The New Year is such a big and happy holiday, when the soul is waiting for the unknown and the heart demands miracles. On New Year’s Eve we always have thoughts like what our destiny has prepared for us in the new year, if we will be happy, if it will be a year that lives up to our hopes. All of this is so shrouded in mystery that we look forward to the future with the help of various predictions.

But behind the festive hustle and bustle, it is important not to forget your loved ones and send them messages, wishes, congratulations, New Year’s SMS. In this regard, we have prepared the most beautiful Christian Christmas and New Year greeting cards, as well as messages, New Year greeting cards with funny text, which you can dedicate to all your loved ones!

New Year’s messages / greetings / greetings

On New Year’s Eve, you yourself can be a good magician for your loved one and those close to you, sending them texts, Christmas and New Year greeting cards. We have gathered here the best examples of messages, congratulations, New Year’s wishes!
⭐ The New Year is a moment with sparks of joy, enveloping everything around in a magical glow! Please accept our congratulations on the New Year, as well as our sincere wishes for constant and amazing happiness!
⭐ Happy New Year! Peace, love and harmony. Fulfilling all your wishes and hopes!
⭐ A great, festive mood, with a lot of joy in the soul. May all your efforts and ideas be crowned with great success! Happy Birthday!
⭐ Only goodness and sincerity, love, happiness and prosperity to have in the new year! Congratulations!
⭐ On a magical New Year’s Eve, when the Christmas tree flashes with lights and dances the whirlwind of snow in the dark, when the closest people gather, I want to wish you a Happy New Year and the fulfillment of your cherished wishes!
⭐ Excellent health, good mood and love to you and all your loved ones! Happy Birthday!
⭐ Today is the main night of the year, which should be spent so that the whole year is like a holiday and bring you new achievements and pleasures! Happy Birthday!
⭐ I wish you all the year to swim in the gifts of destiny, to love each other, to smile every day, to dream and to boldly conquer new heights! Happy Birthday!
Happy New Year! On this solemn, significant night, I wish you not to close your eyes and enjoy every moment!
⭐ Turn on the lights, think beautifully and plan to spend the whole year in pleasure and well-being! Happy Birthday!
⭐ May your dreams come true and something wonderful happen in your life! Happy Birthday!
⭐ The New Year is already upon us and we are just waiting for the clock to strike twelve. I wish you a Happy New Year and find more happiness in it!
⭐ Happy New Year! Today, let your dreams come true and miracles happen.
For the New Year, I wish you a fun, happy and better day than the previous year. Congratulations!
Everyone on our planet knows that New Year’s Eve is the most magical night. This is the time to fulfill your cherished desires. My wish is simple – to be the happiest in the world! Happy Birthday!
⭐ Happy New Year! Wonders for you, magical events, happy occasions, fascinating stories!
⭐ All the best in the New Year! Fun, entertainment, new and useful purchases, knowledge, travel and adventure!
⭐ On New Year’s Eve, everyone has a wish ready! To become reality! Remember that magic works in the last seconds of last year! Between past and future! It’s like floating in the meantime! And this is the decisive second that can change your life! Good luck! Happy New Year!
⭐ The end of December makes us happy every year with the arrival of the most fabulous and majestic holiday of all time – the New Year! We congratulate all the people of our country with this wonderful holiday and we wish them to meet it with hospitality!
⭐ A new era of time is coming and bringing global change for all the people of the country – the New Year, which never comes with empty promises, really changes our lives for the better! It has always been so, so it will be this time too! An inspiring celebration that brings you closer to dreams, that has a magical effect to turn everything bad into good and happy! Congratulations to all and may happiness begin!
⭐ May everything that awaits you before you justify your hopes and fulfill your desires! Happy Birthday!
⭐ In the coming New Year, happy, good, long-awaited and promising, let us wish each other the arrows of love to reach the target as often as possible, the money like an avalanche to flow into your homes, the passion to boil like a volcanic eruption and all to be loved more often this year, respect and adore!

Funny New Year’s greetings

The New Year is an extraordinary holiday, because a new era of time is beginning! Nobody knows what the new year holds, but at least you can wish them all the best for their loved ones. You can do it on a positive note by opting for such funny New Year’s greetings:
🎁 I will give up beer on New Year’s Eve…, but red wine, Russian vodka and champagne are welcome!
🎁 I will try to be more understanding, less critical, more careful and less annoying this year. Enjoy the new year!
Don’t worry so much about what you eat between Christmas and New Year, but worry more about what you eat between New Year and Christmas.
🎁 May the New Year show you the most enjoyable reflection in the mirror – so go to the gym every day!
🎁 This year may God motivate you to pamper yourself less with office gossip. Happy New Year!
🎁 Tolerate your friends and family with extreme care even when it bothers your privacy! Happy Birthday!
🎁 The New Year makes you realize that you are no longer a black sheep of this family and you start to be a pigeon that brings peace. Happy New Year!
I’m sorry, I’m especially sorry for you! Please excuse all my mistakes at the beginning of the new year and get ready in the new year for my new mistakes! I can’t change, happy birthday!
Per I hope that this New Year, I will be with a woman other than you. I’m tired of being your boyfriend. I think I want to try to be your husband.
Be careful how you meet and greet people on New Year’s Eve, as broken arrangements have no spare parts available!
🎁 Now there are more overweight people than average people. So, overweight people are now average… which means you have fulfilled your New Year’s wish.
🎁 May the New Year be like a trip in Santa’s gift bag, which is well stocked with everything you saw on Black Friday.
🎁 Find more time to help ignored and unsupervised people in this New Year – and start your charity at home – with your spouse.
🎁 Have the grace and wisdom to act kindly, learning to distinguish between what is personal and what is not. Have good friends who mirror your blind spots.
🎁 Spend less time online this New Year and more with real people filling your real world.
It’s New Year’s Eve! Time for fireworks and delicacies! Have a wonderful new year!
🎁 To abandon fear, addictions and all other types of suppression and slavery next year. Happy Birthday!
🎁 Happy New Year to someone who took the phrase “I barely survived” to a whole new level. You are an unmotivated survivor.
🎁 All we wanted from life was love, peace, happiness and a Porsche. Three out of four were fulfilled. Happy birthday and be the year of Porsche!
🎁 Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Beyoncé, George Clooney and I – all the celebrities wish you a Happy New Year!
🎁 This year, I wish you could successfully evade your boss while using social media at work!
🎁 I want you to end up fighting less with your TV remote control partner this New Year!
I’ve been waiting 365 days to say “Happy New Year” to you since I had so much fun telling them last year!
🎁 May this New Year bring real changes in you, not the reappearance of old habits in a new package!
It’s time to start the new year. Let’s cool some champagne, prepare party food and start dancing all year round! Happy birthday to all!
This time of year gives us a fresh start. I want to take this opportunity to start all over again and wish you love and peace in the new year.
🎁 The funniest part of New Year’s rules is breaking the New Year’s rules. I can’t wait to bother you.
🎁 New Year’s Eve is finally here, where we can be drunk in public and no one will accuse us! Therefore, this is the best holiday.

Christian Happy New Year

All the wishes accumulated during the year you have the opportunity to write them down in the messages with Christian New Year greetings. They are very significant for any believer!
➡️ I look forward to being with you in the new year. Happy Birthday!
➡️ This time of year is always so hectic with parties and events. I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much you meant to me. I know you are looking forward to this year to be full of change and I want you to know that I support you in your dreams!
➡️ Last year was so much fun, but I know next year will be even better. Happy New Year!
➡️ You did so special for me last year. It is my greatest wish that next year be special for you!
➡️ My wish for my new year is for your life to be full of love and prosperity. I hope this year will be the best year ever.
➡️ May this year give us incredible pleasure, joy and wonderful, positive emotions! Happy New Year!
➡️ Congratulations to all people on this magical holiday of the year and we want you to remember to do the most important thing – to buy gifts for your loved ones! After all, any person, even the most serious and who does not believe in miracles, somewhere deep in his soul is waiting for a New Year’s gift!
➡️ Bless your loved ones, give them the warmth of words and tender touches, guess their wishes and don’t forget to remind them that they are important to you in this life! Happy Birthday!
➡️ You are always close in my thoughts and I will always support you with words and deeds! Never forget me either! Happy Birthday Buddy!
➡️ May the New Year bring together all those who are separated and reconcile those who are in a quarrel!
For this new year, I wish you joy, happiness, lots of love and, of course, health!
➡️ May these holidays bring you fulfillment and last throughout the next year. Happy New Year.
➡️ For this new year, I wish you beautiful surprises and great moments of joy with your family and all the people who matter to you. Best wishes for a happy new year!
➡️ From the bottom of my heart, I wish you many good things for this new year and especially a lot of health and peace in your heart!
➡️ For the new year, I invite you to taste a special menu: start with a cocktail of joy, with the taste of a friendship, pamper yourself with the love thread and its sauce of madness, then end with the sweetness of harmony. Finally, enjoy every second of this New Year! Best wishes for…
➡️ I wish you a happy and enjoyable end-of-year party and many good things in…
➡️ May happiness and peace be your invitation in this new year and forever.
➡️ I wish this New Year to bring you more joy than ever before. Happy New Year!
➡️ Happy New Year to my dearest friend! All I value is our friendship and I wish you to find the coming year as wonderful as the friendship between us.
➡️ Life is still changing, but you are the same – who loves me the way I am! I wish you another wonderful year, full of successful results.
➡️ Nothing can weaken our friendship. The more years we spend together, the stronger our friendship becomes. Happy Birthday!
➡️ The years come and go, but we will remain friends and we will never be enemies. I wish you a happy and prosperous new year.
➡️ There are many stars, but the moon is one, there are many people, but the dearest is the one I want with me while the new year arrives tonight! I wish you a happy new year!
➡️ May the gift of love shine in your heart all year long, letting this magic of closeness spread among your loved ones! Happy Birthday!
➡️ Honey, last year you made me very special and important to me. With you around, every moment becomes beautiful for me and I wish you all the best for the future.
➡️ A basket full of smiles, joy and warm wishes has been sent to you from thousands of miles away for you, my dear! A very happy New Year.

New Year greetings in French

Here we have gathered the deepest New Year’s greetings in French. Send them from the heart and they will surely begin to be fulfilled instantly in the life of the recipient!

  • Happy new year…! I send you all my wishes for happiness, I hope that you will be able to flourish in all areas of life, in your professional and family projects.
  • All my wishes of happiness for this new year which opens. I wish you the best, that all your projects come to fruition quickly and that you share your joys and successes with your loved ones.
  • Let … be sweet! Very good year! All my best wishes for this new year! Keep in sight your priorities, what really matters to you, I wish you to accomplish all your goals!
  • Finally a new page that opens! With this new year, it’s a new energy that goes through us all! I wish you a sweet and happy new year …, filled with beautiful things and beautiful occasions!
  • Prosperous health and finances, numerous projects, the love of your relatives and friends, and complete success in everything you undertake. This is the essential to start a good year!
  • All my best wishes for this year…: may joy, happiness and success flood your life!
  • I wish you all the best for this new year…. May health, joy and prosperity be with you and may your wishes come true!
  • On the road to…, I wish you happiness, health and prosperity. Happy New Year!
  • May the new year be the one where all your wishes come true, where prosperity is at the rendezvous. Happy new year!
  • May this year … which is starting be better than the one we had in …. Peace, love, health and happiness for all, far from conflicts and dramas.
  • May this new year which has just begun trigger the countdown of 365 days of success, happiness and joys of all kinds, for twelve very full months, during which, I hope, we will have the opportunity to see us to share all these good times. Excellent year!
  • As the previous year comes to an end, a new one will replace it. The opportunity to wish you to erase all the difficulties you may have encountered during the past year, and correct them with many successes throughout this year. Happy New Year, my friend!
  • Here are my wishes for a successful year: many enriching encounters, projects full of ideas, and the energy to carry them out. May … bring you the joy that will brighten your days, the prosperity that will bring you wisdom, the health that will allow you to carry out all of your projects. Excellent year!
  • We traditionally wish during the wishes for the new year, happiness, prosperity, health… Obviously, I wish you all this, and more than ever. But I add madness and good humor, inventiveness and energy, strength and courage, in order to carry out all your projects this year. Have a great year.
  • There are … possible things to wish you in this year that is starting. So that you don’t forget any, I’m just going to send you my best wishes for an excellent year… which, I’m sure, will bring you everything you deserve. Happy new year!
  • We wish you (or you) health, happiness and prosperity for this new year…. We send you all our love.
  • We have shared so many good times this year. I hope that … will bring you even more happiness.
  • Happy New Year My friend)! May … bring you lots of love and happiness. See you soon!
  • For this new year …, I wish you a lot of joy and that you spend good times surrounded by those you love. Happy new year…
  • Dear (…), I wish you that the whole year will be in the image of your beautiful person: joyful and filled with happiness and sincere friendship. Happy new year.
  • May this new year … be the one that will bring us even closer to share sincere and joyful moments, Happy New Year!

Christmas and New Year greetings

Man is the blacksmith of his own happiness and depends a lot on his thinking: with what mood he will enter a new stage of time, with what power he believes – everything matters! These Christmas and New Year greetings in English are destined to come true!
🌎 I find myself lucky because I had my family supporting me in all the bad and good times. I want to wish a happy new year for my amazing family!
🌎 I wait the whole year just for this time in the year to get back to my sweet home to spend New Year’s Eve with my sweet family. Happy new year to everyone!
🌎 It doesn’t matter how far I am from you guys, I’ll always be missing you and especially now, because it’s the New Year’s Eve. Happy new year!
🌎 Its still few more hours to go, but I’ve already started missing mom’s delicious cooking. Happy new year to everyone. I’m on my way!
🌎 It’s amazing to be part of a family that has so many beautiful people in it. I love you all and I miss you all. Happy new year!
🌎 May the sweet lord fill your path with the abundance of success and prosperity. May he guide you to eternal peace and happiness! happy new year!
🌎 May the almighty shower your life with the love of dear ones and keep you always on the right path in life. Happy new year to you and your family!
🌎 May the blessings of Christ be always with you in all the ups and downs of your life. May your life be happy and joyful forever. Happy New Year!
🌎 I pray for the betterment of you and your family in the coming year. May you be guided towards the path of love and redemption. Happy new year!
🌎 Let us thank god for a fruitful year that’s coming to an end today. May he keep us blessed with his supreme light of power and knowledge!
🌎 I wish God blesses you with the might to take every problem head-on and emerge unscathed. Sending you well wishes and praying for you in the coming year!
🌎 May God bless your family with prosperity, good health, and happiness in New Year. Praying that you and your family have a happy and healthy New Year!
🌎 I wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year, hope your plans will be fulfilled as you desired with the blessing of God and the protection of the Virgin Mary. Happy New Year!
Enjoy every moment of the year that is leaving us and embrace the new opportunities of the new one!
🌎 Never feel sad for what’s gone and never come back. Be hopeful for the one which comes with million opportunities!
🌎 Its time to welcome a year that going to add new colors and new stories to your life. Happy new year!
🌎 May the coming year be the most fruitful year of our lives. Happy new year to all!
🌎 Let’s thank the year which has given us so many memories to remember as we prepare ourselves for the one which is about to take its place!
🌎 I wish you pure joy, laughter and peace of mind in this New Year. Happy New Year!
🌎 Happy New Year! May God pour all happiness and prosperity on you in this New Year!
🌎 Let us be grateful for another wonderful year, may the year give us more memories to share. Happy New Year!
🌎 New Aim, New Dreams, New Achievements Everything Waiting for You. Forget The Failures. Correct Your Mistakes. Surely Success is yours. Happy NEW YEAR.
🌎 This New Year I wish you to have courage to fight for your dreams and also blessings of Almighty to help you emerge winner as you strive.
🌎 Before the old sun sets, and the old calendar get destroyed, before anyone else starts wishing and the mobile network jams, I wish you in advance: Happy new year. Enjoy every moment.
🌎 As the new year renews all the happiness and good tidings, hope the joyful spirit keeps glowing in the your heart forever! Happy New Year!
🌎 Keep the smile, forget the tears, love the good, chuck out the bad- all these are my wishes in this New Year for you. Happy new year!
🌎 May this new year be a step forward, In leading you to new adventures, New roads to explore and new success to reach! Happy New Year!
🌎 As the world grows another year older I wish you to have a heart that remains youthful and cheerful New Year and always.

Virtual New Year greetings

We think it will be easy for you to choose from these virtual New Year’s greetings cards for Facebook and other social networks, because they all contain sincere and promising words.

  • I wish you a very happy New Year. I hope you have a great time.
  • I wish you a very sweet and prosperous New Year. May God pour out his love and blessings upon you. Enjoy sincerely!
  • At this time of year, it is important to gather our friends and spend time together. Happy Birthday!
  • We wish the New Year to remain your favorite holiday, as in childhood, the most awaited and majestic, the most magical and the most promising!
  • Let the adult consciousness set aside the stereotypes imposed by humanity and understand that childhood and magic are interconnected by a strong, invisible thread! Happy Birthday!
  • For your wishes to come true, you need to feel like a small, naive New Year’s Eve baby! After all, a wizard will never refuse a child!
  • The New Year is such a holiday, which comes primarily to young children to fulfill a long-awaited dream! Happy birthday to all their parents and children!
  • If, for a moment, you pretend to be a small, obedient child, your wish will come true! This is real, really! Try it and you will succeed! Happy New Year!
  • For a whole year we are in the cycle of daily worries, we work and we are only fleetingly distracted by the little holidays that fly past us unnoticed! But there is a majestic celebration in the year that really gives us great pleasure and fruitful rest of soul and body! New Year! Happy birthday to all virtual friends!
  • New Year’s Eve is truly magical and festive! When you can forget everything in the world and dissolve between the past and the future! Happy birthday to all!
  • New Year’s Eve – only positive emotions, fun and friendly company, with songs and dances until the morning! Hate, friends!
  • Let’s relax and live for our pleasure! Happy New Year!
  • The magic of the New Year leaves no one indifferent, and today comes this magnificent celebration! Congratulations everyone!
  • Take care of the traditions of such a wonderful holiday of all times and peoples and do not give up on your dreams!
  • Believe in a miracle, hope for bright changes, think positively on this festive evening and the New Year will give you everything you have in mind!
  • Don’t think that the New Year will present everything ready on a silver platter! Hope, of course, but don’t be charmed, so you won’t be disappointed later!
  • Make the most of your efforts, place high hopes on your dream, and get the right start on the path to success! Happy Birthday!
  • Our happiness depends only on us, dear friends! And luck loves the confident, persistent and courageous! Happy New Year! Risk and win! Keep going and don’t look back!
  • With the advent of the New Year, we realize that we need to change something in our lives. So reset your own life news feed!
  • It’s so cool when endless possibilities of unexplored horizons open up before us! That’s what the New Year does! Happy birthday to all!
  • New ideas will visit us tonight! Let’s improve our goals and dream of a bright future on New Year’s Eve! Congratulations, dear followers!
  • The New Year is the beginning of all beginnings! We want you to rethink your life positions, summarize the latest events, and erase everything that is old and useless!
  • Happy Birthday! Don’t set foot on the new strip of life with old problems and don’t pull them with you in the future! There are more important things to do! I wish you happiness and a wonderful New Year!

Personalized New Year’s greetings

Pay attention to these personalized New Year’s greetings for your loved one, for your children, for your parents and relatives, wishing them to fight for joy in life, to reach perfection and to give their steps a wonderful and positive start!
😄 Being born of a mother like you is a blessing for life. I am grateful that you loved me and took care of me from birth. Happy New Year!
😄 Being able to spend every new year with you is the most wonderful experience of your life. May the new year bring you a long-lasting smile!
😄 Even if I died and was born a thousand times to a thousand different parents, I could never be as happy as I am with you! Happy New Year!
😄 God always has the best plan for me. It all started when he decided to send me to the most amazing parents in the world. Happy New Year!
I want to make this new year the best year for you two. I want to make sure you are happy and enjoy every moment of the year. Happy New Year!
😄 While the sunlight kisses your forehead to inform you that it is a new morning in the new year, I send you my love and a lot of care from afar!
😄 I want this new year to be fun! I want you to enjoy every moment of this coming year. Happy New Year!
We share the same root of the same tree. No matter how far apart we are, we will always be connected by our hearts. Happy New Year!
The sister is the best friend born to a brother. May the best happen in your life. Happy New Year.
😄 I send all my love and wonderful New Year wishes to my beautiful sister! Let your new year be full of happy moments!
😄 We have so many memories together that it’s impossible to enjoy New Year’s Eve without thinking about yourself! Happy birthday, dear friend!
😄 Your unconditional love and care made the person you are today. You’re not just my brother. You are the best friend! Happy New Year!

     😄 This year to be filled with more food for you, fat sister, because all you do is eat and not work. Happy new year.
    You are the best blessing a person has ever received from God. Love and prayer for you this coming year. Happy New Year!
    😄 Tomorrow, when you wake up on a new morning in a new year, just know that your sister is always there to protect you, no matter what. Happy New Year!
    😄 Your presence in life is the reason for comfort and satisfaction. You are the perfect brother and best friend of my life. Happy New Year!
    😄 A daughter is no less than an angel from heaven. You have always been the cutest and most adorable for us. Happy New Year!
    May your dreams and hopes come to life in this coming year. Fulfill your ambitions and achieve what you want in life. I love you!
    😄 Any parent would like to have a son like you. You have never ceased to make us proud to be our child. Happy Birthday!
    😄 May God fulfill all your dreams today and always. Happy birthday, my daughter!

    Happy New Year (funny)

    If you are looking for wishes for your boyfriend or girlfriend or friends, these funny Happy New Year greetings, written on a positive wave, will also be useful to you!
    🥛 Every year we try to keep a diet and exercise. Maybe this year our plans will work. Happy Birthday Buddy.
    You remember when we were young and we wanted to stay awake on New Year’s Eve
    Now we are old and all we want to do is sleep.
    🥛 I hope you saved some champagne because I’ll need drinks all year long!
    I’m so excited about the new year. Unfortunately, I have no desire to put, because I am already perfect.
    🥛 The New Year is said to be an empty book. So have the talent of a writer!
    🥛 Kiss me at midnight. Or… whenever you want! Happy Birthday!
    🥛 In 20 .., I will be your biggest fan. I just hope I don’t blow it! Happy New Year!
    Dream me! It is the only wish that can be fulfilled on New Year’s Eve!
    🥛 E 20 .. already
    ! I need a few more weeks.

    • It’s a new year, but with the same old problems. Well, at least we’re alive. For now.
    • At 20 .., if you see a light at the end of the tunnel, make sure it is not a train going straight to you.
    • 365 new journeys around the sun, 365 new opportunities and 365 new disappointments. Happy birthday full of joy and laughter!
    • Let the New Year be like a fireworks display: full of potential if you don’t play with fire.
    • Welcome, New Year! Make sure you wipe your feet on the door and don’t walk over me, as you did last year.
    • Happy New Year! Spoiler alert – it will be the same.
    • Let’s shine in the new year. Or maybe we can sweat a little.
    • It’s the New Year
      It is said: “Keep calm and keep going”, but I prefer to panic and have fun!
    • You have a lot of regrets from last year, but you can start another new pile! Happy Birthday!
    • My wish for the New Year is to dream more. I think that means I’m going to have to sleep a lot.
    • In 20 .., I want to be an actress, as soon as I realize what my role is.
    • You have it in your palm this year. Don’t squeeze life out of it.
    • Good luck with the New Year, but also get a drink to forget the old one.
    • The coming New Year is no joke. It just sounds funny.
    • I wish you a new year full of all your favorite things: sequins, sarcasm and lies.
    • Don’t worry, we need alcohol to cope with another year
    • Happy New Year! Let’s pull the plug and start breaking the rules!
    • Year 20 .. is a large and open highway. Run, baby, and watch out for the road!
    • I hope the New Year is fruitful and attractive. Like bananas. I love bananas.
    • It’s a new year. Let’s understand this correctly, so that we don’t stay in the old one.
    • In the New Year, let’s run together. Literally. We need to lose weight.
    • My wish for the New Year is to use all the body lotion, hand sanitizer and other dirt that is on the bottom of my purse.
    • This year, I hope to remember why I entered the room.
    • May the new year smell like a new car and never run out of gas.
    • Instead of saying “Happy Birthday”, we couldn’t split it into months
      . You know, for example, “Happy February!” I work better with smaller loads.
    • This year, let your dough flow and your skin glow! Happy birthday with love and laughter!
    • If we’re friends on Facebook, that means I can kiss you at midnight

    🥛 In 20 .., let’s live dangerous! I’ll get some scissors and we can run with them!
    It’s New Year’s Eve! Let’s get drunk on sadness!
    🥛 In 20 .., let’s decide to lose weight and complete the decision!
    It’s New Year’s Eve! Let’s celebrate until the champagne flows on our chin and the confetti gets stuck in our hair.
    🥛 Who needs firecrackers to celebrate New Year’s Eve
    I will be your personal firecracker of fire and I promise you will not burn!
    🥛 The New Year will be as sweet as a big bite of your favorite ice cream! Just don’t let it freeze your brain!
    🥛 I hope that the year 20… will wake you up like strong coffee! Happy birthday with laughter and happiness!
    🥛 I hope that the New Year will be a luxury yacht that will take you to amazing destinations and that will face all the storms without throwing your courage.
    It’s a new year, so I have a new chance. I could get a cash advance
    🥛 In the New Year, let’s win the lottery. Just the thought of it makes my eyes water!
    🥛 It’s a new year; let’s live it! We will choose another year to act like adults!