Android is the most popular operating system in the world, and because Google’s mobile operating system often becomes the number one target, due to its popularity, the availability of antivirus protection tools for your tablet or phone (Samsung, for example) is essential.

We have selected a list of the 10 most popular antiviruses, helping you decide which is the best antivirus for Android, made available to you for free.
Each of the products listed below obtained the maximum number of points in the comparison table of the German laboratory AV-Test, specialized in information protection.

Comparison of the 10 antiviruses, by popularity and functional capabilities

The table below provides a brief description and main features, compared to each of the ten solutions that protect smartphones and tablets, starting with the best antivirus for Android phone.
Please note that no free or paid antivirus for your phone negatively affects your battery life, traffic consumption and mobile device speed.
Antiviruses differ only in their ability to detect additional threats and features.
Application name
Nr. downloads
Free version availability *
Network / traffic connection control
Restrict access to personal data
Additional options
CM Security
100 mln
Buckup; optimizarea dispozitivului
Kaspersky Internet Security
10 mln

ESET NOD32 Mobile Security
1 mln

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus
100 mln
360 Security
100 mln

Dr.Web v.9 Anti-virus
50 mln

AVG Antivirus Free
100 mln

Buckup; device optimization
Avira Antivirus Security
10 mln

– / –

Norton Security & Antivirus
10 mln

– / –

McAfee Security & Antivirus Free
+ Buckup
; device optimization
* The possibility of continuous use of free antivirus without significant restrictions is considered.

Detailed description of the most popular 10 Free Android Antivirus

Cheetah Security Master

CM Security Antivirus is a development made by Cheetah Mobile. The application is completely free to download.
This application includes the following device optimization functions: scanner and antivirus monitor; URL blocking; anti-theft mode; application access blocking function (AppLock); functions for blocking unwanted contacts; network connection security.
The anti-theft module supports remote control of the device via the website: requesting a location (GPS data), turning on the audio signal and locking the device.
You can also get a photo of the attacker.
The AppLock feature allows you to block access to installed applications (for example, mail), which allows you to hide confidential information from strangers. Access to applications is possible with a password.
Call and SMS blocking feature allows you to protect yourself from unwanted contacts.
After installation, the user must register to access the cloud storage, where you can save a backup of the contents of the device.
The device optimization function will help clean the device of temporary files, unnecessary applications, etc., which significantly improves system performance.
Conclusions:In general, the application leaves a positive impression. In addition, it is completely free. However, the downside is the lack of antivirus scanner settings and the choice of scan type.

Kaspersky Internet Security This

is a mobile version of the popular antivirus from the Russian company Kaspersky Lab. The application provides real-time protection against viruses, Trojans, ransomware and other threats, protects against phishing, blocks dangerous links when browsing the Internet.
Antivirus supports on-demand scanning, searching for a lost device, remote locking, protection of the application’s secret code, personal photos, files and correspondence.
The functionality of the application also includes managing blacklisted calls and using the features of the Kaspersky Protection Center service.
Functionality features:

  • Restricted access to certain applications
  • Block calls from specified and / or unknown phone numbers
  • Protection against internet threats and phishing
  • Anti-theft function
  • Protect your computer from viruses while browsing and visiting social networks Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Conclusions: Disadvantages include the lack of a scan function for wireless network security and data traffic.
In addition, there are no useful features to block access to applications. The advantage is the extended package of protection functions.

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

ESET NOD32 Smart Security is a great and complete solution to protect your computer from various types of virtual threats.
Viruses, trojans, rootkits, adware, spam – all these are easily forgotten after installing this wonderful antivirus. “The best defense is an attack,” ESET programmers probably believe, because by default, the settings on the scan and the removal of threats are quite aggressive for Nod32.
Key features of ESET NOD32 Smart Security :

  • Total multi-level protection against viruses, malware and adware;
  • Firewall personal;
  • Anti-theft function, which allows you to find and recover the lost device;
  • Beautiful minimalist interface;
  • 30 days full working version!
  • monitoring and scanning of connected devices
  • free technical assistance

In addition to a huge set of high quality tools, it also has a fairly high consumption of system resources, which is partially offset by profiles where you can configure every aspect.
By the way, on the official website of the antivirus there is a lot of useful information about optimizing the application.
Conclusions: In general, the solution copes well with its tasks and can provide complete protection for the device. However, there are disadvantages.
For example, lack of network connection scanning and personal data protection features.

Avast Mobile Security

The latest version of Avast has several unique features (AutoSandbox, Intelligent Scanner, etc.), improved speed, and most importantly, one of the largest virus databases in the world (updated daily) .
The application supports remote management, Wi-Fi network security analysis, use of permission systems to increase privacy, application blocking and protection against theft.
If your gadget has root privileges, the built-in firewall will be available in Avast Mobile Security.
Additional antivirus features include protection of personal photos, automatic correction of errors in URLs, application scanning, use of a VPN and cleaning of temporary files.
Functionality features :

  • Restricted access to certain applications
  • Block calls from specified and / or unknown phone numbers
  • Monitor application behavior based on permissions and reputation
  • Protection against internet threats and phishing
  • Using VPN
  • Wi-Fi security check
  • Anti-theft function

Conclusions : The application has an extensive package of features that allows complete protection of the device. But some modules need to be downloaded separately (system optimization), which reduces the overall impression.

360 Security

360 Total Security is a powerful set of tools for keeping your operating system tidy, including a modern antivirus, an optimization modifier, and a scrap cleaning tool.
This is a free antivirus solution that can not only protect your phone against external threats, but also optimize its activity and help to properly distribute system resources to increase process speed.
The application itself is based on five active motors, four of which are responsible for protecting the system.
Key features of 360 Security :

  • Excellent protection against viruses both in real time and during scanning;
  • Use of several separate modules for protection;
  • Automatic verification of connected storage media;
  • Cleaning the system of inexpensive and temporary files;
  • Superior system optimization;
  • Absolutely free version!

Conclusions: In general, 360 Security offers a simple set of features, but at the same time free. In addition, the lack of network protection features scares users.

Dr. Web v.9 Anti-Virus

Dr. Web Antivirus is a free antivirus solution for detecting and destroying viruses and other malware.
Thanks to an efficient heuristic analyzer, Dr. Web easily detects new types of unknown virtual threats even on social networks, and proactive multi-step protection protects the system against any danger while browsing the Internet or using unverified storage media.
Key Features of Dr.Web Antivirus :

  • Multi-stage protection system;
  • Protection of user data against damage;
  • High speed antivirus scanning;
  • Personal firewall for protection against hackers;
  • The simplest interface with a beautiful design;
  • Free trial!

Conclusions: Besides the fact that it has a large set of functions, a plus, without a doubt, is that, in case of viruses entering the device, their action will be blocked even if their signatures are not in the database.
However, there is no function to protect personal data – this is a minus.

AVG AntiVirus Free

A popular antivirus solution for the complete protection of a mobile device is offered by the developer AVG Mobile.
The application supports scanning of installed software and files of various types in real time and on demand, protection of personal data of the user, monitoring tasks, searching for a phone on Maps, blocking the device and individual applications.
Among the additional functions of the antivirus should be noted the function of securely deleting data from the phone and from the memory card.
AVG Antivirus also includes a task manager and a battery optimizer.
Functionality features :

  • Restricted access to certain applications
  • Block calls from specified and / or unknown phone numbers
  • Monitor application behavior based on permissions and reputation
  • Protection against internet threats and phishing
  • Using VPN
  • Wi-Fi security check
  • Anti-theft function

Conclusions : In general, AVG Anti-Virus includes most of the standard protection components. The pluses include the availability of a good package of service features and the downsides – the lack of ability to control network security.


Avira Free Antivirus is a simple antivirus that has a fairly effective protection against viruses, trojans and adware.
Its main advantage over competitors is the switch to cloud technology, which allows you to protect your computer from the latest threats.
The antivirus itself offers only basic protection against threats, but can be extended with special plugins that can be downloaded absolutely free of charge from the manufacturer’s website.
Thus, each user can “build” a personal and unique protection system.
Key features of Avira Free Security Suite :

  • Constantly updated anti-virus database;
  • Using cloud technologies to save system resources;
  • Able to fight macro viruses and treat infected files;
  • Ability to configure scheduled scans;
  • Automatic scanning of executable files;
  • Ability to load modules to extend functionality;
  • Does not conflict with other antivirus applications.

To ensure security on Wi-Fi networks, you can also enable the Avira Phantom VPN protection component, which is needed to protect your computer against phishing sites and external antivirus threats.
You can also install the e-mail scanning module, anti-spam and anti-dialer programs.
Conclusions: the indisputable advantage is the presence of all the functionalities in the free version. However, the downsides of the solution are sufficient, for example – there is no network connection control function.

Norton Mobile Security

Norton Security & Antivirus is distributed in two versions: free and paid. The trial version includes the basic functions: antivirus scanner and monitor; URL blocking protection against theft; blocking calls and text messages; application advisor; backup and restore.
The anti-theft module supports remote control functions, including sending GPS data, turning on the audio signal, receiving the photo, locking the device and deleting all data.
Management will be done through the website. SMS control is not available.
In addition to the usual functions, the application accepts the activity of the so-called application advisor, which generates a report on the problems found for the installed applications.
It also has data recovery features. In the Premium version, backup functions, web protection, calls and message blocking are available, as well as application advisor.
Conclusions: The free version offers the minimum necessary to protect the device without charging the phone.

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Security & Antivirus is distributed for free and Premium. It protects against viruses, spyware and adware, supports anonymous and secure web browsing, checks the reliability of wireless networks and a general privacy check.
McAfee Mobile Security features also include searching for a lost or stolen device, optimizing performance.
Functionality features :

  • Restricted access to certain applications
  • Cloud and SD card backup
  • Monitor application behavior based on permissions and reputation
  • Protection against internet threats and phishing
  • Using VPN
  • Wi-Fi security check
  • Anti-theft function

Conclusions : The application is equipped with various protection functions, but it easily charges the device during operation.


Bitdefender Security & Antivirus is another big name in the world of information security, proposed by the Romanian developer Bitdefender.
Convenient and functional, the application protects the mobile device and the user’s personal data from various types of threats, while consuming the minimum amount of resources.
Mobile Security & Antivirus uses cloud protection technologies, with information about all threats, the program supports monitoring the behavior of applications, blocking them with a password, protection against phishing and other threats on the Internet.
Separately, it should be mentioned that there is a VPN module that allows you to visit sites blocked by IP, the program also has a function to search and block a lost device.
Its functions include: anti-theft (remote locking, cleaning and searching for mobile devices), protection against dangerous sites and phishing, protection of applications with a fingerprint scanner, module for searching for lost smart watches, etc.
All new applications downloaded to your device are automatically scanned. Another advantage of this application is that it is ready to run immediately after installation – no additional configuration is required.
We hope that the information provided will be useful for Android users and will help them to choose the right protection application.