Have you ever felt the need to let the whole world know about your emotional feelings, the need to thank your loved ones in public or to admit your mistakes, and the right words never came together.

In these cases, when you want to write something beautiful and profound, all hope is found in the status examples for social networks.
In this article we have touched on the subject of friendship, which is one of the most precious values ​​in life, and we have gathered happy statuses of friendship, but also statuses of indifference towards friends, statuses of gratitude and gratitude, and good night for friends. .
We have also included true friendship status between girls and boys, betrayed friendship status and true friendship status.

Friendship status

In this paragraph we have selected short friendship statuses that will help you understand that friendships are of great human value.
➡️ Friendship is holy. He who has ever betrayed a friend will never be a good friend to anyone else.
➡️ Friends, you heard the weather forecast for tomorrow
Tomorrow will be wind of good luck and precipitation in the form of HEALTH!
➡️ Appreciate those who have broken their pride for you, who have always forgiven you, waited for you, believed in you and appreciated you.
➡️ You know, if you have a person you can call and complain on the phone, and after the conversation with them you feel better – then it’s great. Take care of your friends!
➡️ True friends are the ones who are in your life, not on your Facebook friends list.
➡️ In time you will find out who the believer is and who the temporary is.
➡️ It doesn’t matter the number of friends, but their quality.
➡️ When your friends tell you about their problems, they don’t complain, they trust you.
➡️ Friendship cannot be non-stop.
➡️ When you’re with friends, you can say what you think. And with everyone else – you have to think about what you’re saying.
➡️ True friendship is like health: you value it only after you lose it.
➡️ What is the biggest difference between a friend and an enemy?
The enemy will always tell you the truth in your eyes, and the friend will have to get drunk before that.
➡️ For my friends, the status “Don’t bother!” acts as a red cloth for bulls.
➡️ Do not share unhappiness with friends: it will only bring pain to the true friend and joy to the false ones.
➡️ Friendship is like a diamond. It is rare and expensive, but often false.
➡️ And friends have an expiration date…
➡️ The main thing in life is not to lose people who have the same cockroaches in their heads as you.
➡️ The slightest quarrel can destroy the greatest friendship.
➡️ Friendship, like love, comes naturally.
➡️ The rarest friendship is friendship with your head.

Status of true friendship between girls

Many believe that true and true friendship between girls does not exist.
That’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings.
✅️ Men’s friendship is like a soccer ball – as long as you don’t play, it stays intact. Women’s friendship is like a glass vessel – you failed to touch it and it breaks.
✅️ A true friend will never allow you to do stupid things… on your own!
✅️ I came to my girlfriend to complain about life. I laughed until morning.
✅️ A true friend is the one who, in a big and noisy company, noticed that you were gone.
✅️ The secret of female happiness is simple: a caring man, new stylish shoes, a beautiful manicure and the best friend by his side.
✅️ -Because of two friends, one is always ugly
-It’s not true, I have a beautiful girlfriend!
✅️ True friendship between women is not happening. There is no friendship between a man and a woman. The question then arises: “With whom should the woman befriend
✅️ If your best friend confidently states that your current boyfriend is no better than the previous one, then you should change your boyfriend and girlfriend.
✅️ I want to have a friend in my old age, who I can call and shout, “Well, baby, when we go to a party to spend our pension

✅️ A friend is a news service, a liquor store, and a psychological assistance.
✅️ When my girlfriend tells me she’s depressed, my liver starts to worry.
✅️ The woman does not think about what she is missing, until her friend brags about what she has.
✅️ The best psychologist is the girlfriend with a bottle of champagne.
✅️ Don’t trust the pillows full of tears. Get better wine and go to your girlfriends!
✅️ I read my boyfriend’s correspondence with my “best” girlfriend. She’s not the best anymore, and she’s not even a friend.

Status of true friendship

If you have loyal and devoted friends, then you are very lucky! Here are the most beautiful friendship statuses for those who know how to appreciate sincere relationships between friends.
🔔 True friendship is like a rose: we do not realize its beauty until it withers.
Strange, but only great pain allows you to understand who your true friends are.
🔔 True friends can be found only when you have difficulties in life, when they look you in the eye and say, “I’m with you.”
Sincerity may not help you find many friends, but it will help you find the best ones.
🔔 True friends are loving spouses.
You can find false friends and true enemies.
How nice it is to have friends you can count on in life!
🔔 May God bless every mother whose children I call friends!
Finding your true friends is just as difficult as losing your old friend.
🔔 Friendship is verified when interests are stopped, not when they are close.
🔔 If every true friend had given me five lei, I would have 10 lei. And you
🔔 Over time, we realize that we have few true friends. And that’s sad…
🔔 I’m not a friend for an hour. I’m a friend for life.
🔔 Children’s friendship is the best and most sincere. Children do not know what it means to be a friend for profit.
Friendship is not a service. It is not offered, but is born.
A true friend will never ask you if you feel bad, because he will understand everything by himself.
🔔 With true friends you feel like family.
🔔 A true friend is when the message “I feel bad” will not answer “What happened
“, but “I’m coming, wait!”.
🔔 Friends are people who know you and are able to understand and support you in those moments when others do not understand you. Share your life with them.
🔔 Only in a difficult situation will you find out if you have real friends.
🔔 The stronger your personality, the less true friends you have!
Friends are a gift. True friends are rare, but forever. These are the people who understand you and forgive you. Always remind them how much you value them, even if you are far away and have no time for anything.
🔔 Friends are people who, seeing your tears, do not come with questions and advice, but just hug you and say, “I understand you, I’m close.”
A true friend is the one who sees all the pain in your eyes, while others see only a smile on your face.
🔔 Never leave old friends, you will never find someone to replace them. Friendship, like wine, the older the better.
A true friend is the person you came to visit, and she asks you, “Do you want to eat
🔔 The brave fight with war, the wise – with anger, and the friend – with need.
🔔 This is the value of our time – to have a friendship that is not affected by time or distance.
🔔 True friendship can only be for those who know how to forgive each other’s shortcomings.
🔔 Jealousy is just as incapable of loving as it is of being jealous of friends.
🔔 A true friend always speaks honestly, advises correctly, helps when needed, and patiently hangs on to your character.
A true friend is a person who knows your past, supports your present, and believes in your future.

False friendship status

Unfortunately, not all of them have a trustworthy friendship, and often yesterday’s best friend becomes your number one enemy today. We have selected here the saddest statuses about fake friends.
🔖 There are people who know how to cheer you up, listen to you, understand you and try to help you. Too bad there are fewer and fewer such people. Take care of them!
I gave up, I got out of the game, I got tired, I have no power to fight for our friendship. It may be a big mistake, but you can stop me! If you need it…
🔖 Learn to distinguish friends from those with whom you drink beer on the weekends.
🔖 The walls and the pillow are perfect friends. They will listen, be silent, and say nothing to anyone.
🔖 Love and friendship met. Love asks for friendship: -What do you need
Friendship answers: -Let’s not leave smiles where I want to cry.
Man cannot have many true friends.

    I’m sorry I hurt my friends, it hurts a lot! Please forgive me!
    🔖 And again, the day is shrouded in fog… In such sad times, I remember our friendship…
    🔖 Now you are neither my friend nor my enemy. Now you’re like everyone else, now you’re just somewhere.
    You know how I stopped communicating with my “best” friends.
    I didn’t write to them first. Here’s a fake trick.
    🔖 The cowardly friend is worse than the enemy, because you are afraid of the enemy, and you hope for friends.
    🔖 You can’t give up your friend because of a mistake.
    Friendship is not a favor!
    It is said that true friends cannot be replaced, but my friends have easily replaced me. conclusion
    🔖 People who say they have many friends probably do not distinguish between “friends” and “acquaintances”. If he had distinguished himself, he would have known that there are few true friends.
    🔖 Whoever wants to have a flawless friend is left without friends.
    Some friends we choose leave at the wrong time.
    🔖 Never exaggerate the stupidity of your enemies and the loyalty of your friends.
    🔖 Lost friendship cannot be returned.
    🔖 Friendship does not stop quarreling, but time dissolves it.
    🔖 But we are not friends! We are two people who claim to be friends because otherwise they would be uncomfortable.
    🔖 You make a friend, he marries and you no longer have a friend.
    Friends are checked when they visit you in the hospital, in prison, or in the cemetery.
    🔖 Ex-friends don’t exist. They are either eternal or they have not been.
    You Believe in True Friendship
    If the answer is yes, share your emotions of gratitude with your friends with those around you through social media.