Night is the time for peace and quiet, immersing you in a sweet dream, when the body rests and gains new energy for the next bright and eventful day. We have gathered both emotional and gentle messages that will calm and evoke sweet dreams. as well as funny goodnight text messages, which will establish a restful sleep on a positive note. Unexpected wishes of sweet dreams can turn ordinary sleep into an incredible journey into the world of imagination .

SMS for good night boyfriend

Here are some examples of texting for your boyfriend, which will provoke an explosion of positive emotions!

✅️ Have colorful and good dreams today. I am sure that tonight you will be able to sleep well and gain strength to conquer the new day. I love you!
✅️ To have pleasant dreams, so that you wake up in a wonderful mood for the whole day.
✅️ Good night, my joy! I wish you a good night’s sleep and nothing to disturb your sleep.
✅️ May your strength recover overnight and a lot of ideas appear in your head to conquer the peaks of world success. Goodnight love!
✅️ My boyfriend, I wish you good night and sweet dreams, may we always be together, may our souls not move away from each other even during the night!
✅️ My beloved man, my precious happiness, I wish you the most beautiful, sweet and wonderful dreams! I will come to you in your perfect dream and I will disturb your peace with my tender caresses!
✅️ Good night, my love. To dream of all the brightest, gentlest and most pleasant dreams. To give you the maximum energy for the night for tomorrow!
✅️ I send you my tender kiss with my wishes for tonight. Have the most precious, the best, the sweetest dreams and good night!
✅️ I wish you to gain strength during the night, so that tomorrow you can do everything you have planned and even more. I kiss you hard, darling, and I say in your ear, “Sleep, my hero.”
✅️ My boyfriend, my darling, my wonderful! I wish you good night, the most beautiful and pleasant dreams, the sweetest and most wonderful awakening in the morning!
✅️ Let the night be quiet. Go to bed, my dear. I will definitely visit you in dreams.
✅️ In a dream, I will whisper in your ear how much I love you! Close your eyes and wait for me! Goodnight My Love!
✅️ Good night, honey! May this night be sweet and kind, may you have funny and vivid dreams!

SMS of love and good night for your loved one

The little text messages of love and good night for the loved one will always show your warmth and affection, especially if the recipient is far away. Thus, you will be able to feel the spiritual harmony and tenderness between you.

⭐ Good night! Think about our meeting all the next nights!
Ara Without your eyes, I get bored living, without your warmth, my heart freezes. Come faster, I want you to warm me up. I wish you good night, my love. I kiss you, I embrace you!
⭐ Good night, my dear! Let all the troubles and hardships remain in the past!
⭐ Lie on the pillow, close your eyes and sit next to me. My warm body clings to you and I am the happiest on earth.
⭐ The most beloved, the most beautiful! I wish you the happiest night!
⭐ Even though you are not with me now, know that all thoughts are about you. Good night!
⭐ It happens that dreams come true… May you have a good dream at night, and tomorrow come true!
⭐ Let a good dream appear at night and come true in the morning!
⭐ Night has come, but you are so far away. I am very sad! Today, in a dream, we will meet and I will give you all my love.
⭐ I wish you a passionate night, warm hugs and hot kisses. May the chosen one fulfill your most desired dream tomorrow!
⭐ I wish you a good night, I kiss you passionately and I embrace you gently!
⭐ The night has arrived, awaited by all. I’m waiting for you too, I’m waiting for our lips to touch, our hands to embrace, our bodies to merge. Do with me what you want!
⭐ I wish you a night in which everything is calm, in which there are no storms, in which there is happiness and love.
⭐ Let your dream be easy and enjoyable. Good night!
⭐ I am sending you a good night SMS and I wish you pleasant dreams. Many hugs and kisses!
⭐ The night has come. I wish you a good sleep, in which to kiss me, to hug me all night and not to forget me for a minute!
⭐ From your caresses I lose my head, from your kisses I melt, and when you hold my hand – I am the happiest! Good night, my king!
⭐ Night has come and I want you to dream of it. Sweet dreams, my kitten.
⭐ Good night! Sweet Dreams! Get some rest and gain strength for new things!

Good night SMS (funny)

Laughter therapy has not hurt anyone yet, but rather has helped to make people feel connected. These funny SMS and good night messages are definitely an effective way to bring an involuntary smile on your face and a wave of positive emotions.

↩️ Good night, fluffy dreams and miraculous stars! In the light of the moon, see how your wishes come true!
↩️ I would like your pillow to always be filled with a clear conscience, the blanket to be woven of honest deeds, and the mattress to be made of good thoughts. Magic dreams!
↩️ Good night! When you go to bed, don’t forget to stop your brain, otherwise it will think at night!
↩️ I wish your night was as slow as a turtle and your awakening as pleasant and sweet as fragrant honey.
↩️ Good night! To dream of the kingdom of chocolate!
↩️ If you don’t wish me good night, five elves will come to you and tickle you all night!
↩️ Deep and healthy sleep for you, my love. Rest well, take a nap and start a new day in the most splendid mood!
↩️ Good night! Sweet Dreams! To dream of something good and pleasant, for example, on me.
↩️ I sent an angel to kiss you good night, but he came back and told me that one angel does not kiss another angel!
↩️ Good night, my cat! I kiss you on the nose! Let your dreams be fun and colorful!
↩️ Close your eyes faster and go to bed. I start the timer! If you don’t sleep – the wolf will come!
↩️ May the night be sweet, may the embrace of a loved one be bright, may the stars be bright, like the light of beloved eyes, and may sleep be as tight as love. 
↩️ To dream of something short but wonderful. Good night my darling!
↩️ I wish you the most beautiful, colorful and happy dreams to come to you tonight and keep you company!
↩️ A comfortable bed, a soft pillow and a warm blanket! That’s what I wish you!
↩️ Close your eyes and fall asleep without problems! Enjoy the comfort of your warm and favorite bed!
↩️ I wish you extraordinary and risky adventures, extreme and unexpected transformations of destiny. In a dream, of course. Good night!
↩️ The sooner you fall asleep, the sooner you will wake up. Good night!
↩️ To dream today of the exact path to success, which you can follow in reality. But to see it, you have to fall asleep as soon as possible. Therefore, I wish you good night and nothing to stop you from pursuing your dream.
↩️ I wish you not to overeat at night, so that the sleep is sweet and deep! I want you to sleep until the roosters wake up, so you don’t wake up to the alarm clock! I wish you a peaceful night and wake up ready for new exploits!

Beautiful good night SMS (long)

Be original and unpredictable, show your partner every time the feelings, the signs of respect and the manifestation of love. I can help you with these beautiful long good night wishes:

  • My beauty, it’s time to go to bed so you can sleep and have a good night. I wish you sweet dreams. I hope that the main character in your dream will be me exclusively. Cover yourself with a warm blanket and think of something good. Imagine us walking in our favorite park, eating ice cream and feeding the pigeons bread…
  • The sweetness of my life, the love of my soul and body, the meaning of my existence, my unusually affectionate and gentle face, like this night! I want to wish you a peaceful rest on this velvet night and to have peace that will envelop you in its soft hugs from head to toe!
  • Let the depths of sleep take you away from the hustle and bustle of the world and give you the true pleasure of a night’s rest! Sleep well, darling, and let your dream be unique, wonderful and positive! You fall asleep thinking that in the morning I will wake you up with a sweet and tender kiss! Good night!
  • Now you need to close your eyes tightly to fall asleep as soon as possible. You need to sleep well. And in the morning you will have to wake up early to have time to complete all your chores by evening. Don’t think about business now, because they will distract you. Just think that I am close, that I love you and support you in everything, but I want you to sleep and rest.
  • The dream will first enter the alley, it will look out the windows for a long time, but when it sees your face, it will fall in love. And every night this guest will come to your house with quiet and fabulous gifts. Good night my Dear! May the night leave all the hardships of the day behind.
  • When the sun goes down on the horizon, I start to miss you to the point of madness. I know it’s not possible to meet tonight. I pray to God to meet us in a dream, and you, that during the day, to come to me with tenderness again. Honey! See you in the dream!
  • Let your sleep be strong and calm, comfortable and carefree, beautiful and colorful! I want you to feel my love in a dream as well as in reality! I hug you gently and kiss you tenderly before going to bed and let the taste of my kiss stay on your lips until morning, my love!
  • My beautiful boyfriend, now you sleep peacefully. Let the night present you with colorful images that will be remembered on a cloudy morning. Let sleep come like a gust of wind, and gentle angels drive away worry and fear. Enjoy the goodness and the gifts of the night!
  • SMS for good night girlfriend

    Send a surprise to your girlfriend and show your attention with these SMS for good night girlfriend.

    ⇒ My tenderness, my beloved beauty, night has come out of the windows, and you are not yet asleep. Leave all your belongings, sleep under the warm blanket in your favorite bed and fall asleep. Good night!
    ⇒ I want you to dream about me, how I hold your fragile body firmly to your chest and whisper in your ear how much I love you!
    ⇒ My love, my angel and my soul, good night to you. I wish you the most beautiful and happy dreams. May your night’s rest be comfortable.
    ⇒ My girl, I wish you sweet and good dreams! I easily cover your whole pretty face with hot kisses!
    ⇒ Let the night rush with a fairy tale for you and in the morning start with something cheerful and amazing. I love you my little one!
    ⇒ Good night, my dear, desired, loved and unique! I want this night to be unusual for you, and the dream to take you to the distant lands of magic!
    ⇒ I wish you a sweet sleep, like a child, to sleep well and to wake up in a wonderful and cheerful mood! Goodnight Sweetheart!
    You are the most beautiful! To dream exceptionally of good dreams, which will fill your new day with lightness, brightness and joy!
    ⇒ Good night, my wish, unique and beautiful! I wish you to sleep sweetly and see the most wonderful and beautiful dreams, so that in the morning you will wake up again delighted, inspired, dreamy and in love with me, your life and this world!
    Good night, my queen! Honey, I kiss you hard and tenderly cover you with my love, I wish you a comfortable, wonderful and restful sleep!
    ⇒ Go to bed, my girl. I promise no one and nothing will disturb your peace. I kiss your sweet lips and cute nose. Goodnight My Love.

    Good night SMS for her and him (short)

    The surprise in the form of a good night SMS for her and for him, short and beautiful, will delight your half, will provoke smiles and will create a wonderful mood.

    🔖 Close your eyes and fall asleep sweet, sweet!
    🔖 May your dream be sweet and kind, may the night cover you with a magical blanket of bright stars. Good night!
    🔖 I wish you a good rest from the worries of the day, relax in a comfortable bed and enjoy the wonderful dreams. Good night!
    🔖 I wish you a good rest and gain new strength. Have the best dreams.
    🔖 Tonight I want you to visit a wonderful fairy tale and walk on the cradle of clouds.
    I wish you good night. See only good dreams, just like you.
    🔖 My dear, it’s bad you’re away. In this SMS I send you all my warmth. I love you, I kiss you, I hug you and I wish you a peaceful night.
    🔖 May we not be separated even in dreams, but only close and with love in our hearts!
    🔖 If you have nightmares, call me to save you! Good night!
    🔖 Good night! May the angel protect you in dreams too.
    🔖 A gentle look, a passionate kiss, touching bodies – we will drown in the flame of love on this dream night!
    🔖 To dream a good dream: a fabulous angel will appear in it and will bring you my kiss. Good night, my hero!
    🔖 I wish you a wonderful sleep and to wake up in a great mood.
    🔖 Tonight, I want to be your blanket, to caress you everywhere, to be with you!
    🔖 Take a break from the hectic day, and wake up in the morning with a nice smile! Good night!
    🔖 Sleep tight and sweet. I kiss you on both cheeks.
    🔖 Good night and the most beautiful, brightest, most wonderful and interesting dreams. Sleep well and wake up with a smile.
    🔖 A fire of love and only the two of us. Close your eyes and feel close, I’m here – in your dreams!
    Buna Good night. Let the night take away all your fatigue and all the negativity of today!
    🔖 May this night be warm, even though we don’t meet her together!
    🔖 I wish you sweet, good dreams, to have a light sleep, to rest fully and to wake up in a positive mood! Good night!

    The most beautiful good night SMS

    Send the most beautiful goodnight SMS to your spouse, girlfriend / boyfriend, especially if your loved one needs special support and attention. This way, you can distract her from negative thoughts. Short text messages will no doubt warm her soul, cheering her up.

    🌝 Let your good and bright dream show you the mysterious kingdom of the night, to give the body relaxation and the soul joy and peace. Good night.
    🌝 Have a wonderful night of inspiration! Let the bright moon and stars shine brightly, but do not stop you from watching the most enchanting and amazing dreams of happiness, which will come true in the morning!
    🌝 May the night become long and serene. Let her catch you in a comfortable bed and wrap you in a multicolored blanket of dreams!
    🌝 Good night! Let your most colorful dreams, bright and beautiful, fill you with inspiration and joy!
    🌝 Have the most fun and unforgettable, happy and inspiring, invigorating and impressive dreams! Good night!
    🌝 When you go to bed, put your brain and body to recharge, close the pages of problems and worries, stop all bad thoughts and start the relaxation program. Good night and sweet dreams!
    🌝 Night is already flying, lighting the stars against the dark background of the sky! Have the best dreams! This will be the gift for you to make your night bright!
    🌝 Let your dream be as beautiful as the distant stars and as fantastic as the infinite sky! Good night!
    🌝 With all my heart I wish you incredibly sweet dreams like honey, which will fill your soul with calm and positivity, and your body – with energy and power!
    🌝 May today’s rest give you unusual pleasure! Good night!
    🌝 Close your eyes and quickly immerse yourself in the world of good dreams!