On a child’s birthday, toys are, of course, the main gift, but it is also important to wish the little one something homage, such as a beautiful childhood and a long and happy life. After maturing, it will be interesting for him to remember various texts and onomastic messages received as a child. So, if you are looking for a way to say Happy Birthday to a little one, don’t miss this beautiful collection of greeting cards and best wishes from many for children, boys and girls.

Happy Birthday from parents to children

Wishes for children are born from the best feelings of the parents. No one can deny that parents are the best mentors and teachers of their babies! The most important thing for them is to protect their children from the troubles of life by giving them advice. These Happy Birthday wishes from parents to children are also full of guidance.

✅️ We wish you excellent health and a tireless desire to learn as much as possible about this interesting world and to become a man with capital letters. Happy Birthday!
✅️ Let your eyes shine with happiness! For me, your well-being is more important than anything in the world. Happy Birthday, my joy!
✅️ Whatever you have in mind, let it be implemented successfully, to your satisfaction and happiness. I love you darling. Happy Birthday!
✅️ Dear daughter, on this incredible day you were born and you brought us extraordinary joy. We love you and we are proud of you, because there is no better daughter than you. Be smart and get lucky! Happy Birthday!
✅️ Good luck, painless love and more rest! Happy Birthday, son!
✅️ Dear daughter, today is the most important day of my life – your birthday. Your birth was a real gift to me. And today I want to wish you all the best.
✅️ We love you very much and we want you to grow into a reasonable and honest person. Your mother and father are proud of you and will always support you. We wish you success in your studies and future life! Happy Birthday!
✅️ Dear daughter, our sun! Happy Birthday! May fate give you luck, energy, inspiration, health and strength.
✅️ My dear son! Congratulations on your birthday and I wish you all the best and most pleasant life!
✅️ Happy Birthday, son. We believe in you, we are proud of you. We wish you good health and strength of character, a good heart and a brave soul to perform heroic deeds and to achieve great success in life.
✅️ Live bright and never be sad, my joy! Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, my beloved daughter! Let your lucky star shine the brightest in the sky and bring you unprecedented health, love and luck.
✅️ My dear son! We wish you Happy Birthday! It’s like we’ve been rocking you and humming your swing songs. Now you are our pride and support, our protector! May all adversity disappear from your path and happiness reign in its place forever!
✅️ I wish you success in any field of activity and achieve any goals. Happy Birthday, our pride!
✅️ Dear daughter, our delicate flower! Congratulations on the happiest day of your life – your birthday! You are our pride, love and beauty! Always be healthy, loved with love, cheerful, smiling, determined and courageous for the joy of those close and the evil of those far away! We love you so much!
✅️ My wonderful son, I congratulate you on your birthday and I sincerely wish there were no gloomy thoughts in your life. Let a new idea, perspective, joy and hope emerge every day.

Happy Birthday to Kids (for Facebook)

Exciting and cute – these are the Happy Birthday wishes for children, suitable for posting on Facebook. They will surprise both the parents and the homage.

➡️ Let each day pass cheerfully and actively, every evening enjoy with interesting cartoons and fascinating pages of books. Happy Birthday!
➡️ Happy Birthday! Enjoy every new day, meet your guests with a smile and be happy!
➡️ Be a brave, healthy, smart boy! May your guardian angel always be by your side. Happy Birthday!
➡️ Be a happy child on this beautiful planet, run to the wind of joy and the bright dream of your heart! Happy Birthday!
➡️ Happy Birthday, wonderful baby. I wish your life to be a happy carousel, so that the new day will always bring you another miracle, bright joy, incredible adventure and luck. Smile more often and stay a happy child.
➡️ Please accept our congratulations. We sincerely wish you all the best! Grow to the joy of your parents and may your life be wonderful.
➡️ Happy Birthday! I want you to be the favorite of a happy childhood and sweet dreams and to always catch the rays of kindness and joy.
➡️ Dear child, for your birthday, I want to wish you health, joy, happiness and fun! Happy Birthday!
➡️ Happy Birthday, golden child. Every day to call you on an interesting journey and to offer you beautiful adventures and memories!
➡️ Congratulations, wonderful and sweet baby. May the pleasant surprises, the mountains of sweets and the wonderful mood make you enjoy your birthday!
➡️ I wish you to celebrate this day in a happy company of friends, to blow out all the candles on the cake from the first and to be completely happy with your birthday and every day! Happy Birthday!
➡️ Happy Birthday! Fun with friends, good stories and incredible wonders. Grow and discover your talents!
➡️ Happy Birthday, sweet and wonderful baby. May there be a sea of ​​victories in your life, may your ocean always strike you with waves of happiness and success, may you manage to maintain your cheerful and optimistic mood both on sunny days and during heavy rains.
➡️ Wonderful baby, Happy Birthday to you. I wish you winter fairy tales, spring flowers, bright summer days and autumn walks!
➡️ Congratulations! Let there be no troubles or hardships in your life, and let this year of your life pass bright, colorful and happy.
➡️ Happy New Year! Let your personal wizard fly to you today. He will give you what you want and he will fulfill all your most precious dreams.

Funny Happy Birthday to Kids

We have also prepared a selection of funny Happy Birthday wishes for children, so that you can congratulate the little one with a remarkable holiday in an original and fun way.

Multi Happy Birthday! You are the most expensive in the world! Together with my father we wish you the fulfillment of your dreams, many plush toys, many balls and sweets! We love you the most!
🔔 I wish that the gardens of dreams always bloom in your hot and young heart, your mind never gets tired of learning and penetrating the oceans of new knowledge, and your body, absorbing the juices of life, grows and strengthens. Happy Birthday!
🔔 Today is a cute girl’s birthday! I hasten to congratulate the little girl! I wish you, our love, good health, to smile and laugh more often, to never cry and to be a real princess!
Im We want you to be very tired on this day… because of the unpacking of piles of presents. Let your friends not come… but hurry to you to be with you on this holiday! And don’t be beautiful… but amazingly beautiful! Happy Birthday!
🔔 Grow healthy and happy, baby! Get your mind and strength from your father, beauty and ingenuity from your mother, and wisdom and patience from your grandparents! It grows to everyone’s joy. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! Lots, lots of joy, fun, true friends, different Lego pieces and trips to Disneyland every month!
🔔 We always wish you brave friends like Little Red Riding Hood and interesting activities like those of Mesa and the Bear! Have a happy holiday! Happy Birthday!
Multi Happy Birthday! We wish you what a child should have at your age: strong teeth – to crave all toys, sweet eyes – to distinguish good from evil independently, a good heart – not to upset parents, ingenuity – to it only arrives in pleasant situations!
🔔 Happy Birthday, little one! I want you to believe in a miracle, to dream, to create, to sing, to dance, to love, to amaze the world with your talents, to discover something new at least every day, to observe all the good and to pass by all evil. And most importantly – be the happiest and happiest child!
🔔 Let the flowers always bloom around you, the magic fairies and the circle of wonderful unicorns to lift your mood, and the stars that fall from the sky to make all dreams come true! Happy Birthday dear!
🔔 As a princess, be beautiful and happy! Eat porridge to grow, but not only in body, but also in mind, soul and deed! You are our joy! Happy Birthday!
🔔 You are the charm and pride of your parents! Happy Birthday! Let the fairy tale fill your daily life, let the fairies and gnomes fulfill your wishes, and let the elves give you luck and joy.
You are a sweetie! Happy Birthday! I am sure you will receive a lot of sweet gifts today! Have as many cakes on the festive table and enough candles on the cake to make a wish!

Happy Birthday to children

The young inhabitants of our planet always need a special attitude towards them. These Happy Birthday wishes for the children will make them smile and make them very happy.

⇒ Dear, wonderful child, I wish you Happy Birthday. Let the magic wand be hidden in your pocket for any eventuality, the flying carpet to carry you in the heaven of dreams, the invisible hat to cover you from all the troubles of life, and the golden fish to fulfill your every wish.
Multi Happy Birthday! Family and friends should be close in times of joy and hardship, but, in principle, there should be no difficulties in life!
⇒ Happy Birthday, dear child. I wish you brilliant miracles on the path of your life and melodic songs of happiness.
⇒ I wish you health, our niece’s girlfriend, happy hours and happy minutes. Happy Birthday!
⇒ Happy Birthday to you, wonderful and glorious child. May there be many happy moments and victories in your life and no barriers at all to dreams and sadness.
⇒ Dear child, for your birthday, I want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart and wish you to always be happy. Let the funny music in your heart and the loud laughter of your friends always resonate in your life. Be happy!
Multi Happy Birthday. I wish you health, health and well-being! You will be healthy – there will be dreams, and if there are dreams – there will be a desire to achieve them, and if there is a desire – luck will help you.
⇒ I wish you success in everything! May the journey of your life offer you a lot of wonderful and good things. Happy Birthday!
⇒ Congratulations to our wonderful, brave, funny and intelligent boy. We want you to raise a capable, energetic, glorious, well-educated and strong child.
⇒ For your birthday, even if your heart is not disturbed by sadness, there should always be an interesting occupation for your hands, and your mood should always be inspired by something funny and unusual.
⇒ I wish you not to lose the fun of the soul and the goodness of the heart. Happy Birthday, baby wonder!
⇒ Congratulations! I wish you a happy childhood with sweets and toys, a flourishing youth with romance and optimism, a decent and prosperous adult life in the future.
⇒ You grew up another year today. This is a special, incredible and very important event in your life, and for that I want to congratulate you. Many miracles, new discoveries and bright days await you. You are just beginning your journey into the land of the unknown and mysterious. Important – don’t get lost in it! Congratulations!
⇒ Our dear child, Happy Birthday. May everything in your life be smooth and beautiful. Give joy to those around you.
⇒ Happy Birthday to a sweet and good child. I want to wish you an incredible miracle in life and magical stories, funny adventures and interesting fun, wonderful mood and the achievement of a brave success!
Multi Happy Birthday! We want you to be surrounded by very interesting events in life, similar to real adventures, in which you will be a very brave and cool hero.

Happy Birthday to 1 year – 2 year olds

At this age, children do not really understand the essence of words. That is why, for the most part, the cards are accepted by the parents of the homage.

  • 2 years is such a small part of your future life, but how much you have changed during this time. First teeth, words, steps – how much happiness there is in these simple things. Our little miracle, we can’t imagine life without you. You are a gift from God, for which we are grateful. Let your life be bright, full of smiles and kind people. Happy Birthday, our happiness!
  • Happy Birthday, angel! I wish her a happy childhood! Let his parents rejoice at every step he takes.
  • I want to congratulate your little treasure with the first year of life, which has become the first step in this world for her! I wish you to be happy, patient parents, and I wish your child a wonderful fate, good health and a smiling childhood. Happy Holidays!
  • Have many interesting and happy moments and events. Happy Birthday, baby boy!
  • Congratulations, little sun, for the first year, for the first significant holiday. I wish you to tread the paths of luck, to clap your hands happily, to charm everyone around you with your wonderful smile, to be the greatest joy for the whole family.
  • Congratulations to our little boyfriend on his second birthday! We wish you a fabulous future and a magical fate, where the kindest and most precious dreams come true very quickly!
  • Happy Birthday! With such wonderful parents, your childhood will surely be carefree!
  • Happy Birthday to the little angel! To grow up healthy, smart and happy.
  • How quickly a year has passed, and now your first birthday has arrived! I wish you to raise a healthy, curious, good and happiest child! Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations on the first important holiday in your child’s life! May he grow up healthy and the happiest on earth, and may the world he is learning now never disappoint him and give him nothing but kindness, good luck and happiness!
  • Congratulations on your first year of life! It’s a small date, but very solemn. I want you to develop, not to get sick and not to be capricious, but to learn new things, becoming more and more independent every day.
  • We wish him good health, unquenchable energy and happy and cheerful laughter to the little homage. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, little miracle! Today you are two years old! I want you to always smile, to have fun, to go active, to eat well and tasty, to run, to jump, to sing and to dance.
  • We congratulate you and your baby, your little miracle, and wish you Happy Birthday. For two years, the angel has brought you happiness and joy, smiles and pride. Be healthy, obedient and happy. You, parents, patience and wisdom, and at home – all the best!
  • Happy Birthday to children of 3 years, 4 years, 5 years

    If the celebrant is of preschool age, Happy Birthday will suit him for children from 3-5 years.
    🔖 Today, this wonderful child turned 3 years old! Happy Birthday! I wish you much joy, love, health, vivid impressions and new discoveries.
    🔖 Every new day should be more amazing than the previous one, and sincere smiles and joy should always be your companions! Happy Birthday!
    🔖 Your baby is already 3 years old. May his childhood be the best and brightest. To grow without problems and worries!
    🔖 Congratulations! May your childhood be an island of warmth and joy. I wish you to grow in prosperity, love and health!
    🔖 Sweet gifts, many toys, happy days – all for you. May your mother and father always be by your side and fulfill your wishes, and may you be obedient and the happiest child in the world! Happy Birthday!
    🔖 Our little sun, we wish you Happy Birthday. Grow up with the joy of your parents and be the greatest treasure for your family. Have a happy future! Happy Birthday!
    🔖 Happy Birthday, wonderful baby! I wish you, our sun, a world full of color, in which there will be a lot of fun, happiness, joy, games, hobbies, swings, toys, sweets, love and a lot of pleasure.
    🔖 Happy Birthday, beautiful baby! Today you are 4 years old. I wish you happiness and fun hobbies, good friends and wonderful ideas, strong love for parents and prosperity in the family, interesting knowledge and incredible wonders.
    🔖 Congratulations, our miracle, you are 4 years old today! We wish you wonderful moments in life, bright rays of happiness and joy, grandiose holidays and fun games.
    🔖 Our dear! Meet only kind people on the road of life, and let the world open its doors for you to discover interesting hobbies and live funny impressions.
    🔖 You are five years old today! May happiness always shine in your eyes! Bathe in the love of your family and friends and enjoy a wonderful childhood! Congratulations!
    🔖 At 5 years old, I wish you the most important thing – never get sick and make your parents happy with new successes and achievements! Happy Birthday!
    🔖 Congratulations on the fifth anniversary, dear! Let funny cartoons and good fairy tales take you to the land of dreams, and sincere friends and interesting walks will make your day interesting and rich.
    🔖 I wish you to be a golden child for your parents and a happy person on this planet! Happy Birthday!
    🔖 You are exactly 5 years old today! We wish you joy and health, lots of toys, balls, sweets and the most wonderful mood.
    🔖 Grow a strong, intelligent, developed and active child. Listen to your parents, never hurt them and don’t be capricious. Always be the same smiling and charming sun. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes for Kids

    When it comes to a child’s birthday, each of you can help organize a magical and fun birthday! The examples of Happy Birthday messages and wishes for children in this section will help you in this regard.

    🎁 May this day be one of the funniest in your life, all the gifts will be the best and exactly the ones you wanted! Happy Birthday!
    Multi Happy Birthday! Let good and dear people share their happiness with you today!
    🎁 Little one! Let the sun shine brighter, make your friends smile more often and the congratulations never end. Happy Birthday!
    🎁 Happy Birthday, joy! I want your life to be a field of flowers, to always have something sweet in the house and your mood to always remain the same – positive.
    May your achievements be greater than your abilities, study well and not get sick! Happy Birthday, baby boy!
    🎁 Congratulations on your birthday, little one, and I wish you to raise the most wonderful child who enjoys his parents!
    🎁 Congratulations! Grow to the joy of your family! Be happy and loved always and everywhere!
    🎁 Today is your birthday. This is the day when any of your desires will come true and your dream will come true! Happy Birthday, our happiness!
    🎁 On the way here, I met a magical fairy, and she secretly told me that she will fulfill your deepest wish today! That’s why you have any wish! Congratulations!
    🎁 Celebrate this happy anniversary with your family and friends and make sure you blow out all the candles on your birthday cake! Congratulations!
    🎁 Let your heart remain affectionate and gentle, and your muscles become stronger every day! Happy Birthday!
    🎁 Happy birthday to you, little prince! I wish you to grow a family support, strong, brave and intelligent, protective of the mother and pride for the father!
    🎁 Today is your magical holiday – your birthday. Let the morning start with a ray of sunshine on the pillow and continue with a good fairy tale, with many bright gifts and happy guests!
    🎁 Be a kind person, a real help for your parents and for everyone around you! Congratulations!
    Multi Happy Birthday! Today you will blow out the multicolored candles on the big holiday cake. And this fabulous day will end with a sweet dream. Happiness for you, my joy!
    🎁 Dear child, Happy Birthday to you. I wish you a cheerful rainbow in the sky, a fresh and clean air of happiness, endless spaces of fantasy and luck, wonderful stories, adventures and ideas, good roads during your travels and bright rays of sunny mood!
    Our dear sun, mother and father wish you Happy Birthday! You grow so fast, smart and hardworking, and you make us happy! Many more interesting things await you in the future!
    Multi Happy Birthday! We wish you a happy and very happy childhood! Always have many friends around – kind and honest!
    🎁 Accept my congratulations today, on your glorious birthday! May the higher powers protect you and may there always be faithful friends nearby!
    🎁 Happy Birthday, baby! May all your wishes come true and succeed in everything!

    Happy Birthday to the children

    These beautiful Happy Birthday wishes for children will give the smells a great joy and a lot of warmth, because they are kind and full of sincerity.
    ⭐ Happy Birthday, wonderful baby. May your life be happy and varied, may your heart enjoy the love of your relatives and your personal achievements, may you have the most fun games and unforgettable adventures.
    ⭐ Happy Birthday, our sun! May your life be wonderful, may there be many different toys, many friends and supporters!
    ⭐ Listen to mom and dad, eat well, have fun, read smart books, and when you grow up, don’t forget your parents. Happy Birthday!
    ⭐ Happy Birthday. I wish you to meet every day with a smile and a good mood, to learn what courage means and to have fun with friends!
    ⭐ Congratulations! To dream of fabulous countries and great deeds, to always remain a happy little man and a wonderful child.
    ⭐ Happy Birthday to a wonderful child. I wish you to always find answers to your questions, to keep faithfully the great secrets of your friends, to never stop believing in good fairy tales and miracles and to make your life even sweeter and more fun with the help of fantasies and sweets!
    ⭐ Today is our baby’s wonderful day. Congratulations, sun, and we want you to be happy, kind and sincere, to have a tireless fun and to create something interesting!
    ⭐ Happy Birthday, our happiness! Sun, we wish you as many days as possible without worries, many reasons for joy and pride!
    ⭐ Don’t be afraid to dare, to set bold dreams and to take confident steps towards your cherished goal. You can do anything! We will always be by your side and we will help you! Happy Birthday!
    ⭐ Today you can want everything you want! Friendly family, happy days, lifelong friends, interesting gifts, unexpected discoveries, gorgeous toys and ten pounds of ice cream! Congratulations!
    ⭐ Happy Birthday, Sun! I wish you a safe life! May everything be wonderful! Be well with your parents, and may success accompany you everywhere!
    ⭐ Let your heart dare to venture! Happy Birthday, little one!
    ⭐ Happy Birthday, dear child! I wish you a colorful, bright life, like a bouquet of tropical fruits and happy and wonderful days, like interesting stories!
    I wish you to be the captain in any adventure and to remain the happiest child in the whole world! Happy Birthday!
    Multi Happy Birthday. I wish you to be cheerful, kind, sweet, beautiful, talented. Have many beautiful days, good friends, interesting adventures and wonderful holidays in your life.
    ⭐ I wish you to always remain a true beauty and an intelligent girl! Happy Birthday, our princess!
    ⭐ Congratulations, princess! I would like to wish you a fabulous life, so that the little fairies can fulfill all your wishes, and the kind wizard can help you in difficult matters.
    ⭐ May beautiful butterflies decorate your life. Always be nice and smart and always smile! Happy Birthday!
    Multi Happy Birthday, princess! I want you to raise a good, smart and beautiful girl. Be healthy and happy. May all your efforts be successful.
    Multi Happy Birthday! Be an example to your friends and be proud of your parents!
    ⭐ Happy Birthday to a wonderful and adorable girl. I wish you, our miracle, a bright childhood and the incredible magic of life, sincere joy and happy friends, great achievements and personal victories, interesting hobbies and real happiness.

    Happy Birthday to 6 year olds – 9 year olds

    The age of 6 years, 7 years, 8 years and 9 years is the age of a primary school student. Wishes are usually related to study and good grades.

  • Congratulations on the 7th birthday of a wonderful child. I wish you easy studies, extraordinary achievements, incredible victories, funny stories, interesting hobbies, good friends, excellent mood, health and a wonderful life.
  • Happy Birthday, wonderful baby! At the age of 8, I wish you much success, excellent mood, significant achievements, brilliant victories, extraordinary knowledge, cheerful ideas, good miracles and devoted friends.
  • 7 years is a wonderful age! When you have real friends and interesting activities. Every day, you know the world in a new way, you become a little wiser and more mature. I wish you amazing discoveries, fun adventures and happy moments! Happy Birthday!
  • Today you are six years old, with whom I want to congratulate you, our dear sun! Let the smile on your face shine as often as possible!
  • I wish you never to get sick and not to be sad, to make your family happy with your victories and talents, to smile and have fun every day. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, beautiful baby! At 9 years old, I want to wish you remarkable success, excellent studies, good friends, fun adventures, worthy deeds, interesting hobbies and new discoveries, good health and good luck!
  • Happy Birthday, miracle, 6 years old! I wish you a lot of interesting, funny and kind things in your life.
  • Let the sun smile on you and let it be interesting every day. Happy Birthday!
  • I wish you every day to find an interesting hobby and to raise a healthy, loved, kind, happy child! Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations on the 6th birthday of a wonderful child. I wish you a happy fate and prosperity, strong parental love and true luck, interesting hobbies in life, good friends and fun games, excellent health and great success.
  • Congratulations on the 8th anniversary. Have a wonderful childhood! I wish you good luck, fun hobbies and successful studies, good friends and happy days!
  • Happy Birthday! Today you turn 7 years old, beautiful child! Every step of the life should be done with confidence and success. May the support and love of your parents always accompany you!
  • Happy Birthday to 10 year olds – 15 year olds

    At 10 years old, 11 years old, 12 years old, 13 years old, 14 years old or 15 years old, children react positively when they wish them a dedicated friendship and the fulfillment of their dreams.

    ✅ I wish you incredible stories and adventures, interesting studies and a cheerful mood. Happy Birthday!
    ✅ Congratulations to the wonderful child on his 12th birthday! I wish you good luck, happy emotions and happy events, courageous achievements and great mood, interesting hobbies and excellent knowledge, wonderful friends and strong love from your parents.
    ✅ I wish you wonderful friends and fun adventures in life. Happy Birthday!
    ✅ Congratulations, darling. I wish you to fulfill all your wishes, to be successful at school, and with you – the most loyal friends and fun adventures!
    ✅ Good luck in all your efforts and deeds! Go through life with a smile and fulfill your dreams and goals! Happy Birthday!
    ✅ Congratulations on your wonderful age – 14 years old! I wish you a life full of interesting events, happy emotions, great success, good mood, loyal friends, great achievements and bright dreams.
    ✅ Congratulations, darling, on your birthday and 11th birthday. May success accompany you everywhere, may there always be time for acquaintances, fun, happy family holidays and interesting vacations with friends.
    ✅ Grow, grow and learn as much as possible about the world around you! I wish you great happiness, a bright childhood and the fulfillment of all your dreams! Happy Birthday!
    ✅ Congratulations on your 13th birthday, darling! I wish your joy to overwhelm your soul, and life to be fabulously beautiful!
    ✅ Congratulations on your wonderful 15th birthday! I wish you happy moments and happy events, sincere love and great success, wonderful mood and great ideas, loyal friends and the courageous achievement of all your goals.
    ✅ Congratulations on your 11th birthday and I wish you a life as sweet as a holiday cake, a happy mood and the fulfillment of all your wishes!
    ✅ I wish you a happy childhood, interesting studies, brilliant hobbies and funny friends. Congratulations on your 11th birthday!
    ✅ Congratulations on the 10th anniversary! I want to wish you not only to be among the top ten talented, intelligent, capable, wonderful children, but to be first on the list.
    ✅ May all adversity pass you by! Be a kind and brave child. Happy birthday!