Of all the religious holidays, Christmas is the most anticipated holiday for both children and adults alike, because on this holy day everyone receives gifts and is ready for miracles. It sometimes happens that parents, children, relatives and friends celebrate it away from family.

In this case, they should be surprised with Christmas and New Year greetings written in a message, or personalized Christmas greetings in a letter, or Christmas and New Year greetings, the text of which you will send by email.

Special Christmas greetings

For every Christian, Christmas is the main holiday of the year. Believers honor the Son of God with prayers, songs, and church services. On such a bright day, rejoice with your loved ones with these Christmas greeting card templates.
May this Christmas bring you so many good things that you will not embrace with your hands: love, health, luck, happiness, peace and sunlight above your home. Great success in all areas, but also harmony in your souls and hearts!
🔔 Santa Claus is rushing to us with valuable gifts. Let him sit at the table with you and spread the magic in your house! Let him personally wish you all the best of luck, so that each of you may have a perfect life!
🔔 I want you and all the people close to you not to be deprived of health. That’s the most important thing! May the joy be established in your souls to make your life happier! I want the symbols of Christmas to resonate in your heart: a bright star of Bethlehem illuminated with new ideas, funny carols loaded with positivism, the sound of Christmas bells that will scare all sad thoughts and lights and garlands that will fill life with sparkles of joy.
🔔 May your Christmas dreams come true and bring prosperity to your home. May the soul be filled with joy, amazement and warmth! I wish you to love, to hope, to have a state of well-being in everything, health, strength, longevity, luck and happiness! Merry Christmas!
🔔 Merry Christmas to you! May the thoughts be pure, may the angel protect you, and may all dreams come true.
🔔 Congratulations and Merry Christmas! Let your destiny be as rich in good people and pleasant events as the Christmas table is rich in goodies! On this Christmas Eve, let the star that shone in the sky illuminate the path of your life, and may the Lord bless all your good deeds!
🔔 Merry Christmas and today I wish you to be surrounded by warm people who will tell you words of love! On this family holiday, we also wish all your relatives joy, kindness and health!
🔔 May this Star of Bethlehem touch your hearts and give birth to faith, love, and kindness in them. May the Savior of the world keep you under his protection.
🔔 Today, for Christmas, let your house be decorated with burning candles of happiness, with sparks of love, with lights of prosperity and health bells. Keep this festive decor and the atmosphere of well-being and comfort for the whole new year. Merry Christmas!
🔔 May the wonderful Christmas flood you generously with a series of happy events, and may your beautiful smile shine as dazzling as the gentle sun! Happy celebrations!
🔔 Let today’s beautiful carols bring you good luck in your home. May your life become sweeter than honey and only victories await you!
🔔 Have a Merry Christmas! In this bright holiday, full of hope and joy, may the guiding star illuminate your way of life with optimism, give you positive energy, may festive carols fill your soul with love and mercy, and may the festive table Gather your loved ones and reward them all with health, peace, harmony, success and great happiness!
🔔 Congratulations from the bottom of my heart! Love, forgive, be healthy, rejoice and gather all your loved ones at the table today! May there always be happiness and prosperity in your home and may hope never leave your heart! Let the star of Bethlehem illuminate the path of your life, and faith will help you to see miracles in every detail and will guide you so that your soul does not know bitterness.
🔔 The Christmas star shines so bright today! I want the Son of God to always bless your family, to offer you affection, to forgive your mistakes. Don’t spend a day without a happy smile!
🔔 Magic has spread all over the Christian world today! Let your heart rejoice! Let the heart proudly meet this holiday! Love and glorify the Son of God, and then you will be lucky and you will have earthly happiness!
Since the birth of Christ, miracles are expected every day. I wish you a burning flame by Christmas by the fireplace of love and comfort in a homely atmosphere, when small sparkles of hope will jump out of the flame, when the warm palms of your lover will inspire faith in a happy future, and from above the Lord will bless you happily!
🔔 May Christmas give you love, hope, magic. Let the table be full of food, and let the nightingale sing in her heart all year long! Today you can make a wish that will be fulfilled without difficulty, it is important to wish it with all your heart!
🔔 Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts on this wonderful holiday! Christmas is a celebration of joy, pure desires and magical mood! There must always be a place for miracles in your life! Sincerely enjoy everything a new day brings!

Congratulations from Santa

Santa Claus is expected every year not only by the little ones, but also by the adults. The most precious gifts brought by Santa are good words and good wishes.

  • On this wonderful Christmas holiday, let the warm words resonate, let your heart melt with ice! Let the doors open wide with happiness! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!
  • On the magical holiday of Christmas, I wish you to be happy. Let all your dreams come true, small steps, but sure to lead you to luck. I wish you happiness, kindness and to become as spiritually rich as possible.
  • With all my heart, accept the bright wishes for the Christmas holiday! May God be incredibly kind to you and very merciful, may He give you His boundless love, warmth, and faith.
  • A wonderful holiday is rushing tonight: Christmas! Merry Christmas to all, may the Lord bless you and happiness knock on your door!
  • It’s cold and blizzard. Snowflakes descend smoothly. The house smells of fir. Today, we congratulate each other on Christmas! May everyone’s days be calm and happy. May hopes, dreams and plans come true. May luck and health not leave us. May Christ enlighten us every day, every moment and hour.
  • Happy Holidays and a Magical Christmas! I want goodness to rule over the entire planet and live in the soul of every person. I want joy to be shared with all and darkness and malice to be darkened. I wish you great happiness, which consists in the smiles of the people in your family.
  • May Christmas give you wonderful moments, love and warmth! Let there be no confusion, worries, problems in life, but only goodness! Christmas is a bright holiday. Therefore, be sure that your home and soul will be enlightened if you carry faith and hope in your heart.
  • The star of Bethlehem is beautiful and eternal! May she inspire your faith, protect and save you. May you have many happy years and may love never fade in your heart!

✅️ May Christmas bring you a comfortable home, loyal friends, happy impressions. Have lots of exciting trips, fun adventures, sweet minutes and bright days!
✅️ Have a wonderful Christmas night! Let sorrow and discontent disappear, let only hope, dreams and the light of the star in the sky remain. Merry Christmas everyone!
✅️ May every home today be full of happiness and moments of joy! After all, Christmas Eve is like a magic dream! Congratulations on this special holiday and I wish you all the best! Just peace!
✅️ The star of Bethlehem in the sky shone and enlightened our souls with its light, gave us hope, strengthened our faith, ignited a flame of love in our hearts. May this wonderful light protect you on all the paths of life and give you happiness and joy.
✅️ Let the light shine in your soul, and let your heart smile on this Christmas holiday! Be prepared for miracles today! I wish your dreams to come true, life to flow like a clean river, and your soul to be full of love and happiness! Don’t rush things and let peace and comfort rule your home. And don’t forget to share your care and kindness with others.
✅️ Christmas to give you divine power, inspiration, inexhaustible energy. Let the vivid impressions bring you joy, let life be interesting, inspiring. Peace to your family and happiness to all!
✅️ Merry Christmas! I wish you happy, joyful days, full of affection! Let there be a lot of laughter around, inspiration, joy, success! Today, the sacred star shone in the sky of Bethlehem, so this day is considered the feast of light and goodness. So, congratulations from the bottom of my heart!
✅️ Let all the Christmas lights ignite warm and tender feelings in your soul. I wish you the happiest! Rejoice with others and share your good mood with your loved ones! Congratulations on this bright day!
✅️ Calm down, this holiday will enter the house and the heart of every person today and will bring peace. Merry Christmas! May this night be a magical one, may your intentions be only good, and may sadness be banished! I wish you peace of mind, happiness, kindness. God bless your house.
✅️ Today is a magical holiday – Christmas! Let the candles burn with hope and love, the stars in the sky shine with happiness and only the sincere faith that brings miracles to enter your house and keep away the frozen air!
✅️ Merry Christmas! May peace, kindness, and love descend from heaven on this wonderful and wonderful day of God.
✅️ On the day when billions of stars are born in the sky waiting for a miracle, for Christmas, I wish you justified expectations, fulfilled hopes and the long-awaited magic! After all, happiness comes not only in the moments of waiting, but in the moments of absolute faith in it!
✅️ Just like the sparks of the Christmas star, may the candles burn quietly on this holy evening, and may their fire cleanse your home from all evil, leaving only a luminous stream of happy days.

Christmas and New Year greetings

Christmas cards for colleagues, friends, boyfriends, relatives and parents should always come from a pure heart and a sincere soul. Wishes can be written in a simple prosaic form, but they must touch and provoke the recipient’s emotions.

  • Christmas is a celebration of the soul! Be happy, you and all those close to you, keep in your soul the warmth of sincere feelings, enjoy the gifts of fate. And believe me – all desires come true if you hope and act!
  • Look up to heaven and rejoice! Christ was born today! Merry Christmas! I wish that the wave of great happiness would cover you and that all the best gifts of life would be sent to you! May Christmas reward you with boundless happiness and give you the joy of the moment! May this holy day open to you the world of earthly love and remove the regrets of the past!
  • Christmas night is the most wonderful! Accept our sincere congratulations and make your most secret wishes. May the Lord help you to go through life without doubt and anxiety, with faith and love!
  • Christmas is our long-awaited holiday, a bright day of miracles, hopes, desires. It is the day our Savior was born! He has shown us so good, peacemaking, he has filled our hearts with love, happiness, joy, health. I wish you to have your most desired dreams for Christmas, the fulfillment of which will make you incredibly happy! May the angels sing to you from heaven and only joy in life awaits you!
  • Let Christmas bring you hope, happiness, a carefree life. May holy joy fill your home and bless your heart with warmth. May the wonderful Christmas star light your way and fill your soul with the good light of hope, faith and love. Next, take care of this treasure – it is the meaning of life!
  • On Christmas Eve, as in fairy tales, may sweet dreams, happiness, good luck, love and new discoveries be brought to you. Only have victories ahead! May the glorious Christmas holiday be a new beginning, a new magical stage and a new flight to the realization of your plans!

May the Lord bring you love and faith in salvation! Let the angels sing in your soul, and let the spirit of Christmas fill your heart with goodness. I want you to face the efforts and challenges that arise along the way and, at the same time, to enjoy freedom and to have fun!
🎁 Allow this holiday to lead your life story, to leave in it only joy, love, luck. On the magical night of Christmas, may joy drive away boredom! Today we can be happy!
🎁 I want to wish you with all my heart salvation, kindness, patience. Any beginning can be auspicious and full of inspiration.
🎁 Christmas – angels sing, people rejoice, praising the Savior. I want hope to shine in your heart as well, to bring you love and mercy, and for every home to be full of goodness and grace.
🎁 Christmas is knocking at the door quietly… The time has come for joy and light. May all the best happen to you, may summer always bloom in your soul. May luck enlighten your goals and deeds! Wonderful Christmas!
🎁 Today is the time for the best news – Christmas Day has arrived! Surely you have prepared the meal for the welcome guests in your home! May this good and holy holiday bring you prosperity and peace, fill your heart with warmth. Let the blizzard protect your house!
🎁 On this night a special baby was born, and the world was illuminated by the magical glow of a star. May your life be just as bright, full of goodness and extraordinary emotions! Merry Christmas!
↩️ On this wonderful Christmas night, let the sorrows go away from you, let your heart be open for hope, faith, and let the doors be open for your friends and relatives. May the birth of Jesus awaken joy and love in your soul.
↩️ On this beautiful Christmas evening, my congratulations fly to you! Welcome guests to your home, bring you joy and trust, happiness and family warmth. I raise my glass for you!
↩️ Merry Christmas! I want the Lord to give your soul heavenly lightness, strong faith in its unlimited possibilities, selfless kindness, and a wonderful life!
↩️ Let the Christmas fairy tale bring you sparks of joy, the fire of happiness and the grace of the Holy Heavens, so that life will be full of unforgettable moments.
↩️ Let the story and the Christmas atmosphere be very cheerful, pleasant, happy, full of magic and pleasant surprises. Merry Christmas to you!

↩️ Even if it will be cold and blizzard outside, I want your house to always stay warm and cheerful, the lights on the Christmas tree to shine as bright as possible and to celebrate this Christmas in your family. Be happy with your family, surrounded by loving hearts and loved ones. And may the grace of the Lord be with you!
↩️ May your friendship and love be as strong as today’s Christmas frost. Let the Christmas blizzard take care of all your problems and worries. Happy Holidays!
↩️ A happy, bright, spectacular Christmas! Let the most sincere wishes come true, even the unbelievable expectations come true! Slowly but surely, with faith in your soul you will realize any of the bold ideas!
↩️ Merry Christmas! Let a miracle come down easily from the sky and bring you light, joy and hope through the snowflakes, warming your soul on a frosty winter day like this! After all, only a miracle can revive faith, love, and magical hope!
↩️ Happy Holidays – Really Beautiful, Really Wonderful and Incredibly Bright! Merry Christmas! Peace of mind, harmony, mutual understanding for the whole family!
Every year, all families look forward to the amazing and bright celebration of the Nativity. Get inspired by these congratulations and enjoy your family with a beautiful message!