The attitude towards the pig is usually negative: it is not for nothing that in fables this animal is endowed with such negative qualities as: dirt, narrow mind, rudeness.

In Chinese astrology, the pig is the twelfth sign of the zodiac and symbolizes masculine power. Here are some interpretations of what it means to dream of pigs:

Miller’s Dream Book

The healthier and fatter the dream pig, the better. If your work is related to agriculture, prepare for wealth.
The weak pig symbolizes new experiences for the employees. You can also find out about the death of one of your acquaintances. When you dream of feeding pigs – your wealth will increase, and dreaming that you have sold them – it will be difficult for you to make an impressive fortune.

Baba Vanga’s dream book

Baba Vanga believes that every detail should be important. A well-groomed pig promises a pleasant change or a change that can be improved. A dirty pig symbolizes trouble when heavy trials fall on your shoulders.
It also matters how many pigs were dreaming. A herd means that envious people will try to ruin your life. The lone pig predicts that luck will smile on you, things will go well, and there will be prospects for advancement in the workplace.
If the pig makes noises or squeaks – try to control your thoughts.

The Islamic Dream

Book In the Muslim book, the animal has negative consequences. Interpretations are related to problems, vices, anger, dishonest actions. The pig that makes sounds in sleep means that you will overcome the enemy and you will take control of his fortune.

Freud Porcul’s dream book

clearly indicates a tendency to violence and cruelty in the intimate sphere, when you fulfill your partner’s wishes against the will. Reconciliations are as stormy as conflict. If the animal runs away, you need to rest. At the subconscious level, you understand that you need sexual freedom.

Loff’s dream book

Loff explains the dream pig like this: when you feel that things are not working because of a lack of self-confidence or a lack of an authoritarian person – try to understand yourself. Maybe you really need to find your own self.

Nostradamus’ Dream Book

If you own a pig in a dream, you realize that you have misbehaved in life. Experiences negatively affect your well-being and health. This situation is not easy to solve.

The esoteric

dream book The dream, first of all, asks you not to be upset: no matter how your life develops, no matter what obstacles stand in your way, nothing can stop your well-being. If you slaughter a pig in a dream or see slaughtered pigs – you will have to make reserves for the winter.

Hasse’s dream book

Dreaming of a pig in a dream is a source of great happiness. Explaining what it means to dream of little pigs with their mother, Hasse emphasizes that you will find a way to make good money.
Muddy piglets symbolize a bad relationship with relatives. Hasse also pondered what it means to dream of a wild boar. According to her, the wild animal warns of the damage that evil people will do.
It also matters what happened to the dream animal: it was fed – you have to take care of the future; sacrificed – you will reap the benefits.

The modern dream book

Dreaming of a big pig – the image foretells health problems, business problems. If you are looking for what it means to dream of pork or pork mice, know that it symbolizes prosperity in the family.
Such a dream is also a signal that you are eating too much fat and you need to resort to a daily diet. When you meet a dream animal, your financial situation may improve in the near future.
Pay special attention to the size of the animal: the big boar will bring you a big fortune, and a small one promises small money. In any case, the pig offers the beginning of a stable life.

The 365-day dream book The

wild boar in a dream means a strong storm for the traveler and sailor, a strong and ruthless adversary for someone intending to get married, or a woman who does not fit the dream man.
Also, meeting a pig is an unfortunate sign, and if you eat pork – you try to figure out the future.

Other interpretations

For an unmarried girl, the appearance of a wild boar in a dream offers a fateful meeting with the person whose relationship can become serious. For a man, these nocturnal images mean that he has to reconsider his behavior, ceasing to be rude and persistent in relation to the opposite sex.
Explain what it means when you dream of wild boars attacking you – expect that you will soon meet a dishonest person. If the animal still managed to bite you, then this person can act without mercy. If you have a wild boar and killed it – all the evil plans of the enemies will be revealed.
You should not eat this animal in a dream, otherwise you risk suffering problems. Try to refuse cooked pork food or get up from the table. If you are being asked to taste this dish, remember who it was. This real-life person can probably intrigue you. Seeing one of your loved ones eat pork means he has business problems.
The dream of the pig you are riding means that you will soon reach a large and noisy event, which you may later regret visiting. Therefore, try to avoid large parties and not do stupid things.

To dream of many pigs or wild boars – is not a very good sign. The dream warns you about notoriety, rumors and gossip about your wrong behavior. Try not to provoke them – behave in such a way that your reputation does not suffer.
Looking for what big pigs dream of, know that they are a warning. You can be surrounded by bad, ignorant, hypocritical people. Avoid bad society and keep your dignity.
The dream in which the pigs appeared is also dreamed of profit. The cute ones will bring you big income – and the more they dreamed, the higher the profit, gain or reward.
If you have seen in your pictures a pig with piglets – this meaning is completely different. Such a dream can encourage arrogant people to make a profit. These people can harm you and your work: they can only be nearby, in your environment, or they can harm you directly. So be careful not to let people use you.