It is said that happiness is subjective, that none of us understand happiness in the same way !? Is that so? Surely!? But what makes people happy. Quite difficult to answer, especially when we are so different, and the circumstances in which we formed and developed are so different! A lot of things can make us happy: from the view of the sunrise to the beach, to the first snowdrop blooming in the frozen snow. Quotes about happiness best express how to understand life and its joy!

But some of us do not find happiness in simple things, but we feel it only when we are fulfilled in all respects. Success, career, fame, personal fulfillment, these are the things that in contemporary society bring happiness to people. Quotes about happiness convey something much deeper than what we appreciate today.

And yet this is the meaning of life, material things bring true happiness. Or it is an ephemeral state that disappears with the fulfillment of the wish
. To these questions, we invite you to read the wisest quotes about happiness!

Well, we believe that happiness is more than that! Happiness is that state of well-being, of soul satisfaction, which should brighten your every day. It is the way you choose to receive it in your life! Some quotes about happiness express these meanings to us!

Yes. Happiness is subjective! We just have to pay attention to our thoughts and desires. Ultimately, these will be the ones that will bring us harmony and balance in life. We can say that happiness is when our ego acts at the same time as reason, the result being soul balance and freedom! The quotes about happiness in this article will make you understand that reason is very important.

Everyone wants to be happy, but too few people come to understand what it means, what it springs from. We can find aspects that make us happy every day. These quotes about happiness help us to better understand what happiness means in terms of certain important elements in life and help us focus on what makes us happy.

We may feel discouraged at times because of the problems that arise and find it hard to believe that we will be able to find happiness or enjoy it again, and these quotes about happiness can give us confidence that we should not stop hoping. . The most beautiful quotes about happiness can brighten our days and can make us feel better, to find a reference to what makes us happy. At the same time, these quotes about happiness can help us to improve our communication with those around us, to enrich our spiritual life, to become wiser.

When things are not going the way we want, it is good to relax for a few minutes, to take a look at quotes about happiness related to the vision of life, love, optimism and self-development. In this way, we facilitate our recovery or we can discover new values ​​in ourselves. Through quotes about happiness we can break away from everyday life when we feel that everything is gray and we can find inspiration to add color to our lives and realize what are the aspects that really matter and make us feel good and happy, but and to recognize the moments when we must not miss the opportunities for happiness that arise.

Happiness is when we do not have to contradict our subconscious, but we totally agree with it and our actions. Only then can we call ourselves happy and fulfilled people! Let’s follow the tips given in the best quotes about happiness !

To help you find yourself on this fascinating journey in search of happiness, we invite you to enjoy the most beautiful quotes about happiness !

Quotes about happiness !

“It’s so common for a person not to be happy and so important that everything that is good is bought with thousands of troubles, that a job that is easy to do becomes suspicious.” – Jean de la Bruyere
“If you want to understand life, this should be your teaching from the beginning and the foundation of all your reasoning and desires: You have no right to anything and no one owes you anything, neither society nor nature. If you ask them for happiness, you are a fool; and if you think you’re wrong because I’m not giving it to you, you’re even worse. ” – Hippolyte Adolphe Taine

“If the house of happiness were planted, the largest room would be the waiting room.” – Jules Renard

“Happiness has swallowed more poetry than unhappiness.” – Balzac
“Everyone has their own happiness in their hands, just as the artist has raw material, which he wants to give shape to.” – Goethe


Happiness Quotes – Quotes about happiness  that will make you appreciate the little things

“Do not seek your happiness in another’s court, for it is always hidden in your house.” – Douglas William Jerrold

“Happiness lies in her pursuit.” – Jules Renard

“True happiness would be to remember the present.” – Jules Renard

“Happiness is born of love, and love is born of the heart of man.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

“The secret of happiness is to make others believe that they are the cause of happiness.” – Al Batt

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but we often look at the closed door so much that we no longer see the one that opened for us. ” – Hellen Keller

Quotes about life and happiness 

“It is ridiculous for us to be a man who, despising riches and ignoring them, would go the other way to happiness and deceive himself.” – Stendhal
“Happiness has its origin in suffering and, no matter how much we wish to live only in happiness, it is absolutely impossible, because without this suffering it will never show its miraculous spectrum.” – Unknown
“Happiness is what you do every day, it’s a journey, not a destination.” – Unknown
“Happiness is making sense of what you do and also enjoying what you do.” 
“Happiness is a direct result of the way you perceive everything around you.” 
“After all, what is happiness?
Love, they say. But love has not brought, nor will it ever bring, happiness. On the contrary, it is nothing but anxiety, a battlefield, sleepless nights, when we wonder if what we are doing is right. True love is full of ecstasy and agony. ” – Paulo Coelho

Happiness Quotes – Happiness Quotes  that make you understand that happiness means doing good to your neighbor

“Happy people are serious. They carry their hearts carefully, like a full glass that even the slightest movement can spill or break. ” – Jules. Amedee Barbey d’Aurevilly
“Whoever limits man’s mission to the love of God and to the service of the Lord for eternal happiness is free to reverently acknowledge the authority of the old precepts of his morals and to follow them in life! But whoever sees his goal in development, in culture and in happiness on earth will not find it useless to ask what is the justification of this superiority. ” – Joseph Dietzgen
“When, by giving up our own happiness, we are content to be happy with those around us, it may mean that we have begun to be happy ourselves.” – Jacinto Benavente
“Joy is the normal state of mind of man. The higher the intellectual and moral development of man, the freer man is and the more satisfaction life gives him. ” – Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
“Happiness is drunkenness without alcohol and thirst for the soul. Her smile is a sign of God’s love. ” – Viorel Muha

Happiness Quotes – Quotes About Happiness  That Help You Appreciate And Be Satisfied With What You Do

“Happiness is the height you reach if you never want to go down.” – Viorel Muha

“The secret of happiness is not to do what you love, but to enjoy what you have to do.” – James Barrie

“Happiness is something that is never achieved” but for its pursuit it is worth running all your life. ” – unknown author
“When others think you are happy and you think you are not, go after them!” – Raymond Ruyer

“When we are happy we are good, but we are not always good when we are happy.” – Oscar Wilde

Happiness Quotes – Happiness quotes that make you see life differently

“Happiness is an ideal of imagination, not of reason.” – Immanuel Kant

“The happiest women, like the happiest peoples, have no history.” – George Eliot

“Happiness is the greatest victory, the one we gain against the destiny that is imposed on us.” – Albert Camus
“Happiness is active life.” –  Unknown

Whenever you feel the need to motivate yourself, you can read these quotes about happiness meant to inspire you to see life in an optimistic way. If you like these quotes about happiness , you can print them on t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc., you can keep them for yourself or you can even give them as a gift to the friends you want to cheer up…