If you need a variety of texts with a deep sense of power in life or simply cheerful and clever, search the list below with the most beautiful life statuses for Facebook or other social networks. We have gathered suitable statuses for boys and girls. Anything we usually perceive superficially, in fact, turns out to be even more confusing and incomprehensible. In these moments, thoughts appear such as “I’m tired of life, love, friendship”

Our life is a very complex phenomenon, the essence of which few manage to understand or, rather, many fail. We are accustomed to waiting for the happiness presented on a silver platter. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The only thing we can do is take advantage of the experience of others and strong messages that inspire and motivate us, that answer the variety of questions that grind us, related to life change or the same life struggle. Later, there will be a desire to share these thoughts and patterns of little wisdom with others. 

Interesting life statuses

These interesting life statuses are about happiness and sad life situations. I have a sense of humor. They are significant and wise.

➞ One day you will realize that you have spent your life respecting the rules and prohibitions that society has invented, instead of living to enjoy life, but it will be too late.

The best way to keep your promise is not to keep it.
➞ Lessons of wisdom are given to us for free, but they are very expensive.
The Internet is like life – you have nothing to do, but you don’t want to leave.
➞ Those who supported me when I fell, now hold on, let’s take off!
➞ There are people you can meet all your life and forget one day, and there are people you can meet one day, but you will remember them all your life.
➞ Live forward with hope, back with gratitude, up with faith, around with love.
Remember: all people come to your destiny for a reason. Some bring happiness and others experience.
➞ Only children and dogs love you because you are!
➞ Do not try to repair the past. You better do your best not to ruin the future.
Weak people believe in luck, strong people believe in cause and effect.
➞ If no one criticizes you, then you have not yet achieved success.
Strive not to be successful, but to make sure your life makes sense.
➞ You must live so that your presence is necessary and your absence is visible.
➞ Life is the art of reaping significant benefits from small circumstances.
➞ The best teacher in life is experience. It’s expensive, but it’s clear.
➞ Sow an action – reap a habit, sow a habit – reap character, sow character – reap destiny.
➞ Life, assigned to us, is short-lived, but the memory of a well-lived life remains forever.
Everyone has to pay for their own stupidity, otherwise they will never be wiser.
➞ The best way is to take home.
➞ Fate sometimes strangles you so much that you involuntarily show your tongue.
➞ The more difficult the chosen route, the fewer fellow travelers.
➞ Life is a strange thing. When you have all the cards in your hand, she starts playing chess with you.
➞ Life is a mystery that you must be able to accept and not bother with the constant question: “What is the meaning of my life”
➞ Life is always right, only sometimes it tests its power.

Happy life statuses

Often, the status of a happy life that has attracted our attention can inspire or clarify the essence of incomprehensible situations and can best define the happiness we carry in our soul.

🌞 A happy person is one who does not regret the past, is not afraid of the future and does not interfere in someone else’s life.
🌞 You have to live for the sake of your parents’ smiles, for the laughter of your children, for the happiness of your loved one. After all, what could be better than pride in the eyes of parents, what could be more beautiful than your child’s words: “Mommy”, and the quiet whisper of a loved one, “I love you”.
🌞 Thanks to my ex for my new life! She just doesn’t know how it helped me to be truly happy!
🌞 If a person is a woodpecker in life, then he will never become a hawk.
🌞 Only when you are drunk do you understand who you really love!
🌞 Don’t be afraid to change your life. Because of the fear of change, we lose the chance to be happy and remain in a vicious circle of problems.
🌞 For all those who are so interested in my life, I officially inform you: I am still young, beautiful, happy and I am not even on a diet!
Remember: for a happy life there is only one simple rule: no one owes you anything in this world.
🌞 Five emotions that keep us from living: pride, envy, anger, pity, and fear.
🌞 Life is good when you rarely have to ask God and often thank Him.
🌞 Happiness is the little things that everyone can access. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.
Life is too expensive to spend on cheap people.
🌞 Leave the past and forgive, wish the past happiness – and life for you will shine in new colors. Do not regret anything, most importantly, forgive! You have only one life, you should not waste people who are naked for you. Once betrayed, you will never be trusted! Live the future!
🌞 Appreciate those who value you.
🌞 Live so that there is life in your eyes, in your heart – love, in your soul – peace and behind you – wings!
🌞 If you want to live a happy, long family life, learn to forgive, to understand, to be silent when necessary, to tell the truth and just to love!
🌞 Always be sure of what you are doing! And spit on someone else’s opinion! It is not a sin to be difficult for others; It’s a shame you’re unhappy!
You need to realize in advance what you cannot return and start life again. Maybe God has given you two chances, and the first lost means the beginning of the second, happier.
🌞 Life is an interesting thing, it gives unexpected encounters, acquaintances and among them there are people without whom life would be boring now!

Sad hard life statuses

Our lives are interesting, exciting, varied and sometimes cruel to all of us. Can we know what awaits us and how to deal with the difficulties prepared for us
? The answer is very simple: no. In these moments, there is a need to post sad status of hard life and upset life, which would allow us to be heard.

⇒ There are times when the best lighting for your next trip is the burning bridge behind you!
There is no point in being happy if there is no one to share it with.
⇒ Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it was.
No one knows what a person really has in his soul, who always smiles at everyone…
⇒ I have heard many things in my life – promises, vows, but the best thing I have heard is silence.
Forgive me, dear, but I’m tired. Forgive me, but I’m leaving…
  • The bus station saw more sincere kisses than the registry office, and the walls of the hospital heard more sincere prayers than the church.
  • People who hurt us don’t want to hurt us, they want to hurt us!
  • They told me, “Everything will be fine.” It will be, I know… But I feel destroyed now…
  • When people disagree with you on the main thing, they don’t agree with the trifles either.
  • Sometimes we speak the most honestly, so that no one will understand that this is true.
  • What a pity that memory cannot be killed. Only she’s ruining our lives.
  • We hide the tears behind the dark glasses, the bad condition behind the smiles, the broken heart behind a beautiful look. And people believe that everything is always fine with us.
  • Do not miss. Do not wait. Do not believe. Do not love. Because it hurts so much, it hurts!
  • Someone has something to remember, and someone else just has something to forget.
  • It’s hard when a person is in your thoughts more often than you.
  • It’s going to take some time! And you will come to my page… You will look at my photo, where I smile sweetly and tenderly. And it will make you sick when you realize that I will never be closer than on the monitor…
  • How painful it is to remember everything and live with the absurd phrase, “Time will heal.”
  • Resentment will go away, but confidence will not return.
  • Life statuses in English, translated

    The most important feeling that should appear after reading these statuses in English of life, is the love for everything around us! Select any message from these life statuses in English, translated, and post it on your social page!

    🌎 Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. (All people seem normal until you know them)
    When life gives you lemons, drink tequila! (When life gives you lemons, drink tequila!)
    🌎 People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges. (People are alone because they build walls instead of bridges)
    🌎 The spaces between your fingers were created so that another’s could fill them in. (The space between the fingers is for someone to fill)
    🌎 Fortune is easily found, but hard to be kept. (Luck is easy to find, but hard to keep)
    🌎 Failure doesn’t mean I don’t have it; It does mean I have something to do in a different way. (Failure doesn’t mean I don’t have skills; it means I have to do something different)
    🌎 Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. (Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away)
    🌎 It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere. (It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, but it cannot be found elsewhere)
    🌎 Make love not war. (Make love, not war)
    🌎 Always imitate the behavior of the winners when you lose! (Always imitate the behavior of the winners when you lose)
    🌎 Don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest. (Don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest)
    🌎 You can only be free when you have nothing to lose. (You can only be free when you have nothing to lose)
    🌎 Everything is possible if you just believe. (Everything is possible only if you believe)
    🌎 I hate clocks. Hate to see my life go by. (I hate watches. I hate to see my life go by)
    🌎 A man falls in love just as he falls downstairs. It is an accident. (A man falls in love just as he falls down. It’s an accident)
    🌎 Success is not in what you have, but who you are. (Success does not consist in what you have, but in what you are)
    🌎 Love – as a war… It is easy to begin… It is difficult to finish… It is impossible to forget! (Love – like a war… It’s easy to start… It’s hard to finish… It’s impossible to forget!)
    🌎 The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. (The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams)
    🌎 When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. (When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show them you have a thousand reasons to smile)
    🌎 Do it now. Sometimes “Later” Becomes Never. (Do it now. Sometimes “Later” never comes)
    🌎 Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life. (Happiness is not a goal, but a way of life)

    Famous life statuses

    Writing various famous life statuses has become natural in almost all social networks. What is the real meaning of this?
    It is about how people express their emotional state or share interesting thoughts with others.

  • Life is a journey, not a destination.
  • From the point of view of youth, life is an endless future; from the point of view of old age, it is a very short past.
  • I’m always happy to learn, but I don’t like it when I’m taught.
  • The fool blames others. The smart one is to blame. The wise do not blame anyone.
  • When you lose, just smile. Let the winner lose the taste of victory.
  • We learned to fly in the sky like birds. We learned to swim in the ocean like fish. Now it remains to learn how to live on earth like humans.
  • In the morning it is sometimes very difficult to understand: you have not slept enough or you even hate everyone
  • Life is the most ambiguous thing in the world. On the one hand, it is priceless. On the other hand, it is the cheapest thing that has been created.
  • Happiness is when you go to work with pleasure and return home with pleasure!
  • Never miss a chance. Because a CHANCE is something that cannot be returned.
  • Everything in life is temporary. If all goes well, rejoice, it won’t last forever. If all goes well, this is not forever
  • Our destiny is shaped by those small and imperceptible decisions we make a hundred times a day.
  • Everyone has a plan before the fight. Until the first blow.
  • People must be loved, things must be used. And not the other way around!
  • No one can change, but everyone can get better.
  • Don’t judge someone else’s past – you don’t know your future.
  • Three things are presented to us to soften the bitterness of life: laughter, sleep, and hope.
  • Don’t raise children – they will be like you. Educate yourself.
  • Sometimes you regret that in life you can’t erase, like in a computer, several unnecessary folders, such as the Past, Love, Pain.
  • Dreams don’t work until you work on them!
  • I live as long as I can. I don’t regret anything, I find and lose, and I start from scratch. I would tell you, but I was not asked how many betrayed me, even those who loved me. Only I did not give up, I laughed through tears and, no matter what happened, I was left alone!
  • You are the artist of your life and let no one touch your brushes.
  • We have exactly what we want in our lives. If we don’t have it, then we don’t really want it.
  • The law of life: a wrongly dialed phone number is never busy.
  • Truth is the kind of thing you want to know, but you don’t want to believe.
  • No outer charm can be complete unless it is enlivened by inner beauty.
  • Life is like a ladder in a chicken coop – short and full of shit!
  • If you don’t want to ruin your life, stay away from those who have already ruined theirs.
  • Life itself is an empty canvas; it becomes what you paint on it.
  • Short life statuses

    Thinking about the meaning of life, do not expect the answer to come naturally. And if you want to know what life is, read these short life statuses, which will help you understand inexplicable situations and phenomena at first sight.

    ↩️ Life offers many topics for thinking, but little time.
    ↩️ Don’t try to ruin my life!
    ↩️ Everything is in our hands!
    ↩️ The most important day of your life never passes, because it is always today.
    ↩️ It is difficult to start a new life in old age, but it is easy to end an old life.
    ↩️ The worst enemy is doubt. Because of this, we lose what we could have gotten, but we didn’t even try.
    ↩️ Life is like hot tea. It’s hot, but it’s good with cakes.
    ↩️ Life did not want to make us perfect. For perfection there is a place in the museum.
    ↩️ Everyone has their own hell: there is not necessarily fire and tar. Our hell is a wasted life!
    ↩️ You have to live in such a way that others get depressed!
    ↩️ If you have a problem, try to solve it. If you can’t solve it, don’t create a problem with it.
    ↩️ Stupid things happen accidentally and then they become the best moments of life.
    ↩️ The secret is to be friends with those who are better, to train with those who are stronger and not to give up where others give up.
    ↩️ Don’t look for happiness, but be its source.
    ↩️ Life is like playing poker: you always have to be ready for someone else’s bluff and have an advantage up your sleeve.
    ↩️ There is nothing difficult in life. We are complex. Life is simple and the easier it is, the more accurate it is.
    ↩️ Life is short! Break the rules! Say goodbye quickly! Kiss slowly! Love sincerely! Laugh uncontrollably!
    ↩️ To see the rainbow, you have to survive the rain.
    ↩️ Everyone is the master of his life. What a master you are, this is your life!
    ↩️ In life, everyone strives to move forward to reach the finish line last.
    ↩️ Life is given to learn, life is given to love. But you have to know what you are learning and you have to know who to love.
    ↩️ The one who knows how to survive in the world of gossip wins in life.
    ↩️ Leave the muddy water alone and it will become clear and transparent.
    ↩️ Life is a painful progression from a state when you still know nothing, to a state when you already understand nothing.
    ↩️ Thanks to everyone who refused to help me! Thanks to you, I managed on my own!
    ↩️ No one can go back in time and change their start, but everyone can start now and change their end!
    ↩️ A new life begins with eliminating old mistakes.

    Beautiful life statuses

    Each of us has ever wondered what these beautiful statuses of life are for. The answer is predictable enough: of course, to intuit all the surprises it has in store for us; to inspire us to move forward and not stop, regardless of challenges and obstacles.

    ✅️ If you can’t change the circumstances, change your attitude towards them.
    ✅️ There are two types of people – some run the world, while others run along and shout: Where is this world going?
    ✅️ If you believe in your dream to the end, it will surely come true.
    ✅️ Tell me who your friend is and I’ll tell you what problems you’ll have.
    ✅️ If you don’t know what to do, take a step forward.
    ✅️ Yes, I have many shortcomings. Excuse me, ideal people!
    ✅️ Life is like electricity: you get up with tension, you go to work with endurance, you shine all day, you go out at night.
    ✅️ Sometimes a day is more expensive than a year. Sometimes a year is not worth a day.
    ✅️ If life has shown its back to you – give it a shot so that next time it will think well if it does.
    ✅️ The meaning of life is sought by those who have not found happiness in it.
    ✅️ Life is boring without humor, life is hopeless without love and life is impossible without friends.
    ✅️ Life changes when we change.
    ✅️ Everyone wants something, but few enjoy what they have today.
    ✅️ Unfortunately, life is uninstructed.
    ✅️ Every time I see a plane flying, I really want to be its passenger.
    ✅️ If it is raining in your life, focus on the flowers that will rain.
    ✅️ Life is too short to be lost with diet, greedy men and bad moods.
    ✅️ Children are the flowers of life. You’ve collected the bouquet – give it to your grandparents.
    ✅️ Man does not even notice that his dreams come true. It’s never enough.
    ✅️ There is no way out of the coffin alone.
    ✅️ The day before yesterday – well, bye. Yesterday – well, bye. Today – okay, bye. The situation has stabilized!
    ✅️ It doesn’t matter how many times you fall. The main thing is to climb again!
    ✅️ Everything can be experienced in this life, as long as there is something to live for, someone to love, someone to take care of and someone to believe in.
    ✅️ The Internet is a wonderland: you entered it and disappeared into it.
    ✅️ No one needs a vacation as much as a person who has just returned from it.
    ✅️ To live and enjoy, you only need two things: first, to live and, second, to enjoy.

    Good life statuses

    Many people believe that everything that happens around them has its own hidden essence. Others, on the contrary, argue that we should not look for meaning where it does not exist and cannot be. Man has to decide for himself what position in life he has. That’s what these nice, long and short life statuses are about.

    😄 There are people who should only remember World Contraception Day.
    😄 For some, life is an unread book, and for others it is a complete paragraph.
    😄 Life is a game where every step can be the last.
    😄 A few words about my life: I drink coffee and do nonsense energetically!
    😄 The purpose of the moon – even if you miss it, you will still be among the stars!
    😄 Live slowly – die fast!
    😄 Live so that your parents are proud, father
  • Sometimes holding back for a minute means avoiding remorse for a hundred days.
  • Even if you fit in, it doesn’t mean you’re in the right place.
  • Willpower is what makes you win when your health has given up.
  • Life is not how hard you hit, but after the blows you stay on your feet.
  • Life is full of beauty. Pay attention to that. Breathe in the scent of rain and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest and fight for your dreams!
  • When everything seems to be going wrong, in fact, it is something new that is trying to enter your life.
  • A dark past often offers a bright future.
  • One person has two lives, and the second begins when we understand that there is only one life.
  • Life is beautiful when you create it yourself.
  • Happiness does not depend on who you are or what you have. It just depends on what you think.
  • Life is a game and as long as you play it, you can win.
  • Free yourself from the hope that life will one day calm down. We must learn to sail with strong winds.
  • 😄 It is said correctly – the better the soul, the more difficult the fate.
    😄 Smile and everyone will laugh with you. Cry and you will cry alone.
    😄 Live in silence and you will see who needs you.
    😄 Help a hundred times – they will forget. He refuses once – they will remember for a lifetime.
    When you fall, don’t forget two things – who pushed you and who didn’t support you. This will definitely be useful when you get back on your feet.

    Status of life in Italian, 

    You must always remember an important truth: no matter what difficult situation you are in, the best life statuses in Italian, translated into Romanian, will help you find a solution… or at least inspire you and enrich your vocabulary!

    ⭐ Open your eyes, look inside. You are satisfied with the life you are living ⭐
    Love life
    So do not waste time, because it is one of the things from which life is made)
    ⭐ Man was born to live, not to prepare to live. (Man was born to live, not to prepare to live)
    ⭐ We would need three lives: one to make mistakes, one to correct mistakes, one to relish everything. (We need three lives: one to make mistakes, one to correct mistakes, one to enjoy everything again)
    ⭐ Life has no obligation to give us what we expect. (Life has no obligation to give us what we expect)
    ⭐ You live only once. But if you do it right, once and for all. (You only have one life. But if you do it well, one time is enough)
    ⭐ If you love life, life reciprocates your love. (If you love life, love will return your love)
    ⭐ Life seems too short for me to spend hating and taking into account the wrongs of others. (Life seems too short for me to know how to spend it, taking into account the mistakes of others)
    ⭐ We don’t know which days will change our lives. Probably better. (We don’t know which days will change our lives. Probably the best)
    ⭐ No living thing should be killed, not the smallest animal or insect, because every life is sacred. (No living thing should be killed, not even the smallest animal or insect, because all life is sacred)
    ⭐ He who weighs long before taking a step will spend his life on one leg. (Those who meditate long before taking a step will spend their lives on one leg)
    ⭐ Life is a foreign language: all men make a mistake in pronouncing it. (Life is a foreign language: all people mispronounce it)
    ⭐ Life is not about finding yourself. Life and create yourself. (Life does not mean to find yourself. Life means to create yourself)
    So do not waste time, because it is the substance of life. (You love life
    ⭐ There is only one type of success: that of making your life what you want. (There is only one type of success: that of doing what you want with your life)
    ⭐ Life is like a mirror: it smiles at you if you look at it smiling. (Viata este ca or oglinda: iti zambeste daca or privesti zambind)
    ⭐ To exist, and dare to throw yourself into the world. (A exista inseamna a indrazni sa te arunci in lume)

    The strongest life statuses

    Sometimes you want to post the coolest life statuses on social media. Here are collected a variety of phrases, full of deep meaning.

  • Our life is a game, the rules of which are vague, confusing and, in general, we do not know.
  • Time lost with pleasure is not considered lost.
  • If you pursue a dream, you may lose the meaning of life.
  • Everything is going well, just like in the past.
  • Wrinkles are the signs of a life of unfulfilled dreams.
  • Control your destiny or someone else will do it for you.
  • As long as you like it, life passes.
  • Sometimes life is so hard… even harder than physics.
  • Don’t be afraid of yourself. Be who you are and you will understand why you are exactly like that.
  • There is nothing in life that is worth fearing – there is only so much to understand.
  • Previously, people dreamed of reaching the stars. Now – until Friday night.
  • Away from home, at a late hour, we remember those who remember us…
  • Until tomorrow, you will not understand how good you were today.
  • The only way to climb to the top of the stairs is to climb step by step. And in the process of this ascension, you will suddenly discover in yourself all the qualities and abilities necessary to achieve the success that you, it seems, have never possessed.
  • It will be a new dawn for complete victories. And you never think there’s a way out.
  • There are no lazy people. There are ugly goals – that is, goals that do not inspire.
  • If life has taken you down, don’t forget: you have 9 seconds to get up, breathe and move on.
  • If you’re good at something, then don’t do it for free.
  • Eh, what a difficult life… You agree with that
  • “That’s what happened” – this phrase would make an excellent caption for any human life.
  • Everyone knows exactly how to live. It’s just that for some reason no one can establish their own life.
  • Choose life. Choose the future. Choose a career. Choose a family. And you can try to choose anything else. At your own risk.
  • Too bad life can’t just consist of white stripes!
  • He loves life, you have to live with it too!
  • Funny life statuses

    In the life of every person, sooner or later, there is a moment when he is tired of being serious and just wants to relax and enjoy life in every way. If you don’t know where to start to temporarily forget about problems and difficulties, turn to these funny life statuses, which may not help you find answers to all the questions, but at least they will allow you to get rid of the daily routine!

    ➡️ You have to fight for me! With me!
    ➡️ The woman takes everything from the man. Even the last name!
    ➡️ Loneliness is when you wait for someone to ring… and the alarm clock rings!
    ➡️ If you want to be right, don’t run left, if you want to be first, don’t sleep behind the wheel. And if you want the queen to be by your side, first try to become king yourself.
    ➡️ Money does not bring happiness, but it gives confidence in the future and strengthens the nervous system.
    ➡️ If a girl has sparks in her eyes, the cockroaches in her head celebrate something!
    ➡️ I have been living with loneliness in my soul for so long that I even managed to argue with it.
    ➡️ The man alone builds a rigid fence around him “no”, “can’t” and “indecent”. And then he looks behind this fence and envies those who live in freedom.
    ➡️ It’s more convenient to tell the truth on the phone.
    ➡️ There comes a time in every person’s life when any paper becomes valuable.
    ➡️ Life is movement: someone shakes his brain, someone his ears.
    ➡️ Life is not the days that have passed, but those that are remembered.
    ➡️ I find a way out of any situation! Another thing surprises me: how I find the entrance there!
    ➡️ We should not shed tears in vain. Let everything go to hell! Life is beautiful!
    ➡️ Everyone has a chance… but not every second!
    ➡️ If you choose sweets only after packaging, you will never taste the most delicious!
    ➡️ Tell a person that there are billions of stars in the Universe and they will believe you. Tell him that the chair is painted and he will touch it to make sure.
    ➡️ Never complain about fate! She may not be very happy with you either.
    ➡️ I look at the world with blue eyes, through pink glasses – and everything is purple for me.
    ➡️ You have to live in such a way that everyone upstairs goes crazy and says: Stop! Repeat again!
    ➡️ Life is a joke, so long that it’s not funny in the end.
    ➡️ Mother-in-law, take care of your daughter-in-law – the next one could be even worse!
    ➡️ Life is given to a person only once and every Monday you want to start over.
    ➡️ Life is a book. Some have a detective story, some have a novel, some have complete fantasy. I look around… I have a comic book…

    The best life statuses

    If you are one of those people whose day does not pass without the best messages of life, then you will surely like this selection.

    🔔 If you want to live a happy life, you have to be attached to a purpose, not to people or things.
    🔔 There are two mysteries in the world: how I was born – I do not remember; how I will die – I will not know.
    🔔 The salt of life is that it is not sugar.
    🔔 Everything that happens to us depends on 10% of cases and 90% of ourselves.
    Life is a big supermarket. Get what you want! But the cashier is waiting for you first.
    Life is like iron. If it is abused, it will wear out; if not used, it will rust.
    The weak will say “fate is to blame”, the strong will say “I will try again”, and the strong will shout “I will try until everything is as I want”.
    🔔 Don’t say what you know, but know what you are saying.
    🔔 Sometimes you wonder: there is life before death
    🔔 If you want your life to smile, give her a good mood first.
    🔔 You have to live in such a way that your enemies envy you too!
    🔔 Don’t humiliate yourself. Do not be stupid. Don’t be isolated. Don’t cry. Do not shout. Remember where you put the keys. Read books. Don’t watch talk shows. And repeat that everything is fine. Think hard. Don’t drink too much. Beware of gloomy people and don’t be shy of crazy ideas!
    🔔 For each Yes, there is a destructive No.
    Life would be too boring if both halves of humanity were beautiful.
    To know what it is worth living for, you must have something to die for.
    You don’t have to be afraid of death, but of empty life.
    🔔 In life, as in the sea, calm is followed by storm.
    There are no miracles in life. There is only chance, inevitability and what we do ourselves. And if you want a miracle, you just have to do it inevitably.
    🔔 You were born original. Don’t kill a copy.
    🔔 A decisive step forward is usually the result of a good kick from behind.
    Life is not short at all, only people waste most of it and have no time for anything.
    🔔 I put on a service smile and pretend I’m lucky. I live without the right to make mistakes!
    🔔 There is only one way to find out – to try.
    🔔 I live now, there will be no second life! Therefore, I arrange it the way I want!
    You are so deluded that you are deluded even about the depth of your delusion.
    I am constantly afraid of losing the people I love. Sometimes I wonder if there is anyone who is just as afraid of losing me
    🔔 Life is what happens to you while you make your plans.
    🔔 Life is a computer game with a bad script, but great graphics.

    The latest life statuses

    The latest life statuses will help you to express your attitude towards the most precious thing we have – our existence; and you may reconsider your attitude toward it.

  • It will be difficult – be strong, it will hurt you – don’t cry, it will be windy – don’t hide your eyes with your palm. If there are storms – look, if there are tears – wipe them.
  • Only there is your happiness, where is your heart!
  • Love is when you want to bring a person not into your bed, but into your life.
  • We are responsible for those we have tamed.
  • Blessed is he who has found his destiny, who has not found it – he is unhappy, but even more unhappy is he who does not seek it.
  • FREEDOM – once you find it, you will suffocate in the world of loneliness.
  • Even if you have nothing – you have a life that has everything.
  • Our world is essentially a game. And we are the main characters in it.
  • There is nothing more difficult than loving this life as it is.
  • “Plus” is the “minus” you cut.
  • Life is when your heart beats calmly, you don’t think about bad things, you smile and love someone.
  • Allow yourself to dream. And he draws a dream beautifully. And say to yourself again, “It will be all right. I decided so. ”
  • Smile and let everyone who upsets you enter a world without sex and the internet right now.
  • If you dig a hole – don’t bother, they will finish it and you will make a pool.
  • Be yourself. The rest of the roles are already taken over.
  • Sometimes it seems impossible to live in this world, but life does not exist anywhere else.
  • You can’t change your life fast, but you can change your thoughts, which will change your destiny.
  • You have to live in such a way that Google remembers you.
  • Life is hard, but I wonder what will happen next…
  • Smile at destiny – and it will surely smile back at you!
  • We change rivers, countries, cities… Other doors… New years… And we can’t get rid of ourselves anywhere.
  • Life is beautiful and I don’t care if it’s not true.
  • There are 3 categories of people: those who change your life, those who ruin it and those who become your life.
  • He lives in the present, not in the past. After all, the past cannot be returned, but the present can be corrected.
  • Sooner or later, life will break and put everyone in their real place.
  • You have to live in such a way that it’s a shame to say, but it’s nice to remember.