfulfilled hopes, betrayals and deceptions will never heal in my heart!
    🕫 For so long I have been able to forgive, not to notice, not to see! I really loved, deeply, but I will hate even more!
    🕫 Love without reciprocity, without joy and without understanding is no longer love…
    🕫 No matter how bad you are, I love you, I endure you, I forgive all your insults. I fell in love with your good deeds and attitudes, and then the bad ones came up, so maybe I’m guilty of something too, somewhere…
    🕫 I’m the one who forgave everything, the one who loved you. I want to never come back to you and look at you!
    🕫 What does a person who breaks trust, betraying love
    think 🕫 Honey, like you, I didn’t have, I don’t have and I don’t need!
    🕫 I will not take revenge! I will forget the promises you once gave me. I will forget all the words forever. Yes, forever!
    🕫 I am very sad and tears are running down my cheeks. Don’t insult me ​​like that anymore, please, I can’t argue with you because I love you!
    🕫 I will never forgive such a thing! Stop repenting! Before you go wrong, think about the consequences!
    Forget it, leave, don’t call, don’t make my pain even more painful! Believe me, there are so many failures in life, but that’s how we become stronger than them!
    Mi I’m not sorry. Absolute. Not at all. I’m not even crying. I’m not even bitter. I just feel lonely and I need a look.
    🕫 Offend me, I will not cry! I am strong! I will not humble myself before a coward!
    🕫 I finally realized that without US it is much better!
    🕫 At least send me your eyes, you bastard!
    🕫 And my heart beats smoothly, it doesn’t hurt anymore, I’m completely calm now, I’ve lost everything I loved…
    🕫 Oh, this feeling, when with every SMS you come you hope it’s from the person you need.
    🕫 Everyone has the right to stupidity. But some abuse this right…
    🕫 Your words are cheap. You do not have a boyfriend. And you will not love. Divide your words into stars and give them to others.
    🕫 It’s hard for me to love you, because my feelings are not reciprocal. I want to erase your traces in my soul, but I don’t know how

    Very sad messages about life

    Sadness is a very unpleasant emotion. Inner feelings can lead to depression, so it is very important to be able to write about how you feel. This section contains very sad messages about life, where you can find answers to questions that will bother you. You may also find sad messages of disappointment in people, but also with phrases of support.

    ✔️ Life is such a sad thing that sometimes even the most magnificent moment of love eventually leads to great disappointment and bitter tears
    ✔️ It is said that failure makes us stronger, but it is hard to breathe when no one believes in we.
    ✔️ It is always difficult for a person to get rid of memories of past love: he holds her tight, suffocates her constantly and locks the door to a happy future with hundreds of locks.
    ✔️ Life destroys people without noise, without screams, without tears…
    ✔️ Often, in the back, they throw knives at those you love and respect.
    ✔️ In life you will have to lose a lot: your loved ones, those who will go to others, relatives who will leave forever, friends who will betray you. But you must always remember them, because they have given you happiness for at least a moment!
    ✔️ The more you open your arms, the easier it is to be crucified.
    ✔️ By reciting old novels, you understand that nothing in the world has changed and your story has already happened to someone. Instead, enjoying the feeling of love, you become the only part of the novel.
    ✔️ Leaving behind a person who is very dear to you, you always wish him all the best, but when you see him happy without you, his heart begins to die slowly…
    ✔️ Memories are an amazing thing: they warm us from the inside and immediately tear us apart.
    ✔️ You have to cry when the rain cries. Then it will not be clear which of you sheds tears.
    ✔️ There are tears that purify, bring back to life, give impetus to new achievements and there are those that destroy. The strangest thing is that both are tears because of love.
    ✔️ You have to wipe the people in your life with a black marker and not with a simple pencil, in the hope that you can always find a eraser.
    ✔️ It happens that love makes us suffer a lot. It breaks our hearts to pieces, and the resulting wound hurts. In such situations, only time can help us or a new love that will fill the spiritual void and therefore heal the bleeding wound.
    ✔️ Just the pain reminds me you’ve been in my life.

    Sad messages for pictures and Facebook

    Sad confessions can be dedicated not only to current or former lovers. This section contains short sad messages for pictures and Facebook, which can be seen by all loved ones. After reading them, they will certainly wonder what you have suffered and will hurry to support you in difficult times.

  • If you do not have love in life, then all life is useless.
  • I miss you so much, I’m waiting for your call. I’m sorry to upset you, but I love you.
  • May the clouds explode and the sky cry if I run out of you!
  • I loved you, I cherished you, but you betrayed love. Now there is only emptiness in my heart.
  • No one will ever know and I will not tell anyone for whom my heart suffers, whom I love so much.
  • He offended you, he left you. But you have to wipe the tears from your face, because people don’t have to see how you suffer.
  • I know I’m like a toy for you to throw away, but I’m still waiting for that moment when you say, “I love you.”
  • Recently, I had a wonderful dream. In that dream we were together. But unfortunately I woke up
  • I can not live without you! It’s hard for me without you! It’s painful to be here, and you’re away.
  • Love without reciprocity is no longer love.
  • It is better not to know love at all than to know it and lose it.
  • We are different people, with different destinies. Our meeting is a mistake, a mistake called love.
  • It is better to starve than to eat anything and it is better to be alone than with anyone.
  • Rivers can dry up, but never the oceans. Maybe you’ll forget me, but not me.
  • I want to see you, to hug you, to look you in the eye. Let’s forget all the quarrels and dissatisfaction and be together forever!
  • ▶ ️ Forgive me, know that I don’t live without you, I walk like a zombie!
    ▶ ️ You are the meaning of my life, you are the meaning of my tears, you are all the joys and sorrows!
    ▶ ️ The heart cries and suffers because we are so far from each other!
    ▶ ️ Don’t think about what happened, don’t guess what will happen, be careful what it is!
    ▶ ️ The last ray of light has gone out. I have a cigarette and that’s poison. Life for me is exhausted.
    ▶ ️ Our love is not serious. Let’s leave each other, let’s leave without tears. Understand me and forgive me.
    ▶ ️ I know you love him. But this SMS is his last word…
    ▶ ️ We break up forever

  • Too bad you’re not mine. Too bad you’re not with me. I live only for you, and of course you don’t
  • I decided to write that I still love you. And at the same time, I realized that it’s hard for me to live without you.
  • It is said that it takes a minute to observe the special person. Just an hour to fall in love. And all your life you need to forget it
  • It is said that it is painful to look at the sun, but it is even more painful to look at the lips you love, but you cannot kiss them!
  • Your eyes still occupy my memory. How painful it is for me!
  • Love is a jar, the jar is made of glass! The love of glass is easy to break!
  • Separation means silence without you!
  • Sad parting messages

    It’s hard to find the right words to end a relationship. When you want to break up properly and humanly, when you want to start a new life – turn to these sad messages of parting. Most importantly, do not delay the decision. The sooner you break up, the sooner you have a chance to start a new happy life. However, separations are inevitably painful.

    ▶ ️ Everything in our lives has a beginning and an end. Our love had a happy beginning, a beautiful story, but unfortunately this story must end. Forgive me for everything, please. It is for our trust, freedom and peace. Farewell!
    ▶ ️ All our relationships have long since come to a standstill. Maybe we will be able to break up easily and remain friends
    ▶ ️ It hurts me to know that you have sunk into your sadness. We experienced a lot together, but love did not save us. Our love went nowhere. Why continue with unnecessary attempts
    ▶ ️ I’m sorry, goodbye. We were together tonight, but tomorrow we’ll be apart.
    ▶ ️ We need to break up and do it as painlessly as possible. I know, we have bad days ahead of us as we reconcile with this new decision. I wish you happiness, goodbye!
    ▶ ️ I realized I can’t be with you anymore. I think you can find another girl you’ll be fine with. I want you to have a happy and happy life, but not with me.
    ▶ ️ It’s sad to realize we have to leave. But I hope this will not lead to negativity and resentment. I want each of us to find our own happiness, to have luck on the path of life. All the best.
    ▶ ️ I’m sorry, but we won’t have a happy love story. We lose interest in each other, and this is a good reason not to continue the relationship. Otherwise, we will both regret the time lost, the unnecessary efforts in the name of unfulfilled hopes.
    ▶ ️ My boyfriend, I’m very sorry, but it happened so we have to break up. I don’t want your heart to cry and your soul to be sad. Everything will be wonderful in your life. I hope there are warm and good relations between us.
    ▶ ️ For love I will hide deep and I will try to forget you. You won’t see me cry, I’ll be strong! I will not give you hope. I do not want. It won’t be the same as before and we just have to break up!
    ▶ ️ We have to break up, darling. I decided so. Live happily and never regret what happened!
    ▶ ️ There was something between us, it is and will be! But we must forget this sick love!
    ▶ ️ I’m leaving, my dear, don’t cry and don’t regret what happened. After all, if he was with us, then he will be with someone else!
    ▶ ️ Sorry, but I think we’ll both be better off. It is painful and unpleasant, but we have no future. I tried, but I couldn’t. I’m so sorry I didn’t get a happy ending. I sincerely wish you happiness!
    ▶ ️ We’re breaking up, so you stay with what you wanted, and I’ll stay with me!
    ▶ ️ Our relationship is like torture. But separation makes us lonely and miserable. What an escape route you see
    ▶ ️ We can’t be together. There are a hundred reasons for this, but don’t cry, darling, there are many men in the world.
    ▶ ️ I can’t tell you “Soon”, just the bitter word “Goodbye”. We won’t be together anymore, I’ll leave you forever.
    ▶ ️ I’m sorry, but we have to break up. You are a wonderful person who helped me see this world from all its beautiful parts, you are a sweet song and a story, but not mine. Our separation will end the relationship, but give us the opportunity to be good friends.