When we are away from the person we love, we feel a void inside with a strong sense of nostalgia. We think about the good times we had together and we feel the need to share what we feel with our loved one.

Finding messages about longing, a feeling we have all experienced at least once in our lives, is not easy. Longing can be related to a person, a place, a lost love, home or past, and comes from the lack of something or even the lack of someone who was previously an integral part of our existence. The ability to not get used to this lack then causes a feeling of emptiness.

If you are away from your loved one, and you want to send them a message of love and longing, see below the list of messages of love and longing for him.

Short messages of love for him

Life is made up of memories, moments lived and then lost in the shadows of the past, but which are ready to reappear in us when we expect less or when we go through difficult days and feel the need to find forgotten affections. Especially if your boyfriend is far away, you may feel lonely and nostalgic. If you want to feel closer to your loved one, send him a short message of love in which you tell him how much you love him and how much you miss him.

You have become the wind that lifted my heart to the sky and I am very happy about it!
You are the main performer of my life song and I don’t want you to stop singing!
TaYour face has become the most beloved and close to my heart.
“My dear boy, you are certainly not like everyone else, and I dreamed of running with you through the morning dew!”
You have settled in my heart and captivated my mind with the tenderness and warmth of your soul!
You are like a rare stone in nature and I was very happy to meet you!
How wonderful it is to forget everything, seeing the brightness of your eyes and sinking into their cosmic depths!
Your imposing face, which is always before my eyes, lights a lamp of passion in my body.
You are the only sun for me that shines on the horizon and warms my soul!
I want to learn every millimeter of my beloved body, which has intoxicated my soul!
“My sunbeam!” I appreciate every moment spent with you and I am happy to weave our destinies!
“You are the most precious treasure!” And I hope I deserve such a gift of fate.
💜Being with you, I turn into an artist who paints love with colorful paints.
EstiYou are my long-awaited love, to whom I will forever maintain my loyalty!
💜I want to offer you all the sunsets and sunrises, so that our feelings are warmed to the maximum!
EstiYou are the match of my heart that ignited in it the flame of love.
I thought there were no perfect men, but when I met you, I realized I was wrong.
I will give you the dawn, the moon and the stars. And the breath of the breeze, as gentle as the touch of your lips. I love you very much!
I want to immerse myself in your wonderful deep eyes, to fill them with my sincere feelings!
“You are my breath, without which I cannot live even for a minute!”
You blinded my eyes, left me speechless, captured my heart and stole my soul. I’m incredibly happy about that!
Even if you disappeared, your scent on me and your memory in my mind did not fade so easily. I miss you so much and right now I want to hug you without saying anything like I did until recently.
💜Distance from your partner only makes you understand that it is not true love and that you can continue on your own, living with a strong sense of lack that can only be overcome in the long run and with a new love.
💜Nostalgia is to love someone madly, to have them away for obvious reasons, to arrive in time of need and not to find an outstretched hand to help you and your arms ready to lift you up. I miss you so much and I need you every day.
In a few months you were able to make me rediscover the colors of life that previously seemed dim and devoid of any light. Now that I’m no longer in my life, I realize that treasure that existence gave me and that I naively let myself escape.
It is never easy to tell someone that you loved goodbye and, for this reason, every night your smiling face comes back to visit me; I miss you so much, I want to come back to relive those wonderful moments with you.
Some say that love is also nostalgia, but I do not agree with this opinion. Everyone should live away from their loved one before making such a statement. You and I know it’s like living a life where you miss half of everything and now, for example, I miss you so much.
💜How can you erase the memory of a love
That torment that every night when you are alone starts to attack you and you are not able to find a way out
I miss you and without you with me I can’t find the right path.
💜If I could turn back time, I would be able to make you happy like I never did before, give you emotions you never felt before, and make you smile like you never could. I did everything wrong with you, but it’s never too late to start over, I miss you.
If you have to start from nostalgia before you build something, then I can face every day with my head held high, after how much I have suffered. I miss you, I miss the sound of your voice and I miss your laughter.

The most beautiful messages of longing and love for him

When you speak from the heart you are never wrong, but in case you need more beautiful words and messages, I have prepared below the most beautiful messages of longing and love with which you can say “I miss you” to the person on who you love.

Your eyes are like two fires. Burn me with your flame! I can not live without you!
“I like your strong arms and your voice.” I like your laughter and smile. I love you very much, even if love is painful.
NoastreOur feelings are getting stronger and stronger and you are becoming more and more dear to me. I can’t live without you, I can’t!
VoiI will offer you what is dearest, but I will not take anything in return, because I love you selflessly!
What could be more beautiful than love
What could be worse than separation
I look forward to being together, when our hearts will melt again!
“I want you to be close, I want to hug you.” I want you to be almost not only in a dream, but also in reality. I’m not selfish at all, I just love you so much!
I love you like the angel of God, I love you like the light of dawn, I will always love you, just love me too!
The birds are waiting for spring, the flowers are waiting for the sun, someone is waiting for someone else, and I am waiting for you to tell me quietly – I love you!
💙I could look you in the eye all day, hug you and receive kisses in return! I adore you! You are my favorite person in the world!
I need your eyes, you know
And your smile, and your voice! Why are you silent and don’t write to me
I love you very much, you hear
💙I feel very bad and sad! I love you, my dear boy. I go crazy and die when you’re away!
💙It seems to me that the sun no longer warms me, and the stars are less bright… All because you are not around!
“I dream of you every night.” Probably a crazy and sincere love!
💙Find me and kiss me right away!
“I don’t live, but I exist.” And I can only live when I kiss you and when you hug me…
💙I remember the taste of your lips, I remember the warmth of your hands! My heart longs for you…
💙I touch your lips in a dream and I remember your smile. I will keep our love forever.
“I’ll be the first to wake you up with his rays and smile tenderly at you.” I miss you!
💙It is fog in my soul and sadness in my heart. This number is busy… Should I come to you?
Since you were in my life, you have managed to restore well-being where your heart was dry and devoid of any feeling. You made me want to live again and I just have to thank you.
“I met you in just ten minutes and it only took me an hour to fall in love with you, but one life won’t be enough to make you forget.” I miss you and I would like to hold you in my arms again.
You can’t forget when your own heart forces you to remember a person. I can still smell your perfume, my hair between my fingers, and I’d like you to be here with me right now.
It is very true that an absence is able to always be present; your absence constantly torments me and I can’t help but think about how to feel good today if you were still here with me.
It is really true that you feel the importance of a person in your life only after you lose them. We learn not to take for granted those who love us and are able to show us affection every day.
The distance between two people only tends to make them get used to each other without the other and to give life to that vast and negative feeling of nostalgia, which is not easy to get rid of.
💙Having you by my side today is impossible, you miss your smiles, you miss your eyes, but your spirit is with me, always ready to free me from the daily pains I have to face in your absence.
We could also define nostalgia by looking at it in a positive way and by defining it as the multitude of people who are no longer physically with us, but who occasionally return to find us in our thoughts.
“Every time you think of me, I relive all the good times we had together, and I must say that even if my heart smiles, my eyes really cry for your absence.” I learned that moments must be lived intensely and nothing and no one should be taken for granted.
I didn’t know the feeling of emptiness that is generated when someone moves away from you and, unfortunately, I discovered it with the distance that stood between our lives; I miss him more and more every day.

Beautiful messages of true love

In order to fully express our attachment to a person, we must use sweet words and messages. Sometimes a few words, spoken from the heart, are enough to convey exactly what we feel. But if you want to express more emotions, and tell your loved one how much you love him, see below the beautiful messages of true love.

“I will not tire of loving you, I will not be able to look at you, I will not stop writing to you until I receive an answer!”
“My heavenly corner is when you smile.” My sun is when you wake up.
💚I want my dreams to come true, because in my dreams we are always together!
IubI love you and I wonder how much I can love! Whenever you dream of yourself, you are the main reason for living!
💚I am sending you a message and I am writing to you how I love you! You are the meaning of life, my light and my joy, without you in life there is neither night nor day!
Everyone is looking for their ideal, and I found you.
EstiYou are the light of the sun, you are pain and fear. You are the taste of heaven on my lips, the song I sing. You are life and I love it!
“Girls are said to love bad jokes and boys.” But no. Girls love those who care about them.
“Let the wind whisper to you in silence – you are the dearest to me in the world!”
I kiss you and I hug you as many times as there are bubbles in champagne!
💚I want to warm you up, I want to hug you, kiss you, I want love, I want fire, in short, I love you!
💚You want to hear how I love you
It’s hard for me to say in words… I could explain more easily with my eyes, tenderness, lips…
💚You know, darling, when my dream collided with reality, you appeared.
I love you, I kiss you, I hug you and I dream of you! I am immersed in your eyes, because I promise love and affection!
There is nothing more wonderful than being with you!
You are my only one, my air, my soul! Only your eyes and your breath warm me! I want to be with you always!
Thank you for these lips, thank you for these hands, thank you, my dear, for existing in the world!
UntThere are many people in my life, but only you are in my heart!
“I love you, my dear boy, and I want to see you!” Pull me into your crib and do what you want!
“There’s something I’m so happy to do – close my eyes and think of you.”
“When you smile at me, when I feel your gaze on me – that means happiness on Earth!”
“Be careful!” You are surrounded by love! Do not give up!
If I were offered eternity without you, I would choose a moment, but with you!
“I love you more than my life, I can’t live without you!” I always want to be with you, because otherwise I can’t stand it!

The saddest messages of love for him

Love is such a beautiful and complex feeling that it contains various sensations. Because anything can happen in love and, unfortunately, if you are in love, you risk suffering too. In case you are suffering and sad because of an unshared love, read below the sad messages of love that will make you feel better and you can also use them to express your feeling of sadness.

“The sun is shining brightly.” I remember how hot it was with you. I haven’t forgotten all these minutes, I remember every moment that happened between us…
🧡I know you’re not mine. Why do I suffer then
Why do I beg your love
Why was I destined to meet you
I feel terrible!
After everything that happened between us, the most difficult thing is to forget your smile and erase your number from your memory.
However, it is very painful to be disappointed in those people you leave too close to you…
🧡The stars are burning again, the moon is shining again. Why I’m alone – only you can understand. It is said that people do not meet in vain. And yet, you are not mine…
“You’re already a stranger to me, and I don’t need you anymore.” But it hurts to lose you!
You have no idea how difficult it is to break up with the one you planned to spend eternity with.
🧡What is love
For someone iron chains, for someone freedom and a dream… My advice is, if you want to keep a relationship, then don’t tell anyone about it. Be happy!
🧡I feel really bad without you and I miss you so much… I will not repeat the mistakes of the past, I will draw conclusions, I will look for a more suitable guy, I will live a future relationship! I assure you, I will be happy!
🧡If you don’t love me, know that you are not the only one on earth! Time will pass – you will love me, but I will already be with someone else.
“It’s a pity you don’t love me, and I’m sorry I love you.” The day will come and you will love me, but on this day I will cease to carry you in my heart …
🧡If you like me – let me know. If you hate me – leave me alone and I’ll understand. If you miss me – call me, and if you play – leave!
My tears are words that the heart cannot utter.
🧡We have “perfect” compatibility: we have been looking for each other for a lifetime and we got bored of each other one day. It is offensive and very painful! I do not deserve this!
Yes, it hurts, but I keep my back straight and I don’t show pain!
🧡Now someone is born, dies, laughs, enjoys life, catches snow with his palms, falls in love, lives, gets sick, loves, cries, listens to music, and I shed tears because of you.
“The worst crime is to play with my heart when you know I love
IYou said – I love you, and I believed you. You said – you’re unique. And I thought you were naive again. But you were playing a game, a ridiculous game you invented, causing me the pain of hell.
You only know how to shout that you love strongly, shake hands, kiss your neck and forget!
If I smile, it doesn’t mean I’m doing well, it means I don’t want everyone to know what’s going on inside me!
🧡Loving you is the same as dying. To die of happiness or the pain you cause me!
“If you were a tear, I wouldn’t cry for fear of losing you.”
Tears come from the heart and not the brain.
“It’s hard to stand by and not kiss you.”
“It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved.”
You have faith in love even when it makes you suffer. Don’t close your heart.
“I can write the saddest lines tonight.” I guess I don’t have any more. I feel like I lost him. Feeling the night immense, and even more immense without it.
🧡I would like to capture your heart and feelings and play with them and then abandon them, as you did with me.
In every love story there is always one who is bored and one who suffers.
We live in a world where we hide to make love, while violence and hatred spread in the sunlight.

Long messages of love for him

You are looking for long messages of love. Find below some of the best long love messages to send to your boyfriend. Use these messages to express your feelings, as well as to remind you daily of your love for your loved one.

❤️You taught me to live and love myself! You taught me to smile at all my problems! You are the person I live for! The most beautiful, best moments of my life are about you! We built everything for the two of us, all we have to do is live together for an eternity!
❤️I miss your hands caressing me, I miss the eyes that look at me, I miss your body that radiates warmth, I miss your heart that loves me. I miss you! If I live a hundred years, I want to live a day less so that I don’t live a day without you.
❤️I need you, you know I need you. I need your eyes and lips. On a boring evening or a successful day, I need you. I need you, because I’m so sad alone. I don’t need the sun, or the flowers, or the smiles, or the feelings of others. I need you, you know, YOU!
❤️Since we’ve been together, the world has become brighter, Love has become a capital letter, and life has turned into a constant butterfly in my stomach. My dear, I can’t imagine that my heart could beat away from yours! You are a piece of happiness that has become my reward after long trials!
❤️My gentle and affectionate, how happy I am when I feel your warmth! I need you for happiness, I need your sincere words that overwhelm my soul and from which the wings open behind me. When I hear your voice on the phone, I want to fly, to run, to jump happily into your hands. I feel that you need me and I am glad that you are in my destiny.
❤️You are the most beloved of the earthlings, I will not live without you one day! I don’t need expensive gifts, flowers or chocolates; I just need you. Sometimes, when I realize we can’t be together, I’m destroyed! But, waking up every morning, I understand: I live for you. When you are next to me, I feel protected, when you talk to me, I feel hot, when you kiss me on the cheek, I feel wanted. I want to live for you, to breathe for you, I want to be with you always. I love you more than life.
❤️Like a bird, my soul flies when you are near me. Now I understand the meaning of the words “the wings have grown,” because if your loved one is with you, it’s as if you’re starting to fly. I was lucky enough to experience this wonderful feeling and meet my loved one. You blinded my heart and I don’t want to look at others. In my dreams, it’s just you and I want you to know how much I love you!
❤️You know, I wanted to tell you a long time ago. This tormented me for a long time. Ever since we started dating. A lot has happened in recent months. Thank you for every pleasant moment you have given me. But it’s time to dump her and move on. Because i love you!
❤️As you admire the beautiful things God has done, remember that you are one of them, wonderful and special. I love you.
❤️When I look at you, I realize how much you have been a part of my life. How special you are and how much you have always made me happy.
❤️You are the light of the sun to my day, the happiness for my heart and the joy for my life. Words cannot express how much I love you.
❤️You mean the world for me, without you the world doesn’t make sense. I want to be with you every day.
❤️Every time I look at you, I see how much the world means to me, I can’t imagine my life without you. I love you.
❤️Fill my head with your thoughts; You are the light of my eyes. Your absence is hard to bear. I love you darling.
❤️It’s been days since I saw you. It was hard for me to miss. All we received were memories of how we spent time together. I miss you.
❤️You are so far away, but so close, I can feel you near me, I can’t touch you, but I can keep you close, No matter where you are, you are always in my heart.

Messages of love for your husband

The woman expects and, in fact, receives all the attention most of the time. Men, on the other hand, work so hard, but get little attention. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to make your husband feel really special from time to time. Here are some love messages that would pull the strings of his heart and make him remember why he fell in love with you.

💖Our honeymoon has been going on for me for over a year and I thank you very much for that!
“You are my Milky Way and I am your planet.” Together we formed our perfect puzzle!
You shine like a sun on me and illuminate my life. You are the best in this world, I love you with all my heart!
Our love is still as pure as the morning dew, and as long as we are together, sincere feelings will live on earth!
You are my reflection, the second part of a whole and I thank fate that brought us the roads together with the powers of heaven!
Love for you lights my way in life, and the happiness of the family makes the winter nights hot.
“I can compare you to a beautiful flower bud, the scent of which has disturbed the usual silence of my day.”
💖Your face for me is the most desired in this world and only about it are all my dreams!
💖When your love beat in my heart, I believed in these feelings and to this day I am 100% confident in choosing my life partner!
💖How great it is when people find themselves and carry their love through all life situations. We wish you a great love too!
It is hard for me to breathe with such a romantic as you, because my soul is overwhelmed with feelings!
You proved to be the only man I fell in love with for the first time and forever!
“Among the millions of men, I will choose you, as I did when I said YES!” And to this day I am a prisoner of your love spell!
“I believe in our happiness!” You are caring, loving, loyal, gentle and you are my husband!
💖All these years and we continue to go strong. Nothing can ever come between us. No matter what happens, I will always love you.
“I don’t know how you’re doing this baby.” You are always so fresh and young. I want you, darling. You always wake me up.
“I can never get tired of you.” You are the reason my heart sings. You are the reason why there is a leap in my footsteps. My life is richer and it’s because of you. I love you so much.
“Nothing attracts me more than your sight.” .. Than the sensation of your body next to mine. You’re all I want in a man. I love you.
TaYour heart beats in mine and mine in yours. Ours is an endless circle of love. An agreement that cannot be broken. I love you so much, my dear.
I look at you and the world disappears. It doesn’t matter when I’m with you.
“My hero.” The one who holds the key to my heart. My special man. You always captivate me. I love you so much.
“I’m drowned in your love.” Lost in your embrace. I find warmth on your chest. You’re all I want, darling, you’re all I need.
MeaMy heart flips every time I see you. You managed to pierce the shield I put on to guard my heart. I’m your captive child. Always at your disposal.
Your smile calms my heart. He does things to me, I better stay unprinted. I really can’t get enough of you, my hero. I love you.

Love messages for long distance relationship

You feel the need to write a message of love to your distant husband, but you don’t really know what to say. Below you will find love messages that will help you express your love through sweet and loving words. Send a message of love to your distant lover and tell him how much you love him.

My dear, I want to be with you always and not let you go anywhere, to love me, to love me and to kiss me!
💗I will give everything, just be with me… My dear, I miss you so much! I need one look!
I can’t imagine the life you won’t be in! I love you so much!
Eyes are full of tears, and the heart is like a rose thorn when our eyes do not touch.
💗I am without you like a fish without water, like a flower without sun, like summer without heat. I love you very much! My heart will never forget you.
I want to kiss you tenderly and sweetly and never miss you! I want you to be with me always!
💗I miss you… It’s not about flowers, calls and messages. I miss your smile!
There is no more painful sound than the silence of the phone! Call me!
💗From early in the morning until late in the evening, all my thoughts are just about you, such an attractive man!
MeuMy boyfriend, I miss you! I miss the eyes that look at me! I miss your lips kissing me! I miss your smile that smiles at me when he sees me! I miss your arms hugging me!
“You know, darling, we’re like two blind people!” You because you don’t see how dear you are to me, and I because I don’t see anyone other than you!
I want to hug you and kiss you tenderly! How hard it is for me when you’re not around! I miss your warmth and affection!
You tell me you’re coming soon and I’m just waiting… But you can’t imagine that a week without you is an eternity for me!
“I want to be with you, so we can share all the happiness.” But these are just my dreams in which I drown at night. And in these sweet-sweet dreams I only fall asleep in the morning…
💗Without you I am like a song without a song and I feel very sad when you are not around.
I want to touch your lips, warm my hands of yours, hug you and never let you go! I love you!
I need you, my love! We are a sweet couple! You are the best gift of your life!
We are looking for happiness. Then I met you and you gave me that happiness. I can’t imagine my life without you. I’ll be back soon.
You are the most attentive person I have ever met and you have made my life better in more ways than I could ever count. I couldn’t imagine my life without you around (and I would never want to!). I miss you so much!
I appreciate all the good things you do for me. You make me feel beautiful, necessary and caring, even from thousands of miles away. I wish I could be there to hold you. I love you so much!
“No one can take your place in my heart; you are the only one who makes me happy. You are everything I need in my life. I look forward to seeing you again.
You mean the world to me and no wonder why; you are the best thing that ever happened to me! The day I met you was the luckiest day of my life and I cherished every day we spent together. I love you!
You are the kind of wonderful partner who improves every aspect of my life. I look forward to seeing you again soon!
I’m glad to see that our relationship has stood the test of time. Thank you for loving me with all my heart, despite the distance between us. You are the desire of my heart!
“Despite being a thousand miles away, our love has grown stronger.” I will never forget you because you are always in my heart, and my heart does not seem to let you go. I love you very much!
I always hear people say that long distance relationships don’t work and I’m glad to know that we are proving them wrong. No matter how far away we are, my feelings for you will not change. You are the desire of my heart. I love you dear.
Being with you is like having a wish fulfilled. Living with you next to me is another wish that I would like to fulfill. Please come back soon, baby.
SpunI tell them that absence makes the heart more pleasant and I think you can say the same thing about distance. Each day we spend separately makes me happier to reunite with you. In the meantime, know that you are in my thoughts (and my heart) every day!
Despite the great distance between us, I love you more and more every day. Every time you leave, my love for you grows because it reminds me of how well you are doing and how happy I am when you are here. So come back soon!
There is no doubt that distance can be difficult for a relationship, but I want to assure you that distance can never weaken my love for you. You are forever in my heart!
I like when you call me and you want me to feel included in your adventures and life. I look forward to the day when I will live those adventures with you in person! I love you dear.

Funny messages of love

Life is not the same without humor. Whenever we express our love for someone, we don’t always have to be so serious. When you mix your words and actions with a little humor, your loved one will find your moments together more memorable and special. Read the funny love messages below and amuse your loved one when you want to make him feel loved.

An1 year has 365 days. 1 day has 24 hours. 1 hour has 60 minutes. 1 minute is divided into 60 seconds. But 1 second without you is an eternity!
“Let’s divide the world!” The sun is for you, the moon is for me; the sea is for you, the waves for me; the sky is for you, the stars for me. Or let’s share it like this: everything – for you, and you for me!
You took my fortress without artillery, you got a victory without weapons and long negotiations, just digging deeper than everyone else.
TaleYour kisses taste like old wine – they can make any woman dizzy!
There are 1,000,000 men in the world, but why do I need you?
Because you are 1 and everyone else is. 000.000.
I love you and I want you very much! If you don’t believe me, you can check this out for yourself!
“No Sherlock Holmes has found the keys to my heart as fast as your watchful eyes and sharp mind.”
All women are attracted to your hunter’s gaze, which burns their fragile hearts, unprepared for such an attack.
I love you very much, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!
EstiYou are the delicate taste of my caramel happiness, with the filling of orange and strawberries!
You are a very complex geometric figure that can confuse even the most experienced mathematician.
You are like a sweet addict – you suddenly made me addicted and destroyed me.
“If the kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard!”
💓Today I put 3000 kisses, 2000 dreams and 1000 sweet thoughts in the count of your heart. When I miss them – take them out of the account.