Dreams in which you see fire at home or nearby often cause fear. Here are the explanations of different dream books, in which you will find the answer to what it means when you dream of fire.

Baba Vanga’s dream book

Baba Vanga interprets fire as a sign of trouble of various sizes. In this case, you will see in a dream a sheet of paper that caught fire, as well as burning forests or other environmental disasters.
A fire falling from the sky has the following explanation: The earth is in danger, a dangerous comet is flying towards it. When you feel a bad smell from the fire, the dream book defines the flame as a follower of bad gossip.
If you follow the fire from the stove – be careful with everything related to the flame, because it is not a good sign.
Instead, dreaming that you are warming yourself around the fire, you can count on being a happy person and you will find the support of your loved ones.

The book of dreams after Freud

Freud is Freud. For him, everything has to do with sex and sensuality. His interpretation defines fire as a great passion between people.
Meditating on what it means to dream of fire and extinguish it, Freud came to the conclusion that this suggests a genital disease. It is also worth considering the dreams in which everything around you is on fire, because Freud also has an explanation for what it means when you dream of fire – this dream indicates that you are afraid to have a sexual partner.
It is also believed that the burning object is the object of desire. If you only dream of charcoal left over from the fire – unfortunately, this is the end of your passion.

Miller’s Dream Book Miller

‘s dream interpretation of what it means to dream that a house has caught fire, for example, is explained by a cleansing power.
In general, Miller’s approaches are completely different from others – that is, favorable. So when you dream that your house is on fire, it is not a tragedy.
This is a major move or change in life. However, you have to be careful – it is worrying when you dream that you are putting out a fire, but also to see in sleep the relatives killed by a fire – which means the disease.
It also interprets the night vision in which the dreamer is around the ashes – this means longing for the past.

Loff’s dream book

And Loff’s opinion differs as to what it means when you dream of making a fire or putting it out. In principle, opinions do not contradict each other, but rather complement each other. The interpretation of fire essentially explains how you act during an emergency.
Thus, extinguishing the fire means that the person would actually cope with any circumstance. If you are around the fire, but you manage to endure the pain – it means that you will get rid of anxiety.

The book of dreams after Nostradamus

And Nostradamus interprets the dream of fire in his own way. Sleep vision defines the likelihood of an important conversation with a person you value.
For the explanation of the fire in the house, Nostradamus also comes with an approach – this means that you will be deceived by your loved ones. If you dream that there is a flame around you and put it out, then the book is about unrealized changes. You want to do them, but you are afraid.
Seeing in a dream that you set fire to the house, may suggest that in real life you can not resist the pressure and persecution.
To set fire to a dream building means that an accident will be your fault, and this will cause a deep emotional shock. You can also see the fire in your house in troubled times, participating in risky transactions and financial difficulties.
And if you dream that someone intends to set fire to an entire village or even a city, contrary to negative expectations, on the contrary, you can live a great happiness.

Chinese dream book

Depending on what kind of fire you see in a dream, its value depends on you. For example, it may be a very small or significant fire with white or black smoke. From these details, sleep can be interpreted in different ways.
The ancient Chinese believed that the fire in a foreign house could carry both negative and positive values. If the dreamer helps to extinguish the house – the sight foretells good luck in the near future, and things will go well, you just have to wait a bit.
Getting burns while extinguishing the fire is a sign of trouble and frustration in reality. Once you wake up, you should be very careful not to risk it in vain, trusting dubious people.

The Book of Dreams After Longo

Seeing a foreign house burning in a dream is a sign that there will be disagreement between you and your relatives about other people.
You should consider this carefully when trying to maintain a good relationship. Information received from foreigners that causes a conflict may prove incorrect, and improving the situation is not always as easy as we would like. The dream fire also offers possible inconsistencies with the second half.
If you try to escape from a fire in someone else’s house, you are most likely offended by your loved one, a relative or friend. You should forgive her, because a negative attitude can affect your business.
Extinguishing a flame can mean that you bring negative emotions into your immediate circle, for example, you communicate rudely.
It would be good to reconsider this attitude, changing your behavior. Otherwise, you risk being left completely alone and no one will give you a helping hand in difficult times.

The book of dreams by alphabet

The book explains very well when you dream of firewood. Therefore, burning wood in the stove or in the fireplace means that you will suffer a loss.
To buy wood in a dream – it is interpreted that you will hear ugly gossip about you, and to sell firewood – that you will take part in an argument.

Contemporary dream book

If you are looking for what it means to dream of fire in the sky, know that it is a sign of national disaster, pestilence, war, poverty, executions. Here, you need to pay attention to the direction of the fire. This will indicate exactly where the tragic events will take place.
In case you saw in a dream that someone is burning their own home, the modern book promises an improvement after a long stagnation. To light the fire itself means that you are fighting in vain with fate.
Moreover, a situation is approaching in which you will not be able to defend your opinion or your rights.

To find out exactly why you dreamed of the flame, remember what it was like after the fire. Thus, the bright fire symbolizes joy and good news from afar. If the fire is accompanied by an abundance of smoke, stop and think carefully about your life.
If you make the right decision now, you will be successful in the long run. Dark smoke, burning flames and other unpleasant moments indicate fateful attempts.
The fire from the sky foretells diseases (especially nervous and mental), great problems and misfortunes. But if you see this fire and do not be afraid, then you will have a good chance and you can achieve much of what you have planned.