“Happiness, health, children and the stone house” – wedding wishes often sound monotonous and concise. Reflecting the essence, their meaning is to congratulate the bride and groom and to wish well-being to the newlyweds. However, at the wedding there will always be people who will surprise guests and young people with eloquence, originality, a sense of humor or funny toasts, whether from their godparents or friends.

If nature does not endow you with a sharp imagination, these happy birthday wishes for the wedding will be of great help to you, which, by the way, must be learned by heart, if they are to be uttered at the actual baptismal event. and the wedding!

Wedding wishes for the bride and groom from their parents

The most sincere greetings are always wedding wishes for the bride and groom from their parents, to whom it is incredible to see their children already adults. At the wedding, the role of the parents is very important and honorable, making this day bright and unforgettable. For a solemn speech, take inspiration from these wedding wishes from your parents, which emphasize that blessing is the key to a happy marriage.

⭐ Our dear children! Let your feelings become stronger and deeper in time, and let the hearth of the family burn more and more! We love you! Bitter!
⭐ Our dear and beloved children! On this beautiful day, we want to wish you happiness, love and kindness. May hope and wisdom be your companions, and may life be full of surprises and pleasant adventures.
⭐ We want to congratulate you for your wedding, for this important step and, finally, to wish you endless happiness, prosperity and well-being in the house!
⭐ May your feelings become stronger every day. Live for your happiness and for our joy. Let the children’s laughter resound in the house and never be a place for tears!
⭐ Our beloved children! From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you a happy married life. The family nest should always keep warm and comfortable!
⭐ Our beauties! Today is a solemn and wonderful day in your life – you have become a husband and wife. This is, without a doubt, a very important step. We want the clear and sunny weather to reign in your home, and your happiness and children to become the subject of your pride!
⭐ We want from the bottom of our hearts that your union will always be based on love, that your future will be clear, and that your life will be happy. Appreciate every minute and thank fate for uniting you. Live happily! Bitter!
⭐ On this beautiful day, our beloved children, you have embarked on a common journey. It is not for nothing that people say that, with a loved one, there is paradise in the hut. This means that your love will help you to overcome all the adversities and difficulties on the road!
⭐ Our beauties (the names of the bride and groom). On this solemn day, we want to bless you for a long life of love and happiness. We wish well-being, peace and kindness to your family!
Wonderful children! On this day, we want your family life to always be a holiday and your honeymoon never to end!
⭐ Dear ones! Let the storks visit you more often and make your little family big and friendly! Live like the faithful and loving swans!
⭐ Dear children! We wish you to live together until your golden wedding and not to lose your love! You will also have joys and sorrows, but you will overcome them, because you are together!
⭐ Dear children! Don’t let anyone ruin your family’s happiness, keep your love, trust each other, value each other and respect each other.
⭐ Our dear children! For every parent, such an event as sacred marriage is a great joy. We want to wish you kindness, mutual understanding, love and prosperity to never leave your home and all your commitments to end successfully. May only kind and trustworthy people surround you in life! Bitter!
⭐ We wish you (the bride’s name) to become a caring wife, a good friend, to help your husband with advice and a kind word. We want you (the groom’s name) to become the head of the family, hope and support, so that your wife is behind you, like behind a stone wall. Much love!
⭐ Our dear children! Time flies and now you leave your parents’ nest and enter a new family life. We want you to live in love and harmony.
⭐ It is said that love is not when you look at each other, but when you look in the same direction. Therefore, we want you not to know the sorrows, to live in harmony, to respect your soul mate and to always look in one direction – forward, towards new joys. We will support you and help you in difficult times!
⭐ The most important thing in every person’s life is not material wealth, but a strong and loving family. Take care of each other and value your soul mate, become supportive of each other and never be separated!
⭐ Children! Let your home be filled with the joy, smiles, laughter and happy voices of your children already. Take care of each other and support each other in any situation, and for our part, we promise to help you in all your efforts!

Wedding wishes from the godparents for the bride and groom

Almost all weddings have a well-crafted scenario, which necessarily includes the point with wedding wishes from the godparents for the bride and groom. Thus, these greeting cards can be a very good source for the text of wedding wishes from the godparents, who on this important day become the spiritual parents of the bride and groom.

✅️ Dear friends! We want you to go hand in hand through life, supporting each other and looking each other in the eye every day, with the same tenderness and love.
✅️ Congratulations on your wedding day! We sincerely want you not only to love each other, but also to respect yourself. Let family life begin with pleasant surprises and good news, always be comfortable and festive in your home.
✅️ Congratulations on such a significant day and an important event in your now common life. Take care of each other, pamper yourself, cherish yourself and never betray yourself.
Our dear ends! May your new family be based on mutual understanding, support, tenderness and boundless love. And all the obstacles that are inevitable in the way of life will only make you wiser and more united.
✅️ From today, we are a family! We wish you a long life, full of happiness and achievements. Leave the understanding, tenderness and full care in your marriage! Trust each other, lovers, beautiful and unique!
✅️ Today is the most responsible, long-awaited, brightest day for you and us – your wedding day! The day of the creation of a new family! We wholeheartedly congratulate you and wish you love, kindness and mutual understanding.
✅️ Stone house! Be a force and a support for each other that nothing and no one can break. We love you and wish you patience and good luck!
✅️ Congratulations on the happiest day of your life. Today a new family was born. We want it to grow stronger every day and grow over the years.
✅️ Eternal love, understanding, fidelity, family happiness, well-being, healthy children and a comfortable home. We will always help with some advice!
✅️ Congratulations on this important day! Let this happy event fill your soul with the most tender, sincere and terrifying love! We wish you happiness, mutual understanding, strong relationships and true friendship between you!
✅️ Stone house! We want your love to grow even stronger. May you always help each other, and may mutual understanding and respect always reign among you!
  • Dear Finishes! Congratulations on an important event – your wedding day! We wish you strong family ties, mutual understanding, a reverent and sensitive attitude towards each other. May love always be your friend!
  • Our dear ends! We will always be with you! We wish you family comfort, prosperity, eternal love and a long and happy life together!
  • We sincerely congratulate you, dear ones, for this significant event, in every sense! We wish you good health, great happiness, bright smiles and fun.
  • May kindness, warmth, comfort and warm embrace always live in your home. The stone house
  • A bright path of life, prosperity, well-being, tenderness, attention and a sea of ​​warmth and understanding. We wish you unlimited happiness! Stone house, our little ones!
  • Charming and our only ends! Congratulations on the wonderful and unforgettable journey called marriage! We want you to carry your love through all the troubles and hardships. You have already found the true happiness – you have found each other! Take care of each other and appreciate every moment you spend together.
  • Christian wedding wishes for godparents

    When it comes to Christian wedding wishes for godparents, the main thing is to be sincere and learn them early. Here are some examples of wedding cards for spiritual parents:

    ↩️ I want to thank you for sharing with us this wonderful and important day. You have told us a lot of nice words and warm wishes and we are very pleased. We want to wish you happiness and longevity in return!
    ️ Dear nasi! We want to thank you very much for being with us today. You witnessed the creation of our family and became the dearest people to us. Thanks to your sincerity, participation, support and positivity, our wedding is as we dreamed! You are the best and dearest! Good health!
    ↩️ Today, I found the spiritual parents! These are two wonderful people who have become our second family. With all my heart I want to thank them for their help and support. You have so many wonderful qualities that will surely set an example for us in the future. Good health to you!
    ↩️ Such refined events are shared only with quality people. We are delighted to be with you on our new journey as godparents! We wish you the best!
    ↩️ From you we learn what are the most important things in the world: family, love, time lived wisely. We are very happy that you are our godparents. Thank you and we wish you all the best!
    ↩️ Today, at our wedding, there are people without whom this holiday simply would not have taken place – our godparents. They are the best, kindest, smartest. They are an example for us and our second family. I sincerely wish you health, prosperity and longevity!
    ️ Dear nasi! Today is the birthday of our young family and we are glad to be with you. We truly appreciate that you have agreed to become our spiritual parents, to share with us the happiness and joy of this moment. We are grateful to you and we will always be happy to see you in our house. We wish you health, longevity and great happiness!
    ↩️ Thank you, dear godparents, for being with us today, for your smiles and joy, for your support and for the wonderful gifts. We wish you all the best, prosperity, comfort in your home and great happiness in your life!
    ↩️ Be happy, our dear godparents, and always be happy! Thank you for such a beautiful holiday, for your best wishes and bright congratulations! Thanks for the tips, for the care, for the warm smiles and the happy looks! Thank you for your loyal support every day. We wish you joy, good luck, health and love!

    The funniest wedding wishes for your girlfriend / boyfriend

    Funny greeting cards and comic stories are always welcome at the wedding, as they cheer up the celebration. Here are some beautiful wedding wishes for the bride or groom’s girlfriend:

    😄 Today you have done a very important and responsible act in your life. And we, your friends, congratulate you for this step! From now on, you will go through life holding your husband’s hand tightly!
    😄 Congratulations, dear friends, now you are husband and wife. We want your gold rings to keep happy love forever and not lose their power until your golden wedding.
    😄 Dear friends, congratulations on this memorable and significant day. We want you not to lose faith and hope in problematic situations, to always show love and respect for each other, to strive together for new goals and to make your dreams come true!
    😄 My dear! May your family become strong, friendly, healthy and great. Congratulations!
    😄 Dear ones, congratulations on your wedding day. We wish you the happiest, most wonderful, prosperous family life. May you always be able to understand each other, may there always be time for joy and fun, and may your love grow stronger and stronger.
    😄 We want to wish you mutual respect, trust and love. Let these feelings become a strong cement for building your new family.
  • Friends! We wish you to live the golden age in love and harmony, in abundance and happiness. May your family be constantly surrounded by kindness and good luck!
  • Dear friends, we congratulate you on the birth of your family and we wish you this family to always be strong, friendly, cheerful, healthy and happy!
  • Congratulations, friends, on your wedding day and we wish you to become the happiest spouses, the strongest family, the coolest parents of the most wonderful children!
  • Friend! A miracle will soon appear in your house or maybe two, and the relationship will always be warmed by sincere love. Stone house!
  • Today we will call you “bitter” until morning, and tomorrow we will let your sweet life begin together!
  • Congratulations to our young people. Have a positive family! Love yourself and fill your every day with happiness!
  • My dears! Be a miracle to each other, support, inspiration and joy. Keep the swan’s faithfulness, take care of the family’s hearth, live beautiful and rich.
  • Congratulations, dear friends. May this wedding be the most beautiful, may your family life be the happiest, may your love be the most real, may your union be the strongest!
  • Texts with funny wedding wishes

    Guests, especially the younger generation, love funny wedding wishes. Get inspired by these texts and your success is guaranteed!

    ➡️ To live amicably, to love with passion, to dream beautifully and to always remain a nice pair of pigeons!
    ➡️ Congratulations! I wish you to wear these handcuffs of marriage until the end of your days and to keep a sincere smile on your face, great health and extraordinary beauty of soul and body. You live like happy birds, flying to dreams!
    ➡️ On the day of my death sentence, I wish you, my dear ones, to live without problems and bad weather for more than a hundred years and even when you become grandparents, not to lose the thrill of feelings and romance in relationships. Peace and good luck. Bitter!
    ➡️ Congratulations from the bottom of my heart on the day of legal and mutual possession! I wish you a lot of money in the family budget, strong hugs and passionate kisses, good people on the common road and happiness forever.

    ➡️ My dear bunnies! Always have cabbage on the table and cabbage in your wallet! In general, having a lot of happiness, wealth and more children – this is not a problem for rabbits.
    ➡️ I want you to be a cool couple, in love like d’Artagnan and Constance, young like Romeo and Juliet, faithful like Master and Margarita, happy like Cinderella and Prince.
    ➡️ Congratulations on the beginning of your family’s empire history. Always shine with happiness, as the rings shine on your fingers!
    ➡️ Congratulations, risky friends, because getting married is a risk. But in your case, I can say with complete confidence that this risk will turn into absolute happiness!

    Wedding and christening messages and wishes

    Double holidays are becoming more and more popular. Guests, parents and godparents are the people who will certainly not get rid of public speaking and should think about wedding messages and wishes and baptism in advance.

    On this special day, I wish you all the best. Good luck in your marriage and in your role as a parent!
    Life is not always easy, so be prepared to protect your family’s happiness. Deserve. Congratulations!
    🕫 Congratulations on this happy event and I wish you a harmonious many years!
    🕫 May your life together be full of unforgettable moments and boundless tenderness, and may the little treasure unite you even more!
    🕫 Today, we are all happy. May this happiness last forever. Congratulations!
    🕫 I believe that the world exists only because of love and people who love each other. And you are the best example of this. Congratulations!
    You made me believe in true love. And I want this not to change, because I’m sure you’ll always be together. Congratulations!
    🕫 May your love story be as magical as in fairy tales. Congratulations!
    🕫 Time flies and things change, but I want your love to remain unchanged and continue through your children. Congratulations!
    🕫 On this occasion, I wish you to be just as young, happy and to love each other as much or even more in many years. Congratulations!

    Stone House – Wedding Hours

    The wedding is a solemn event, and the wedding wishes are a very important part of the ceremony. You can be inspired by the selection below of universal wishes, which will be useful to all participants.

    🔔 My dear young married people! I would like to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart with this wonderful and significant event – the creation of the new family. I want your family ties to be inseparable throughout your life. Be happy, always love yourself, cherish yourself and take care of your feelings.
    🔔 Congratulations, my dears! Now you are not only a beautiful couple, but also a young family. I wish you harmony and understanding, love and endless prosperity. Pamper yourself, respect yourself, cherish yourself. Happy marriage!
    🔔 How important it is for people to find each other, to find their love and soul mate! You found yourself! Congratulations on your wedding day and a new life! I wish you a very strong, faithful, all-encompassing love, but no less patience and humility!
    🔔 Stone house! Be united and remain a trusted backbone for each other in any situation!
    🔔 Stone house! Have a colorful life, bright weekends and beautiful holidays! Have a house full of children and prosperity!
    🔔 With all my heart I want to congratulate you on the most unique and wonderful day of your life – your wedding day. Today is the day when you combine your two destinies into one.
    Congratulations! Understand each other, forgive each other, learn to be together in joy and sadness! Enjoy your long days and warm nights!
    🔔 Congratulations, dear ones! I want to wish you a long and happy life together, peace in your family and outside the window, joy in your hearts and in your faces. Love each other very much, dream beautifully, live luxuriously and always support each other!
    🔔 May the happiness of your family be colorful, full of love, tenderness and passion. Be patient with each other, understand each other and forgive each other. And I also want to wish you the most important thing – your home, in the near future, to be full of happy laughter of children.
    🔔 Congratulations on the birth of your family! I wish you to live together for many years without losing respect and affection for each other!
    🔔 Congratulations on your wedding day! I wish you a wonderful, happy and bright future together! Take care of each other, appreciate even the smallest trifles and be patient, so that all difficulties can be easily overcome together!
    🔔 My dear ones, from the bottom of my heart I want to congratulate you for this significant event in your life. The most important thing is to keep in mind the feelings you have for each other. Respect yourself and pamper yourself with care and affection.
    🔔 Congratulations on this important event! Don’t let the difficulties darken your life. I wish you more romance and vivid impressions in your life. Be supportive of each other and trust each other in any situation. Love yourself!
    🔔 Stone house! I want you to keep your sincere feelings and respect for each other all your life.
    🔔 Let harmony, romance and mutual understanding reign in your relationship, and let the happy laughter of the children always resound in the house! Love yourself and fill every moment with joy!
    🔔 I wish your young family to always be incredibly happy, to always live in goodness and prosperity!
    🔔 Be happy, enjoy every moment lived together, love each other and take care of each other! Stone house!
    🔔 Congratulations to the happy and beautiful couple on their wedding day! I wish you much joy and sincerity in your union. Deep respect, mutual understanding, tenderness, care and love!
    🔔 I sincerely wish that your trust, warmth and support will always remain in your family, so that, on your golden wedding day, you will look at each other with the same tenderness.

    Beautiful wedding wishes for Facebook

    At the wedding, many people prefer to improvise, but if you get lost in front of a large number of people, you can prepare beautiful wedding wishes for Facebook in advance. Sentences should not be too long and difficult to understand.

    🎁 Happy marriage! May your common path be easy and happy, may your family live in abundance and love!
    🎁 Congratulations, newlyweds! May it be “bitter” for you today and sweet for the rest of your long married life!
    🎁 Have a happy wedding! Let your life be bright, without clouds. Have understanding, peace and, of course, a lot of love in life.
    🎁 Congratulations on your wedding day! I wish you to live in complete harmony and peace. Every day turns into a wonderful fairy tale!
    🎁 I wish you to always go hand in hand and soul in soul. Respect each other and cherish each other, warm your hearts with burning love. Have a beautiful wedding!
    🎁 I congratulate you on your wedding day and wish your life to be full of bright memories, happy stories, good times and wonderful family holidays.
    🎁 Congratulations! Protect love, keep your understanding, give happiness and smile! May this day be remembered for many years!
    🎁 My dears! I wish there were more wonderful moments in your life, amazing stories, happy holidays. Happiness in your home and health for your young family!
    🎁 I wish you family warmth, material well-being, emotional balance and love with an indefinite period of validity! Stone house!
    🎁 Congratulations on your wedding day, dear ones. Through joint efforts, to fill family life with joy and luxury. Love each other, dream, create comfort, raise children and give each other tenderness all your life.
    🎁 Sincere congratulations on your wedding! I wish you peace and kindness, prosperity and happiness, faithful love and a friendly family.
    🎁 My dears! Happy birthday to your family! May there be only good moments in your life, bright flashes and unpredictable but interesting adventures. Love each other and take care of each other.
    🎁 Congratulations on your wedding day and I sincerely wish you happiness in the family, understanding, unparalleled love and stable well-being in the house.
    🎁 Congratulations, my dears. I want you to live only in joy, without knowing the sorrow. Be happy, healthy and always in love with each other!
    🎁 On your wedding day, I wish you beautiful sunrises, funny family stories and warm and comfortable evenings.
    🎁 I wish you to be a happy married couple and to create a wonderful strong family with good children!
    🎁 Happy marriage! Let your family be strong and supportive of each other!
    🎁 Have a happy wedding! To live in joy and prosperity. Love each other, appreciate each other and respect each other.
    🎁 Congratulations! Let your family life be long, happy, rich in pleasant events, laughter, tenderness and the love of children.