For a long time, tattoos for girls have become a separate category of tattoo art, possessing unique features. Modern ideas and technologies in the art of tattooing allow girls to choose truly unique and interesting images on their body, able to emphasize all the beauty and elegance of a female face.

After deciding to get a tattoo, the fairer sex can easily find something special in the collection of tattoo designs below, and a professional tattoo artist will do his job carefully, taking into account all the wishes of the client.

Tattoos for girls and their significance

Every girl, determined to get a tattoo, must think, first of all, about the significance of her body painting.
There are tattoos for a purely decorative purpose. Usually, they are applied for the sake of aesthetic pleasure and admiration of the people around them. These tattoo designs for girls are bright and beautiful. They may reflect the girl’s hobbies, the person’s features and her habits, but they do not have a deep meaning.
There are, however, tattoos for females that are applied to protect against evil eyes and to strengthen their own energy field, not allowing others to disturb the balance of the mind with additional thoughts. These are talisman tattoos, and as with any talisman, the position of the application on the body must be considered.
There are tattoos that have a motivating role, with a deep philosophical idea or tattoos with the names of very important and iconic people in the fate of the face. In this case, tattoos in the form of data, words or associative symbols would be perfect for girls who want a motivation in life, to force them to move forward, to overcome all fears and complexes.

The theme of tattoos for girls

Each girl has her own unique charm and, of course, she wants to apply something special on her body, which will reflect her inner world.


Images of plants and animals – one of the most popular female tattoo designs, but also the simplest. The refined and delicate representatives want to emphasize their image with different flower arrangements and images of cute animals (cat, fox, owl, rabbit, bird, butterfly).
Decorative patterns are also very popular among girls. For design, sophisticated lines and various ornaments are chosen, in combination with geometric and floral elements. Such tattoos look very impressive and original.
Tattoos for girls in the form of inscriptions are another popular trend. The inscription can be an aphorism, favorite philosophical quote or a life slogan. In addition, the name of significant people in life (child, parents, boyfriends) or even the girl’s name can be added.
Symbolic images are tattoo designs that include significant moments, objects, signs and are applied in the form of symbols. Such tattoos have a deep meaning and are applied as a talisman.

Placing a tattoo on a girl’s body

Depending on the theme and the size of the chosen image, the artistic tattoo can be placed on different parts of the body. Smaller images are often placed on the shoulder, wrist, forearm, or neck, and larger images are tattooed on the thighs, all over the hand, between the shoulder blades, on the back, on the side of the body, or on the buttocks.

The tattoo in the form of inscriptions looks good on the woman’s leg or along the collarbone, on the upper arm. Small ornamental tattoos can be applied in the form of a bracelet to emphasize the thin wrists or elegant ankles of the face.

The prices of female tattoos

The price of the tattoo is calculated according to several established criteria:

  • Depending on the size – the price of the tattoos is calculated per square centimeter. The desired drawing is framed in a geometric figure, such as a rectangle, and the area is calculated. Subsequently, the area is multiplied by the price per cm. established by the chosen tattoo parlor.
  • Depending on the time required – the hours are calculated depending on the complexity of the tattoo. Usually, in tattoo parlors in Romania, 1 hour costs around 250 lei. And for realistic, photorealistic, portrait or 3D tattoos, the price starts from 300 lei for 1 hour of work.
  • Depending on the location, which also involves the difficulty of execution – for example, the back, forearm, leg or abdomen are easier places to tattoo, while the ribs, for example, are a harder area to paint.
  • Depending on the color – a color tattoo obviously costs more than a black and white one.

Sometimes, the rules are broken and the final cost is determined on a case-by-case basis, because some tattoo designs are, for example, of considerable size, but also easy to execute (such as tribal ones).
Often, girls do not dare to get a tattoo, fearing the unpleasant consequences and poor quality images.
However, today there are many decent salons, practically in every Romanian city you can find real professionals. If you choose a skilled craftsman and follow all his recommendations, the tattoo will be beautiful, feminine and representative.