There are a lot of New Year’s messages that we can make in the form of a short, concise message. Some New Year’s messages may be more inspiring, some more funny, depending on the relationship we have with the recipient.

These New Year’s messages are an accessible and simple way to turn our attention to our loved ones, family, colleagues, friends, partners and acquaintances, on the occasion of the transition from one year to another.

Funny New Year messages

When it comes to friends, loved ones and loved ones, the formality disappears from the landscape, leaving room for some funny New Year’s Messages, which will bring a smile to the reader’s face:

  • May you return the money with a shovel in the New Year, drink the wine with a bucket and forget to pay again! Happy birthday!
  • I wish you to have love, happiness and many achievements in the New Year! If not, maybe next year!
  • Happy birthday to me and happy to you! Get everything you want!
  • Time passes, and the New Year makes its presence felt! I hope you have health, happiness and love, dear friend! And I hope you don’t forget that you will give me some money from last New Year’s Eve!
  • May the night between the years find you wiser and braver! So stay home and find yourself!
  • For the coming year, everyone wishes you happiness and love. I wish you more money, so you can be happy and loved! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday, as you are, dear friend! Laugh with your soul, first of all!
  • Happy New Year and good health! In the New Year, learn as much as you have fun!
  • Not many people can boast of a wise, serious and responsible friend. I can’t either, so in the New Year I hope you are wiser, more serious and more responsible!
  • In the night between the years, look up in the sky and you will see your great ideals. If it doesn’t work, have another drink! Happy Birthday!

New Year’s messages for parents

On New Year’s Eve we must not forget our parents, so if we are not together, these New Year’s messages of thanks and congratulations are welcome:

  • Happy birthday, my dear parents! Have a Happy New Year full of dad’s peace and mother’s kindness. I love you!
  • May the New Year leave no wrinkles on your foreheads, and may the hands with which you raised me be no longer worked. Happy birthday, my dear parents!
  • May the New Year be full of joys and accomplishments! Thank you, Mom and Dad, for a year full of lessons!
  • May your kindness and understanding between us increase in the coming year! Happy birthday, dear parents!
  • Happy birthday, mom and dad! Have a rich and peaceful New Year, full of beautiful moments!
  • I owe you so much, so on New Year’s Eve I want to thank you for everything! I send you a warm “Happy Birthday!”, With all my love!
  • Many hugs and many kisses for the most wonderful parents! Happy Birthday Mother! Happy birthday, Dad!
  • Even if we are not together on the night between the years, know that I love you immensely! Happy birthday, my dear and good parents!
  • Happy birthday, dear parents! May the New Year find you happier, younger and happier! Be happy and full of hope!
  • The coming year will strengthen you in love and understanding! Happy birthday to the most beautiful parents!

New Year’s messages for boyfriend / girlfriend

On New Year’s Eve, many couples can’t spend time together. So, surprise your loved one with the most beautiful New Year Messages:

  • Happy birthday, my soul mate! May the New Year find us more in love than ever! I love you indefinitely!
    • Next year will be about us and our love! Happy Birthday love!
    • May the New Year be a cornerstone for our future together! Happy Birthday my love!
    • With the transition to the New Year, I want the love between us to flourish more spectacularly than before! Happy birthday to two!
    • For love we will worship at midnight! Happy birthday to us and to our infinite love!
    • In the New Year I wish us to be happier and more in love than in the one that is just ending! Let’s live together for many years!
    • Next year will find us more eager to evolve together, more dreamy and more confident! Happy birthday with love!
    • A new year, a new beginning for us! May our love story be a memorable one, and in years to come we will tell it beautifully to our grandchildren! Happy birthday, my soul mate!
    • Let the beginning of the year be an occasion for celebration, because we are happy every time we look at each other! Happy and fulfilled happy birthday, love!
    • Even if we are not physically together on the night between the years, our souls clash in honor of happiness… Happy birthday, love!

    Formal New Year’s messages

      These New Year’s messages can be formal if the recipient is a business partner, for example, or the boss at work. Informal messages are usually sent to friends, colleagues, close friends, and family members. Here are the most inspired New Year’s messages:

      • The coming of the New Year will be an opportunity for new successes, bolder and greater than those so far! Happy birthday to you!
      • May the transition to the New Year find you more confident in tomorrow, more satisfied with yesterday! A New Year full of achievements and success on all levels! Happy Birthday!
      • Happy birthday and memorable! May the coming year be a success for you, enjoy all the achievements with your loved ones!
      • Look with confidence towards tomorrow, because there is the best and the hope! A New Year full of smiles and heartfelt thanks! Happy Birthday!
      • Happy birthday, successful! May the New Year find you more fulfilled and more ambitious! Confidence and hope to guide your steps to success!
      • I wish you a memorable New Year, a year in which you achieve all your goals! May your success be with you everywhere and may your perseverance be your guide! Happy Birthday!
      • The night between the years to find you more curious, more dreamy and ready to respond to new challenges! Happy birthday, sprinkle only with joy!
      • Thank you last year for your lessons and welcome the challenges of the New Year with joy and courage! Happy birthday and happy with your loved ones!
      • May the New Year be crowned with joy, fulfillment and peace of mind! Have success and as many achievements as possible in the New Year! Happy birthday!
      • Happy birthday and health! Let yourself be led on the road to success and share all that is most beautiful with your loved ones!
      • Health, courage, success and accomplishments to fully characterize you in the New Year! His ambition and perseverance will be your most precious weapons! Happy Birthday!
      • Happy birthday! I direct all my good thoughts towards you and I wish you health and only joy! Happy Birthday!
      • On the occasion of the New Year, I wish you good health, happiness, love and a lot of peace of mind! Happy birthday!
      • May the night between the years find you much braver than yesterday, but not as brave as tomorrow! Enjoy the beauty of life, the peace of mind and every smile! Happy birthday and prosperous!
      • May the coming of the New Year bring you more hope and confidence in tomorrow, more ambition and more fulfilled wishes! Happy Birthday!
      • Happy birthday and happy, at least as prosperous as before!
      • Good luck to define you completely in the New Year! May you have many successes and the fulfillment of all desires! Happy Birthday!
      • To live in many happy years! May the New Year bring you inner peace, tranquility and how much love!
      • Happy birthday, full of smiles! Enjoy every moment at maximum intensity!
      • In the New Year I wish you to have all the wishes fulfilled, as many professional and personal successes as possible! May his joy and love accompany you everywhere!