Talking about love is quite difficult, and making love movies is even more difficult. Too subtle is the boundary between sensuality and closeness, tragedy and drama. Just like a painter, you have to carefully mix the paints and play harmoniously with the light, so as to reveal the depth of human feelings.

In this top we have selected the list of the most beautiful movies about relationships and love, which have gained popularity and public admiration.
They are reviewed dozens of times, are divided into quotes, and the soundtracks are repeated daily.

Vanilla Sky

A soul movie about the true love between the main hero, David – a rich guy, but with a deformed face due to a car accident, and Sofia – a young woman who changes her life for good. For better or worse
Watch the movie!

Gone with the wind

There are good movies, but there are masterpieces, such as “Gone With the Wind”. It is a film that is always valid, because every time you can find something new in this incredible story about a very strong woman, different from the others, who has faced too many fatal blows…

One Day

This movie can be called the anthem of beautiful feelings and romance. He touches the soul through his creativity, talking about friendship, smiles, sincerity of life and capitalizing on emotions. The moral of the film is “love, it’s not too late.”

The lake house

A film about the love between two people at a distance. But it is not a question of distance in kilometers or cities, but in time. It is an original, romantic, sensual and captivating story about a doctor who buys a house by the lake and about the former owner of this house.

Legends of the fall

An amazing movie with some exceptional actors! It’s one of those movies that doesn’t end with subtitles. Even if you know all the dialogues beforehand, watching it for the 33rd time, you watch it with the same enthusiasm as the first time. Because “Legends of the Fall” is the story of real people who live their lives in all 133 minutes of the film.

Love Actually

“Love is all around us. She is real ”- with these words the movie begins, which you can watch a hundred times and you will not get bored. A writer in love with his housekeeper, a rock star, a bored prime minister, a widower – all the characters in this film witnessed something very important.

PS I love you

While watching the movie, even the most cynical man will shed a tear. “PS I love you” is a clever film about true, eternal, sincere relationships that you can only perceive with your heart.
A story that shows that love does not require too many beautiful words, but only three.

Dirty Dancing

Romantic story about love, dancing, strong friendship and again… love. In “Dirty Dancing”, this atmosphere of the film is transmitted beyond the small screen, it simply attracts and fascinates. Surely, every girl after watching the movie will want to learn to dance. And to love.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

You can erase love from your memories, but from your heart – never! Director Michel Gondry managed to present in his film, in a very strange way, that you can’t erase life just by pressing the “delete” button on the keyboard. Of course, this message would not have been so well understood without the extraordinary protagonists, Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet.


“Titanic”. Just the name is enough to make goosebumps. This is not just about a ship lost in the ocean, but a fabulous story about first love.
Since 1997, the cinema has simply been divided into two parts: before and after the Titanic. No scene in any movie has managed to get past Rose and Jack’s first kiss!


Life and death seem to be incompatible worlds, but in the movie “Ghost” they are opposed, the reason being love. The feelings of the main characters, Molly and Sam, are expressed by the famous Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

At La Land

A film-legend, who repeated the number of Oscar nominations for the film “Titanic”. The young director Damien Chazell pleasantly surprised us with this completely Hollywood format, of musical genre.
Heroes Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling tell us the exceptional story of two young men who meet by chance, love each other and dream together how all desires come true. But is there room for the family when it comes to ambitions
What to choose – popularity or love

Letters to Juliet

The film tells a romantic story based on the stories of Romeo and Juliet. The melodrama “Letters to Juliet” stars young and talented Amanda Seyfred.
The film tells the story of the American Sophie, who comes to the famous Verona, where the tragic events described in Shakespeare’s story took place. Sophie is part of a group of volunteers who respond to the annual letters sent to Juliet. So Sophie finds a letter with a really emotional message, which has remained unread since the 1960s.

The best of me

“The best of me” is about memories, about the first love that can’t be forgotten, about passion, about pain. Amanda, a girl from a wealthy family, falls in love with a poor guy, Dawson, in high school.
Their relationship, however, did not last long, due to the multiple troubles that they could not overcome. Twenty years later, Dawson returns to his hometown and his feelings are aroused again…

Dear John

This American military-themed melodrama was released in 2009 by director Lasse Hallstrom. The whole team managed to highlight the true value of emotions and feelings. A sad and beautiful story that is worth watching.

Upside Down

History tells of two planets with their own lives, people and occupations: the upper planet, where prosperity and wealth reign, and the lower planet, where poor people live.
At the epicenter of events is Eden – a girl from a wealthy family in the upper world and Adam – a simple boy from the lower world. The love that arose between them is complicated, and the fate of the second world depends on their love.

The notebook

A romantic drama after which, if you watch it, you will begin to believe in true love until old age. Full of strong emotions, images of love, unconditional situations, the film really conquers the viewer!
We would like to thank director Nick Cassavetes and, of course, actors Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. This movie has reached the hearts of many and is perfect for leisure.

A walk to remember

A romantic and emotional story about Landon Carter, the most popular student in the school, and Jamie Sullivan, an ordinary and familiar little girl, the daughter of a local priest. The film contains several sad notes, which makes it even more interesting!

The fault in our stars

Hazel is a young girl, suffering from cancer and in love with a boy named August. The film has a very strong moral: about how you have to fight, to enjoy every moment, every happy minute, about the fact that the true meaning of life can be found even in the shortest time.

Water for elephants

The year 2011 gave us a wonderful film by director Francis Lawrence. The screenplay is based on the novel by Sarah Gruen, and stars Reese Witherspoon, Robert Patisson and Christoph Waltz.
The talented play of the actors against the background of the great depression that takes place in the USA, the incredible landscapes and the extraordinary music will not leave anyone indifferent. This movie will definitely occupy a top place in your collection!

Pride & Prejudice

An exceptional film, with four Oscar nominations, including Best Supporting Actress, played by Keira Knightley. The story is full of charm, romance and emotion, telling about the protagonists from different classes – Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy.
Both in love, but both very arrogant. Will they be able to overcome their own prejudices and superficial pride ? Be sure to
watch, if you still don’t know the answer!