How to break up with a man. What to tell him. Often, women delay this unpleasant moment and avoid the farewell meeting, thus accentuating the dramatic situation. Yes, separation is always negative, but even after it, you can maintain friendships and avoid destroying all the good that once connected you.

Whatever the reason, initiating a breakup actually tells the person that you no longer love him or that you can no longer accept the tension between you, even if you still have feelings. Of course, this will cause him unbearable pain, but by choosing the right messages of regret and parting, you will reduce the power of the blow over his feelings and pride.

So in this article you will find the best sad messages of love and parting for him. You’ll also find some funny parting messages for cases where your parting decision belongs to both of you, and some of which you can send via SMS as parting messages as a joke, for situations where you want to make fun of your boyfriend.

Painful parting messages for him (long and short)

Do not be afraid of decisive actions and do not neglect the moment when you realize that separation is the only way out of the tense situation created between you. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. For this, we offer you the best messages of regret, parting and suffering.
I know you loved me, and I played love. I know and I haven’t forgotten what was between us. And I know you’ve forgiven my grievances, quarrels, weaknesses, and whims. Now let me go please…
🖤 Goodbye! How sad this word is. Who invented it
! For language, it is simple, but for the heart, what is
A wet pillow, a chaos in the head. Everything has changed, everything is already wrong. What happened to us?
You made me believe, you made me wait for you. What happened to you?
Where is your love now?
Maybe you hid it in miles of words
. I loved you. And maybe I still love you. But I’ll watch you, rest assured!
There are times when I don’t even want to live anymore, I just want to cry and be sad. Why I loved you, tell me
And tell me, why I don’t love you anymore
🖤 I know I will live and as usual I will laugh. But know that I will always love you and through pain I will smile.
Iub I love you, but I won’t run after you anymore. I’m so sorry for me, but anyway, I know I’ll never forget you. You are no longer my sadness!
🖤 ​​Please don’t come and call me! We can’t live like this – you know, I think, alone. It will be better for both of us. Leave these meetings last night. We are not alone, but we are lonely. And that’s not the only reason. I can’t cheat and wait anymore. Sorry… The picture was so fateful… It’s time to look at each other!
🖤 ​​If you want to leave – go! If you want to forget – forget! Eventually, we reached the end of the road when we had nothing to go back…
🖤 Well, that was all and here I say stop! We are breaking up. But we remain friends! Hope! And we may be sad, but I’m glad we’re not resentful.
🖤 ​​This SMS will be the last, I wrote to you to say: “Goodbye, my dear! I know you love me…”. The minutes have come when I don’t want to live at all. I just want to cry and hope I can love someone else. I thought you were my destiny, but it turned out to be a mistake. I was happy with you and I don’t regret falling in love with you, but our story is over! To be happy!
One day you will realize that you have lost me. Once you wake up alone in a dream and see how I cry, you will suddenly realize how cruel you were, and then one day you will cry with the same tears as me!
🖤 ​​Jealousy, quarrels, spiritual struggles. Only it wasn’t between us! And sometimes the silence… I probably loved, but I didn’t want to understand that! Please don’t come to me at night. Stop dreaming about me. We have given ourselves hundreds of promises, but that will not return what it was again, because the wings thrown on the ground will never fly to the light again! The love between us is dead and we can’t wait!
I’m sorry, but I have to go. I’m not upset, I’m just tired. Everything has an end. Friendship, love, suffering. Not only will the memories end! I hope we stay at least friends.
🖤 ​​There are times in life when people can no longer be together and it’s time to break up. Yes, breaking up for years is very bitter and painful if you really love and even more painful when you yourself have to end the relationship with the person you love madly. You know I love you and maybe I will always love you, but that’s it… there’s no going back!

Sad parting messages for him

Separation is like a point in a story, after which it cannot be continued. You don’t have to break up on a negative note. Even if you leave your boyfriend because of his mistakes and actions, try not to bring the situation to scandal.
➡️ Sometimes you have to leave. Too bad you don’t immediately understand what kind of person is in front of you. Why do we fall in love first and then think if we need that person
It hurts me! But that’s the reality!
➡️ My eyes are full of pain, I have a void in my soul, and my heart is bleeding. Everything was so wonderful, but it quickly disappeared! Farewell!
➡️ We had so many happy moments together! Now it looks like they were just dreaming… We won’t hug, I won’t calm you down and you won’t warm my hands with your warmth. We won’t cover our lips with a kiss. With you, I have gone too far… The eternal separation of the soul has come between us and now I want nothing but silence without you!
➡️ I brush my teeth, I bite my lips, I will hold my breath in my lungs, but I will not ask for your love as if I were a beggar begging for alms! Sorry, it’s over. Bye bye.
➡️ Maybe the time we were together was really beautiful, but it ended so quickly. My tears flow and my heart seems to break with my chest. Don’t forget me, forget how we held hands, forget how we waited for you and how we loved you!
➡️ However… I will not be yours forever. You did not enter my heart or my house. I believed your words, I believed in their power and passion, they gave me inspiration and they winged me. But your words are like smoke disappearing. Either they are or they are not the same. Today I decided not to fall in love with people like you. Have a nice day, my ex…
➡️ I love you, but we can’t be together. I can’t get over the abyss of mistrust I’ve created. Forget me. I wasn’t dreaming. Do not love me. Goodbye and know that I will never return! But when I meet you, I’ll smile at you anyway.
➡️ I’m sorry, but we are different people. We expect different things from each other. Let’s look at each other and love only those who will be more worthy of it.
➡️ We buried our love, we put a cross on the grave. Thank God!
➡️ You know, our love was without great joy, so I hope that the separation will be without sadness.
➡️ It’s always hard to say goodbye, it’s hard to smile in pain. But I will not return! Something bored me… Forgive me, don’t be upset and come to terms with the thought that I am no longer yours. I’m tired of feeling. I want sincere and true feelings! I want happiness, but it doesn’t seem like it to you…
➡️ Now all I want is loneliness! If I am your destiny, I will definitely return to you.
➡️ I haven’t loved you in a long time. And I haven’t melted in your hands in a long time. I want to start life from scratch, start again without you. It’s so hard for me to break up with you, but you’re a close person to me. But maybe you’ll understand me. I’m tired of waiting for miracles and listening to lies. I will not leave you back in my life or in my heart. I don’t want that to happen again.

Farewell messages that make you cry

It is true that separation in practice is much more complicated. Not every woman can say calmly – “We can’t be together anymore”, preferring to postpone this moment, thus causing the man even more pain, especially if the relationship goes on at a distance. However, we suggest that you use the true parting messages.
➞ Separation is always difficult. Forgive me, my dear! Our paths in life have parted. Maybe we’re destined to love someone else
➞ You couldn’t melt the ice in my heart, you couldn’t melt my tears from my cheeks either. We are different people, with different destinies. Our meeting is a mistake. Please forgive me, understand me and let me go!
I stubbornly hide my lips. You really don’t see that I’m not yours anymore
You don’t see my eyes cold
Don’t see that all my tenderness is no longer for you
Don’t look at me with longing and hope, I’m no longer yours!
➞ Learn how to look at me, learn how to hate me, learn how to live peacefully without seeing me, learn how to sleep without dreaming of me. Learn not to love me anymore – because from now on I live without you!
It’s time to break up and I hope we don’t hate each other, we won’t be sad and maybe we’ll even become friends!
➞ I have not loved anyone so much and it is unlikely that I will love anyone else. Even if I have not fully opened your soul, I will always keep your face in it. Now we have silence, the photo on the phone, the failed promise. In silence, reciprocally, only our memories will torment us.
➞ Believe me, I loved you as I will not love another. But I will deeply hide my love and try to forget you.
➞ Don’t love me anymore and don’t remember me. Let your life flow like a river, and I will believe in a miracle that I can truly love someone.
➞ Your love no longer warms me, the wonderful feeling is gone. It’s getting colder every day and my heart is freezing. Love passed and everything became clear. I can even say it’s easier on my soul. I think I made it clear that I will never be with you!

You told me I wasn’t the one you needed. But I am who I am. So, it is better for both of us to leave, not to wait for changes in the relationship.
➞ I left forever today. Do not be sad. Smile for the years spent together. Cry for the words of the past. “We” are gone forever.
We broke up and that’s it. What a pity that I lost in the small details the great happy road! I want us both to be happy. Don’t you remember me badly, please. What once happened between us has disappeared and even the pain has died. It was and it was. Forgive me, don’t be upset, I once loved you, but now I’m not yours.
➞ Don’t cry because my soul cries too. But it’s not worth being sad about. Life has certainly prepared us for something more valuable.

Messages of parting and regret for the boyfriend

You have several options for saying the last “goodbye” – video communication, phone conversation, e-mail or SMS. Choose the saddest parting message, personalize it, and take the courage to say it.
↩️ I was kissing you jokingly, I loved you out of boredom. And you took it too seriously!
↩️ You promised me a lot in words, you swore you would change. But you still didn’t understand my soul and you didn’t appreciate it. I hope that now, when I leave you, you will understand. I still can’t find the right words… I loved you sincerely, but now I just want to look at you! Our love is a mistake.
↩️ My soul has cooled and I don’t see happiness like before. My breathing calmed down, my hands stopped shaking, my heart was beating normally. It’s like a sad page in a novel – no love, no suffering. I thought that something needed to be changed and in the end I understood that the only way out of the situation is to break up. Everything was over, I could already hear the steps of separation. Why prolong this pseudo-relationship
↩️ I’m not bad, but I want us to break up like ships at sea. Let me see you far away.
↩️ We’re not together now. Live with whoever you want! God be with you!
↩️ This breakup hurts me, but we need to do it. Don’t shed tears, just try to forget everything. And accept my apologies for all my unlove.
↩️ Fate doesn’t scare me and boredom doesn’t scare me either. Today is our first holiday. This holiday is called parting.
↩️ You are good in your own way, but I love another. Go on your way, which you will surely meet the right person! Your eyes do not warm me and my heart does not die after you. You understand
I do not know the torment of love for you, you are not my desire, you are not my whim. It’s painful
. Maybe. But even more painful would be the lie.
↩️ Don’t cry it’s all over. Smile, because life is not over! And forgive me, love. Forgive me for loving you and wanting to be with you. Everything was wonderful, beautiful, with flowers, walks in the moonlight. But it all ends again and again. Good luck! Sorry!
↩️ That bitter and sad hour has come, when love no longer saves us. I did not expect such a moment! Everyone thought we were tied to the ribbon of love. But I realized I was wrong… You will be in my heart forever! And don’t forget my love and tenderness either.
↩️ You fooled me – how awful it is! And even if you asked me for forgiveness – now all attempts will be in vain! I loved you, now I despise you. How this happened, I don’t want to know! I will not listen to your explanations. I was yours, now I’m going to be a stranger. I know I won’t forget you, but I can’t believe you either! Farewell!