Each of us loves the period of life when youth gives you wings, when you fall in love in 5 minutes and when the great worries of life do not bother you.

But how many of us have really thought about what love really is and how many ways it can be
just a
glance true love and what is its power.

What is love (definition)

According to the dex, love is a strong affection for someone or something; a strong sense of sympathy and admiration for someone or something; an attraction to someone.

What is romantic love (at first sight)

For romantics, love is perfection, it is love at first sight, which, most of the time, hurts the relationship the most. They usually compare love to the ocean and its waves.
However, in order to love and keep love, you need work, but as a reward you will get a healthier, more complete and lasting relationship.

What is love, according to the Bible

Wise and very accurate about what love is, the Bible says:
is not jealous ,
is not angry
, is not evil,
is not proud ,
, and never stops.”
What is love, according to scientists

Very curious is the fact that, in different stages of love, different chemical processes take place in our body.
The first phase – is the very beginning of love. The pupils are slightly dilated, the eyes sparkle, the breaths are made with the mouth and they are a little deeper than usual. The pulse is frequent and it is difficult to fall asleep in this state. Body temperature and blood pressure are also unstable.
The allocation of skin secretions changes (becomes more active). And they have a special smell, not very special, but attractive. Appetite is reduced. The fatty layers are small in size. There is a temporary improvement in health, increases immunity, chronic diseases are restricted for a while, venous flow is improved.
There is a feeling of lightness in the body and a special clarity of consciousness, but the ability to concentrate is practically zero. Periodically (several times a day) there is a feeling of happiness without cause.
However, there is a reason for this – a new portion of the hormone serotonin has entered the bloodstream.
The second phase – extra adrenaline is released into the bloodstream. The object of love becomes uninteresting and even becomes the subject of aggression (did not appreciate, did not understand).
Phase three – amphetamine production takes place. At this stage, it is produced in large quantities and supports lovers in a state of euphoria. Moreover, the body gets used to it quickly and requires more and more quantities. For lovers at this stage there is a need to “be together”.
Phase Four – This is a critical period of a relationship. As doping (the hormone of creativity and risk) increases, the severity and criticality of experiences decrease – it helps not to be afraid again, to take risks. All this is necessary to agree on the closeness with another person and on his presence in his own life, on the ability to make serious changes.
Based on the results of this phase, the person reaches two important issues:

  1. I may be living with this partner
  2. It makes sense to keep the relationship going

Phase five – in the presence of the partner, the body produces endorphins that provide feelings of peace, tenderness, balanced and visible pleasure. Those who manage to stay in this phase are terribly lucky.
Final phase – usually occurs after 18-30 months. The hormonal background returns to normal, people see themselves as they are. The couple who have been created all this time either already have enough reasons to live together without this chemical support, or people understand that they can’t find anything interesting in each other.

What is Platonic love

? . Thus, the expression of ideal love, purely spiritual, appeared, which is often used in modern speech, only in an ironic way.

What is self-

love? Self-love is a natural concern for your body, mind, soul, and spirit when you accept all your shortcomings. Self-love may or may not be selfish. When it comes to the first case – it is a reflection of the personality, and if a person is selfish, then his love for himself will also be selfish.

What is country love

? Have you ever thought about what country love is for you?
It is love for your family and the place where you were born and live. It’s the memory of childhood. The desire to always and everywhere protect what is dear to you. It is the love of the mother tongue, it is the sense of pride when you honor its traditions.
To love your homeland means to love your people, to be grateful for a glorious history, to love the land you tread.

What is unconditional love

According to the dex, unconditional means that is accepted without reservation. An example of unconditional love is the mother’s, who has a caring attitude, full of warmth and love for her baby, without asking for anything in return.
In order to have such a love, life partners should constantly offer freedom to each other, to accept feelings, perceptions, experiences and points of view, to offer freedom of expression, without feeling compelled to justify themselves.
Unconditional love also involves understanding the difference between feelings and reality, the ability to witness the sadness, madness, shame, guilt of the partner.

What is love, according to philosophers and celebrities (quotes)

↩️ When someone enters our souls, he stays there forever. Guillaume Musso
↩️ Fear shows us a world, and love shows us another world. We decide what the real world is. And we decide what world to live in. Louise Hay
↩️ If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one. If you loved the first one, you wouldn’t fall in love with the second one. Johnny Depp
↩️ Love in marriage is maintained as long as the husband and wife continue to be interested in each other’s thoughts. Richard Bach
↩️ If you are waiting for love, you will never find it. Louise Hay
↩️ Love should not be sought. Love is not around us, but within us. And if you have created a space for love in your soul, love will surely come. Richard Gere
↩️ Lovers who accept each other’s ideals become even more attractive to each other over the years. Richard Bach
↩️ Never give up on the one who makes you smile. Heath Ledger
↩️ Being destined for each other is a diagnosis. Marina Matisse
↩️ How to understand that you love
Very simple. Love is not when you always strive to be almost physical, but when you want to wash his shirt. Marina Matisse

Why is there no more love between us?

This question cannot be answered exactly. You just have to know that love is not the same thing. The storm, the hot feeling of jealousy in the years of youth become calmer in adulthood and grow into a deep sense of mutual concern.
Love does not pass. It’s just changing. Happy are the people who have understood this and have carried this sense of the multitude of love throughout their lives.

What is not love

  • Falling in love

Many of us fall into this trap. Falling in love is the feeling you experience at the beginning of a relationship or in the first phase that researchers talk about. Real love lasts a long time.

  • Passion

Many also confuse these two concepts. What’s the difference
If you pay more attention to your partner’s appearance, if you often think about “physical contact”, then this is more of a passion than love.

  • Friendliness

These feelings can be very similar, because we can easily fall in love with a friend or we can feel that our romantic partner has become our friend. If you’re confused, try paying attention to the chemistry and intensity of your feelings. In love, they are very strong.