If you are looking for happiness statuses (short and long) for him or her, or if you want to match happy words of love to your profile picture on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or simply want to read the most interesting statuses of happiness in love and life, then you have chosen the right article!

Happy life statuses

Here we have selected the latest status of happy life, with a penetrating meaning.
In fact, very few live today. Most are preparing to live later.
Do not seek happiness: it is always in you.
Every man is the blacksmith of his fate.
Everyone wants to reach the top of the mountain and forget that happiness happens while climbing.
The truth is good, but happiness is better!
✅ We invent the dream, the image, the goal and we believe that their implementation will bring us happiness and we do not understand that our steps towards the realization of this dream is, in fact, the essence of happiness.
✅ To live well, you need to know why you live. And the better you understand this, the better you live.
A person should always be happy to see what he has done wrong when happiness is over.
✅ Happiness is not in happiness, but in achieving it.
You want to be happy
Learn to ignore the discomfort.
✅ Happiness is never late, even if you wait too long.
✅ It often happens that you believe that happiness is far from you, when in fact it reaches you with silent steps.
✅ Happiness is when everything suits you right now and you want absolutely nothing, when life is beautiful.
We must believe in the possibility of happiness in order to be happy.
Sometimes you look at a photo and understand how happy you were that day…
If you had seen yourself in the moments when you are truly happy, you would have understood how beautiful and bright you could be.
Do what makes you feel happy. Be with those who make you smile. Laugh, love – as long as you live. Don’t think in time, don’t listen to other people’s opinions, and don’t think about what might happen next.
Happiness is the ability not to let others ruin your mood.
In order to have a happy life, you have to love the usual things: the clouds, the chirping of birds, the faces of passers-by – in all these everyday things you have to find the greatest pleasure.
✅ Happiness does not come, only the ability to feel it comes.
You want to be a happy person – don’t stir up memories.
We always think of happiness, but happiness is everywhere.
One of the most deceptive illusions is that man’s happiness is to do nothing.
There is a secret. We believe that if all goes well, we will be happy. No, it doesn’t work. First we become happy and then everything becomes beautiful.
✅ Every minute, when you are angry with someone, you lose 60 seconds of happiness that you will never return.
✅ The happy hour is not forgotten.
✅ Happiness is when you go to work happily in the morning and return home happy in the evening.
I know for sure that there is happiness, but for some reason it is no longer with me. After a while, he decided to keep his distance.
I usually smile at strangers like my friends. And maybe when I’m unhappy, someone will smile at me too.
✅ There is no road to happiness. Happiness is the way.
✅ If I could steal happiness, I would become a murderer for life.
✅ It is said: “Happiness will surely find you!” I don’t understand: either I’m hiding so well or I’m not looking well.
✅ Happiness is when you wake up in the morning and realize that today will be better than yesterday.
✅ Hard coffee, favorite music in headphones, joy in the soul – this is what makes me happy!
✅ Happiness is when we sit with you and listen to the silence.
✅ Pink glasses don’t suit me, the past doesn’t stop me from being happy, I don’t care what it was – here’s the secret!
✅ Happiness is a quiet joy made up of small things.
You have to be very careful with your dreams. Some will never be fulfilled and it is better to forget about them, otherwise you will never get anything.
I am somewhere on another planet, with a net that runs after happiness.
✅ Happiness is when you are well and you cannot express it in words.
If you are happy for more than two days, then something suspicious is in the middle.
✅ Ask the person: “What is happiness
” and you will find out what he misses the most.

Happiness and love statuses

If you want to discover happy love status for him or her and then use them in your social media posts, then analyze the ones below.

  • Happiness is when you find the one who has been looking for you.
  • Happiness is when the same person is in the house, in the head, in the bed.
  • Your subscriber is happy and no longer accepts calls from the past.
  • The happy one does not write first.
  • The one who loves is not the one who swears love, but the one who makes you truly happy.
  • I liked it first. I waited to see her again. And now I’m happy. Happiness will come to everyone! And not necessarily on Christmas Eve or Easter Eve. Not necessarily in January or June. Not necessarily in sunny or rainy weather. But it will certainly come suddenly.
  • Every second spent with you is a great happiness for me!
  • And tomorrow there will be happiness between us…
  • And today I love you more than yesterday and tomorrow I will like you more than today.
  • My happiness has brown eyes, a sweet smile and a good heart.
  • Happiness is affected by the feeling of love – it can take a few minutes, but maybe a lifetime.
  • Happiness only exists when there is someone to share it.
  • Happiness is trusting the one you love.
  • Happy is he who knows how to be simple in difficult relationships.
  • You travel all over the world in search of happiness, when she is always there, by your arm…
  • Come by and forgive us our happiness.
  • To whom can I thank for your
    destiny or chance
  • I’m in the ninth heaven! Please don’t take the ladder!
  • Her smile makes me happy! It is the ray of the spring sun that warms me with its warmth and illuminates my dark life.
  • In fact, we are made happy by those people we do not expect.
  • Love does not exist without jealousy: if I am happy with you, then I will fight for my happiness!
  • And I don’t need anyone else’s happiness… I just want to hold your hand in my palms.
  • I love her as she is, and I don’t care what others say, she’s my whole life.
  • My happiness is happy without me.
  • The distance between me and happiness is equal to the distance between me and you.
  • I will wait for you as long as my heart lasts! I believe in our happiness.
  • I’m happy not because he’s close, but because there’s no need for anyone with him.
  • My happiness sleeps peacefully in bed.
  • The greatest happiness in life is the belief that you are needed and loved.

Maximum happiness statuses

Maximum happiness consists of well-being, happy family, success and health. Choose the most beautiful happiness status from the list below.
☕️ I don’t have everything I like. But all I love!
☕️ One day, happiness will come into your life and you will understand – all the losses from the past were worth it.
☕️ Happiness is when your parents are healthy.
☕️ Many know how to live. Few know how to live happily.
☕️ You want to be happy
Be. But in such a way that you are not seen by others. Don’t bother!
☕️ Don’t teach children to be rich. Teach them to be happy. When they grow up, they will know the value of things, not their price.
☕️ Our happiness depends more on how we receive the events in our lives than on the events themselves.
️ In short – I’m happy!
☕️ Happiness is when those who do not fit you do not approach.
☕️ Happiness is when a star falls, but you have nothing to wish for.
☕️ To experience happiness, you have to endure suffering.
☕️ Sometimes hope is enough to sow a huge field of happiness.
☕️ Nothing hurts more than the memory of happiness.
☕️ Happiness is not when you have everything, but when you have nothing and thank God anyway!
☕️ Sometimes the most stupid actions are the reason for a future happiness.
☕️ I would like to have a drink of happiness, but the liver protests.
☕️ What a joy it is to live in a world where you are not alone! When the soul is warmed by the warmth of the family. The family is the most expensive and it takes years to understand that.
☕️ I’m glad to see a man smiling happily. And it’s twice as good to know that I’m the cause of his smile.
☕️ The best way to get revenge is to be happy! The best antidepressant is children’s arms!
☕️ The man who offends us is most likely very unhappy.
☕️ Happy people live in a different reality.
☕️ The problem is that we seek happiness not where it is already, but where we want it.
☕️ I’m happy when everyone is home. And happier – when everyone is asleep!
☕️ -Hello! You are so happy! – Yes, I spent my mother-in-law! -And why do you have a black face
-I kissed the train!
☕️ The easiest way is to consider yourself a victim of circumstances, than to find the courage to drive away laziness, envy and stupidity.
☕️ It is said that happiness cannot be bought, but have you ever bought a puppy
☕️ Childhood is the happiest age.
☕️ The childhood of the older generation was happier than ours! Friends were on the street, not online on Facebook. And they were without cell phones and computers.
☕️ Happiness is when people very close and dear to you are healthy!
☕️ The rest can be repaired, bought, thrown away, forgotten.
☕️ Each of us has his own happiness.
☕️ Where you saw the perfect happiness
☕️ Let the person you see in the mirror be happy every day.
☕️ In the house of happiness, the largest room is the waiting room.
☕️ Due to lack of happiness, we get into someone else’s life.
☕️ If you don’t cry happily, stop!
☕️ If happiness has smiled on you, don’t forget to smile back.
☕️ Happiness is when the people around you guess your wishes.
☕️ In my body there seems to be a kind of blocking of happiness. How to unlock it
☕️ People can only be happy if they do not consider happiness the purpose of life.
☕️ Happiness does not depend on money. But it’s better to be sad in a Bentley than in a minibus.
☕️ One day, on my street, a chocolate truck will overturn.
☕️ What we see depends on where we look.
Happiness is a state of mind that deserves to be shared with those closest to you! Thus, the happiness statuses presented will allow you to fully express the happy emotions you feel.