A simple message of good morning or good night can make her smile for hours. But there are still messages that do not reach the hearts of women at all.

Women love to wake up in the morning with a beautiful message from their boyfriend or the man they are in love with. In fact, women love to receive beautiful messages all the time.

Here is a top 10 of the love messages for the girlfriend that women hate to receive!

10. “Hey.”

Perhaps such a message is well-intentioned and wants to make the beloved woman know that she has not been forgotten, but women hate this message. Basically, it is an empty message, which puts her in a position to start the conversation. A good message would be, “Hey, I’m having a very busy day today, but I wanted to say hello.” or, better yet, “Hey, I’m very busy today, but I wanted you to know I’m thinking of you.”

9. Emoticons

Emoticons are funny and, most of the time, they help you make yourself understood. The problem is that a message that contains only an emoticon is absolutely unbearable.

For example, if your girlfriend says that she felt very good at the meeting that just took place, receiving a message that contains only an emoticon will only annoy her to the core. She doesn’t need to receive a novel in a message, but she will be happy with something like, “I felt good too.”

8. “What do you want us to do tonight?”

This is a good message if you have been in a relationship for years, but for a relationship that has just begun, it is one of the messages that women hate to receive.

They need men to surprise them, to plan a date. Such a message only shows laziness and convenience. A better message would be, “You want us to eat Italian food or pizza,” or, better yet, “I hope you haven’t planned anything for tonight; I have a surprise for you.”

7. “I was drunk last night”

As you can see, it can’t even be categorized as a message of love. The man may not realize the woman’s intentions or want to make sure that she is the one taking the first step, but this strategy is doomed to failure.

No woman wants to receive such a message . In general, it translates to: “I remember everything that happened, but I’m very ashamed of it.” No woman will tell you how she received declarations of love last night. It is best to talk face to face. So the message could be rephrased like this: “Hey, you want to see us talk about last night.”

6. “I’m going out with the boys. We talk ”

Basically, a message like this sets a man’s priorities and makes it clear that a woman is not the first person in his life. That is why it is one of the messages that women hate with all their heart to receive.

The key is for her to understand that it is important for her boyfriend and not to have any reason for jealousy or worries. The best version of such a message is this: “I’m going out with the boys tonight, but I know I’m going to think about you all the time. I can not wait to see you tomorrow”. Thus, he can drink his beers quietly, and she can watch her favorite show without worries.

5. “You’re the only woman I love”

Well, this is definitely a risky love message. First of all, because it is absolutely clear that a man cannot love a single woman. Men are crazy about their mothers and sisters, so women shouldn’t expect to be put in front of them too soon.

Secondly, this message is frightening if it is sent at the beginning of a relationship. It can betray a man’s desire to gain her confidence faster than he should and the cunning of resorting to any means to do so. A simple “I love you” is perfect.

4. “Yes, as you wish”

Another very annoying message is this. When they receive this type of message, women only think that the man can not listen to everything they have to say. And, of course, women love to be listened to.

It is equally bad that the man has no opinion in the couple’s decisions. Basically, this means that he is not interested and that things suit him no matter what happens. A more appropriate message would be, “I agree with what you say, I think you’re right.”

3. “I want to get married”

This message is wrong in so many ways that they cannot be listed here. First of all, no woman would want to receive such a declaration of love through a message. Secondly, it is not the kind of statement that a woman should appreciate in the first months of a relationship, because it clearly denotes despair, and women detest desperate men.

A more appropriate message would be, “I have big plans for the two of us.” or “I think we fit in perfectly.”

2. “I love you, but I would love you more if”

No woman should receive such a message, whatever the circumstances.

A woman must be loved for what she is, not for what she might be in another context. If the man is not in love with her, he can always find another partner who fits him perfectly. The nicest message would be: “I love you, even though”

1. „OK.”

Yes, women love to be approved, but they also need to be listened to. In addition, this type of message is so dry that you can’t understand anything about it. And, all the more so, women hate to receive such a message, especially after spending minutes in a row writing and making themselves understood.

Love messages are perfect for the beginning of the day, the middle of the day or the end of it. But there are limits and rules. In addition to these top 10 love messages that women hate to receive , there are many more.

A simple and sincere message that shows attention and involvement is perfect for any woman, at any time of the day or night.