From time to time, each of us is attracted to something risky, dangerous, terrible and this is absolutely normal! In fact, it’s about the lack of adrenaline and to replenish your reserves and test your nerve cells a bit, we offer you a list of the most horrible movies in the world, released in the last 10 years. All these horrors are extreme, full of horror, bloody, with screams and mysterious heroes.

You can find these horror movies with Romanian subtitles on youtube or on specialized sites.


Brand new movie from 2019. Everyone knows that MA has the most beautiful parties in town, with loud music and lots of alcohol. There are no restrictions in her house, except for one: never enter MA’s room.

Child’s play

Another horror movie from 2019. A lonely mother Karen gives her son Andy a doll that all children dream of. Soon, however, it becomes clear that Andy is receiving more than just a toy.


Produced in 2019, the film tells the story of a married couple, Tori and Kyle, who adopt a child who falls from space into a nearby forest and raises him as their own son. Brandon grows up obedient, studies well in school, but at the age of 12, the boy changes dramatically.

The Curse of La Llorona

One of the horror movies with ghosts, made in 2019. La Llorona is a crying ghost woman. During her life, she drowned her children in a river, then threw herself after them, crying in pain and despair. Now the woman’s tears are eternal, and he who hears her weeping is doomed to die.

The neon demon

Film released in 2019. Jesse dreams of becoming a supermodel and sets out to conquer Los Angeles. She manages to reach “the stars”, only for her quick takeoff in her career she will have to pay.


A horror movie from 2019. When she was little, Adelaide got lost in an amusement park, arriving in a room full of mirrors, where she met the exact copy of her. Many years later, already with her husband and children, Adelaide goes to that place again and immediately begins to feel uncomfortable. Terror begins when strangers in red overalls and aggressive intentions appear in front of the house where they settled.


Mexican horror film from 2018. A priest excommunicated for satanic rituals tries to bring the apocalypse closer so that the Antichrist can take over the human world. The main character will have to fight the real evil.

Pets ematary The

story of the 2019 film tells the story of Louis Creed’s family moving to a country house near the Pet Cemetery. Here, Louis buries his cat, the favorite of the family that died under the wheels of a truck. Soon, the cat returns to the loving family, but it seems that this is not the tender pet that Louis loved so much.


Film from 2018 starring Chloe Grace Moretz. Francis recently moved to New York, where she rents an apartment with her best friend. The girl cannot reconcile with the recent death of her mother, so she feels alone. Once, she finds a bag in the subway and decides to return it. That’s how Francis met Greta – a single widow. The film takes place in New York, but was shot in Ireland.

The prodigy

Another horror movie from 2019 in your collection. Miles is a wonderful child and is assigned to a specialized school for gifted children. But when he turns eight, the boy’s behavior becomes antisocial and frightening, and Miles’ mother begins to believe that something is wrong with her son.

Personals hopper

Film from 2016 with Kristen Stewart as the protagonist. Young American Maureen, who moved to Paris, helps celebrities choose their outfits. Her life seems like a dream, but a paranormal quality complicates everything – Maureen knows how to communicate with ghosts.


German film from 2018. Forensic expert Paul Herzfeld discovers a mutilated corpse with a phone number and the text: “Call and find out the fate of your kidnapped daughter.” On the island of Helgoland, Paul finds another dead man, and inside – additional instructions. And so begins the chain of the dead.


The 2014 horror film tells the life of psychologist Peter Bowers who realizes that his patients are the ghosts of people who died in an accident 20 years ago. For fear of losing his mind, Peter returns to his hometown, where he reveals the terrifying truth that only he can correct.


The 2014 zombie movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger. Adolescent Maggie becomes infected with a disease that slowly turns infected people into zombies. The government organizes quarantine for infected people, but her loving father is not ready to quarantine her.

You’re next

Film from 2013. A gang of maniacs in animal masks, armed with axes and crossbows, invade the Davison family home. The victims end up in a trap, but among them is a worthy opponent, able to fight the killers.

Down a dark hall

Screening of 2018 starring Uma Thurman. Tough teenager Keith Gordy is sent to Blackwood Boarding School with four other troubled students. In each of them, the director Madame Duret intends to discover the hidden talent. Soon, the girls learn about their outstanding skills in science and art. Keith, however, thinks something is wrong here.


Very addictive horror film, produced in 2016. A deaf woman becomes the object of persecution of a psychopathic murderer in her house in the forest.

The Tall Man

Film from 2012. In the American city of Cold Rock, children have been missing for many years. Local legend says that a tall and mysterious man takes them with him. Nurse Julia does not believe in these legends, until one night her son disappears. Julia is trying to get her son back and, at the same time, find out who this tall man is and what is happening to the children.


Horror movie released in 2014. After a tragic accident that took the life of Jesse’s fiancĂ© and their unborn child, the girl is confined to a wheelchair and forced to move to her father. Here, she discovers cryptic and mysterious videos, recorded by her long-dead mother, which soon begin to become a reality.

Gerald’s game

Film produced in 2017. After the husband has a heart attack during an intimate game, the young woman remains tied to the bed. But her loneliness is short-lived, and the secluded house becomes a veritable torture chamber. The film is a 1992 film adaptation of the novel of the same name, written by Stephen King.

Winchester: The House that Ghosts Built

is part of the horror films with haunted houses, made in 2018. The subject of the film is based on real events that took place in the late nineteenth century, being Sarah Winchester, heiress of the famous company armament, who lived in a building of about 6 hectares, with an architecture that defies logic. According to sources, Winchester remodeled the house for 38 years.


The film has 3 parts, appeared on the small screens in 2014/2017/2019. John finds the perfect gift for his wife – a rare, old doll in a white wedding dress. It’s just that this doll isn’t as simple as it sounds. The real Annabelle doll is actually called Big Rag Annie and can be seen at the Warren Bypass Museum.

The babysitter

The 2017 horror movie has the following story: Cole is deeply in love with his nanny Bee – a beautiful, funny, intelligent and self-confident girl. One night, the boy decides to follow her. But events take an unexpected turn: the nanny turns out to be a killer in the service of the devil.


Among the new horror movies with clowns is the “It” from 2017. Children are starting to disappear in Derry. They face their greatest fear – the evil clown Pennywise. In Stephen King’s novel “It”, the story of the main characters from childhood takes place in 1958. In the film, however, all the events take place in 1989.

The top horror movies can’t be without this 2017 movie. The relationship of a young couple is threatened when uninvited guests come to their house. While working on the film, a romantic relationship developed between Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky.

The killing of a sacred deer

Produced in 2017, is the hottest horror film starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell. The talented surgeon Stephen lives a happy life with his wife Anna and their two children. This family idyll is threatened by a ghost from the past that Stephen can no longer hide. The film shows a real heart operation, in which Colin Farrell participated.


Considered one of the best horror movies of 2017, “Life” tells the story of a group of researchers from an international spacecraft discovering life on Mars. They still do not know what events will involve their discovery.

Happy death day

Film from 2017. Everyone at the university dreamed of reaching her birthday, but the holiday was destroyed by a masked stranger who killed the heroine of the day. However, fate has given the girl a “gift” – this day will be repeated again and again, until she realizes who the killer is. The killer costume in the movie was designed by Tony Gardner, the author of the famous Ghost Face mask from the “Scream” franchise.

Get out

Film produced in 2017 by the USA and Japan, which can be called the most horror film in the world, with an unusual script. A young photographer is about to meet his girlfriend’s parents, who belong to an elite society and live in a secluded house. Had he known the real reason for his invitation? The filming lasted 28 days.

The autopsy of Jane Doe

Pathologists in a small town receive the body of a mysterious victim – a beautiful young girl with no apparent cause of death. They try to find out who she is and how she died, revealing more and more bizarre clues. Stephen King said that this 2017 horror movie is his favorite.


Good horror movies are also produced in South Korea. Here’s one of those zombie horror movies. The passengers of the train to Busan, the only city that has repelled the attack of a mysterious virus, will have to fight for survival for 442 kilometers. It is the most appreciated and watched film in South Korea since 2016.


Film from 2017. It has 23 personalities who change each other and lead a normal life. One day, he decides to kidnap three schoolgirls from a crowded parking lot, periodically reminding them that the 24th personality is just waiting to be revealed. Director M. Knight Shyamalan acknowledged that filming this film was the most difficult of his career.


The 2016 story is about a girl named Liz who tries to escape her dark past and hides from the persecution of a “devilish” priest. In total, the film work lasted more than 6 years. The film became the second most expensive film in the history of Dutch cinema after the “Black Book”. Filming took place in Germany, Spain, Austria and Hungary.

10 Cloverfield Lane

Horror film, produced in 2016. After a car accident, the girl wakes up in the basement of a man who claims to have saved her life from the chemical attack that turned the world outside the bunker unfit for life. Mary Elizabeth Winstead was the only actress the filmmakers wanted to see as Michelle.

Don’t breathe

The story of the film made in 2015 tells about the robbers who enter the house of a blind old man, in order to steal a huge amount of money, which, according to rumors, is hidden somewhere inside. It’s just that the old man’s secret is much worse than the usual pension savings.


Produced in 2013 through a collaboration between Canada and Spain. Two girls were found in an abandoned hut in the woods. Mysteriously, they lived in the empty house for five years. The orphans were taken by relatives – a young married couple. But the girls claim that they are not alone and that they have a mother who comes from the dark.

The witch in the window

American movie from 2018. The father and 12-year-old son come to the rural village of Vermont to restore an old house. There they meet the evil spirit of the former owner. The more the repair progresses, the stronger the evil ghost becomes.

Mumbai 125 KM

Among the Indian horror movies we can mention this one, made in 2014. Five young people travel to Mumbai by car. On the way, a certain woman in a bloody white dress starts killing them one by one. Trying to save their lives, their friends leave the unhappy place, but it turns out every time they still have 125 km to go.


Horror Movie from 2015. Billy wants to know who posted on the social network the scandalous video with Laura Barnes, due to which the girl committed suicide, from her classmates. All the facebook and skype accounts displayed in the movie exist in reality. The filming took place in one house, while all the actors were in different rooms. The film is based on the suicide story of Amanda Todd and Audrey Pott.

The visit

Film made in 2015. Many years ago, the protagonist ran away from her parents’ house without looking back and since then she has tried not to remember the events of that night. Her children, however, received an invitation from their grandparents, whom they had never seen before, and decided to visit them.

The babadook

Another horror movie from 2014. Six years ago, Amelia lost her husband and gave birth to a son. Samuel is 7 years old, but he sees monsters everywhere. One day, the boy asks his mother to read him a book about a terrible monster. From that moment on, his fears are embodied in Babadook. Samuel stops distinguishing fantasies from reality.


A film produced in 2014. Ray, Claire and their daughter Zoe turned their concrete dungeon into a house for 301 days, keeping their memories of the past and hoping to one day return to normal life. But now their safety is in jeopardy and something is coming after them.


The film was produced in 2013 in collaboration with Canada and France. At first glance, Lisa, her younger brother and their parents are an ordinary family who lead a calm and measured life. But no one except the girl suspects that they have lived this day several times.

Ich seh ich seh

Film produced in Austria in 2014. After the mother of two 10-year-old twins returns home, everything changes and the boys begin to suspect that this woman is not their mother. The actors were not given the script, all episodes being filmed in chronological order. 240 pairs of twins passed the casting. For the role, Susanna Vouest spent 3 months alone, sometimes wrapping her body in bandages.

The Conjuring 1, 2

So far only 2 parts have appeared – from 2013 and 2016. The film is based on real and scary events from the practice of Ed and Lorraine Warren – world-renowned paranormal investigative detectives.


Horror film made in 2013. The death of their parents greatly influenced the fate of two orphaned children. Over time, at the age of twenty, the sister continues to think about that event and wants to prove to her brother that the ghost that came out of the mirror caused the death of loved ones, as well as all subsequent problems.

The ABCs of Death 1, 2, 3 The

consecutive years of this trilogy are as follows: 2012 – 2014 – 2016. Each participant chooses a letter of the alphabet and a word that begins with this letter. Around them, the subject of a separate novel must be built. Spectators will witness the most sophisticated alphabetic killings from A to Z.

The Cabin in the Woods

A horror film produced in 2011. Five friends decide to leave for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in a cabin in the woods. The adventure begins when the boys discover the basement door in the house. They descend into it, find a book and accidentally tell a spell that unleashes hordes of zombies.


A horror movie with demons from 2009. A married couple, who recently lost their child, adopt a nine-year-old girl who is not at all as cute and harmless as it seems at first glance.


This movie from 2009 is very popular among horror and comedy movies. A small group of survivors roam the country, fighting with zombies. They decide to stay in an amusement park, hoping to be safe there. The names of the main characters are the names of the cities: Tallahassee (Florida), Wichita (Kansas), Little Rock (Arkansas) and Columbus (Ohio).


Another Korean horror film from 2009. The priest volunteered to test an experimental vaccine against a deadly disease. As a result, he becomes ill, dies and then comes to life. Soon, the priest’s vision improves and other interesting skills appear – the ability to fly, heal and recover quickly, as well as an irresistible desire to drink human blood.


Horror movies with groups of friends are always in high demand. One example is this 2009 film. Greg invites Jess to spend the day on a yacht with her friends. A strong storm, however, capsized the ship, and the survivors are forced to wait for help. However, it soon becomes clear that young people are not alone on the huge ship and that someone is constantly following them.

Drag me to hell

Another 2009 movie with the following content: Christina Brown lives in Los Angeles, works at a bank and has a charming boyfriend. Everything is going well and life seems to be successful. That’s until a lady named Ganush shows up at the bank with a mortgage application. Christina refuses the old woman, and in response, the latter curses her.