Every woman’s summer wardrobe definitely contains some models of light and charming dresses. Fashion designers create new trends every summer season, so that more and more elegant collections of beach dresses for fashionistas of all ages appear.

Follow our catalog below and choose the model of beach dress according to your taste and preferences.

What does the beach outfit mean and where does it come from?

The beach dress as an outfit is known since ancient Greece. Back then, these were weird clothes that had holes in their heads and hands.
Over time, due to the comfort and practicality of beach dresses, they have become a common summer clothing, which is gaining more and more popularity every year.
Today, women in steamy dresses can be found almost anywhere, from the beach to midnight parties. This trend was due to the work of famous designers, who gave this product more charm, lightness and elegance.

Depending on the style and model, summer dresses for the beach can have different names: dress-scarf, pareo, suit, dress-shirt, etc. All these products have distinctive features and can be worn not only at the beach.
According to the definition, by beach dress is meant a blouse with loose cuts, of different lengths, without collar, with or without the presence of sleeves. It is often worn with a belt.

Types of beach dresses

The variety of models of summer beach dresses is extremely diverse. Today you can select the outfit that emphasizes all the advantages of your body, but also gives you more femininity and elegance.

Pareo type dress

By pareo is meant an element of summer clothing, which consists of a large piece of cloth. It can be dressed in various ways.
With the help of a pareo, the woman can hide some defects of her figure, emphasizing only the qualities. In pareo, the fairer sex can feel relaxed, free and confident. Therefore, pareo is very popular, practical and fashionable.

Mesh dress

The mesh dress offers you the opportunity to highlight all your advantages. Such a product is perfect for a summer look that will attract all eyes, making the woman attractive and extraordinary.
It should be noted that wearing such a dress is recommended for women with a slim body.

Sarafan type dress

This dress is indispensable for summer vacation. In addition, you can wear it not only on the beach, but also for evening walks or informal meetings. In her, the woman feels more sensitive.
There are a lot of sarafan dress models, so any woman can choose an individual version.

Dress with bare shoulders

These dresses do not necessarily indicate the option of the beach. Very often such products are found in modern collections of women’s evening dresses.
The dress with bare shoulders gives the woman the opportunity to demonstrate the smooth curves of the neck and the beauty of the shoulders. There are several types of such dresses:

  • strapless dress;
  • dress with straps down;
  • dress with straps, which are tied at the neck or back.

Dress with bare back

The open-backed dress combines mystery and intrigue at the same time. For official meetings, such an outfit is certainly not suitable, but for parties, romantic walks by the sea – it is an excellent option.
This clothing product is recommended to be worn by women with an ideal body.

Transparent dress

Summer clothes made of transparent fabrics are extremely light and popular. The transparent dress is an excellent option for the beach, because it combines perfectly with swimsuits and is suitable for outdoor recreation.

Knitted / crocheted dress

Woven or crocheted summer dresses are made of special materials and have the following characteristics:

  • does not wrinkle;
  • allow the body to “breathe”;
  • are practical;
  • accentuates the strengths of the female body, making it sexier and more attractive.

T-shirt dress

The T-shirt dress is the excellent choice for the woman with a non-standard figure. It covers all the shortcomings, while remaining a very convenient and practical product.
The T-shirt dress looks impeccable on active women.

Headband dress

It is a dress that suits everyone, it is usually short and with bare shoulders. You can find it combined with various corsets or decorative laces, which help keep the dress on the woman’s body.

Overalls dress

This product combines two items of clothing: pants or aprons and the dress itself. The outfit is perfect for ladies who lead an active lifestyle, but want to look feminine and romantic at the same time.

Scarf dress

A scarf dress is a product that you can make on your own. For this you do not need fabric, thread, scissors or sewing machine, but just a little imagination.

The most popular colors and prints

The color range of summer beach dresses is amazing. You can see both light and bright shades, which inspire positivism. In their creation, various ornaments, designs and decorative elements are used, which favorably accentuate certain parts of the female body.


is the option for a self-confident woman who is accustomed to being the center of attention.

Black color Black

summer dress, despite stereotypes, is an excellent option for evening walks or late festivities.
Black has always been popular and is a classic choice in many ways. However, it is rarely used as a beach dress during the day.

Striped The striped

dress is enjoying great success today. Just keep in mind that the narrow horizontal stripe adds visual volume to your body and reduces height.

The blue

color The blue color involuntarily reminds of the sea.

With floral print

It is the choice of a cheerful, optimistic person who wants to seduce the eyes around him.

From what fabrics are the beach dresses sewn

Transparent or those that allow the body to “breathe” are used for summer dresses. Also, in choosing the fabric, the fact that the woman feels both free in them and feminine is taken into account.


Siphon is transparent, light, often used for beach dresses.

From lace

Lace has always been considered the standard of sensuality. But lace products are far from cheap. These dresses will certainly not leave the opposite sex regardless. The dresses are transparent, very fine, created to emphasize femininity and elegance.

Knitting Knitting

fabrics are often used for sewing casual summer dresses. In this case, you have to choose the thinnest ones. The knit like fabric is very comfortable and practical to wear. It should be noted that these dresses are not recommended for women with a problematic figure, because knitwear repeats all the curves of the body.

Cotton The cotton

dress is a universal version of summer clothes, suitable not only for leisure, but also for the office. The anti-allergic feature of cotton makes it an attractive and widely used material for sewing summer women’s clothing.

Length of beach dresses

The length of the beach dress can be completely different and depends on the woman’s preferences.

Long or maxi

Long beach dress is suitable for tall, thin, feminine women, but it is uncomfortable to move.


If you are active and spend your vacation not only on the beach, a short summer dress would be the perfect solution. The short dress models empty the female legs and attract the attention of those around them.

France and Italy – the monopoly of quality for beach dresses

If we were to review the most successful countries where quality summer clothes are made, then of course we would include France and Italy.
Italian clothing has always been famous for its elegance and sophistication. The same can be said of the French models of summer dresses for the beach, which are made by the most famous designers in the world.
The quality of the products purchased in these countries is indisputable. One of the most popular beach dress brands is Marc Andre – a French company that is known for its high quality clothing.
The designers here skillfully combine practicality, comfort, femininity and style in all models of dresses.
Also, the original cuts, high quality fabrics and excellent design make Marc Andre a favorite among fashionistas.