If the birthday of a close friend is approaching, then you need to prepare yourself with the most beautiful or crazy gift. Also, you will not miss your message in which to send your good thoughts or wishes for as many crazy people as possible together, if it is a very good friend that you have known for many years.

Happy Birthday messages for beautiful and meaningful friends can be hard to find or compose, so we thought of you and come to your aid with the most inspired texts. Continue reading these messages that you can send to your friends, on the occasion of their birthday, how much it means to you.

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to find the right words that contain everything you want to express to your best friends. They are with you both in happy times and when you are going through deep ups and downs, so you need the right messages to send your best wishes from the bottom of your heart. Here is a list of HAPPY BIRTHDAY messages for friends that are very special:

  1. Happy birthday, dear friend! I can’t wait to see you because I have the craziest gift for you! No, it’s not that brooch we were talking about. There is something much more beautiful that will leave you speechless! Oops, I’m already saying too much. You just know me! I love you so much and I hope that our friendship will continue for at least as many years as it has lasted so far!
  2. Happy birthday, comrade! I wish you good health and that your dreams come true as soon as possible! Thank you for all your advice and all the moments you have been with me and guided me to make the best decisions. Get ready for a nice surprise!
  3. Hey, hey, hey, I know I’m the first to wish you “Happy Birthday!” Because I do it every year. Because I’m your best friend and because I love you so much! By the way, look in the mailbox! I’m waiting for impressions! Happy birthday and I hope that your path in life will be paved only with joys and accomplishments!
  4. I send you all my love and I hope we have the energy to continue the series of crazy things we have been doing for so many years. I am grateful that you are my friend and I hope I can reward you for the joy you give me every day! I love you darling!
  5. A “Happy Birthday!” full of good thoughts, health and luck! Enjoy this beautiful age and continue to amaze us with your intelligence! May your achievements grow more and more to reward all your efforts! Have a wonderful day!
  6. Happy birthday with many wonderful thoughts! Besides the traditional things like health, luck and love, I want you to have only joys on a personal level and achievements on a professional level! I hope you have a perfect day!
  7. Here is the big sun in the sky today to celebrate your birthday! My dear friend, do not lose your madness, optimism and smile. I wish you all the best in the world, with all my affection! Happy Birthday!
  8. My dear friend, today is your birthday. No, you didn’t get a year older, but you got wiser! Thank God for being my friend and for all your support over the years! You know you’ll always have my full support. Enjoy this beautiful day! I am glad to send it to you. Happy Birthday!
  9. Happy birthday and good money! I send you all my love and thank you for always being with me. Never lose your optimism to continue to infect us with your good mood. You are like a ray of sunshine! Have an amazing day!
  10. I feel lucky because I have a friend as close as you and I thank you for all the great moments spent together! Happy Birthday! I wish all your dreams come true!
  11. I want the special friendship that binds us to last over the years and to spend as many birthdays as possible! Have a lot of health and countless joys! I wish you a wonderful day!
  12. From the bottom of my heart I wish you all the love and happiness in the world, because you deserve them! I am grateful that you are part of my life and that our friendship goes beyond anything. Happy Birthday!
  13. Happy birthday full of health, achievements and exceptional moments! You have always been with me, as I will always be with you.
  14. True friendship is extremely rare, but thanks to you I know what it means, and thank you for that! Happy birthday with health and joy!
  15. You understand me the way no one else does and I thank you for listening to me every time. I’m lucky you’re my best friend! Happy Birthday!
  16. I am grateful that we are best friends. I send you all the best thoughts and I wish you health and happy birthday!
  17. We shared the funniest moments when we laughed until our stomachs hurt, but you were also the shoulder we cried on when everything was hard. Our friendship is unique and I will never stop thanking you for being with me. Happy Birthday!
  18. You’re the best friend anyone can have. I wish you this day to bring you much joy and that all your dreams will come true! Happy birthday to your loved ones!
  19. A lot of friends have come and gone from my life over the years, only you have stayed and shown me what true friendship means! Happy Birthday! Have an amazing day!
  20. You are my support in everything I do, you encourage me and lift me up when I am on the ground. Today is about you! I wish you a lot of happiness and fulfillment! Happy birthday, my dear friend!
  21. Good friends are extremely rare. I may not say it often, but you are my best friend and I really appreciate you. Happy birthday and all the best!
  22. Very few people in their lives have someone like you like me. I wish you a memorable day, full of laughter and good mood! Happy Birthday!
  23. We have known each other since childhood and we have shared good and bad. You’re more than my best friend, you’re like a sister. Happy Birthday! I wish you a day as wonderful as you are!
  24. I send you my warmest wishes today, for your birthday! You are like a brother to me, and today, on your birthday, we will celebrate in style! Have all the joyful moments you deserve!
  25. I know we will grow old together, and our children will become best friends, just as we are. Happy birthday and happy birthday!
  26. You are the person I can always count on, and for that I thank you and I want you to know that I will be your support whenever you need me. From the bottom of my heart I wish you all the best!
  27. To always remain the same person with a smile on your face, to have everything that brings you happiness and peace in your soul! Happy Birthday!
  28. A true friend like you deserves the best things to happen to him! I wish you a day full of fun and joy! Happy birthday and as many special moments as possible!
  29. It does not matter the number of friends, but their quality. Thank you for being my best friend in the world! Happy Birthday and a lot of health!
  30. On this special day forget about troubles and let good mood and joy surround you! Happy birthday, health and happiness!

True friends are the ones who leave a lasting impression on our lives, so we must not forget to send them HAPPY BIRTHDAY messages for their birthday friends. Through HAPPY BIRTHDAY messages to the right friends, you can show your friends all your appreciation, gratitude, and affection.

The most beautiful HAPPY BIRTHDAY messages for friends are the ones that come from the heart, so if you have a loved one that you consider to be your best friend, do not hesitate to choose one of these special texts that resonate with you. In this article are Happy Birthday messages for friends are simple but comprehensive.

These HAPPY BIRTHDAY messages for friends that we propose to you capture the essence of the close connection between two or more people who have shared both happy and less pleasant or painful events over the years. Best friends’ birthdays can’t go by without warm wishes, and these HAPPY BIRTHDAY messages for friends are ideal to pass on…

The most beautiful HAPPY BIRTHDAY messages for friends are at your disposal whenever they need a little inspiration. We hope you enjoy these Happy Birthday messages for your friends and that you have already chosen the ones you liked the most and that you will send at the first opportunity.