Small, home-based business ideas are gaining in popularity because they usually do not require expensive equipment and large tooling areas.

Working from home also involves a free creative area. We suggest you consider the best small business ideas at home, presented in this selection, which you can carry out in the yard or in the apartment.

These meticulous examples of profitable business are a great opportunity to try to work from home with minimal risk.

Home business ideas with little money

In this section, are collected plans and ideas of home business with little money, which, due to the specificity and scope of the activity, are achievable with minimal investments, not more than 1000 euros. Here, the main element is the participation of the entrepreneur in the creation of the product.

  1. Production of ceramic articles

Investments: from 500 euros

Working with ceramics is a promising home business with minimal investment. Ceramic products are always relevant. Ceramic vases, pots, souvenirs – everything can be created with your own hands. To do this, you must have special skills. You can master them in a few months – now a huge number of training courses are being organized.
To start working on pottery production, all you need is clay, your own hands and an oven to burn the finished products. The cost of a ceramic kiln is about 500 euros. But you can do it yourself, saving a lot.
Later, you have the mission to sell the finished products at retail or you can complete large orders for corporate clients. For example, restaurants often order dishes made especially for their entourage.
If you have quality products and your own corporate identity, you can be successful in pottery. A good teacher can earn about 1000 euros a month.

  1. Photo book printing

Investments: from 550 euros

The photo book business has an interesting history. On the one hand, the advent of smartphones was supposed to reduce the demand for printed photos. But on the other hand, people started taking more pictures, trying to keep the special moments in their lives.
After all, electronic photos can be deleted or lost with your smartphone, and the life of your printed photos is much longer.
This way, you can earn from photo books. To achieve this idea, you need good paper and a quality printer. Binding can be done manually or ordered from a printing house.
Photobooks are requested by everyone: models, designers or photographers who need a portfolio, as well as people who want to arrange family photos in an album.
With the development of Instagram, print photography has become even more popular. So, enter the market with an interesting offer and you will not run out of orders.

  1. Production of brooms for sauna

Investments: from 300 euros

The activity of making sauna brooms is one of the simplest and most budget niches. The demand for adults is growing due to the popularity of saunas and baths.
Therefore, you can easily sell your products. There will be no problems with raw materials either.
You can independently collect birch leaves and twigs, oak, lime. It is best to start the business in the summer, when the trees are green and you can harvest. Maturation takes place from June to August.
But you can sell them at any time of the year.
This business does not require the purchase of expensive equipment and tools. You only need a few household tools to prepare the brooms. You can also sell herbs or herbal teas. This will help you increase your profits.
To sell the goods, you can contact the city’s baths and saunas, health centers, recreation centers. The cost of a broom is on average 1-2 euros, and you can earn 500-1000 euros per month. The profitability of the business is about 100-150%.

  1. Production of ecological bags

Investments: from 300 euros

Currently, the demand for organic products has increased significantly, and the trend will continue in the future. Therefore, a profitable start is the production of environmentally friendly bags, especially considering that plastic bags are banned. These are natural fabric twine bags.
The technology of making these bags is quite simple. The most expensive equipment you will need is the sewing machine. And if you already have it, then consider that you can start the business practically without investment. But you can’t do it without expenses.
At the very least, you’ll need to buy bag materials and invest in advertising to make your products known. The easiest way to sell eco-friendly bags is online. The net profit from each bag is 10-15 euros. Even by selling one bag a day, you can make good money. And if you offer cooperation to a large company and produce branded bags, then the profit can be increased several times.

  1. Cheese production

Investments: 1000 euros

The fashion for homemade cheeses appeared a few years ago and despite the competition, you can freely start your own production of hard homemade cheese. This requires a minimum of equipment and ingredients. Anyone can master this technology at home.

  1. Production of price tags and plates

Investments: 500-1000 euros

With the help of a powerful printer and laminator at home, you can organize the production of business cards, letterhead, plates and other semi-cardboard prints. Ideally, the owner of such a business should be a product designer and understand advertising.
The competition on the market is high, but it is very possible to occupy your own niche and find orders. For example, you can handle small orders, which are not profitable for companies in the “large printing industry”. For such cases, your production made at home will be useful and will quickly find its customer.

Home business ideas for women

At first glance, it seems that all the niches of home business ideas have been occupied for a long time and it does not make sense for a woman, especially without financial investment, to start her own business.
However, the passion, the hobby, the knowledge gained – all these can become a source of good earnings. If you want to take the risk or start something completely new, consider these home business ideas for women.

  1. Soap production

Investments: from 150 euros

At first glance, the business is hopeless. But the statistics say the opposite: the market for handmade soap is growing by about 20% annually.
The products are purchased as souvenirs for various holidays. Therefore, with the right approach to the business, soap making can become a stable source of income.
This business idea is a good option to start at home, because it does not require specific knowledge and large investments and anyone can master the technology of soap making.
You don’t have to buy complicated equipment, but you have to have a lot of creativity and developed imagination at hand. As practice shows, you can earn an average of 350 euros per month from soap making.

  1. Production of phyto-pillows

Investments: from 200 euros

Phyto pillows are herbal pillows are pillows that contain aromatic and medicinal plants inside. The idea is popular due to the growing demand for organic and health products. Crafts are another plus in the production of phyto-pillows.
This activity is more related to the category of a hobby that can be monetized. In addition, it is still underdeveloped. You won’t make much money on this business, but it’s a good idea to start as a budding entrepreneur.
The stages of phyto-pillow production are related to the season. In spring, summer and autumn, the herbs are collected, dried and fermented. And in winter you can sew your own pillows. You need simple tools to gather materials and sew items.
Therefore, equipment costs will be minimal. You can add instructions to each phyto-pillow, indicating the composition of the herbs and recommendations. You can also sell the products online through sites designed for women and men.

  1. Production of decorative candles

Investments: from 100 euros

One of the usual home business ideas is the production of decorative candles. This business does not require any specific knowledge or investment.
Anyone who has creative skills and wants to make money can open their own mini-production. You can start with a budget of 100 euros, and the manufacturing technology and materials used are available to everyone.
Starting a business is quite easy. It is much more difficult to make it profitable, because the market for handmade decorative candles is very competitive. We can say that people do not need as many candles as handmade craftsmen.
However, decorative candles are a fairly specific product. And to be successful, you have to think carefully about the assortment. You need to offer something special, unusual – then your product will be noticed. Every month, you can earn up to 400 euros. It is a good idea for moms because it does not require much investment in time.

  1. Making clothes with print

Investments: from 5500 euros

At first glance, the idea looks frivolous. But in fact, it can bring good profits. Printing designs on clothes is not a new business, so the competition is high. Therefore, you need to come up with a unique offer that will make you stand out in the market. It is enough to be inspired by the ideas on the internet and to pay attention to foreign trends.
The production of T-shirts or other printed clothing does not involve complex technological processes. You need to buy printers and raw materials – such as basic T-shirts that you will print.
In addition, you will need a thermal press, computer, graphics. In total, about 5,000 euros for the whole business.
Keep in mind that the images you use in print can cause problems – copyright infringement. Therefore, it is better to buy images from photo jokes or contact an illustrator who will create prints for your project.
You can sell your products online. The profitability of the business is about 300% – because the margin of the finished products is high. With steady sales, it is possible to recover the initial investment within six months.

  1. Hairdressing, manicure, makeup courses

Investments: from 100 euros

The services of craftsmen are in high demand, therefore, professionals are in high demand. Many women who decide to change their field of activity choose to receive a new specialty with the help of courses.
There are no major costs involved in organizing online courses. It is only necessary to purchase tools and consumables, as well as to organize an advertising campaign to promote the business.
Sources of additional income can be beginner courses, training in new techniques, and advanced training. Offer new clients individual lessons at a higher price.
With the right advertising campaign and the opening of several groups, the stable profit will appear in 2-3 months.

Business ideas for men

Fundamental business is hard to divide into “for men or women,” but there are undoubtedly areas of entrepreneurship in which men feel more at ease.
In these areas of entrepreneurship, it is easier for men to achieve their goals, because all factors favor them. Below you will find the most successful business ideas for men.

  1. Custom furniture production

Investments: from 650 euros

Furniture production is a profitable and relevant business at any time. Despite the high competition, everyone can find their customer. Custom work is usually done with an advance payment – these funds are spent on the materials purchased.
You can create some pieces of furniture for your portfolio and then sell them. It would be good to specialize in a certain type of furniture, for example – for children.

  1. Production of nails and screws

Investments: from 1600 euros

The production of construction materials is always requested. Therefore, you can start making nails and screws.
Opening your own production is quite simple: buy a special car, which will cost about 1000 euros.
Place it in a small area (for example, in the garage). Produce a batch of goods and then sell them. Buyers should be found in advance.

  1. Production of artificial concrete marble

Investments: from 1600 euros

The advantage of artificial marble production is that the technology is quite simple and accessible even to those who are not associated with the industrial sphere.
Artificial marble is a budget analogue of natural stone. Therefore, the demand for new material is constantly growing. The idea of ​​making artificial marble has appeared recently, so the niche is still free.
You can open your garage business : the equipment does not require a large area, and the technology itself can be kept at home. With enough skill and the necessary equipment, this is easy to handle.
The equipment will cost at least 750 euros. But it is possible to earn 1500 – 2000 euros on this. Such indicators will only be real if you immediately find a wholesale buyer.

  1. Stained glass production

Investments: from 2000 euros The

manufacture of stained glass is a sought-after activity that an enterprising person can turn into a profitable and stable business. Decorative windows are now in vogue and even in small towns you can find stained glass workshops.

  • You definitely need special skills, especially artistic ones. The work is creative and quite meticulous.

At the beginning, decide what type of product you will produce: expensive stained glass, handmade or simplified stained glass. The value of the initial investment, the target audience and the profit will depend on your choice.
You can start with a simple technology and more budget equipment.
And in the future, start making real stained glass windows – their cost is about 200 euros per square meter. You can earn 2000 – 2700 euros per month. But this requires skill and experience.

  1. Production of garden figures

Investments: 1000-1600 euros

Making garden figures can be a profitable business. Anyone can organize it. Due to the special technology for making plastic, plaster and other materials, this is not difficult to achieve. Such products are highly valued because they are handmade.

For this, you will need a small room, which must be equipped with an oven and a ceramic machine. But the most important thing for this business is the ability.

The cost of a piece will be about 5 euros. But you can sell it for 10-15 euros. A good margin allows you to earn up to 900 euros per month.

  1. Production of wooden pallets

Investments: 1600 euros

Wooden pallets are one of the most requested auxiliary materials that are used during the transport and storage of products.
There are several production formats – manual, semi-automatic or fully automated production. We will consider the initial option – manual production.
This will cost about 1600 euros. With the manual production of pallets, you can earn 750-1300 euros per month.

  1. Production of seals and stamps

Investments: from 1500 euros

Making stamps is a simple but profitable business. Your clients can be: beginner entrepreneurs who register their business.
For production, you will need a printer and a computer, special equipment (depending on the technology, this can be a flash drive, a display camera or a laser engraver), as well as consumables. All this can be purchased with a budget of 1500 euros. After a month of sales of seals and stamps, you will receive an average profit of 500-1000 euros.

Home business ideas in the country

Even if you live in the country, you should not give up on your dream of starting your own business! Of course, a village cannot offer the same business development prospects as a city. However, there are business ideas that can be successfully implemented in the country!

  1. Sale of honey and bee products: wax, propolis

Investments: depending on the number of hives Beekeeping

is a way to make money in rural areas. If you are familiar with apiary since childhood, understand how profitable it is.
It is estimated that the cost of creating a beekeeping farm consisting of 60 hives, which can produce 110 kg of bee products per year, exceeds 20-25 thousand euros. The income from such an apiary is estimated at almost 27-30 thousand euros. But many entrepreneurs start their business as a hobby – with 4-5 hives. A beehive costs between 80 and 150 euros.
If you buy a few hives, then don’t expect to get a lot of honey in the first year. The bees have to stock up for the winter, they have to expand their family. Instead, honey can be sold all year round. It doesn’t break.

Selling bee families

If you do not want to expand the apiary, you can sell bee families. It is no less profitable than selling honey.

  1. The hay business

No investment

There is no village without hay. Here is a business without investments, which you can start from scratch. Those who want to use your work will not have an end. The main thing is to know your value.
If you have a meadow, but no animals, it would be profitable to prepare the hay and sell it in the winter or on the eve of spring, when there is still no greenery. It will be the most expensive.
The hay is easy to harvest in the forest meadows. The downside is that it is hard work, so it is better if you use a technique for this. You will not be so tired and you will gather much more fan.

  1. The business of herbs and berries

No investment

It is suitable for curious teenagers and schoolchildren, but also for retirees. There are many beneficial plants around us. Even a simple medicinal chamomile will bring you money.
It is also very easy to harvest hawthorn. To do this, you do not have to squeeze each grain for hours, but put a film under the tree and shake it. You already have a bag of hawthorn.
Do not collect medicinal herbs one by one, but find places where they have grown in abundance and just break them. There are definitely a lot of such places around you.

  1. Mushroom picking

No investment

Depends on the area – you can pick mushrooms if you have a forest nearby. The main thing is to understand them.
If you live on the main street in the village, you can sell fresh, pickled, salted and dried mushrooms right at your doorstep! This is a good product and not cheap at all!

What is important to know to start a home business

  • Choose an idea that does not depend on time or trends;
  • Don’t try to compete with big companies;
  • Choose an idea that can bear fruit as soon as possible;
  • Evaluate the demand for different products, focus on customer needs;
  • At first, don’t buy expensive production equipment;
  • Consider working to order;
  • Carefully check the raw material suppliers;
  • Try to create a unique offer that sets you apart from your competitors.

These tips will make it easier for you to start a small home business and help you solve many problems.

Why it is profitable to start a home business

  • Save on rent. You can work in a home workshop or in a garage, and your savings can be invested in other needs, such as purchasing materials or advertising.
  • Possibility to postpone the formalization of the business. At first, such a deal cannot be formalized. The entrepreneur can first establish the production process, can improve his skills, can find the first customers and only then can register his activity.
  • Mini-production does not require serious investment. This is a significant advantage for a budding entrepreneur.
  • Small production opens up big prospects. Based on a home business, you can later open a full-fledged production, if you constantly grow and improve your business.

How to choose an idea for your home business

To do this, you need to answer several questions:

  1. What is demanded today among consumers
  2. What is the level of competition in this market
  3. What is the value of the initial investment
  4. How much can I really earn?
  5. I have knowledge and skills to help me in my work
  6. This idea has development perspectives

By answering these questions, you can evaluate any business idea in terms of entrepreneurial opportunities, profit and prospects. At the beginning, it is important to decide: you will sell what you have produced or you will produce what will be sold.

Be prepared for the fact that in practice everything will turn out to be very different than in your step-by-step instructions, business plans and expectations. In any production there are pitfalls and nuances that are difficult to predict in advance. Most problems will need to be resolved as they arise.