If you are ready to live your dream, work for yourself and rely only on your own strength; wait for the right time to start your own business and you are not sure of the material part of the question, then consult our list of business ideas with little money. You can start any of these areas of microbusiness, which involves a small capital – no more than 1000 euros (some even without investment).

They can work in small and large cities, in the country and at home. Some are universal and suitable for both young people and adults, others will be more interesting only for women or men.
Until you become an individual entrepreneur, at first you can test the idea with a small budget.

Store for nuts and dried fruit

Nowadays, more and more people care about their health, preferring natural vegetarian products, fruits, vegetables, nuts, dried fruits.
That’s why we can’t avoid such small business ideas with little money as our own store. It can generate a stable income if you open it near potential customers, for example, in educational institutions or business centers. Students will actively buy nuts and dried fruit during the break, and office workers, knowing about the benefits of these products, will gladly line up.
A special advantage of your store will be the set of nuts and dried fruits ready for consumption, which have already been washed and dried.
A small space will be enough for this business. Initially, you can be the seller yourself and all you have to do is establish the links with the suppliers.

Point of issue of orders

Today, more and more people buy and sell online. Therefore, opening your own ordering point can bring a steady income.
To implement such small business ideas, you need a small space, shelves for goods and a computer with internet access.
At the beginning, it is important to work with the list of partner stores. They should be popular in your city. The most requested goods are clothing and footwear, appliances, cosmetics, children’s things and toys.

Preparation and delivery of healthy food

It belongs to the category of those home business ideas with little money that will help people to eat right. If you have such a desire, you can turn it into a business. The food can be prepared at your home and delivered to the offices. This niche does not yet have many competitors, although there is a demand for this service.
All that remains is to purchase the necessary kitchen utensils, which will serve as a start for the business. It is best to compose the menu after you have first studied the needs of your target audience.
You can cook alone or by hiring a good cook. In this case, it is very important that the food is not only useful, but also tasty – so that the customer wants to use the service again.
To attract customers, create social media groups with motivating posts or a forum and post customer feedback.

Organizing fitness or yoga tours

By connecting sports with recreation, you can open your own small business. The idea is simple – organize trips for people involved in fitness or yoga.
They will be able to visit various interesting places on the planet, combining the useful with the pleasant. For this, it is necessary to find qualified guides to organize group trips.
Developing such a business requires knowledge of how to organize travel and the ability to negotiate with travel companies.

Hand-painted shoes

It is one of the simplest business ideas with little money and one of the most interesting handmade directions. You can start a business if you have some talents in painting or graphic arts.
The entrepreneurial artist, with the ability to promote his services, can make money using the knowledge and skills of art and crafts.
The plus is that there is no limit to the price of these goods, but there is demand. Another advantage is that you do not have to rent a room to get started, but you can create from home. But looking for clients will take some time and possibly some funds.

Installing the parcel terminal

The installation of parcel receiving points is becoming more and more popular in cities. They can be found not only in shopping malls, but also in shops near the house.
Coming after bread and milk, the person can pick up his package on the way. It can also be installed in a residential complex by concluding a lease.
Research confirms that, on average, a consumer does not spend more than 15 minutes to receive a package. Thus, he can pick up the product at any time, keeping the confidentiality of his purchase.

Video and photography

Armed with a camera or video camera, you can safely start your own business. The biggest profit comes from filming weddings and other holidays. For a successful job, you have to prepare the portfolio with quality works and create a competitive price.
If you already have experience in photography or video filming and have good equipment, then you will only have to spend on advertising – so that as many people as possible know about your services.
You do not need to rent space to receive orders. You can do it at home and meet customers, for example, in a cafe.

Healthy sweets

Sweets are not always harmful. For the manufacture, natural products can also be used: dried fruits, nuts, honey, etc.
It is important to find your buyer. Social networks, especially Instagram, can be a great help in this regard – you will need to regularly upload attractive photos with delicious sweets and set up ads so that as many customers as possible can see them. You can also look for potential buyers in fitness centers or yoga clubs.
It’s worth making sure you have a wide assortment – think in advance about the sets, mix different tastes. For this type of business, it is important to establish regularity of deliveries so that quality goods arrive on time.

Production of cold pressed oils

Oil is one of the most essential foods in the kitchen. The volume of production increases every year. The pressed oil business will generate income at any time of the year, because it is not seasonal and is profitable even in times of crisis.
For production, you will need a separator and a press. The finished oil is poured into containers. Thus, at home, you can make a natural product without artificial impurities. Due to the high demand, it will not be difficult to find buyers. The sale can take place on advertising sites, through social networks or you can organize points at fairs, markets.

Organizing trips

Organizing excursions is a good business for active people who love history, travel and communicating with people. To start your own business, you do not need large investments and office rent. You only have to evaluate the tourist characteristics of your own city or region.
The excursions can be organized only by someone who has deep knowledge and is able to attract potential tourists.
Once you have made individual offers, you can arrange historical and cultural walks around the city, car rides, bike rides and eco-tours (in nature).

Rental of tools

Buying an expensive tool is a waste of money. Therefore, there are many people who are ready to use the tool with daily payment.
Some experts say the future belongs to the common economy. It will take some time and more and more people will realize that it is not practical to keep a rarely used tool, but it is better to rent it, so we can not deny that it would be profitable business.
You can rent a space for this in any area where there are residential buildings. Better to open the business in the summer. During this period, you can count on a higher flow of customers.
For a start, even in the garage, if you have one, it’s a good idea to place your workplace. Just make it look attractive.

Cleaning in apartments / houses

The cleaning service is requested at any time of the year and is one of the best low-cost business ideas in Italy that can be opened. After all, cleaning is necessary every day and not just “from time to time.”
You can start a small business by offering cleaning services to individuals, for example, residents of large houses.
This option requires minimal investment in the form of detergents, gloves, vacuum cleaner, mop. Good for beginners. In order to get more profit, it is worth offering services to companies.

Sale of cotton candy

Both adults and children love it. For this project, you only need to purchase a special device. During the cooking process, you can use a variety of food colors and flavors to attract more attention from passersby.
Usually, such acquisitions are made spontaneously and emotionally.

You need to make sure that the point of sale is colorful and attractive. It is necessary to place it in crowded places, for example, in parks, shopping malls.

Unusual candy store (from other countries)

Unusual shapes, shiny packaging and delicious fillings attract the eyes of even healthy eaters.
To start a business selling sweets from other countries, you need to select suppliers. The product can be sold online or by creating an Instagram account with attractive photos. Opening a small store will require more investment, so we include it in the list of online business ideas with little money.

Auto Expert

Looking for life-changing business ideas, pay attention to this type of business.
Buying used cars for ordinary people is a huge problem, as few have enough experience to evaluate a car. Try to become a good specialist and sell your expert opinion. Potential customers can be found through contextual advertising.
Such a business does not require start-up capital and office rent. The main thing is to have a deep knowledge of car topics and to be able to leave the house at any time to help customers.

Production of wooden tableware

Carpenters and woodcutters can try their hand at the handmade wooden tableware business. Many people appreciate the naturalness of the materials. In addition, environmental friendliness is now in vogue.
You can organize a business in your own apartment, setting up a mini-workshop, or in your own garage. To start the project, you need to buy wood and tools (cutters, grinder, etc.). Sell ​​products at fairs, souvenir shops, online stores and social networks.

Sewing bed linen

Sewing bedding is a good business option for a housewife. You can implement the idea with the help of a high quality sewing machine, an account promoted on a social network and wholesale buyers.
It is worth giving preference to natural fabrics that do not wear out during washing and keep their appearance for a long time.
Once you have created your own brand, you can make lingerie based on customers’ personal preferences, but at a higher price.

Cooking raw vegan sweets (to order)

Raw sweets (cakes, pastries, candy) are the perfect delicacy for dieters. You won’t find them in every store and not everyone manages to cook them on their own.

In addition, fashion does its own thing – sweets without baking and without dairy products are becoming very popular.

Making money from raw desserts requires learning how to cook and decorate them. For cooking, you need a powerful blender and fresh ingredients. The products can be sold through grocery stores, cafes and on Instagram.

Shugaring / waxing salon

Sugar / waxing has caught on well in the world of cosmetic services. Women are satisfied with the price / quality ratio, the pain threshold and, in addition, this method has few contraindications.
With the ability to remove unwanted hair, you can open your own salon. For this, rent a space and arrange it comfortably, preferably in the city center. In order to purchase consumables, you need to find suppliers.

Production of furniture without housing

Furniture without a case is a creative idea and a good idea for business. To start this business, you need a small room. Your own apartment will not work, because the filling of the armchairs is very light and spreads everywhere – it is unlikely that the family and neighbors will appreciate it.
You will need to invest in sewing equipment and supplies (fabrics, stuffing).
In this direction, you can show your design skills, but it is necessary to take into account the individual wishes of customers.

Production of wooden toys

Natural materials, including wood, have a warm energy, which is why children are very passionate about wooden toys. By the way, adults prefer them too – after all, it’s not scary to give your child an eco-friendly toy! Products made of such materials have practically no shelf life.
The main thing in organizing such a business is the ability to work with wood. It is necessary to purchase semi-finished products and related equipment (grinder, saw, etc.).
You can sell your products in an online store, through social networks or special ad platforms.

Private psychologist

To organize a business in the field of psychology, you need a proper education and deep knowledge. You can organize the meeting with the clients, renting a small office or you can receive them at home. You can also consult them online.
This will require a computer or laptop and Internet access. It also makes sense to create your own website and social media groups.

Preparation of herbal teas

The passion for picking herbs can also become a business. Nowadays, there are enough people who support a healthy lifestyle, who do not drink black tea, green tea and coffee, but prefer natural herbal drinks.
But not every store can find an organic collection of mint, oregano, chamomile and other herbs collected and prepared by hand. You can give people love and care through a box of homemade tea.

Survival courses

To open survival courses, you must have knowledge in this field and be a true professional.
For the theoretical part, you can rent a small space. For practice, you can organize daily classes or a series of workshops in nature, purchasing the necessary tents and accessories. Create an Instagram account and post photos and videos from classes.

Raising purebred animals (dogs, cats)

When running a pet business, it is important to understand the fashion for a particular breed. The evaluation for dogs and cats can be found without problems on the internet, where the average price can also be seen.
In order to position yourself as a conscientious breeder, it is important to purchase breeding animals with documents and vaccinations. Find potential buyers on advertising sites and social networks.

Raising purebred animals is an expensive process. In addition to high quality nutrition, you will need vitamins, medicines, accessories, etc. It is important to highlight a large room in the form of an aviary. It is best if the breeder lives in a spacious private home.

Agricultural business

Such simple business ideas in agriculture with little money are for the inhabitants of villages and small towns that have personal land.
Growing fruits and vegetables is a great business idea. To start your own business, you don’t need to own a few acres of fields. You can start by growing vegetables in the greenhouse and fruit in your own garden. To do this, it is enough to install a greenhouse (its cost is about 200 euros), buy seeds and start working.
When your business is doing well, it’s worth expanding:
Rent more land;
Purchase equipment;
Automate hard work.
In addition, you can raise chickens for the sale of eggs, cows for the sale of milk, pigs, cattle for the sale of meat.

Photo paintings (to order)

They all have photos, but not everyone has pictures in a photo. The essence of the business is that the person sends a photo, and the designer draws the painting, using a program and a graphics tablet. Unusual ideas and individual approach can attract customers, provided there is good publicity.
You can work both in your city and in other regions by sending orders by mail. Establish a cooperation with the delivery service and a printing studio. In the future, it is better to buy your own printing house.

Manufacture of furniture for animals

Most homeowners love their pets so much that they are ready to buy them furniture. Thus, a profitable business can be built on the manufacture of pet products.
You can even build them at home. All you need is to buy the right supplies and the ability to make them.
For a start, examples of furniture can be found on the Internet and then you can develop your own ideas. You can also consult with the seller at the pet store, following the relevance of a product.

Delicious bouquets

Original gifts have always been appreciated. It is nice for everyone to receive a beautiful bouquet of delicate flowers, but the bouquet of fruits or candies is not only pleasant, but also delicious.
Therefore, if you are a happy owner of unlimited imagination, open a business with minimal investment in the manufacture of delicious bouquets to order.
To create them, it is not necessary to buy special equipment, but you can make the masterpiece with your own hands. Everything you need: fresh fruit, long chopsticks and other decorative tools.


To open a mini business, you do not need large investments, but you need only 4 things:

  • Think about what you like and what you could really do (write a rough list first, then fill it out);
  • Consider how to capitalize on your interest and whether the product will be useful to someone;
  • See if the money available is enough for you. If they are not enough, go back to point number 1 and then continue;
  • Once you have decided to open your own business with minimal investment, the main thing is not to stop! Decision and perseverance are extremely important traits for a future entrepreneur. There are difficulties in the way of any businessman, but they must be learned to be overcome;
  • Get ready: at first, your business will take a long time; everything will be on you. But over time, you will be able to share your responsibilities with your employees.

The experience of successful business people shows that profitable projects can be launched even with a modest initial capital. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.
The main thing is to believe in yourself! And then any business with little money will become the first step on the road to a successful life.