Long hair has always been the standard of female beauty of all ages, which attracts everyone’s attention, provokes admiration, but also envy. Thus, long haircuts should further emphasize the attractiveness of girls.

In choosing the right haircut, stylists take into account the characteristics of the face and initial volume, choosing the most appropriate.

  • Oval face – gradual, gradual haircuts are recommended, as they will create the perfect proportion of the face. One of the options would be a cascading haircut.
  • Round face – in this case, the purpose of the haircut is to lengthen the face and also to visually reduce it. Asymmetrical and multi-layered haircuts are perfect, which will give the necessary volume to your hair. The bangs are recommended to be a little spun.
  • Square face – the haircut should smooth the “corners” of the face. You can opt for the waterfall with an oblique bangs.
  • Triangular face – it is recommended to visually extend the lower part of the face, in order to obtain the balance of proportions. It is recommended to choose haircuts in stairs.
  • Heart-shaped face – it is recommended to choose classic haircuts for long hair, associated with oblique bangs.

Waterfall haircut

It is one of the models of long haircuts in stairs. The waterfall appeared in 1970 and has been preferred by all women ever since. It is suitable for girls who do not have a well-defined style, they want to keep their hair length and add volume. Thus, to create a festive image, it is enough to make Hollywood curls.
This fashionable trend for long spun haircuts can be classic or asymmetrical, without bangs, with straight or elongated bangs. Cascade looks good on thin hair, curly hair and even thick and hard. The haircut looks natural, elegant and romantic.

Haircut with bangs

The bangs will bring freshness and sensuality to the image. When deciding what your bangs will look like, you need to consider the shape of your face.

  • The oblique bangs

This is a universal bangs, because it suits girls with any face shape and, if necessary, corrects defects. The bangs on the one hand harmonize any haircut. Choose a longer version of this bangs, so you can easily hide it behind your ear.

  • Spinning bangs

The ends of this bangs should have different lengths and densities. This effect is created when the threads are spun correctly. Such bangs are suitable for any haircut, but the most harmonious look is created in combination with the haircut in a cascade or in several layers.

  • French bangs

Usually, the French bangs start at the top of the head and continue straight and slightly elongated until it slightly covers the forehead line. This bangs is suitable for all haircuts, but only for girls with thick and straight hair.

The latest trends say that the bangs should be shortened if it touches the eyebrow line. You can also customize it with a cut at an angle of 30-45 degrees. The wet effect is a new trend – apply gel on the untangled bangs and the moisture effect will conquer the world with the extraordinary style!

Shag haircut

Shag is a long haircut. Due to its graduality, even the thinnest and lifeless hair will get the ideal volume. In addition, the shag gives the correct shape of the facial appearance, especially being appreciated by girls with a round face shape.
The haircut is suitable for any length and has extremely personalized, careless, ragged-looking ends.
At first glance, the shag is very similar to the long or elongated grain.

Straight haircut

The haircut on long straight hair with a smooth cut of the heads is one of the most popular. This is not at all surprising, because it has several advantages: it makes the hair thicker and heavier, adds visual volume along the entire length, and the tips look neat and beautiful.
This haircut is preferred by women due to its elegant, seemingly simple style. The straight line invigorates the face, gives the face a correct shape and hides the defects.
Moreover, this haircut model allows you to highlight all the beauty of curls.

Multi-layered haircut

Another haircut in stairs on long hair. If you have thin hair, you should definitely opt for a haircut in several states, to give your hair the necessary volume.

This haircut is perfect for straight hair, and if you want to add a touch of femininity to your look, you can make light curls. Choosing a haircut for long hair is very important, but do not forget that your hair will look amazing, elegant and attractive only if you take care of it.