If you want to congratulate your family and friends on the arrival of spring, below you will find beautiful March 1st messages with which to wish them a beautiful spring and all the best in the world.

March is the month that opens in the spring and derives from the Latin “Martius”, referring to the fact that it was dedicated to Mars: the harvest and the war were attributed to the divinity. Before the Julian Reformation, it was the month with which the year began. In the collective imagination, March is described as a crazy month that would make people born during this period have constant mood swings.

Read below and choose from our list of beautiful spring messages, and send them to your loved ones on social networks or you can write them in a greeting card.

March 1st love messages

March marks the beginning of spring, although it is clear most of the time, winter is not really ready to go. Even if it is still snowing and cold outside, with these March 1 love messages you can bring warmth to the heart of your loved one. See the March 1 love messages below and send a love message to your girlfriend / boyfriend.
❤️E March 1st! I can finally shout the love I have for you! I love you infinitely, my love!
❤️It is said that today is spring, the usual cycle starts after a sad and cold winter. The beating heart of life fills us with scents, music and colors. So, congratulations on March 1st, my love!
❤️This winter is already over, but we are still here in hell. This sun destroys me, the days without you are, in fact, nights I do not sleep. March 1st is too sad this year…
❤️I want to fly more and more! Then let me rest on my spring flower! You are the source of my heart! Congratulations on March 1st!
❤️The weather is changing, spring is coming, but we are still here, waiting for the warmth of the soul. How many useless promises and, again, suffering. Unknown clouds are coming, the air is unbreathable, the sun is shining too little. But when we step into spring, I know that time will stop and my love will come. With it will come a taste of joy. You will truly be the beginning of the life I have long dreamed of.
❤️My sweet spring, you bloomed like a flower of the universe, placing your roots in the garden of my heart. Enter my door, become the light of my life. You are the shining star of my soul and go straight to my heart! Congratulations on March 1st!
❤️Hello from your sun! Today is spring! Please drink my love to the end!
❤️The day has its sunset, the night has its dawn, the winter has it in the spring, and in the summer – in the autumn. The years go by and mark the end of the centuries. The river finally finds the sea and gets lost in it. So it all starts and it all ends. However, suddenly and unexpectedly I met the eternal, infinite unstoppable love for you! I love you! Congratulations on March 1st!
❤️After meeting you I understood what it means to love. I saw my body bloom like flowers in spring. We lived unforgettable moments that fate gave us. The power of this great love makes me feel you almost today, tomorrow and every spring that follows!
❤️I wanted to live a dream called Love and I lived it for a while… until the spring ice melted… I swore I would no longer call it a dream, but just a nightmare, but I couldn’t lie, because for me that VIS can never be a nightmare!
❤️In the charm of the night, I lived the wind of passion. Your caresses make me dream; I feel light, like a leaf, dancing further in the spring winds! Let’s pick up the fragrance and its delicate flowers like skin and the next March 1st! I love you!
❤️Sometimes I wonder where the angels live: in the air, in the sky or on the ground
But I am sure of one thing: an Angel will appear in my eyes in the most beautiful season, spring! I am waiting for you love!
❤️It’s March 1st and I feel the melancholy of a spring night: memories run fast on the wings of the present… I miss you!
❤️Morning dew on the grass, shining in the sun. He disappeared yesterday, he may come tomorrow, but this day has begun. Happy New Moon to you and your family.
❤️Every morning there is a fresh breath. But every new month is a new blessing. May this month bring all your dreams to reality. A happy new moon.
❤️Happy new month for you! May you find beauty in every moment of this month now and forever!
❤️Head up, heart open. Good luck on better days! A happy new moon.
❤️Look back and gain experience, no regrets. Wait ahead and see the hope, not the anxiety. Look inside and find no fantasies. Happy New Moon, wishing you strength, happiness, joy and peace!
❤️Wake up every morning with grateful joy because there are new mercies every morning. Happy New Moon, this month is yours.

Short messages from March 1st

February is about to end and in a few hours will begin the third month of the year, March. The name derives from the Latin “Martius”, referring to the fact that the moon was dedicated to Mars. This month celebrates the arrival of spring, and if you want to congratulate your family and friends who are far from you, with the short messages below you will be able to reach their hearts.
🍃 May this first day of sunny spring be charming and beautiful!
It’s spring! May the ice melt quickly, may the heat remove the troubles, and may the wishes of March be fulfilled!
🍃Today is the first day of spring. Let’s shout, “Hate!” We don’t want winter anymore! We want warmth, warmth, warmth!
🍃This spring, take everything from life!
🍃Spring will enter your destiny and take the pain of past adversity! Congratulations!
SaSpring to give you smiles, full joy and to fulfill all your wishes!
🍃In the arms of my dear it is warm and passionate! I want to have a happy spring with me!
🍃From March 1, may all hopes and dreams come true!
🍃Congratulations on the first ray of sunshine! Elegant spring to bring you great happiness in the house!
We want the spring sun to warm not only your streets, but also your hearts!
The brooks murmur, the snowdrop blooms! The spring of beauty is coming again! Congratulations!
Congratulations on the first day of spring! It’s time for nature to paint everything around in the juicy colors of fresh greenery!
🍃Spring gives us the joy of the first bright and fragrant flowers. Congratulations everyone!
We all waited for the wonderful spring, full of the songs of the birds! Congratulations!
You are like a beautiful snowdrop, like sunlight! You’re like no one else! Unique! Tell me the secret of success and accept my congratulations!
It’s spring! The sun shines again beautifully and lightly and congratulates us on the fact that the heat has come!
“It’s the feast of tenderness, it’s spring!” My congratulations!
🍃Congratulations on March 1st! I want to wish you warmth, happiness, tenderness, kindness, health, wisdom, success!
🍃To bring you joy and laughter this spring, and prosperity and comfort in your home!
You are smart and beautiful, that’s why I wish you this spring only to make your cherished dreams come true!
🍃My flower is fabulously beautiful and I always want to be with her! Congratulations on March 1st!
May May 1 successfully light your way and fill your life with goodness. Let the sadness melt from the heat!
The world is beautiful, don’t forget that you are part of it! Best wishes for March 1st!
May spring bring you happiness and may love blossom easily in your soul!
“Now I know for sure – we don’t care about the cold!” Congratulations from the bottom of my heart and a happy spring!
🍃So soon the snow will melt and the water will flow like a stream! Congratulations to my friend and a happy spring from day one!
It’s fun in nature – spring has come again! Wonderful weather to bring joy to all!
🍃Congratulations on the first day of spring! I wish you joy and happiness, friendly smiles and love!
Spring gives us the warmth of tender dreams! Good luck, joy and love!
🍃From March 1, may life have several sunny days, and bright smiles and flowers may bring you happiness and joy.
Happy New Year to you! Cheers and good luck! Happy Birthday!
A bouquet of snowdrops and a beautiful spring for a person more special than all seasons! I love you! Happy Birthday!
I see the world in your eyes and your eyes all over the world. Happy March 1st!
🍃A virtual martisor just for you and all my best wishes! Happy Birthday!
🍃Think about me whenever a snowdrop rises. You are my Martisor! Happy Birthday!
“Look around you.” Give. Smile. Dream. Get a Martisor! Happy Birthday!
🍃In the most wonderful spring, a martisor is coming towards you. Happy Birthday!
From afar, on unknown wings, carried by a sweet and wonderful longing,
🍃Enjoy the sun, enjoy the snowdrops, enjoy the beautiful days of spring and welcome the martisor in your soul! Happy Birthday!
The seasons come and go, but every man keeps a season in his soul. Try to keep the spring. Happy Birthday!
🍃The scent of spring flowers, the dew of warm mornings, the breeze of the sapphire of the most beautiful season, all these to find their place in your soul. Happy March 1st!

The most beautiful messages of March 1st

March (Martius in Latin) takes its name from the Roman god Mars, the god of war, because it was in March that wars generally began. Today, March is celebrating peace and rebirth, and if you want to congratulate your family and friends, below you will find the most beautiful March 1 messages with which to congratulate your loved ones.
🌱Let the first rays of spring penetrate your soul and your heart be full of inspiration and vigor! Congratulations!
🌱Congratulations on March 1st! May happiness spread through the light of the sun’s rays and may flowers bloom not only in your garden, but also in your soul!
🌱Congratulations on the first day of spring – wonderful and glorious! Have a bright sun and know that you are always welcome in our house!
Spring is so long awaited and desired! Who is tired of snow, snow, cold weather and gray skies
And spring, as if feeling the mood of the Romanians, we enjoy the warm weather and the sight of the sun behind the clouds from day one. Congratulations to all on March 1st!
🌱Congratulations on March 1st! May luck, wealth and success rush to your home, and may the spring days bring you a wonderful mood!
🌱Congratulations on March 1st! May there always be warmth, light and optimism in your souls. Start spring with a smile!
🌱Spring awakens nature, gives us new strength with the first playful rays of the spring sun and energizes us. A happy first day of spring for you!
May this spring give you an incredible burst of energy! Congratulations!
What a wonderful day it is today – it’s the first magical day of spring! Everyone welcomes her and expects wonderful changes. How bright the sun is already, and the last snow melts with sadness… So, let the song of spring rush in all the houses! Congratulations on March 1st!
🌱Congratulations on March 1st! Let everything around you flourish! Happy spring to you!
I wish you sunny, happy and happy spring days!
🌱Have a happy and beautiful first day of spring! Admire her so young, green, tender! Let the sky shine brightly over your head, and let the snowdrop give you joy!
May this spring bring you only joy and laughter, much success and fulfilled promises! Congratulations on March 1st!
May the new spring bring new strength, new discoveries and new opportunities to all! Congratulations on March 1st!
🌱Congratulations on the first day of spring, with the first breath of happiness and the awakening of love. I wish you to meet this spring with high hopes and bright expectations, with good dreams and sincere feelings.
🌱Congratulations on March 1st! Smiles, warmth, bright light, positive thoughts, unforgettable moments, amazing feelings!
🌱I wish the first rays of spring to warm your heart, and the first notes of the song of the birds to fill your soul with delight!
Spring is on the calendar, friends! Congratulations to all on March 1st!
🌱Congratulations on the first day of spring. Be full of love and inspiration, moments of happiness and fun.

Christian messages of March 1

The first day of spring can be a good opportunity to send them, on the occasion of Martisor, the most beautiful Christian messages to family, friends and loved ones. See below the Christian messages of March 1 and send them to your loved ones. These messages will surely make you happy and make your day better.
🌿Spring has come and we will shout out loud: Hate! May it bring us great happiness and endow us with fiery and passionate love.
🌿From March 1, may your spirit be happy and healthy and you want to fall in love as soon as possible! Run faster in the spring!
🌿Spring sun caresses our eyes. Gradually, the white winter outfit comes off. Congratulations on the arrival of such a wonderful spring!
🌿Let your soul always remain young, like early spring. Health and good luck to you. Congratulations on March 1st!
🌿Let the coming spring melt the snow and turn it into a stream, and with it all evil will be carried far, far into the ocean. Instead, let happiness, joy and health flourish!
Congratulations on the freshness and warmth of spring! Have changes in all areas!
🌿Congratulations on March 1st! May life be better every day, or may fate not forget to make us happy!
“Congratulations on the beginning of spring.” Let your life be full of the feeling of the joy of waking nature from a long hibernation and let this lift your mood.
Congratulations on the first day of spring! March is on the calendar today! I’ve had enough blizzards, enough ice, and now I just wish you warmth!
🌿Congratulations on March 1st! I wish you a romantic mood, may the winter take your pains and worries and may the star of luck shine in the sky!
Spring has come – a dream witch! Congratulations everyone! May the Lord watch over you!
🌿Today, men are all very passionate and in love with the beautiful smiles of women! I give them martisoare and many good wishes! I wish you to stay young, beautiful and enjoy the first day of spring!
🌿You will soon find your strong success and whatever you are looking for, you will definitely find it! Congratulations on March 1st!
Today, the sun shines friendly and cheerful on the blue sky, distributing the heat, because it’s March 1st! Congratulations!
🌿Spring, with a confident walk, walks through forests and fields, brings with it the joy of warmth and the hope of love. I sincerely want to congratulate you for the beginning of spring, to wish you a charming and good mood, happiness in the family and success in your field of work.
Today, the earth has fallen in love with the sun, because the heat of spring has come on our streets. The heart beats in the rhythm of the festive march and our souls are full of new ideas and feelings. I hasten to congratulate you on March 1 and wish you a happy and warm spring!
“How delightful it is in my soul today!” The first day of young spring has come! I shook all my deep winter dreams and opened my heart to something new! May we all be happy!
🌿Spring has come to us today and this is the best balm for the soul! Congratulations on this wonderful day! I wish your soul to wake up too.
🌿The long-awaited first day of spring has come! I sincerely wish you a sunny mood, comfortable meetings with friends, bouquets of flowers and passionate love!

March 1 messages for women

March 1st is the beginning of spring, and the martisor that the girls receive is the harbinger of spring. From March 1, congratulate the women in your life, and send them a March 1 message. It is important to be with your loved ones in your life, so read the March 1 messages for women below and send them to the women in your life.
You have everything to conquer the world! Congratulations on March 1st!
UneiA woman’s heart is the most precious thing a man can have! Congratulations on March 1, my dear!
“No matter how I look at you, you seem to be the angel of my life.” I love you! Happy March 1st!
“I often can’t find words to say to you, but I’m blessed to be there at the worst possible time.” You are hope, you are love! Congratulations on March 1st!
“You know how to provoke everything that comes your way!” You have an enviable inner strength! I want to bow my head in front of you and wish you a wonderful spring day, dear mother!
I want to thank you for being the pillar of my life! Happy March 1st!
Have a wonderful spring day! No life matters without a woman!
The woman is a mixture of beauty and brain that can do everything right! Congratulations to all the women on March 1st!
A woman is a consistent combination of positive thoughts, bold colors, unconditional love and the need to give. It is timeless and powerful. Congratulations to all the women on March 1st and March 8th!
May the glory and splendor of spring be given to you in abundance. Congratulations to all the women on March 1st!
You can do almost anything you thought. You can swim the deepest ocean and climb the highest peak. You can face adversity, because you are strong, beautiful, compassionate and much more than words can say! Congratulations to all the women on March 1st!
🌞Celebrating the elegance of spring and the woman, I wish you happy birthday on March 1st!
It is important to recognize and appreciate the incredible and dynamic women in our lives. Every new day, they inspire us in ways that are often hard to describe. Without these beautiful women, the world would be empty. Congratulations to all the women on March 1st and March 8th!
🌞The desire to listen, the patience to understand, the strength to sustain, the heart to be there. This is the beauty of a lady! Happy March 1st!
🌞This March 1 message is to celebrate the woman and her power, determination, care and altruistic spirit!
🌞If life is dark, you are the hope of light. Congratulations on March 1st!
🌞The woman is a friend, a guide and a partner who shows a man what love, care and sharing are! Congratulations to all the women on March 1st!
A woman can make happiness bloom around her, just like spring! Congratulations to all the women on March 1st!
“Hey, woman!” Keep smiling and spread the smile as you always did !!! Congratulations on March 1st!
I wish you a very happy spring day! You are the one who makes the difference in so many lives!
🌞If life is a rainbow, you are different colors of it. Congratulations to all the women on March 1st!
A snowdrop bouquet and a beautiful spring for a more special person than all seasons!
🌞Look around you, communicate… smile… dream… Get a Martisor!
From afar, on unknown wings, Carried by a sweet and wonderful longing, In the most wonderful spring, It is heading towards you, a Martisor!
May the month of March come with sunshine, happiness, smiles and joy in your soul!
The seasons come and go, but every man keeps a season in his soul. Try to keep the spring.
AlbWhite thread is health, Red thread is postperity. Together, they form a crown of success and good cheer.
🌞Let the spring knocking on the door envelop your morning with the scent of tears. Happy birthday martisor!
🌞From March 1 I offer you the martisor of happiness, it is woven by nature from flowers and sunbeams, and I give it to you with all my love!
🌞Spring to bring you a martisor of health, a snowball of luck, a ray of happiness, a cloud of love and a bright sun like your soul.
🌞A virtual martisor with 100% true feelings. I love you. Happy birthday martisor!
I hope that March 1 will bring you only joy, happiness and love! Happy Birthday!

Special messages from March 1st

March 1 is the right time to send messages and wishes to your loved ones. With the special messages of March 1, you will be able to congratulate all the important people in your life. All you have to do is read below and choose the perfect messages for your loved ones.
“Today, spring has come to visit us.” She poured balm on the souls of love! Congratulations on the first day of spring!
Dear brother, you see spring has come. Let me wish you a good mood on the first day of spring, success in your studies and in your personal life. Good luck!
Congratulations on the arrival of spring! Be happy! Let the melting snow take away all your evil, and let the rays of the sun give you victories on the path of life!
🌐The first day of spring is so beautiful! May the dreams be pleasant and the Martisor holiday – fragrant.
🌐The arrival of spring always inspires you, makes you sing songs and enjoy life. The first day of spring is especially significant. Dear friend, let me congratulate you on this amazing holiday, with the beginning of spring.
🌐From March 1, I want you to wake up from the winter “coma”. May all your dreams come true this spring!
🌐It’s still snowing on the branches, it’s freezing outside and the cold, penetrating wind is blowing, but it’s already March 1st in the calendar. This means that spring has come. It will bring us the chirping of birds and the warmth of the sun. I sincerely congratulate you on this spring holiday!
🌐From March 1, I wish you creative inspiration. Let the muse constantly communicate with you and not leave you for a minute. Enjoy our new creations!
🌐On March 1, nature tries to inform us that the kingdom of winter is over and spring is coming. Dear sister, I want to congratulate you on the long-awaited arrival of spring. I wish you titanic health, nice fans and loyal friends.
🌐From March 1, may your soul be charged with positive emotions, may the great sea of ​​love come by chance and decorate everything in your life!
🌐From March 1, may your eyes be full of the lights of happiness! Create, dream and fall in love with all your heart! And try to meet spring with optimism!
“It’s good on the street – spring has come!” My soul feels wonderful, rejoices and sings today! Congratulations to all on March 1st!
🌐From March 1, love is about to happen between us! Congratulations!
🌐Let you have a good mood today, which will last throughout the spring and the whole summer. Congratulations on March 1st!
Today, the beauty of nature woke up from sleep. Today, you will not meet sad people. Congratulations on the first day of spring!
“May this spring be beautiful for us!” May it bring us joy and passionate love like fire!
Grandpa, look out the window and you will see how winter leaves our country and the heat comes to replace the cold and frost. Congratulations!
It’s March 1st! In the morning I want to sing loudly and all the passers-by to smile sincerely at me! Congratulations to all on the first day of spring!
“Today is March 1st.” Beginning of spring. Congratulations on this Martisor holiday. I wish you long and happy years of life, children not to look at you and to enjoy your attention.

The cutest messages of March 1st

Spring begins with the warmest March 1st messages that will brighten your soul and bring a smile to the lips of the special women in your life! See below the most beautiful and beautiful messages of March 1 and send them to all the women in your life. They deserve to know that you are thinking about them on this important day.
The long-awaited hour has come, when spring will please us with its sunrises. When everything flourishes, when great changes come to us! Congratulations on the first day of spring!
🔆Congratulations on the first day of spring! I wish you good luck; happiness with your loved ones!
🔆I dreamed of you on a warm spring evening… And I’m glad you soon became my reality! Congratulations on March 1st!
“May this spring never make you sad!” Congratulations!
🔆From March 1, let your heart burn with the flame of love and passion. May dreams big and small come true and feel the happiness and inspiration of spring.
You are like a beautiful flower that blooms in spring, but that will never wither! Congratulations on March 1st!
🔆From March 1 I wish you much success, to bloom like a wonderful snowdrop, life to give you warmth, and the gentle spring sun to illuminate you every day!
🔆From March 1, I sincerely wish you to fall in love with life! Let your soul and house be filled with joy.
🔆Spring, everything blooms in nature and in the soul and we don’t have to be afraid of frost anymore. Congratulations to all with the arrival of this beautiful season!
🔆Spring, nature is renewed, and we come to life with it every time! Congratulations to all on March 1st!
🔆Spring has come to the streets and the snowdrop is blooming shyly. Congratulations on March 1st! With such a wonderful, bright, sunny day!
🔆Spring whispers to us: happiness awaits us! Don’t miss it! Congratulations on March 1st!
🔆Today is the first day of spring. Finally it’s the season that suits your energy! Congratulations!
🔆All the flowers of spring would like to have your perfume, the stars that are in the sky would like to shine like your eyes, the waves of the sea would like the sweet caress you do when you kiss, and the angels – your voice on who will never have it. Congratulations on this spring, which is far from comparable to you!
Spring not only renews nature, but also changes us for the better. So, fly on the wings of success like a bird!
🔆Congratulations on March 1st! Let the sadness disappear with the snow and replace it with peace, love and kindness!
🔆Congratulations on March 1st! I wish you new plans, ideas, emotions, everything to work the way you want! Finally fulfill all your important dreams!
🔆On a sunny day that smells like a holiday, I also give you spring messages with martisoara aromas and I wish you: “A fairytale spring!”.
Now, on the eve of spring, I am sending you my martyr’s gift as a gift to keep you warm!
🔆 May your soul vibrate in the chords of joy and love of life! A happy and fulfilled spring!
AturaNature has woven from the flowers and the rays of the sun the martisor of happiness, so that I can offer it to you today together with all my love.
🔆The red and white wire braided with tenderness wants to bind our friendship even more!
I wish you a happy March 1st and a spring that will bloom all year long!
🔆The purity and candor of this spring may inspire your symphony of joy and happiness!
🔆A snowdrop bouquet and a beautiful spring for a more special person than all seasons.
Spring is the season of rebirth, of revival. I wish you a wonderful spring, full of love and achievements!
The seasons come and go, but each of us keeps a season in his soul. Try to keep the spring!
🔆A snowdrop bouquet and a beautiful spring for a special person / colleague!
🔆Spring to bring you a lucky martisor, rays of love and warm breaths of happiness!

March 1 messages for friends

The arrival of spring is a good opportunity to send a message, a greeting card or a friendly greeting to your loved ones. Besides the traditional martisor, we believe that a message can bring spring to the souls of loved ones. Send messages in Italian from March 1 to those who are not close to you and wish them a beautiful spring.
🥰️Spring is back with its light breeze, the days get longer, the nights get shorter.
🥰️Sometimes late spring arrives, it has so many things to think about: delicate scents for so many beautiful flowers, waking animals from long hibernation and turning the sun a beautiful yellow color!
🥰️Be careful, be careful, this is not an exercise. Leave the houses, play outdoors, Spring and come back, get out of bed.
🥰️Spring is also back in the woods destroyed by the folly and cruelty of men, even in cities tormented by incomprehensible wars, even in hearts crumbled by the cold of indifference.
🥰️Never forget that after Winter, even the hardest one, Spring always comes back.
🥰️ The parks and gardens joyfully resound with the cries of the little ones under the watchful eye of their grandparents who return to Spring as children.
🥰️ Mrs. Primavera arrived with a comfortable bus. She has a flowered dress, a big sun for a hat, blades of grass for her hair, smile beautiful children.
🥰️ The farmer returned from the field, he rests tired under the pergola full of wisteria. The blossoming trees that Spring gives him bring promises of fruit in large quantities.
🥰️Spring is like a child, sometimes good but often naughty. March is called crazy month: it brings a warm sun and immediately after a large umbrella.
🥰️ Spring is the mother of everyone but above all of the poor, of those who have no home and live on the street and this season they have a starry sky for their ceiling and the warmth of this wonderful season for their blanket.
🥰️ In the immense blue sky, small white clouds, fluffy like whipped cream, seem to chase each other and the sun plays with them: peeps out behind them, then returns again announcing Spring.
🥰️Spring has a long brush to color the beautiful village: cheerful multicolored butterflies dance around the red and yellow roses, the lonely violets sprout from the grass like queens and the poppies in the sunny field look like flames of enchanted fire.
🥰️ The inhabitants of the forest have woken up, they were hibernating in the frozen months and everyone in chorus seems to say: “It’s Spring, just sleep!
🥰️Leave your coat, scarf and hat, it’s no longer cold my dear child! The playground is already waiting for you, Spring has arrived in the city.
🥰️Under the eaves the swallow is back. She came from distant lands and after so much flying she can finally rest in the warmth of Spring.
🥰️ Spring is like happiness: we look forward to it and then, when it arrives, we never appreciate it enough.
🥰️Spring brings out many flowers that remind us that hope must always be reborn.
🥰️ Spiteful spring brought with the colorful flowers, with the sparkling breeze, sweet and intense scents and also the fluffy pollen that flying here and there, will make you sneeze.
🥰️Spring has a flag made of flowers, scents and colors. If you want to wave it too, she looks in the sky, in the bluest sky!

March 1st love messages

Prepare some special Martisor cards, even if you send them on the phone or on the internet, because they will bring a lot of joy to the ladies and gentlemen who will receive them. On this day, congratulate the special woman in your life and send her a message of love. Read below and see the March 1 love messages.
🔔In every sigh of yours, the warmth of spring is reborn in me! I love you!
No woman will ever be like you because you are the only princess with the biggest heart I know and you give yourself completely to our love. Congratulations on March 1st!
The sound of your silence vibrates like a leaf touched by the light spring wind… Only those who do not perceive these emotions cannot understand… I miss you on this day of March 1…
🔔One spring morning, you will open your eyes and realize that everything in your life could change at any time… Just call me!
🔔You are that spring wind that brings back all the memories of the past that I lived in two…
🔔From March 1, the weather is too bad to think, it only brings me pain and melancholy…
🔔Who knows if tomorrow the sky will be more beautiful and the wind will be lighter. Enjoy today’s spring!
Even if this March 1st is cold, for me there is always a warm spring in my soul. You know why
Because your look and your smile brighten my days and warm my soul.
🔔Today, the light spring wind whispers your name… It carries the scent of our love!
I want to wake you up every morning like nature wakes up in spring, to caress you like the spring wind caresses the leaves, and to kiss you like the rays of the sun kiss your forehead in the morning. Congratulations on March 1, love!
You are a spring flower! You’re the only one who took my heart! The moon is no more beautiful than you! I love you and congratulations on March 1st!
🔔I hope spring has returned in order to bring harmony to the hearts of all people in love! Congratulations on March 1, my love!
“Something in me understands that the look in your eyes is deeper than all the spring roses!” I love you!
TaYour winter heart is, in fact, a spring flower that I love and am still trying to melt! Congratulations with the arrival of spring!
“And without you, spring comes after winter.” And without you the sun shines just as beautiful!
🔔Today, princess, I want to dedicate only a few lines to you, inspired by the depths of your love, where I know that only I exist! I want to wish you a wonderful spring!

Original messages from March 1

With the arrival of spring, we also celebrate martisor, an opportunity to offer martisor and send March 1 messages to mothers, wives, colleagues and friends. With these March 1 messages in English, you will be able to reach the hearts of all the women in your life. All you have to do is read below and send these happy birthday messages to your loved ones.
🌝Spring is a green dress, flowing and green, covering Mother Nature in her best outfit. Happy Spring!
🌝Hello to Spring, my season. You always give me strength to go through each year knowing at the end of Winter, you shall come again. Happy Spring!
🌝Spring is a season of contentedness, peace, and a renewed hope for the future. Happy Spring!
🌝Spring rains are the only rains that make you sing and be grateful. Happy Spring!
🌝Spring is the season of the Child. Laughter is its sound, and flowers its scent. Happy Spring!
🌝Spring is a woman opening her windows, letting in the fresh air into her home. Happy Spring!
🌝I love seeing butterflies in Spring. It makes me smile knowing that because of these tiny creatures, flowers will bloom anew. Happy Spring!
🌝Birds, bees, and love in the air. Oh, how I’ve missed the scents of Spring!
🌝Spring is sweet with bouquets of flowers, boxes of chocolates, and delicious young love. Happy Spring!
🌝Spring is not only a season, it is a feeling. A feeling of newness, of change, and of life. Happy Spring!
🌝The wind brings in a new feeling when Spring arrives. Of calm and the return of life on the barren plains of Winter cold. Happy Spring!
🌝Your kisses taste like Spring, and my thirst is quenched by the morning dew. Happy Spring!
🌝There is nothing like lying on the grass and letting Spring come over you. Happy Spring!
🌝Spring always makes me sing, of happiness and joy and every girl and boy, will smile anew and a lot of love for me and you. Happy Spring!
🌝Wishing that this Spring will leave you free of allergies!
🌝Bloom into your life like the flowers of Spring!
🌝Spring is a time of discovery, of being a baby seeing the world unfurl for the first time in magical wonder. Happy Spring!
🌝We awake to see new things created when Spring arrives gently into our lives. Happy Spring!
🌝The Earth is a child in the time of Spring. Happy Spring!
🌝The only hope we have when faced with a bleak winter is a warm spring. Happy Spring!
🌝Believe that Spring will come again and your hope and faith shall never falter. Happy Spring!
🌝When you see the sun returning and tiny rabbit heads poke out of the ground, know that Spring is just around the corner.
🌝When my roses poke from the earth and look to the sky, I know that Spring has just awakened and is passing by. Happy Spring!
🌝Spring makes us sing! Happy Spring!
🌝Spring is when Nature opens her windows and airs out the cobwebs of winter.
🌝We thank Spring for the warm weather and hearts. Happy Spring!
🌝When I think of you, I think of Spring. You remind me of the joy of life and the belief in hope. Happy Spring!
🌝Early mornings are the best time to enjoy Spring. Where the sun is just gentle enough to kiss you as it passes along making everything golden.
🌝Spring always passes by too fast but I worry not, for it shall come again. Happy Spring!
🌝Laugh into a room with flowers and bring in Joy like the coming of Spring.
🌝Always live your life as if you’re in a constant Spring. Happy Spring!