There are not many cartoons for children from 2 years – 17 years, especially if they are quality. They can take little ones to fabulous lands, to worlds of magical heroes and amazing adventures. It is also the reason why some cartoons for young children are loved by older people as well.

In this top you will find the best animated films of recent years, suitable for 3-year-olds, 8-year-olds and older. Most of them can be found dubbed in Romanian or subtitled.

These cartoons for young children will not only entertain and improve the mood of the little ones, but will also form moral guidelines for them, because on the examples of actions of the cartoon characters, children learn to distinguish good from evil.
When choosing cartoons for 2-3 year olds, try to take into account the inclinations and character traits of the little ones. Active and energetic boys will surely enjoy animated movies with adventures and fights.
Quiet boys, on the other hand, like to watch cartoons for children in Romanian about long journeys and flights to the planets. And all girls love romantic children’s cartoons – about princes, brave knights and charming queens.

In Search of Dory

In 2016, the creators of Pixar came up with a different sequel to “In Search of Nemo,” namely Dory’s story.
Dory goes with her old friends in search of her parents, about whom she doesn’t remember much. His adventures take him to a Marine Institute, where several species of fish were kept in captivity.
In addition to the funny moments, the cartoon also contains some scenes that remind us of the importance of family and friendship, thus being an educational film for the little ones.


The two animated films from the Frozen series, from 2013 and 2019, follow the adventures of two princesses, Anna and Elsa, inspired by the children’s fairy tale Snow Maiden. Although it is not a faithful adaptation of the book, Elsa becomes in a way a snowman in this movie, and the only one who manages to save her is her sister.
The famous songs “Let it go” and “Do you want to build a snowman” conquered us from the first chords, as well as their versions in Romanian (“It happened” and “Let’s go out in the snow”), and the little snowman named Olaf instantly became one of the children’s favorite characters because of his jokes.
So, if you are looking for winter movies for kids, then Frozen is the right choice.

Cars 3

A beautiful sequel to the animated car movie, produced in 2017. The hero continues to show the best results in all tournaments, however, the victories are not so easy for him, and the competition is getting tougher. . Lightning McQueen is looking forward to exciting adventures, where he will meet new friends and also understand that not only speed and engine power make the rider a champion.


will become one of the favorite cartoons for 2-3 year olds. It is colorful and exciting about the terrifying Mosley, a charming and intelligent animal that can talk.
People enslaved Mosley and his other relatives, using them in agriculture and forcing them to work hard from morning till night. One day, to the point of exhaustion, Mosley learned that the torifants were once bipedal, had hands, and probably some of their descendants lived free.
Mosley decides to escape to try to find his relatives and help them free his family and other thugs from slavery. But the owner of the escapee launched a cruel hunt after him.

Missing Link

A beautiful 2019 cartoon about the naturalist Lionel Frost, who believes in all sorts of legends about monsters, similar creatures and their discovery, such as the snowman named Link.
He knows how to speak and is very lonely, which is why Frost decides to help Link get to the Himalayas, where his relatives live. The cartoon received the Golden Globe.


Chinese girl Yi lives in the city, dreams of traveling around the country, earns money and saves, and in the evening she likes to play the violin while sitting on the roof of the house. One day, Yi meets a huge, white, fluffy wounded man who has escaped the evil and mercenary people.
Realizing that her new friend is dreaming of returning home to Everest, the girl decides to help him. They are joined by the boys Peng and Jin and together they embark on a journey full of magic and adventure.

Angry Birds 2

Following the first part, this time the fierce enemies – the birds and the pigs – unite because they have a common enemy, the inhabitant of the ice island, Zeta, who is tired of freezing and has developed a plan to capture the hot lands. The mixed team moves into the enemy’s den, their goal being to destroy the Zeta superweapon.

Toy Story 4

Andy’s old friends, two years later, re-enter the adventure: space ranger Baz Lightyear, cowboy Woody, the dog Spirale, the tyrannosaurus Rex and the entire toy team.
Ever since Andy entered college, the toys have been installed in the house of his new mistress, Bonnie. On the first day of school, Bonnie made a new Wilkins toy, which marked the beginning of a series of events and trips, to meet new toys, some old friends and even a romantic story.

How to Train Your Dragon 3

The final part of the “How to Train Your Dragon” trilogy. Now, the leader and leader of Tont Island, along with Astrid, Sughit has created a glorious chaotic utopia for the dragon population.
The sudden appearance of the Fury of Light coincides with the darkest threat ever looming over their town, so Hiccup and Stirbul must leave the only home they have ever known, and embark on a journey into a hidden world about which it is known to exist only in legends.
As their true destiny is revealed, the dragon and his rider will fight together to the ends of the earth to defend everything that has come to their dearest.

The Secret Life of Pets 2

Many changes took place in Max Terrier’s house: the mistress got married and gave birth to a baby. After some time and some of the suffering, Max has become incredibly attached to the child and now takes care of him all the time.
Meanwhile, other pets have their own adventures and experiences.

Lego. Movie

The sequel to the famous cartoon, released in 2019. The heroes return five years later. The aliens on the planet Duplo have kidnapped Emmett’s friends, and the yellow plastic man will have to find a way to save them.

Mirai no Mirai

Japanese cartoon from 2018. Kun is a capricious four-year-old boy who has difficulty surviving the appearance of his younger sister, Mirai, who has attracted almost all the attention of her parents.
He is jealous and angry until one day he meets a Mirai teenager. It turned out that his little sister is a time traveler who can give him the best adventures in life.

June Magic Park

When June was little, she was in a magic park where animals can talk and all kinds of magic happen. Later, when the girl grew up, she was surprised to find out that this park really exists!
But big problems arise: because June stopped imagining, the magic disappeared from the park.

Tiny 2: Jaws at the End of the World

Following the cutest French cartoon “Tiny. The Adventure in the Valley of the Ants ”. Now, charming insects will travel to the Caribbean.
That’s how it happened that one of the gargoyles fell in the box going there, and now her brave friends have a lot of adventures on the way to save her friend.
The budget for the cartoon was modest, but the audience rating for this story is excellent.

Corgi, the Queen’s Puppies

A fictional story about how the beloved dog of Queen Elizabeth II, raised in Buckingham Palace, appeared on the streets of London, where the life of dogs is completely different from what he was used to.


Film released in 2016 by the Disney studio, which brings to the fore the subject of equality. In life, in order to reach the goal, you have to work hard, as the bunny Judy did.
But as soon as she met Nick the fox, her life took another turn.

Inside Out

Animated film released in 2015 by Pixar Studio. Riley is an ordinary 11-year-old schoolgirl and, like each of us, five basic emotions determine her behavior: joy, sadness, fear, anger and displeasure. Emotions live in the girl’s mind and every day helps her cope with problems, managing all her actions.
For now, the emotions live together, but it turns out that Riley and her parents will have to move from a small town to a noisy metropolis.
Each of the emotions considers that she is the one who knows best what to do in this difficult situation, and there is complete confusion in the girl’s head. Thus, Riley’s emotions must learn how to work together again.

Kubo and the two Strings

The cartoon was produced in 2016. Kubo is the heir to a large family, but when the spirits of the past, eager for revenge, returned, only a strange couple of guards dared to rise in front of him.
And now for Kubo, the only chance to escape is to find the magic armor of his father, the legendary samurai.


A beautiful story released in 2016 by the Disney animation studio. The fearless Moana, the daughter of the leader of a small tribe on an island in the Pacific Ocean, dreams of adventure more than anything and decides to embark on a dangerous journey by sea.
Together with the once powerful semi-god Maui, they must cross the ocean, fight terrible monsters and destroy the ancient spell.

Coco’s secret

Another Pixar product, launched in 2017. Miguel, 12, lives in a Mexican village in a family of shoemakers and secretly dreams of becoming a musician. Secretly – because in his family clan, music is considered a curse.
Once, his great-grandfather left his wife, for the sake of a dream, which now does not allow Miguel to live in peace. Since then, the family music theme has become a taboo. Miguel discovers that there is a certain connection between him and his beloved singer Ernesto de la Cruz, now deceased.
The boy goes to his idol in the Land of the Dead, where he meets the souls of his ancestors. Miguel also meets a spirit named Hector (in the form of a skeleton), who becomes his guide. Together they go in search of Cruz.

Spider-Man: Through the Universes

It was released in 2018. Many people know about Spider-Man as Peter Parker, but the creators of the cartoon decided to focus on another character from the Marvel comics, so Miles Morales took the lead .
To make it even more interesting, the creators arranged for the spider worlds to collide for a short time, but exactly until the villain is defeated. An innovator in animation, the cartoon has garnered numerous awards and has been warmly received by viewers and critics alike.

City of Heroes 6

A Disney product from 2014. It tells the story of a teenager, Hiro, unable to cope with the loss of his brother. He proved that the family can be found anywhere.
Even among science-obsessed teenagers and especially if the whole company is able to withstand the main culprit.
A separate plus is the revelation of the antagonist’s story: people become evil at the touch of a finger. The success of the cartoon can be confirmed by the launch of the animated series “The City of Heroes: A New History”.

Addams Family

Animated Comedy for Older Children, 2019. Fans of Barry Sonnenfeld’s 1991 cult film, which later received two sequels, were looking forward to this open-hearted cartoon.
The franchise has been restarted, but the crazy family of vampires and zombies has become animated and made it even more sinister.
An extravagant family that professes a Gothic lifestyle is trying to find peace in the caramel world of one-story houses and cute housewives. It’s just a good Halloween cartoon.

Incredible 2

Released in 2018, it is a new story about the activities of the Pixar studio superhero family: Mr. Exceptional is at home with the children, and his wife, Elastika, is involved in her career and becomes a popular superhero.

Early Man

Rider Doug and his fellow tribesmen are trying to protect their rights to the valley, which the more advanced neighbors want to drive away.

Isle of Dogs

Another cartoon from 2018. Five dogs in exile help the Atari boy find his beloved dog Spot, sent to the landfill.

Sherlock Gnomes

Although not very intelligent, Sherlock Gnomes is investigating the mysterious kidnapping of garden gnomes in London.

Hotel Transilvania 3: summer vacation

Vampires and monsters go on a cruise, and Count Dracula manages to fall in love with an inappropriate beauty.

Tall Tales

The cartoon, released in 2018, was nominated for an Oscar. History tells of the palace cup and the intrigues of the insect kingdom.

Ana y Bruno

Cartoon released in 2017. Ana goes in search of her missing father to help her mother get out of depression. Along with the girl, some creepy but funny creatures started.

The Grinch

A beautiful French story. Anyone in Grinch’s place would turn green and angry. As a decent introvert, he lives in a dark cave right on top of the mountain, away from everyone, but these “everyone” is preparing a grand New Year’s Eve. They make noise, decorate everything and rejoice. So Grinch decides to steal the New Year.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Ralph and Vanilope von Keks embark on a journey through the vast realms of the Internet.

Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero

The true story of a dog sergeant named Stubby, who received the title and awards for World War I exploits.
A starving homeless puppy fell into the hands of a young soldier and became a member of his regiment. Together with his army family, the dog Stubby went to the French front, where he took part in battles, rescued the wounded and caught spies.


A young Yeni, full of resources, is facing someone who, in his deep conviction, does not exist – the man. The news about the “little foot” brings him fame and a chance to win the face of his dreams.
And yet – it causes a stir among ordinary Andeans, who now wonder who still lives in the big world outside of their small snowy village.

Laws of the Universe – Part I

Japanese cartoon, published in 2018, about the confrontation of school children with aliens.

Lu over the Wall

Another interesting animated film, released in 2017. High school student Kai, who came to the island to rehearse shows with his group, met a mermaid named Lu.


Animated film from 2020. Once upon a time, magic reigned in the fairytale world, but after the discovery of electricity, magicians became useless, and development went the technogenic way.
Now elves, trolls, elves, mantises, fairies, centaurs and unicorns fly on planes, use cars and mobile phones and lead a generally prosperous life.
Elf brothers Ian and Barley Lightfoot were raised only by their mother because their father died when they were very young. At 16, Ian receives a crystal and a magic spell that should bring his father back to life for a day, but the magic crystal disappears and revives only the lower half of his father. Thus, the brothers embark on an adventure in search of another crystal.

Trolls World Tour Trolls

are shocked – it turns out that the music world is much bigger than they thought. A dizzying fun with outdoor hip-hop concerts awaits them.
But the unstoppable Queen Rox intends to destroy everything so that the world will be ruled unconditionally by hard rock!
Rosette and her new friends are on an incredible journey: they must unite all the winches and stop Rox.

Spies in Disguise

Cartoon from 2019. Super spy Lance Sterling and young scientist Walter Beckett are completely opposite. Lance saves cities and countries every day, and Walter wants to shut himself off from everyone in his own inventions and gadgets.
But when events take an unexpected turn, this duet is forced to unite and show all their abilities in a completely new way. The strange couple will need incredible disguise miracles to save the whole world.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

In the 2015 feature film, SpongeBob, the world’s favorite from the deep ocean, must save the aquatic world, but for that he and his friends will have to go ashore and reach us. .

Arctic Justice

Cartoon for children from 2019. Welcome to the North Pole, where the power lies in those with big paws and strong teeth.
For the sake of their own superiority, they are ready to rebuild the whole world. Only the smallest, but very brave, will defend not only the North Pole, but also the entire planet. They are the true Guardians of the Arctic.


The cartoon is a collaboration between France and Canada and was produced in 2016. The events will take place around a little orphan girl, who, following her dream of becoming a ballerina, arrives in Paris in 1879.

Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups

The feature film cartoon appeared in 2018. A team of brave puppies receive superpowers after a mysterious meteorite lands in Adventure Bay.
In order to seize power in the city, Mayor Hamdinger and his nephew set a trap for Ryder and abducted the meteorite. Puppies need to unite and use their new skills to save the day.

Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond

Norwegian animated film from 2019. It tells the captivating adventures of the brave and formidable Captain Sabretooth, showing the sea and the oceans in search of countless treasures.
Its main purpose is to obtain the magic diamond that fulfills any desire. However, an ordinary boy manages to steal the strong stone directly from under the nose of the experienced pirate.

Vic the Viking and the Magic Sword

Another product from 2019, of German origin. A young man named Vic, despite his small stature, always dreamed of going on a long journey, just like his father – the leader of the powerful Viking clan. And fate gives Vic a chance at that, when his mother reaches the golden captivity of the god Loki.
To remove the spell, the inexperienced Viking will have to go on an interesting and dangerous journey to the gates of the city of the gods – Asgard.


Cartoon for children from 2019. The heir of a millionaire fortune, the puppy-prince got out of his comfort zone and reached the street. Now he dreams of returning home.
To do this, he must make new friends, get rid of annoying squirrels and the experienced hunter. The royal holidays begin.

The Emoji

American animated story from 2017. You know that inside every smartphone there is a colorful city called Textopolis, where emoji live.
that they are terribly happy when the phone owner selects them for his message .
a genius can express several emotions simultaneously.
He wants to be like his brothers, and for that, together with his friends, he embarks on an interesting journey through the phone applications in search of a program that will help him change. Suddenly, the heroes find out about the danger hanging over the city of Textopolis.

StarDog and TurboCat

Launched into space by its owner (a scientist) in 1969, Buddy’s dog crashed into a small town, where pets are being attacked by police officer Peck, who hates animals.
Desperate to reunite with his owner, Buddy hires the brilliant millionaire cat Felix to help him. Thus begins the great adventure.
Meeting Cassidy the rabbit and his animal rights organization, Buddy and Felix are forced to confront Peck and become true heroes. The English cartoon appeared in 2019.

Red Shoes

A cartoon for children, produced by South Korea in 2019. Once upon a time there was a girl in the fairy kingdom who found a pair of magic shoes: if you wear them, you turn into a beautiful princess. Seven princes, bewitched by an evil witch, have become ugly green gnomes.
To regain their human appearance, they need to kiss a beautiful girl. One day, the paths of the heroes intersect and they learn what friendship, love and real beauty are.

Playmobil: The Movie

French animated film from 2019. During the game, Charlie and his older sister Marla enter the world of toys. After losing her brother there, Marla goes in search of him.
Together with her new friend Del and Special Agent Rex Dasher, she must reach the Colosseum and neutralize Emperor Maximus, whose agents kidnap people to take part in gladiatorial battles.
But it can only get there through five cinematic universes: Viking Land, Jurassic World, West Wild, Magic Land and Spy City.

Magic Forest

Norwegian cartoon from 2019. Little mouse Morten and his friends live in a wonderful magic forest and know no problem until an insidious predator with a large tail appears. Fox Marvin set out to catch and eat all the mice in the forest.
Thus, Morten passed a law according to which all animals must cease to eat each other in order to live in peace and harmony.

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

Strange lights above the city show the arrival of a mysterious guest from a distant galaxy – Lu-La. He collapses near Sean’s farm.
So Sean decides to help his alien friend find the lost ship, but he doesn’t know that the alien hunting agency is already following him.

Go fish

This is an interesting and funny story from 2019 of a brave Alex – a fish who dreams of becoming a superhero.
He gets his chance when a mysterious black slam reef bursts at his coral reef. Alex and his friends – the sea horse, the eel fish and the perch – sail to face the threat and save their home, but they are confronted by a ship sunk with treasures, an abandoned plane, evil sharks and an underwater volcano.

The Donkey King

A beautiful animated film, released in 2018. “If you were born a donkey, you don’t have to live like a donkey all your life. Dream and your dreams will come true. ” After receiving such words from his father, the donkey named Mangu is optimistic in life.
Once, luck really smiles on him, when a new leader in the country has to be elected. By an incredible coincidence, there are only two candidates for the throne: he and the spoiled prince, whom the people cannot stand.
But maybe a simple donkey from a poor family can become the king of animals
. After all, no one taught him to make speeches!

Robocar Poli

Another Korean animated product, which tells about a brave team of rescue cars, led by Paulie, who is guarding the order of Brumtown.