Without it being impossible to imagine Turkey. Of course, without series, full of passion, love stories, betrayals, overcoming difficulties, intrigues and incredible upheavals.

Any viewer can learn something new and unusual from them. The culture, the mentality and the different lifestyle make the viewing really fascinating.
TV series in Turkey are actively capturing TV markets around the world, and in recent years, the popularity of traditional Turkish series has also won over Romanian viewers, greatly increasing the audience of niche TV stations. The main theme of all these Turkish films is love, and each soap opera is unique in its own way.

So, we decided to select a list of Turkish series, in order to organize your evenings excellently. Some of them have been officially presented on various TV channels, and others are only available on the Internet, for example on YouTube.

Our collection includes recommendations from 16 of the best, live and appreciated series from the most fantastic Eastern country, which won the maximum audience and were admired by the Romanians.

  1. treason

It is a Turkish love series, which has won over 1,500,000 viewers. The film tells the love story of people who oppose destiny. History has a happy beginning and an unpredictable end.
Since the appearance of the first episode, in 2011, the series has shaken the whole of Turkey, after which it reached Romania.

  1. Kosem

This Turkish series, also available online, was watched by over 1,650,000 viewers in 2016, when it first appeared on TV.
It was one of the most anticipated television projects. The events of this story take place during the Great Ottoman Empire and present the reign of Ahmed I. In the foreground is the relationship of the great ruler Kosem Sultan – the strongest woman in Ottoman history who, at the age of thirteen, managed to overcome Lots of challenges and knock down powerful enemies.
Therefore, you cannot doubt that this project will surely amaze you.

  1. Dila

The series translated into Romanian – “Dila”, has been appreciated by over 1,750,000 Romanian viewers since 2012.
The film is about two large families: Sarigel Barazoglu and Selimoglu, who live in a village. There is great joy in the Barazoglu family – the youngest son, Ihsan, marries Dila, a simple girl from Istanbul.
But along the way, Dila is going to face many trials of life.

  1. Chastity

Romanian subtitled series about the young and beautiful Iffet, who lives with her father and younger sister in one of the oldest districts in Istanbul.
She is in love with Cemil, a taxi driver, but marries a wealthy businessman, continuing to love Cemil. Fate throws the protagonist the most unexpected surprises, which are worth watching.

  1. Black and white love

A Turkish love film, produced in 2017 and recently subtitled in Romanian. A very beautiful story between Asli – a doctor who saves people, and Ferhat who, on the contrary, can take a man’s life without blinking an eye.
Their paths intersect when Asli is forcibly brought to a house where she is about to undergo surgery. Here, the protagonist becomes a witness to a crime and must die. But Ferhat’s hand does not rise to kill her and gives Asla another chance at life.

  1. Storm on the Bosphorus

The Turkish series from 2014, subtitled in Romanian, was watched by over 1,850,000 viewers in Romania, but you can now find it on youtube.
The intriguing film will take you into a world full of love, passion, deception and difficult tests of life. The main characters, a young and beautiful girl, Gyulseren, and the very rich businessman, Jihan, fight for their love, trying to overcome many obstacles and envy.
Gyulseren grew up in a poor family and earned everything through hard work.
He now has a home, work and family. Jihan lives a completely different life. He is rich, has a network of restaurants that brings him a steady income. He has two children and a wife, with whom he never managed to find happiness.
However, he did not leave her, because he placed the honor above his own desires. What do these two young people have in common?

  1. Bahar- stolen life

The Turkish series made record audiences in Romania. The fight between Bahar and Efsun was watched with open arms, every night, on Kanal D, conquering over 2,200,000 viewers.
Two young men in love wanted to unite their destinies, but the girl’s father was against their marriage. Later, the girl finds out that she is pregnant and gives birth to a girl named Bahar.
The child was sent to a small provincial town, where he grew up. After turning 12, Bahar wants to find his own parents at any cost.

  1. The day my destiny was written

Another series produced in Turkey that soon became very popular in Romania. The story revolves around an ordinary family – Yorukkhan, who lives in Antakya.
The protagonist is a young man who, despite his successes, feels that his life is completely monotonous. One day, however, fate decided to introduce him to a young woman, after which his boring life takes another turn.
The series is full of deception, passion, hatred and, of course, love, without which there is no Turkish episode.

  1. Suleyman the Magnificent – under the rule of love

The Turkish songs in this series have conquered the whole world. In Romania, the film was watched by over 2,800,000 viewers during its TV broadcast.
Authorities in Turkey have tried to ban the series because of the terrible discrepancies in the film, and the true patriots of Turkey have repeatedly offended the scriptwriters of the episodes. History tells of the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and his passionate love for the beautiful Ukrainian Roksalana.
At the base of the script are several historical novels and archives. Not every Turk can accept the influence of this strong, intelligent and charismatic woman on their favorite sultan.
According to the script and the laws of the Islamic faith, the sultan could have four legitimate wives and several concubines. Roksalana was captured and transported to Istanbul, where she was presented to the sultan.
He was seduced by the Ukrainian woman and took her as his wife, raising her to the rank of main wife.

  1. Infinite love / Dear Sevda

This Turkish love series could not be missing from our recommendations. The film, produced in 2015, was admired by over 2,300,000 viewers.
On youtube, the Turkish series can also be easily found. The film tells the story of the tragedy that took a large number of lives, the passionate love story and, of course, revenge. The protagonist Kemal, an ordinary young man, the son of a hairdresser, works as a miner.
Nihan is the daughter of a businessman who is on the verge of bankruptcy. She is in love with Kemal, and Emir, a spoiled and rich selfish man, is crazy about Nihan. Emir’s father is ready to do anything for the happiness of his beloved son and by blackmail, he asks for consent for the young people’s wedding.
Nihan and Kemal belong to completely different worlds, but despite this, there are very strong feelings between them. They will be able to save their love and build their happiness, despite many obstacles and circumstances.

  1. Mary

The 2017 series is a remake of the Korean series “Secrets of Love”. Meryem and Oktay were getting married until the unexpected turned their plans upside down.
Oktay is a young prosecutor with a bright future, but after a car accident he kills a woman and flees the crime scene. Meryem takes responsibility for this murder and goes to jail. After serving her sentence, Meryem is no longer the same.
She is now labeled a “killer,” and the deceased woman’s husband dreams of revenge.

  1. Love and hate

The Turkish series, subtitled in Romanian, was broadcast during 2016-2018 and tells about Ali who is imprisoned for a crime.
He is to be released soon, and secretly has a correspondence with a girl who promises that she is waiting for him and that she would like to play wedding with him. At first glance, it’s a fabulous love story, but not everything is that simple. The heroine is the sister of the man for whose murder Ali must come out.
And all this correspondence is nothing but a plan of insidious revenge against the killer. She does not know that Ali took over the murder for his brother, who could be imprisoned with his wife and children.

  1. Raven

One of the newest Turkish series, which talks about the love of Kuzgun and Dila. Their fathers were cops, they worked together, and Dila and Kuzgun had loved each other since childhood.
But Dila’s father betrays his colleague, he dies, and his son and wife have to go to another country under a new name.
Twenty years later, Kuzgun returns to his homeland, full of a desire for revenge. Here, however, he meets Dila, the love of his childhood and his whole life, but everything is very difficult, because Kuzgun came for another purpose.

  1. Siblings

Another new Turkish series worth seeing. These are two mothers and sisters: Umran and Umai. They fall in love with the same man, but their lives are diametrically opposed: Umran and her daughter Khayat live in a small village under pressure from her husband, and Umay lives in luxury in Istanbul with her daughter Hayal.
After many years, the sisters collide again, and the girls of the two sisters fall in love with one and the same young man, which leads to new unexpected events and information about the accounts of the past.

  1. Where

Turkish series about teenagers, revenge and friendship, produced in 2019. Kaan and Dzhikhangir are childhood friends. Their fate was extremely cruel and cost the death of a comrade while committing a robbery.
The series is about the revenge of the past, which still hurts. The two young men will start to find out about the events of many years ago, they will look for the truth among the dirty facts and lies. When they become adults, they get involved in life dominated by money, intrigue and the mafia, whose symbol is the ring.

  1. The price of love

You can watch this Turkish series online on youtube, where you can find it with Romanian subtitles. It’s a romantic comedy series.
Defne is the waitress in the restaurant where businessman Omer has a meeting with the disastrous Neriman. To try to get rid of Neriman, Omer says that Defne is his girlfriend and kisses her. Seeing the chemistry between the two, Neriman offers the girl a large sum of money to make Omer fall in love with her.
Defne accepts the proposal and is hired as the man’s assistant. But this is more and more enchanted by Omer’s manners…