Short self-descriptions in English will look great under a selfie; if your second half appears in the picture, of course, short love descriptions are required, and a photo of the product costs nothing without short and beautiful descriptions. The description of the photos on the personal page on Facebook or Instagram helps to create more interesting and effective posts. You can add a call to action to the text, or you can provide important information about your condition.

We’ll share some relevant short picture description ideas, specially created for your profile, with a list of the most popular short picture descriptions that your followers will like.

Very short and funny descriptions

These very short and funny descriptions will help you get closer to your followers.

πŸ”” I tried to do yoga, but in the lotus position I fell asleep.
πŸ”” Calories earned on vacation do not matter.
πŸ”” Everyone has such a friend…
πŸ”” Mirror: You look amazing today. Camera: No!
πŸ”” If the truth hurts, buy a bandage.
πŸ”” Books are not written about goodness.
I just saw the smartest person in the world when I looked in the mirror.
πŸ”” When I tell myself to follow my dreams, I go to bed.
πŸ”” I ate sweets again. That’s because every second in the world, 200 people celebrate their birthdays!
πŸ”” I’m not fat. They are easier to see than all the others!
πŸ”” I like to think I’m on a diet!
We are all born a little crazy, only some decide not to change.
πŸ”” It’s natural beauty or maybe the Clarendon filter.
πŸ”” I apologize in advance for everything I say when I’m hungry.
Don’t worry about anything, because all the best minds are already at work.
πŸ”” If I had a sense of humor, I would post a funny description.
πŸ”” I’m pretty sure I’m a Disney princess who hasn’t been invented yet.
He came, he saw, he forgot what he wanted.
πŸ”” Don’t be used to it, be wild!
πŸ”” I’m better at life than on Instagram.
πŸ”” If no one gave you a smile this morning, I’ll give you one of my own smiles.
I am only a direct descendant of greatness.
πŸ”” I’m crazy. Get back to me in about five minutes.
Don’t realize how boring your life is until someone asks you how you have fun in your free time.
Warning: My mouth is faster than my brain.
πŸ”” The best workout is to cover short distances, from the refrigerator to the TV and vice versa.
πŸ”” Looks like I’m allergic in the morning.
πŸ”” If everything in life were as easy as gaining weight…
πŸ”” People say I pretend to be indifferent. But I don’t pretend.
  • Yes, I’m crazy. Being normal is too boring.
  • All I need to be happy is six months of vacation… Twice a year.
  • You can’t handle me even if I give you instructions.
  • Whenever I have a problem, I start singing. Then I realize that my voice is the most serious of all my problems.
  • Shopping is a special kind of art. Respect the artist, please.
  • I’m not lazy. I’m just very relaxed.
  • My boss told me I should have at least a good day, so I went home.
  • Nobody notices what I’m doing until I forget to do it.
  • Life is too short. So don’t forget to smile while your teeth are still in place.
  • I’m not lazy. I just started saving energy on the phone.
  • Raise your head, princess. Otherwise, your crown will fall.
  • I like to be a dreamer and a night thinker.
  • I’m not a beauty queen, I’m just beautiful.
  • Smile now, because tomorrow could be even worse.
  • God is incredibly creative.
  • πŸ”” If I don’t post the photo, I won’t have any proof that it really happened.
    πŸ”” I like my job, especially when it’s vacation time.
    πŸ”” My mother said that I have to live and dream, to live and dream. So I went to bed again.
    πŸ”” Life is too short, so always eat dessert first.

    Short love descriptions

    Whenever you post photos with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you should always have ideas for short and ideal love descriptions for them.

    ➑️ You can find a fish in the sea, but I’m the only mermaid.
    ➑️ With you I forget all my problems.
    ➑️ Live for what you love the most and not just to impress others.
    ➑️ A smile is the shortest distance you can make between two people.
    ➑️ I would like to go back a few days. No, not to correct the mistakes, but to live them twice.
    ➑️ No beauty shines better than a loving heart.
    ➑️ Laugh as much as you can, love as long as you live.
    ➑️ There should be no shortcuts if you decide to leave!
    ➑️ Sometimes the best revenge is to smile and move on.
    ➑️ This is just proof that I can be a better self than you.
    ➑️ Love me, from this I will shine even brighter.
    ➑️ I decided to be happy again.
    ➑️ Never look for your happiness where you once lost it.
    ➑️ I just met you, but it turned out to be a complete madness.
    ➑️ Always listen to your heart.
    ➑️ If I ever write the story of our life, don’t be surprised if I mention your name a few billion times.
    ➑️ All my smiles start with you.
    ➑️ Never look back when you love.
    ➑️ Don’t let someone take out your sparks just because their light shines in someone else’s eyes.
    ➑️ Dance like no one sees, love like you never loved. Otherwise, you will not know what it is like to live in reality.
    ➑️ It’s us!
    ➑️ I love you. I only know that.
    ➑️ Eat, live and love. Then repeat this every morning.
    ➑️ I love your smiles so much!
    ➑️ Be the person you dream of meeting!
    ➑️ I am in love with myself wholeheartedly.
    ➑️ If you are really happy, you will not care what people think about it.
    ➑️ Rest assured that you will always fall in love with your life.
    ➑️ I’m not afraid of storms and hurricanes, because I always sail with my captain.
    ➑️ Love and life will always find a way to love you.

    Short life descriptions

    If you are looking for a new idea to sign your photos, we provide you with the most original short life descriptions, ideal for selfie, single or group photos.

  • I work like a boss.
  • If life gives me lemons, I make lemonade.
  • Choose a job you like and you won’t have to work a day in your life.
  • Discipline – choosing between what you want now and what you want most in life.
  • Say YES, take risks and live by your own rules.
  • If I can’t find a way out, I’ll create it.
  • 80% of life consists of important problems.
  • The life of an entrepreneur.
  • We grow, helping others to grow.
  • At first, I worked hard, then I started working even harder.
  • When dreams come true…
  • I succeeded!
  • Old approaches will not help open new doors.
  • Success is the decision you make every day.
  • I don’t believe in the future, I believe in the present.
  • I want to see what happens if I don’t give up.
  • Fewer words, more action.
  • Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.
  • I work for myself, for myself and only for myself.
  • It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.
  • The impossible is possible.

  • βœ… Your speed does not matter as you continue to move forward.
    βœ… Life consists of small moments. This is.
    βœ… History is made up of people who break the rules.
    βœ… Always follow your hopes and do not pay attention to your fears.
    Time is precious, so always spend it wisely.
    βœ… Day to day, plans for tomorrow… But the party is today!
    βœ… Always try to be happy and make others happy.
    Life is not a problem for achieving every goal, but a celebration of every moment.
    βœ… The brighter the sun, the less likely you are to see the shadows of life.
    βœ… You don’t have to think positive, you have to live positively.
    βœ… Difference does not always mean you are wrong.
    βœ… Keep smiling. One day, people will bother to bother you.
    βœ… Success – a meeting of opportunity and the will to act.
    βœ… When you find yourself, life changes.
    βœ… Always remember: live only once.
    Be patient, because the best things in life always have time.
    βœ… Life is like a camera: you just have to look at it with a smile.
    βœ… My life – my rules.
    βœ… To enjoy a beautiful rainbow, you must first enjoy the rain.
    No one can fail while enjoying their life.
    I live as I see fit.
    I built a castle out of the stones they threw at me.
    βœ… Live today. Live now.
    βœ… Rule of life: never check the depth of the water with both feet.
    βœ… Do not hesitate, make and fulfill your dream.
    βœ… Never be scared. Just try to be yourself.
    βœ… The best preparation for tomorrow is to do your best today.
    βœ… To reach new shores, we have to navigate.
    I may not win right away, but I will definitely succeed.
    βœ… How to be happy
    βœ… Some days always start better than others.
    βœ… The greatest achievements always seem impossible until they are achieved.
    βœ… Whenever you feel alone, you need to spend even more time alone.
    βœ… Life always seems better when you laugh.
    βœ… Nothing will happen until you stop trying.
    Life goes on. With or without you.
    βœ… My life changes because I change it.
    βœ… No matter how bad you feel today – get up, get dressed, show everyone that you never give up.
    βœ… The road to success is constantly being built.
    βœ… Always smile in any situation.
    βœ… My life is like an open book, but not everyone is allowed to read it.
    βœ… The world starts with a smile.
    βœ… Always live as you dream.
    βœ… In your life, you should only play the lead role.
    I think it’s time to start enjoying ourselves again.

    Short descriptions for pictures

    Of course, pictures often speak more eloquently than words. But carefully selected texts can enhance any image, adding the key element or even creating an aura of mystery. Get inspired by these short picture descriptions:

    Hi, airport. We were flying back to the sky.
    ➞ Me, me again and me again!
    ➞ Discover the world. I’ll be back soon.
    Born to shine.
    ➞ Yes, I woke up like that.
    I travel because I will always be able to get more money, but I will never get more time.
    ➞ Typical for me.
    ➞ But first a selfie!
    ➞ What would you like to do right now
    ➞ Short, clear and comprehensive.
    ➞ To get this cute selfie, I had to photograph my face for 20 minutes. Enjoy it now!
    ➞ Let life surprise you.
    ➞ It’s time for adventure!
    Unca Work – Travel. Work- Travel. Repeat.
    ➞ Say YES to new adventures.
    Guess where I am.
    ➞ I’m not one in a million, I’m one in 7 billion.
    ➞ What kind of emoji are you now
    ➞ What is your favorite book
    ➞ Why are you afraid
    ➞ Do you like my look
    ➞ How can you be happier
    ➞ What do you think about this
    ➞ My city!
    ➞ Yes or no
    ➞ Don’t stand still!
    ➞ What questions would you like me to answer
    ➞ Isn’t it great
    ➞ Nothing to add.
    ➞ What is your favorite quote
    ➞ If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go
    ➞ Be true to tradition – take a selfie on Sunday.
    ➞ I can delete this country from the list.
    ➞ I wouldn’t sell this place for nothing!
    ➞ Where do you dream to go
    ➞ Free mind, free life.
    ➞ I dress so well just to impress one person – myself.
  • How are you
  • You are bored
  • What do you think about the next post?
  • Smile!
  • When is your birthday
  • Always be the best choice for yourself.
  • I’m tired today. Please give me a new day.
  • Coffee or tea
  • You can only judge me if you are perfect.
  • Which of my statements are true and which are false.

  • ➞ They fall seven times, but in the eighth – they grow.
    No one is ever perfect. Therefore, the corrector and the eraser were invented.
    I have the most amazing friends in the world.
    ➞ A smile can answer any question.
    Sunt I’m not like them or anyone else. They’re like me.
    ➞ My style is unique, so please do not copy it.
    ➞ Leave some sparks wherever you go.
    I’m not perfect. I have never been and never will be.
    ➞ Keep smiling – you become confused for people.
    You have to be a little crazy, because a little madness is very similar to the sky.
    ➞ Smile is our last word in the marathon.
    ➞ I’m special. I am unique. I am.
  • Hate has never made anyone beautiful
  • You can smile! Because it’s finally Friday!
  • The key to beauty is to train every day, as before.
  • Today I decided to become the best version of myself.
  • A smile is a beautiful curve that makes the world stronger.
  • I like the feeling of trust that I am.
  • If you feel confident, then you are beautiful.
  • Never tell people about your dream. Show them his place!
  • Beautiful and short descriptions for Facebook / Instagram

    Signatures on social networks have no less important role than the post and the picture itself or the visual design. In this sense, such beautiful and short descriptions will be helpful:

    πŸ–€ Nu judecati oamenii dupa greselile lor. Judecati-i dupa cum le corecteaza.
    πŸ–€ Incepeti intotdeauna ziua cu oameni buni si cafea.
    πŸ–€ Sambata si experientele noi.
    πŸ–€ Tine-ti capul sus, sa nu alunece coroana.
    πŸ–€ Nimic nu straluceste mai tare decat inima de aur.
    πŸ–€ Zambetul este singura tendinta in materie de moda care este intotdeauna relevanta.
    πŸ–€ Sunt increzator in mine, iar opiniile celorlalti nu ma vor face sa ma razgandesc.
    πŸ–€ Nu regreta ce n-ai facut. Du-te si fa-o!
    πŸ–€ Fii misto sau mergi acasa.
    πŸ–€ A fost nevoie de 7 zile pentru a crea lumea, 9 luni pentru a ma crea. Deci nu e atat de simplu sa creezi un text pentru poza asta!
    πŸ–€ Vineri. Toate in gol!
    πŸ–€ Viata este doar o serie de minuni minuscule, asa ca fiti atenti la ele.
    πŸ–€ Marti este ziua bunatatilor.
    πŸ–€ Fii recunoscator. Nu regreta nimic.
    πŸ–€ Ghici, pe cine tocmai am intalnit
    πŸ–€ Cea mai buna zi!
    πŸ–€ Traieste in toate acele momente pe care nu le poti exprima in cuvinte.
    πŸ–€ Calatoria este intotdeauna cea mai buna parte a vietii.
    πŸ–€ Radiez de la atata bine si pozitiv!
    πŸ–€ Ce-a fost asta
    πŸ–€ Nu sunt norocos, sunt doar talentat.
    πŸ–€ In calendar e joi, plin de amintiri. Daca lasi un comentariu, iti dau un follow.
    πŸ–€ Motivatie pentru luni
    πŸ–€ O duminica adormita si, in mod traditional, un selfie adormit.
    πŸ–€ Daca pot, o voi face. Sfarsitul povestii.
    πŸ–€ Sunt recunoscator pentru tot.
    πŸ–€ Vei intelege ca ti-ai atins obiectivul cand idolii vor deveni concurentii tai.
    πŸ–€ Fa lucruri in viata ta care te fac sa te uiti mai putin in telefon.
    πŸ–€ Miercuri. E timpul sa pun o poza inteligenta.
    πŸ–€ Nu astepta sfarsitul furtunii. Iesi si danseaza in ploaie.
    πŸ“· Be happy in this moment, because this moment is your life.
    πŸ“· The best thing a woman can wear to look amazing is her confidence.
    πŸ“· I like and smile!
    I’m not lazy. I just have no motivation.
    I know exactly who I am and I’m damn proud of it.
    πŸ“· Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take every moment and make it perfect.
    πŸ“· If you have eyes, take a look at me now!
    πŸ“· All I want to be is who I was.
    πŸ“· In the morning, one good thought changes the meaning of the whole day.
    πŸ“· Recognize! Without me, your life would be really boring.
    I don’t care about anything!
    πŸ“· There will never be a good result if you have a negative attitude towards it.
    πŸ“· I am beautiful as God created me.
    I may never be the best, but I try to be the best.
    Dream. Believe.
    πŸ“· The best way to predict the future is to actively create it.
    I never lose anything. Either I win or I learn something new.
    πŸ“· This is just my life, in my unique style.
    πŸ“· No matter what you do in life, make sure it makes you happy.

  • Weekend, please don’t leave me now!
  • Always keep your head up.
  • In simplicity there is an amazing beauty.
  • Warning: in this photo you can fall in love with me.
  • Surround yourself with true friends and you will be truly happy.
  • There is such a special beauty only in being yourself.
  • A smile costs nothing, but every smile is truly priceless.
  • Life is too short to waste time finding all the answers. Instead, enjoy all the questions!
  • Sunday is another way of saying, “What a wonderful day!”
  • This is my life and I am so lucky to live it!
  • There is always a wild side that hides behind the face of the most innocent.
  • Life is like a photograph. It is formed from the negative.
  • Don’t try to learn from me, because it doesn’t make sense.
    πŸ“· The smile is the light that shines through the window of your soul.
    πŸ“· Smiling is always easier than explaining why you are sad.
    πŸ“· Take my advice because I don’t use it.
    Never underestimate the hidden power of a sincere smile.
    The sun always shines on its own, but its light survives everything.
    πŸ“· To have more than you show and to say much less than you actually know.
    πŸ“· I am more than you see or what you expect.
    I am just a simple person who hides a million feelings behind a happy smile.
    πŸ“· I may not be perfect, but I’m definitely a limited edition.
    A smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear.

    Short descriptions

    Even if you are good at imagination, after the third or fourth photo, you may feel exhausted creatively. This is quite normal, since not everyone was born Hemingway or Orwell. That’s why we come to your aid with examples of short descriptions.

    ⭐ Mother nature.
    ⭐ Little by little.
    ⭐ Endless love.
    ⭐ Forever young.
    ⭐ Never look back.
    ⭐ Love and hope.
    ⭐ Freedom and peace.
    ⭐ Work hard. Dream big.
    ⭐ Live without regrets.
    ⭐ Aspire to inspire.
    ⭐ Let it be.
    ⭐ A life is a moment.
    ⭐ All we need is love.
    ⭐ You are your only limit.
    ⭐ Perfectly imperfect.
    ⭐ Be a voice not an echo.
    ⭐ Spread eagle.
    ⭐ Strive for greatness.
    ⭐ Beauty and the Beast.
    ⭐ Follow your heart.
    ⭐ Live for yourself.
    ⭐ I shall not live in vain.
    ⭐ Enjoy every moment.
  • It’s better to have ideals and dreams than nothing.
  • It’s never too late to be what you might have been.
  • Be loyal to the one who is loyal to you.
  • Only my dream keeps me alive.
  • Some people are poor, all they have is money.
  • Everything happens for a reason.
  • The memory warms you up inside, but it also breaks your soul apart.
  • Money often costs too much.
  • Do something with passion or not it all.
  • Imagination rules the world.
  • Wait and see.
  • Illusion is the first of all pleasures.
  • If you never try you will never know.
  • When you start thinking a lot about your past, it becomes your present and you can’t see your future without it.
  • Stretching his hand out to catch the stars, he forgets the flowers at his feet.
  • Cherish the moments.
  • ⭐ Life is beautiful. Enjoy the ride.
    ⭐ For the world you may be just one person, but for one person you may be the whole world.
    ⭐ Life is a one time offer, use it well.
    ⭐ Remember that the most dangerous prison is the one in your head.
    ⭐ The inevitable price we pay for our happiness is eternal fear to lose it.
    ⭐ Be careful with your thoughts. β€” they are the beginning of deeds.
    ⭐ The best thing in our life is love.
    ⭐ Memories take us back, dreams take us forward.
    ⭐ It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight.
    ⭐ Real beauty lives in the heart, is reflected in the eyes and leads to action.
    ⭐ The course of true love never did run smooth.
    ⭐ Live each day as if it’s your last.
    ⭐ The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams.
    ⭐ Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
    ⭐ Do not squander time – this is stuff life is made of.
    ⭐ Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.
    ⭐ Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.
    ⭐ Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.