This is an opportunity to wish Happy Birthday to the dear women in our lives. Every year, International Women’s Day is celebrated internationally. Here are some March 8 message ideas.  

March 8 messages for the dear women in your life

  1. Happy birthday to my young and beautiful mother! I wish you as many wonderful and memorable moments as possible, a beautiful life like in a story. Have support, attention, and love. May good mood never leave you. I love you!
  2. My dear mother! Happy birthday, congratulations! Thank heaven for the opportunity to be with you and to feel the care with which you have surrounded us since childhood. I wish you a peaceful old age, without diseases and sadness.
  3. Dear mother, you are the best for me. I want to wish you good health, vigor, good mood, happier and brighter days. I love you very much! Happy Birthday!
  4. Happy Birthday to the sweetest mom in the world! I love you!
  5. For the warmth and comfort with which you filled our house, for the caress of touching your warm hands, for the understanding in your eyes – we wish you to always feel our admiration, gratitude and love! Happy birthday, mom!
  6. Mom, today the sun is shining brightly for you, all the pleasant and warm words are addressed only to you and all the smiles and admiring looks are yours!
  7. A mother so wonderful as you deserves that every day be March 8! Happy birthday, my mother!
  8. Thank you for loving me and teaching me to love others, but especially you. Happy birthday, mom!
  9. I owe everything I have and what I am today to one being in my life. She gave birth to me, raised me and taught me to love. There are no words to describe it! Love you mommy! Happy Birthday!
  10. March 8th gives me the right opportunity to tell you how much you mean to me. I want to thank you for everything I have learned from you: how to give unconditionally, how to trust myself. You were the one who loved me without asking for anything in return, you were the one who gave me support and encouragement when I needed it, you were always with me when life seemed against me. I love you, my mother!

March 8 messages for special women

  1. I wish you that these spring days and the rising of the sun will bring to you during the day the fulfillment of your dreams together with everything that can be: purer, more sincere, cleaner… I love you!
  2. I want to tell you that all I feel for you is true love. Yes, I did admit it. What I feel cannot be described in words. I have never felt such a deep love. I love you!
  3. May the day of March 8 bring everyone to your feet, a smile on your face and all the happiness on earth. Happy Birthday my dear!
  4. When I look outside, I see only wind and rain. When I look at the sky, it’s always cloudy and gray. But when I look at you, I know that good weather will come, because you are my sun and my spring. Happy Birthday!
  5. I wish you that these spring days and the rising of the sun will bring to you during the day the fulfillment of your dreams together with everything that can be: purer, more sincere, cleaner… I love you!
  6. My butterfly…. Beauty, like flight and love, binds its nature to the ashes. If you wipe the dust off the butterfly, no spell, no spell, will make it fly. You are my butterfly and I promise I will never wipe the dust of love from your wings. Happy Birthday!
  7. For your birthday… What could I wish you more than to have spring in your soul forever
  8. May the spring of love flood your soul with the joy and fragrance of all its flowers. I wish you a beautiful March 8th!
  9. I admire you with all my heart for who you are, for your elegance, for your calmness, for your beauty, for your generosity, for your delicacy… Forgive me for all the moments when I forget to show you this. Thank you! I’m grateful you’re in my life! Happy birthday, bright, full of love!
  10. You brought me the joy of having two mothers. Thank you for welcoming me and embracing me with such warmth, joy and pride. Happy March 8th, mother-in-law!
  11. My dear mother-in-law, I congratulate you on the occasion of March 8th! I wish you to be respected, good, loved by those around you! May the past leave pleasant memories in your life, may the future prepare beautiful surprises, great victories, and may the present make you happy!

Special wishes for Women’s Day

  1. A small thought for the immense love I have for you. Happy birthday, mom!
  2. The only person who will always trust me, who will always be by my side, who will always love me otdeauna always my mother! Happy Birthday!
  3. The first time I opened my eyes, I saw you, Mom. Now that you have raised me I am happy that you gave me life and I want to thank you! I love you and I wish you a sincere Happy Birthday, Mommy!
  4. Maybe for the world you are only one person, but for some people you are the whole world! Happy Birthday!
  5. You, dear mother, guide our steps and support us to go on the right path. We thank you and love you. Happy Birthday!
  6. My mother, I love you. You are unique to me, you are my sunny spring! Happy Birthday!
  7. Dear mother, on Mother’s Day I wish you good health and enjoy all those around you! Happy Birthday!
  8. My dear mother, may a warm spring be in your soul. Thank you for taking such good care of me. I love you with all my heart. With love ….
  9. From the bottom of my heart I give you, as every year, the fragile martisor and with it all the love I have for you. I love you! Happy Birthday!
  10. My dear, mom! Although I knew that spring was a season dedicated to love, I never celebrated it as such. But this spring is so enticing, everything is reborn and with nature I feel reborn my feelings for you, which are stronger than ever. Every spring that has passed over us has left a drop of life, vitality and good cheer in our lives.

Original Women’s Day messages

  1. Mommy I love you! You are unique to me, you are my sunny spring!
  2. All this would have meant nothing if you had not been with me. You are the one who turned my days into a spring, you are the one who was with me when I was sick and you encouraged me, you are the one who encouraged me when I was well to get better.
  3. I thought I would like to thank you for the wonderful gifts you have given me over time and I have chosen this treasure in which I have closed all my love for you and a ray of sunshine this beautiful spring. I love you, my mother!
  4. If your life depended on the love I have for you… would be immortal! Happy birthday, my dear mother!
  5. My dear mother, I was looking to find a suitable gift for you… and I think I found it. I hope it fills your day with joy when you receive it. Happy Birthday!
  6. You have given me so much, brought me happiness and made all my bad thoughts go away. You are my sun and spring and all the flowers of the earth bloom today just for you!
  7. I wish you that these spring days and the rising of the sun will bring to you during the day the fulfillment of your dreams together with everything that can be: purer, more sincere, cleaner… I love you!
  8. I am the happiest man, we went through good and bad together, I don’t have to give you pompous March 8 messages because everyone knows that you are the wonder of my life. Happy birthday, my dear wife.
  9. I wish you a woman’s day in which to enjoy every ray of sunshine, every stain of greenery and… my unconditional love. Happy woman’s day.
  10. Today forget who you are and wake up to life with nature. Be a butterfly and sit on the first flower of purity. May your day be more serene than infinity. Happy birthday, spring flower. I love you!
  11. Congratulations on the occasion of March 8, dear mother-in-law! May this wonderful spring day remain in your memory. To have a lot of attention, love, happiness, health and only tears of happiness!