If you are looking for ideas for what you can offer your girlfriend on her birthday, then you have come to the right place. Below you will find many ideas and gift lists that you can give to your birthday friend, as well as additional tips and a list of things that you would rather not give.

Birthday Girlfriend Gift Ideas

  1. An elegant gold or silver brooch;
  2. A large basket of wine, fruit and sweets. It can be arranged as a bouquet;
  3. A modern gadget: tablet, mobile phone, smart watch or e-book;
  4. Beautiful jewelry, for example, a chain pendant, earrings or a bracelet;
  5. Flowers kept in a vacuum;
  6. A big, soft toy;
  7. A sushi set or dinner at a Japanese restaurant;
  8. Solarium subscription or a certificate for spa procedures;
  9. A Bluetooth audio system with a protective cover that protects the device from dust and water;
  10. A special phone case that will turn your girlfriend’s smartphone into a pocket mirror;
  11. A soft bathrobe with personalized inscription on the back;
  12. High quality headphones;
  13. Expensive eau de toilette from your girlfriend’s favorite perfume store;
  14. A 3D lamp or a heart-shaped night lamp;
  15. A bronze mirror for the nightstand;
  16. An umbrella stand decorated with Swarovski stones;
  17. Underwear from your girlfriend’s favorite boutique or a certificate for shopping at that company store (if you are already in a closer relationship);
  18. A decorative or fish tank;
  19. A fondue set;
  20. Fitness bracelet that counts steps, pulse and monitors the physical condition of the body (pedometer);
  21. A ceramic lamp for aromatherapy and a set of essential oils;
  22. A bathroom shelf, where you can put shampoo, shower gel and other things needed for the bathroom;
  23. A pen and diary for recordings made of quality materials;
  24. A set of toys for decoration or themed toys for the holidays;
  25. High quality sunglasses;
  26. A delicious cake with a girlfriend’s portrait or personalized inscription;
  27. A beautiful and spacious backpack for your birthday girlfriend;
  28. An original photo frame or a backlit collage;
  29. A decorative fountain with special lighting;
  30. A fragrance diffuser to create a romantic atmosphere in the apartment;
  31. Bed linen with original image or photo printing;
  32. Natural silk shirt;
  33. Night planetarium (starry sky projector) or night lamp with photos;
  34. Chain with pendant, in which is hidden a reduced photo;
  35. A warm winter blanket;
  36. A gift set of chocolate or other original baked goods;
  37. A retro style USB vinyl player to listen to high quality music with your girlfriend;
  38. A leather or wheelchair;
  39. Board games (“Monopoly”, “Uno”, “Chess”);
  40. A leather purse for women;
  41. A small thermos or a thermos cup with a special inscription;
  42. Elegant manicure set;
  43. Set of high quality cosmetics (requires recommendations from specialists);
  44. Professional hair dryer;
  45. Exotic fruits in the original box;
  46. A Polaroid camera;
  47. A collection of cheeses accompanied by a bottle of expensive wine. What an original gift you can give to your girlfriend for the 15th, 16th or 17th anniversary

If you are faced with the task of choosing a gift for your girlfriend aged 15, 16, 17, you will have to be very patient. This gift must be something unusual, cheap and interesting, but at the same time beautiful and not vulgar. The options available to you are:

  • A high-performance laptop . At this age, young ladies need the necessary accessories to continue their education at college or university. This gift would be not only pleasant but also extremely useful. You will also be able to give jewelry to your friends but thanks to such a valuable and necessary gadget, she will be very satisfied.
  • A very beautiful umbrella . This can be a model from a fashion boutique or a custom print version. This can be done very easily with the help of specialists who print personal images on mugs, T-shirts and other items.
  • A collection of books written by your favorite author . Remember that the most successful gift for your girlfriend’s birthday should be a little romantic. She certainly has a favorite author who writes about these real and strong feelings. The desire to read is less common nowadays. Books are always very useful gifts and even an e-book will make you very happy.

What else can you give your 15-17 year old birthday girl

  1. Beautiful music box.
  2. An unusual print shirt or blouse.
  3. A musical instrument.
  4. A duvet and pillows with beautiful illustrations or your photos.

What gift can you give your girlfriend on her 18th-24th birthday?

From 18 to 24 years old is the age when a young lady needs a special development of her own, but at the same time she is not against having fun with friends. The following gifts will be able to satisfy these conflicting needs of the girlfriend on her birthday:
A ring or a pendant . At such an age such a gift will surely be welcome. This ring can be gold or silver (depending on financial condition). Many girls love precious things and most likely their girlfriend will be happy with such a gift. Of course, this ring does not have to be an engagement ring right away, but if you have a serious relationship, it will be a wonderful gift.
Birthday girlfriend portrait. If you want to present something unusual to the homage, you must remember that it is better to give the girl a memorable gift for her birthday. The category of these things includes portraits, which contemporary painters can only draw with a single photograph at hand;
A place where the girlfriend will be able to share her thoughts and emotions . This place can be a website. Nowadays, everyone wants a platform to compose something interesting and share with friends. If your loved one wants this too, then a website will be a wonderful gift. Creating a blog also doesn’t require much time or extra investment, but it is a very original gift;
A laptop or cell phone. Such an ideal gift for your girlfriend is relevant for any age and she will definitely appreciate it. A new and high-performance smartphone is not cheap, but it will serve you with confidence for many years. If your girlfriend already has a new cell phone and a laptop, then you can give her quality birthday headphones or even a camera if she is passionate about this kind of activity.
Additional gift ideas:

  • A soft animal pajama.
  • Acrylic organizer for cosmetics.
  • A pendant with your picture inside.
  • A long pillow with your picture (a long pillow that she will hug at night)
  • A bottle of expensive wine and snacks.

What original gifts are suitable for your 25-year-old girlfriend

This age marks a new stage in life. Many practical things are beginning to take their place in entertainment. Given the peculiarities of this age, we recommend that you pay attention to such gifts, such as:

  1. A trip to an exotic country . If you want to express your emotions and spend a lot of time together, then a trip for two is exactly what you need. Such journeys will be remembered for many years, and in case you have not asked for it in marriage, this will be a good opportunity to do this important thing. To spend more time together you can also buy fitness room subscriptions. Well-being and good mood are guaranteed!
  2. A walk to the mall . Let them choose any clothes or accessories and don’t think about money. This will be a special time for dancing because you will spend a lot of time together and she will be very happy for such a gift.
  3. Clothing or accessories from famous brands . These can be shoes, a bag, a hat, glasses and more. Girls like such things plus they will not hesitate to show the gift of their friends;
  4. A cat or a dog . If you can’t decide what to give your girlfriend, then you need to pay attention to the option that is sure to be a success. This is a pet. A cute puppy or kitten will only provoke positive emotions and they will become true friends for the girlfriend. At the same time, it is important to reflect on such a decision and to evaluate the possibilities of maintaining and caring for a living creature and also to take care of the health of the pet. This variant must be ruled out permanently if the girlfriend is allergic to animal fur.

Other ideas for the 25th anniversary:

  • Lighting mirror.
  • A collage with special moments.
  • The aurita brush.
  • An expensive wristwatch.
  • Electronic butterfly in the bank.

Interesting gifts for 26, 27, 28, 29 year old girlfriends

If the question of what to give your girlfriend for your birthday does not give you peace of mind then you must remember that for almost 30 years, despite more mature ideas and concepts, women dream of romantic gifts. You can provoke such positive emotions with the following gifts:

  1. A Thai massage or spa procedures . The 26, 27, 28, 29 year old ladies love such gifts. This is not only a great opportunity to enjoy the experienced hands of the specialist, but also to rest in a quiet atmosphere;
  2. You can name a star after your girlfriend . Such a gift will move her to tears and she will always remember your love. This should not be the only gift though. Before that you could rest in nature with tasty dishes and champagne.
  3. To decorate the apartment with flowers and balloons . This is not a trivial idea. The imaginary situation in which the girlfriend returns from work and her friends and boyfriend are waiting for her at home with gifts, balloons and flowers.
  4. A romantic night on the roof of the house . Allow your girlfriend to feel special and remember what she loves most. With a beautiful table and candles, that night will be unforgettable.

Other gift ideas for your 26, 27, 28 or 29 year old girlfriend:

  • A trip for two in a romantic place.
  • Manicure set.
  • A bouquet of fruit.
  • A DVR (for ladies who have a car).

Which gift will suit the 30, 31, 32 or 33 year old girl

When a woman turns 30, 31, 32 or 33, she begins to feel romance and passion differently. The ability to see and feel the love of a man becomes much more important than the most expensive gifts. To achieve these goals, we have prepared the following list of gifts:
A romantic evening at a restaurant . Ask your friends or search for the best place in the neighborhood. After a meal with candles, selected dishes and expensive champagne, she will feel happy and loved. You can start the day with a bouquet of flowers and it is important to talk only about interesting and positive things during the day;
The declaration of love on the panel. Such a gift would be considered very romantic. It is important to choose a panel that would have been seen right from the window. Another beautiful gift would have been a balloon flight at sunset. Romantic ideas will never be forgotten.
Other interesting ideas for your 30-33 year old girlfriend:

  1. A set of soaps with different flavors.
  2. A set of scented candles.
  3. A laptop or laptop case.
  4. An exotic plant is also an original gift.
  5. A set of pillows and duvet.

Cheaper gifts for your birthday girlfriend

Every man strives to give his girlfriend all his energy and time. However, sometimes the finances are so limited that you have to look for original gifts at a lower price. If you are wondering if you can give a girl a cheaper birthday present, the following things will help you make the right choice:
A personalized mobile phone case . Nowadays, it is not a problem to order such a gift. It is very important to check the quality of the product. With such a case, the mobile phone will look original and elegant;

Headphones for music . Even if they are good quality, you will not spend the money you do not have and this gift is always very useful. No need to go to the bank or borrow money from friends;
Gift from the Feng Shui collection . This is all about things that can create a positive atmosphere in the home. The list of these objects includes statues, stones, art objects and decorative panels, etc.
Other ideas for a less expensive gift:

  1. A T-shirt or blouse with a personalized inscription.
  2. A comfortable wheelchair.
  3. A set for mulled wine.
  4. A favorite sushi set.
  5. A movie ticket.

Handmade gifts for girlfriend

Your attention is the main thing that a young lady wants to receive on her birthday. A gift made with love is extremely valuable. To surprise your girlfriend, you can give her a handmade gift.

An ice cream flower

A beautiful and very romantic gift that will impress any young lady. To create a flower in the ice, you will need:
– A large flower. A red rose can be used;
– A vase or plastic table.
Making such a gift is very easy. Just put a fresh flower in a vase. Holding it, fill the container with water until the liquid completely covers the plant.
Place it in the freezer for a few hours, then remove the frozen flower from the vase or jar. The main thing is to give the flower until it melts completely.

A home-made night lamp

This is a simple but original lamp that will surely be appreciated. A bedside lamp is an ideal gift for a bedroom. The materials you will need:
– a glass jar;
– aluminum foil;
– scissors;
– a flashlight with batteries.
It is not very complicated to make such a lamp. Just cut the foil to the height of the jar, drill it and put it inside with the flashlight on.
The light of this lamp can be transformed into a star projector, if you drill the foil in accordance with the real constellations.

What gift can you give your girlfriend for her birthday?

  • Purchasing a gift should be a big responsibility. You need to base your choice on the general recommendations that will help you avoid the most common mistakes. These recommendations are:
  • Consider the tastes and preferences of the person being honored. Don’t forget her hobbies. If the features presented are not well known, give priority to universal gifts;
  • Pay attention to your girlfriend’s age. And, first of all, you have to start from the psychological age, and not from the biological one;
  • Reflect on your relationships. In a long-term relationship, it is allowed to hand out very personal gifts. If you are starting to meet quite recently, it is better to buy a more neutral and discreet gift;
  • Control the freshness of the product, especially when it comes to cosmetics or flowers. Don’t forget to ask about the warranty period and the possibility of return to avoid unpleasant surprises;
  • Look only for quality products. The quantity or appearance should not be in the foreground;
  • Make sure the gift is not too original. Remember that the gift should be surprising, but not shocking.
  • Take care of the gift wrapping and a proper presentation. Prepare a beautiful greeting card;
  • Make sure you compliment the main gift with a bouquet of flowers;
  • If you have serious doubts about the chosen gift, ask for support from close people. Her parents or friends can be very helpful in this situation.

What kind of gifts for her birthday girlfriend should be avoided from the start

With the help of the following gifts, you will have more chances to disappoint your loved one than to make him / her happy:

  1. Avoid gifts that reveal some imperfections (scales or epilators);
  2. A “simple” gift (things bought on the way home such as glasses, cheap statuettes and a keychain);
  3. Money (demonstrates indifference to the person or lack of imagination, as well as indicates lack of money to the person being honored).

When choosing what gifts you can give to your birthday boyfriend or girlfriend, keep in mind that it is not absolutely necessary to buy a very expensive gift.
It is much more important to give your girlfriend or boyfriend a happy birthday and fantastic memories.
Even the most expensive gold ring can be forgotten after a while, but the impressions of a balloon flight will last a lifetime.